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Found 126 results

  1. If the internet has given us one thing, it's given us the power of anonymity: the ability to be lying deadbeats amd brain-dead morons without fear of consequence. But I know that not everyone is like that: there are intelligent people one the internet, you just have to be hard-pressed to find them. But how honest are you truly on the internet? And however honest you are the internet, does that reflect how honest you are in real life? For myself, I feel like on here specifically, I feel more honest than in real life. Slightly. If I ever get asked a personal question, I try to answer as honestly as I can. I won't give out exactly where I live for reasons. I have been more open since joining this site, but if I meet some random stranger, I'm not going to give him my life story. Even on here, there's some stuff I've rather not say about myself unless if it's necessary or if I've known the person a good amount of time.
  2. I use firefox since it's open source, tons of addons, tons of themes. Artemis: Restoring the post to an earlier, more detailed revision.
  3. So I did find one other thread in this forum that mentioned online relationships, as in having a loving girlfriend that you've only ever played Everquest with and only meet at conventions. But this topic is a little different: Here, I'm mainly referring to the type of site that you use to find someone that fits your "profile", and then arrange meetings with them based on nothing but fields on a profile. As a kid, through cultural absorbtion, I came under the opinion that online dating sites, like clubs, and many other "arranged" forms of meeting people for romance, tend to end in failure - both participants are actively searching for a relationship with some longing expectations, and an all-too-high likelihood that they'll accept something that wasn't "meant to be". The strongest relationships tend to come from people who weren't expecting it, or didn't even really have an idea of what to look for. ("Well, I never would have considered a master of pottery as a partner,!") As some more people I know and respect have turned to those sites, I've kind of wondered if it's time to re-evaluate my viewpoint. I tend to spend time on the internet because it's harder to form relationships in real life - not because I value online communication over personal communication. Still, I'm wondering if the fact that you eventually meet in person means it could end in something special.
  4. Rather simple, what are your thoughts on the ponies as their opposite genders? The Mane Six as boys/colts, and even Spike as a girl?
  5. Is there any memes that you just cannot stand, or memes that never get old? In my opinion I've never gotten over the "this is sparta meme," and still like it. However, at the same time I hate that dancing storm trooper one, just wrong.
  6. Do any of you ponies use Chrome Extensions? Which ones? I have some basic ones like AdBlocker and a video downloader, and I also have a couple other mostly useless ones that I made using a tutorial. I'm trying to learn how to make them. Oh, and I also have Ponyhoof, which I love a lot!
  7. Do you, have you or are you planning on using a VPN service? I've been using FrootVPN for a while, I first got it cause it was a Swedish service and I wanted to try it out. Lately I've been getting slower speeds and there hasn't been much I could do about it so I'm looking into getting another one. At first I mainly used it while downloading torrents but nowaday I don't really torrent stuff anymore but DDoS attacks on multiplayer games has become an issue instead so I need something with more reliable servers.
  8. How much time do you spend on the internet every day? and what are you doing on the internet Only asking because it seems like I spend a lot more time on the internet than I thought. So probably ended up spending 1-3 hours today browsing forums. It may not be a lot compared to others, though.
  9. For me it is very important. I'm on the internet for most of the day and I can't live without the internet.
  10. FIRST THING I MUST SAY NOW I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANY ONE HERE. This is mainly targeted for people to laugh at themselves or what their parents have done. If you ever find anything very offensive here please let me know, or if need be report the post to a moderator. I'm sorry if i am offending any one. Something strange has been happening. Lately i noticed my Mom has been using more modern terms for things, like slang words, but it wasn't until today that i decided something. Today, when i crossed my eyes, she described it as "derping." THIS BLEW MY MIND RIGHT HERE. My mom is using INTERNET phrases. She even called my Dad a troll the other day. At first i thought she was just being silly now she seems to be serious. She is legitimately saying these things out of humour and interest. Perhaps its finally safe to come out of the brony shadow and reveal my love for MLP. PERHAPS SHE WON'T BE SURPRISED. For all i know she browses memebase or reddit while i'm at school. I DONT EVEN KNOW. It would be pretty awesome if she turned out to be a pegasister. What kind of things have your parents done that made you laugh or simply blew your mind?
