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Found 5 results

  1. *PLEASE CHECK POLL ABOVE BEFORE POSTING* A few months back I had a discussion with a buddy of mine as to why a human invasion of Equestria would fail. I keep coming back from time to time thinking about that discussion and considering jotting it down and possibly making a presentation of it. What are your opinions on it?
  2. What resources would be worthwhile in taking off Equestria? All Bronies and everyone who supports non human rights are hunted down and killed. Humanity completely roflstomps Equestria with a mix of nuclear weapons and chemical weapons when it invades. Wiping out 80% of the population, the remaining bow before our military superiority in fear. Their world is rather clean, so many resources can be harvested from their lands. The unicorns magical abilities could be harnessed by brutal scientific experiments, possible super soldiers could be created by using their DNA and magic to create these soldiers. What other things could be used to benefit humanity in the subjugation of the ponies?
  3. 'NamBrony

    Human invasion of Equestria

    I was looking over posts and I got some inspiration to start writing a fanfic. I realized that I'd already thought up most of the valuable information! This fanfic takes place after Equestria Girls (Not in the Human world) And is a sort of "What might have happened if-" type deal. So season 4 never happened in this alternate universe. Yes, this fanfic will include shipping (Don't worry, no sex) between AJ, and RD. And some of the mane characters from MLP may die, please don't hate me for that, it'd just be more realistic. Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the S2 finale, Equestria Girls, or Season 3. ________________________________ Prologue For years Equestria had been at peace. No army had been able to stand up to the Elements of Harmony, or the Alicorn magic that Celestia and Luna possessed, and used to raise the sun and the moon. Unfortunately, this peace would soon be over, ushering in a new age of warfare. After Twilight Sparkle came back to Equestria through the portal, the beings of the other world, the Humans, learned of Equestria from Sunset Shimmer, who secretly sought revenge on Twilight and her friends. Upon learning that this land contained vast amounts of precious stones, gems, and this ultimate weapon, the Elements of Harmony, the Humans secretly prepared their army to invade this world. The Crystal empire, being the location of the portal, was crushed in a matter of hours. The city destroyed, and the population enslaved, and studied. Princess Cadence was badly wounded in the battle, and taken prisoner by the Humans. Shining Armor, Princess Twilight’s older brother, and Cadence’s prince was killed in the fighting, leaving the crystal ponies leaderless, and confused, leading to their deffeat. The Humans, using Cadence’s magic, manage to enlarge the portal, allowing bigger and more powerful machines and technology to pass through. The next day, the WonderBolts were sent in, to engage this new threat, the massive steel flying machines the Humans were now using to harass, and destroy the area surrounding the crystal empire even more than before. In the battle that followed, the WonderBolts were butchered by the superior force, all three were killed, with only a single Human aircraft brought down. With their only air combat force now lost, it seemed to be the end for Equestria. However, upon examining the wreckage of the Human plane, they discovered firearms, the reason these Humans were so devastating. Almost instantly, this new technology was put into production, the factories that once produced rain, and snow in Cloudsdale now switching their focus to mass producing these new weapons, and their ammunition. Early versions were issued to the Wonderbolt Reserves, who now without their leaders, and role models were lead by the pegasus named Rainbow Dash. The Humans had now destroyed the rails north of Canterlot, slowing supplies. The reserves were rushed into combat without much training in the new system, which had many flaws. But, although disheartened, with the leadership of Rainbow Dash, the reserves successfully gained air superiority in most of Equestria. Princess Celestia, knowing the reserves wouldn’t be enough, created an Equestrian Royal Army (ERA), filling its ranks with the Earth ponies, and Unicorns, those who had no wings. The first clash between the newly formed ERA and the Humans ended in massive casualties on both sides, but resulted in an Equestrian victory, as a result of their air superiority, and sheer numbers. The Humans realized this wasn’t going to be easy, and called for reinforcements, and more advanced military technology. As an added result to this first battle, many firearms were gathered from the Human KIA, and studied. the ERA reproduced these weapons to be used by ponies, creating special mounts to help the Earth ponies and Unicorns wield them in battle. As the more advanced Human technology was sent through the portal, the Equestrian technology was also advancing rapidly, new improvements were being made to their weapons systems all the time. In addition to the new guns, the wonderbolt reserves, now renamed the Equestrian Royal Air Force (ERAF) were given weapons racks with rocket pods, and bomb racks in some cases. The ERAF pegasi were also given breathing equipment, helping them fly higher than before, as well as early G-suits to protect them from the massive G forces put on their bodies. The Humans originally believed the weapons facilities to be located in Manehattan, and as a result, most of their military action was concentrated in that area, beginning the battle of Manehattan, a battle which claimed the lives of thousands, on both sides, including many civilian casualties on the Equestrian side. Outraged by this, Princess Celestia ordered massive strikes on the Human stronghold in the Crystal empire, costing the lives of many pegasi, and barely bringing the number of Humans down. The war continues to go on one year later, and neither side shows any sign of backing down or giving up.
  4. The original idea: From this idea, I sometimes imagine Bronies/Pegasisters and the MLP Ponies themselves as Mongolian-influenced. I would occasionally play some Mongol music when I think of the Bronies and Ponies; imagine them in Mongolian attire; imagine them attacking, besieging, and plundering cities and towns; and even think of them conversing in Mongol (or a related accent). I even called Bronies, "The (Solar/Rainbow) Horde"! Just think of something like this: ... except that the warriors' faces look "European", and the "horse" looks "Pony-ish". or this: Secondly, what if 4chan became the next Roman Empire (with Moot as Caesar), and Bronies lurk about, waiting to plunder it to the core? (and) Finally, who will be the Bronies' Khan? Lauren Faust? What do?
  5. Sterling Crimson

    The "A Wild Brony Has Appeared" Thread

    I was trying to look for a thread that combined all the conversion stories and brony sightings into one thread, but there hasn't been any of that. So yeah, it would be great to place it all together. Write your conversion and sighting stories here. Doesn't have to be amazing or long, but just show us all that Equestriantism has spread!