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Found 5 results

  1. Sitting in class can make me think of the weirdest things.. Sitting in class my teacher said that we had to make a poster to explain one of the Buddha Kingdoms (The course is Asian Humanities by the way) When he said that I almost wanted to walk out. "No not a group project, I don't like working with people I don't know!" I thought to myself. Then a better thought came chugging in: "I should ask this on MLP Forums" So, whats your story? Are you like Pinkie Pie and talk during class to your peers and get in trouble? Or, are you like me and are so quiet and introverted you wish to not work with people. If so, has this caused any issues? Thank for your time! -camsterman101
  2. I'm making this entry, because I wanted to reflect upon it, as well as the possibility of receiving feedback. During a good majority of my years in middle school, I was timid and I did not have many friends. This led to me being a target for bullies nearly every week. It was absolute suffering, and it even progressed to high school. After graduating from high school, I thought back on my bad middle school and high school experiences. since then, it convinced me that my inability to defend myself was a sign of weakness. Skipping ahead two and a half years later, my personality has taken a major shift. I'm more of an extrovert, and I'm not afraid to retaliate when attacked verbally or physically. These changes made me feel like a stronger person, but is introversion with non-retaliation weakness? I still don't know the exact answer to that question. From the day my personality reached the climax of that shift, I forced myself to approach life differently. I relied on both a good moral compass, and my willingness to defend the defenseless came to light. If a friend was treated poorly by someone, It would be a matter of seconds for me to step in and help. If a friend simply wanted someone to talk to, I'd be there. When I summarized my newfound personality a year or so ago, I noticed that I had a hero complex. I had goals and aspirations to make at least the city that I live in a better place. I wanted to become a police officer, and I still do to this day. My confidence in myself allowed me to focus on ensuring that others felt safe, rather than myself. Overall, I'm happy with how I've changed. Sometimes I wish I changed earlier, but I keep reminding myself that I wouldn't be the same person today, if i did. Edit: I may have found the answer, regarding introversion. Sometimes, it takes more strength to simply endure and not retaliate.
  3. Hey! if you are on the computer for most of the day, an introvert or someone that wants to make new or long lasting friends who love ponies, then you have come to the right place! and we want you to join our Skype group! This skype group is looking for new members to join its ranks! We are a bunch of 3-5 fun, friendly and active friends who talk everyday and are from different parts of the globe! we are preferably looking for members who are very or constantly active. this is because we want to make more good, close and long lasting friends! If you wish to join. please message me at: metalman653 or Jump Cut or you can message Erik H.//WhiteLightning or Zizkil El Cabron to join and or ask for more info We really want you to join and are looking forward to meeting you!
  4. Dear Princess Celestia... Friendship means something different to different people. Some people may need to have many friends to feel fulfilled, whereas introverts like me can be satisfied with only one or two true friends. But if there is one detail that transcends them all, is that friends are there for each other. Everyone has something to offer, whether it be as big as financial support or even simple companionship. Friends are companions, they support you, they help you, they entertain you, they give you advice, money, direction, camradarie, or even something to do to pass the time on a boring day. Friends may be as loose as fellow people who share a similar interest, or it may be as strong as a true companion who's as intimate as your own kin. But friends always have something to offer. It is not one-sided. If they had nothing to gain, why would they have put the effort to befriend you in the first place? That alone is proof you have something to offer. Doubly so if you are an introvert, who tend to forge much stronger and more intimate (sexual, romantic, and platonic) relationships with what few friends they have than the average person. If said friend is an introvert, than you may mean more to them than you realize. And that is something to be proud of, not weirded out by. Human beings, as flawed and violent as we are, are ultimately designed to want to be needed. Psychiatry and sociology proves it. But I won't get into that now. My point being, friends are there because they have something to offer you, and are friends with you because you have something to offer them. Otherwise, you wouldn't have become friends to begin with. You have something to offer them, even if it's something as simple and innocent as being their friend. When life is difficult and things look bleak, remember everyone who stood with you. Especially your true companions who've stuck with you through time, through thick and thin, and through the comfort and painn. And always remember how much you must mean to them. Your faithful subject, Jadefire Tl;dr: Never abandon your friends. They may need your companionship as much as you need theirs.
  5. A nice little article, very accurate. I was surprised by how much I actually identified with this. Oh yeah here's the source, but for say of easiness I'll quote the article here as well. So do you guys identify with any of these or no?