  11. Some of us do give an idea of where on this planet we are. Between people in the USA, it's satisfactory enough to know which state your internet brony friend is from. Massachusetts, one of the smallest states in the USA, is at least 10,000 mi2. That's a fairly large area with 6.6 million people living there. Some would go further and give their districts which not only puts you within a smaller area but also in a smaller crowd. If you go to my profile, you'll see my location listed as "Caribbean", which is the region I live in. It totals a land area of roughly 240,000 km2 (~92,500 mi2) and a combined population of about 40 million or so. As for the particular island I'm on, well, we have a name that groups the nearby islands which totals less than 1000 km2 (<390 mi2) with the population totaling less than 300,000. That's just all of them clumped together. So then when do you think it starts to get dangerous to detail your location even if it's the whole country? I used surface area and population as the metrics here.
  12. I'd probably read a lot more books. Maybe spend some more time with my family. I would also play and watch a lot more crappy videogames and movies without the existence of professional review websites. What about you guys? If the internet didn't exist, what do you think you'd be doing right now? Do you think your view of the world might be significantly different if the internet never existed at all?
  13. Exactly what the title says. After you come home from a day at school, work or whatever you do during the day (That does not include being on the interwebz). Which websites do you check in first with? Mine are the following: Equestria Daily, Mlpforums, Youtube, Tumblr and Newgrounds (sometimes).
  14. Whether it was a youtube comment, reddit post, a fanfiction or something like a mix of those, what is the absolute worst thing you've read on the internet? There are a few really bad things I've read here on the webs. I once read a "creepypasta" called "Blood on the crotch of a fursuit"... it was just as bad as it sounds. One of the worst youtube comments I've read was someone telling a youtuber how they've been stalking them to try to get them to kill themselves for months. It was pretty disturbing... Also there was a reddit thread about hating animals.
  15. Who else here hates all these new internet terms? Mostly the ones that have become popular in the popular in the past year or so. So who else hates all these new terms from the internet like: Bae, Squad, Banter, Yolo, Cray, Swag They just annoy me so much whenever someone says them EDIT: Well, okay, I don't mind Cray much, actually.
  16. Do you ever visit or been to the dark web or no people that have been there ? Me no but I been kind of curious lately
  17. The FCC's final vote to dismantle net neutrality laws is a tragedy and big loss for consumer rights. There's no denying that these are dark days. But this is absolutely not the time to give up the fight. This is the time to ramp up the fight. There are still ways that we can win. Congress can still block the FCC's decision. There will be legal battles in court as well. There are also plans cropping up for new bills/legislation that will restore at least some of the most crucial protections that were afforded by the Title II utility classification for the internet. One or more of these things could go through, meaning that there is still hope for this to turn out okay. We need to write and call our members of congress right now. That's how we can make a difference. The time for writing the FCC is over. Their part of the story is done. Now we need to contact congress and put as much pressure on them as possible. It's of the utmost importance that we convince the republican congressmen that net neutrality is a non-partisan issue, and that losing it hurts everyone equally. Go here to help: I'm sure most of you have already heard the doomsday scenarios of what the internet could look like without net neutrality. I sincerely hope that this worst-case-scenario is nothing but fear mongering and exaggeration, but the point is that is could happen. There will be nothing stopping the ISPs from blocking and throttling, and controlling what we do and see online. Perhaps they will play nicely, but I don't want to take that chance. I would rather have protections against unfair practices in place. I've heard from some that "the internet is not free", and that "someone will have to pay for it". Such people argue that if net neutrality stays, we will end up paying for it as a government tax, but if net neutrality goes, we will pay the ISPs instead. They argue that the latter is preferable, because it will allow the ISPs to use the profits to provide more and better service. This sounds alright at first, but I believe this argument to be flawed. Firstly, of course the internet isn't free! It never was. We pay a monthly bill for internet access. When we say we want the internet to remain "free", we don't mean free in the sense that we don't pay for it. Of course we pay for it. We mean free in the sense that we can freely access any site we want at the same speed. What we want is to make sure that the speed we pay for works equally on all sites. We don't want the ISPs to have the power to block and slow sites that they don't want us to use. Secondly, ISPs are not like struggling mom & pop stores that need our support. They are giant, disgustingly wealthy and powerful corporations with monopolies, and they care little about consumer rights. I highly doubt they would take extra profits and turn it around and give it back to us in the form of better service. I fear that they will simply abuse us for their own personal gain. I would rather have protections in place to make sure they can't engage in unfair practices. How about you? Do you want to continue to be able to use these forums, download games on Steam, and stream video from any site, all with the full speed you pay for? Then you need to fight for your right to do so. Write and call congress. Do it everyday. Share this link everywhere you can. Spread the word. Do not allow yourself to become lax about this. Do not give up. Keep fighting everyday. If we put enough pressure on congress, we can still win.
  18. What are the best internet insults or retorts you've come across/made? To get the ball rolling here is mine: Gel. U mad? You sound upset. Bonus points if your insult is mlp related.
  19. Net neutrality is once again in danger. Trump and his ragtag band of cohorts seek to destroy all we hold dear. This cannot be allowed. We all need to stand together to stop this. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Protect net neutrality. Do not let the forces of darkness turn our internet into a totalitarian nightmare. A free and open internet is our right. We will never let them take it away. We need your help. Every one of you. Do you like these forums? They'll likely fall if net neutrality is abolished. Stand with me and fight. I don't care if you're atheist, Christian, Muslim, black, white, brown, orange, green, male, female, both, neither, other, Martian, Vulcan, Klingon, or a shuffling Cronenberg. I don't care if you loved or hated Slice of Life. Hell, I don't care if you think Flurry Heart is cute as the dickens. We're brothers and sisters in arms. All of us. Make your voice heard right now. Tell them to protect net neutrality and uphold Title II. Perhaps this is better suited for a blog post. Apologies, but this is too important. This is our fight for our freedom.
  20. Hy its me again, Dune Gosbil ! ...and its time to reveal even more of my dark internet past today As ive said in the first part, i got bored by posting in the little inactive Forums on Forencity so i began to find bigger and more active sites. Because of my search for Videogame helping posts i found after a little search, a very big media Forum called Forumla. I had registered me right away and was so excited to finally post with other people. But after my terrible first experience with posting i made very much things wrong.A lot of things wrong. Chapter 1 - Every beginning is hard. My first name on Forumla was " Z.F. NO NAME " ( sry if this sounds familiar to you ) and was standing for " Zukünftiger Firma NO NAME " which means in english : Future Company No Name.Because i wanted to call my posts and drawing production like this...for some reason... I have chosen the name Z. F. No Name since No Name was already created. Well the first thing i did wrong was by mistake. I was trying to help people with horror game problems, but i hadnt really found that much treads about my videogames so i just answered what ive found. By doing that, i have reanimated very old topics that was made years ago, so in much cases my answer didnt made a sense at all. By that time many Users had asked me, why im response to undead topics and that i should stop that, because it annoyed people for some reason and was counted as post counter spamming. The Second thing i made wrong, was my first self created tread. Ive made a Video Game tread about Battle Arena Toshinden and posted it in the tech category...which was wrong of course Also the title said : Collest Game Ever, and it didnt even include the game title.Better yet, even in the post itself i have forgotten to mention the game and ive only posted what a surprise that game was and that ive found it better than most other games. My first response ive ever got was this : " Wow, you made everything wrong what you possibly could...i think you deserve an award! " Of course since i was a kid i got butthurt and commented back that this was my first post and that he should shut up since the game was very good, this time apologizing that ive forgot to mention the title. Of couse i didnt get that ive posted in the wrong category after all.So he commented back and told me even more, what a little kid i was and that i just should delete my posts.I just got more angry and started a comment chain with him.At some point he deleted all his posts so that it seems that i was talking to myself, a mod came to the tread and i got my first warning and my first warning points. But it didnt stop there.After that i had mentioned the Game in a Tekken 4 tread and said that Tekken looks terrible and the controls for the first game was just garbage and to difficult and said that i would prefer Battle Arena Toshinden 4 more, since in the first Battle Arena Toshinden the characters moved much faster and it was easier to play. Of course i made everything wrong again First the tread was about Tekken 4 not Tekken 1 and second, i have said that Battle Arena Toshinden for the ps1 was way better than Tekken 4 and third, i had said that Tekken 4 was shit.So, alot of people got angry at me... Users and Mods. And it got worse. I just thought that every Mod and user was against me and in my opinion back that day, their were just rude and arrogant.So i was talking some...well not so nice things.. and posted in the general talk tread.So to make it short, many people if not almost all hated me or disliked me and i got popular as a troll.Also i was muted for a few months... Of course i didnt read the rules and didnt care and simply created a second account : " Creature of the Night " also known in some Forums simply as " C.O.T.N. " ( again, im terribly sorry if the names sounds familiar ) In the next few days i even got more of a troll without noticing it.First i continued to reanimate old treads and post many foren games since i was bored. If i didnt get a answer back in one day, i had posted a second post, which was forbidden of course since it was double posting.I didnt now it was forbidden since in the market place it was allowed to push treads. To get attention i posted many answers in other forengame treads like the " what was your last drink? " and continued posting " drinking Cola " or " still drinking cola " or " wow what a surprise, i did it again! " .I guess i dont have to say that my posts were not a good thing... I got in the Chats very late at night and since most of the users were older and adults they sometimes talked about things like sex or other adult jokes which i as a kid found strange and disgusting. I even tried to report them and was telling them that they should stop. Their explained that i was only a kid and would understand it later if i would getting older.I found that this was just an insult that i might become also disgusting and continued by telling them to stop ruining the chat. By that time i had surpisingly made some friends because of my Video Game advices and the helping and that a few people liked my foren games. But that was also the time i got muted again, got alot of private mails which said not so nice things about me and almost half the stuff team from Forumla had me on their list. But after all, that was it for this post. What will happen on the next post: Both my muted accounts got back to life, the creating of more accounts and my sister joins the Forum, double fun! But some users bullied her so i got angry and a really big war was coming to the forum... Thanks for reading trough that novel ( and sry for terrible english ) Keep in mind i was a kid back then, and wasnt very smart... or nice... ( picture made by tootootaloo on deviant art called Derpy Hooves Vector : )
  21. It's kind of odd to see someone questioning the idea of friendship within a group dedicated to it. And yet, I still question. So, what is friendship? And I challenge you not to immediately jump to the obvious answer of "magic". The show and, of course, the fandom has conditioned you to say that. But have you stepped back and considered the connections that you make with others across miles of land and ocean? How close are they? How many do you maintain? Can they be as strong as a relationship created in "real life"? But first, some definitions: Our lovely friend Merriam Webster defines friends as: a person you like and enjoy being with But you already knew that. If you didn't like somebody, you wouldn't be friends. However, this doesn't address a reciprocal relationship, so, in theory, you could simply proclaim to be someone's friend without their consent, and it would be true. Now compare that to Merriam Webster's definition of...: Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person Affection: a feeling of liking and caring for someone or something Magic: special power, influence or skill So, one could assume that a friendship contains at least some love, no matter the circumstances. Sure, a best friend's love is on a different level than that of a crush or the like, but love remains. On the topic of "friendship is magic", based on this definition only, I'd say that's true. Friendship can certainly influence others into doing things, and it most certainly has power. But I think that its power is hyped too far by some. I know this is a lot of information, but I'd also like to point to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. In his work, Civilization and Its Discontents, he says that love within a person is finite. You can love or make friends with as many people as you'd like, but with each relationship that you tack on, the individual gets less and less love. And considering strangers, he says the following: "Not merely is this stranger on the whole not worthy of love, but, to be honest, I must confess he has more claim to my hostility, even to my hatred." Human nature tends to hate strangers, simple as that. He also goes on to say that your strongest love at all times is that of yourself. We, as humans, as naturally egocentric. So, given the information above, what do you agree with; what do you think? How does this relate to the fandom? Consider the problems when looking at people on Facebook with over 1000 "friends". And, even here on the forums, that problem can exist. Though I don't have a lot of evidence to go off of, that problem must exist. Surely, one with hundred of friends cannot possible have high levels of relationships with them all. Granted, I have been here for a bit over a month, sporadically. I also have four friends, here, only one of which I communicate with consistently. So, perhaps I'm blind to the "magic" so many speak of. (This is not a plea to get more friends, by the way, but, I admit, a guilt trip can go a long way).
  22. The title is pretty self explanatory. I have seen threads about channels you have unsubscribed from and your favorite channels but this thread it to talk about channels you have discovered recently or have subscribed to recently. I have a few people in mind that I will mention but I will wait to see if this thread gets any posts first before I share mine. So yeah.
  23. It's not exactly a secret that many people out there on the internet misuse their gift of being able to explore this vast, often wonderful land, and spend their time bringing negativity to even the most harmless of subjects. I'm sure most of us can name places where behaviour like that is prevalent even if we don't explore the internet too much; heck, perhaps some people would have a harder time naming places relatively free from it. However, I'd like to change that even a little. There's loads of lovely shining communities out there that simply don't get complimented on their positivity enough, or that are taken for granted even, and with how often the crappier sides of the internet are called out and discussed, these good communities seriously deserve some more recognition and praise, lest we lose ourselves in a mindset that there's nothing more than toxicity out there (and having fallen into that in the past, albeit for real life, I can say it's certainly not the most happy, motivational mindset out there ^^; ). So, let's bring some more attention to these pleasant communities if we can! Whether it's a website or a forum, a channel's friendly comments section (yes, those exist) or some other type of community you know about regardless of its size, feel free to talk about and praise them here, even mention positive moments on them that really struck you if you can Obviously for a lot of you this place will come to mind, and that's okay if you want to compliment it, but please do try to mention some other community while you're at it. Here's a few examples I know of~ Reddit, while obviously pretty well-known, really caught me off-guard with how civil and warm many of its members can be when I joined it earlier this year. Granted, I'm subscribed to the more positive subreddits on there like r/aww and r/wholesomememes and quite a many more, but every time I've browsed around elsewhere (even in some of the more relatively inflamed subreddits), I've found that any drama seems to be handled fairly well and that debates have more depth and thoughtfulness to them than one might expect. Whereas I have my worries elsewhere about going too deep into the comments section, on Reddit, I've yet to be disappointed On YouTube, Robin Seplut's channel definitely comes to mind, even if it's to be expected considering it's a channel about cats What I love here is that the comments section and Robin are on very friendly terms; the former often thanking him for the daily vids/caring for the cats around him, admiring the new cats or giving Robin guidance on how to be less intimidating to them, while Robin replies to many people with a friendly "Hello!" and "Thank you! :)". This further supports my theory that cats are the secret to world peace :? While I'm not certain how it is nowadays (though from a quick glance, it looks much the same), there was a forum I joined a few years ago for people like me dealing with social issues; despite not being very active in it, the friendliness there meant a lot to my otherwise cynical past self, so much so that it probably helped me out just as much as the advice I received from there did. Everyone seemed chill and with each other's best interests in heart; for whatever reason, I always remember this one member that, despite making some fairly vague and undescriptive topics (not terrible topics mind you, just sorta hard to follow on from the OP), still received some friendly replies and compliments from people that tried to make a discussion out of the thoughts he put forth. I really wish I was a more competent socializer at the time, I'm sure I'd have made some great friends I'll leave it at that for the time being; looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!
  24. What was the most disturbing experience you've ever had with or witnessed involving another person on the internet? For me, two things come to mind... First is a website I heard about. Can't remember the name, but it was one of those "Thinspiration" sites, which basically encourage people to half starve themselves for the sake of losing weight. Including an encouraging community, images of other people who looked like skin and bones to "inspire you" past the hunger, tricks to get thinner... ugh. It unsettles me so much to think of people doing that to themselves... and people ENCOURAGING it instead of helping to shake them out of it. Secondly, a guy in a Youtube comments section. Can't remember the video, but the dude was an extreme religiously person, and he was a huge transphobic. He was mocking "Tumblrinas" and "pretty boys." (aka male to female transitioners) He was talking about how pathetic they were, how depressed they were, and how he loved making their lives as miserable as possible by harassing their Tumblr accounts. He talked about how they did not deserve to live. If I remember right, he boasted about how many he had driven to suicide, and after the comment chain was finished, he announced he was off to go and try to encourage some more to kill themselves. I was extremely disturbed reading this, to say the least. What a true creep in every sense of the freaking word. What are your creepy, disturbing or funny tales of the darker depths of the internet?
  25. Is there an internet celebrity that you find very good looking and interesting, to the point that you have a crush on him/her? I have a crush on Dan Avidan AKA Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party and Gamegrumps. I think he looks great and i think he has a very funny, but also very gentle attitude that makes him very lovable. What are some of your crushes?