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Found 2 results

  1. So, exactly what it says on the tin. Discuss! I think it's nuclear bomb. The thing that put an end to large-scale military conflicts occurring every generation or so. And also played an important role in development of nuclear reactors. Which give most energy per unit of capital cost and of harm to nature yet (maybe with the exception of hydroelectric power).
  2. <p>My Little Brony: Friendship is Awesome Episode 1 To the side you see the scene where Pinkie gasps at Twilight in ep. 1. Then the camera begins to zoom into a normal PonyVille house to its door and then fades into the inside, where Diamond Dash and Shadow Star are talking. You can see Blue Jazz sleeping on the couch in the background. Diamond and Shadow are looking at two pairs of shoes with a lightning bolt on the side of them that’s on a table. Diamond Dash: So um, you invented shoes? Shadow Star: Their not normal shoes! If you wear them you can increase your speed ten-fold! Blue Jazz’s eye opens, looking toward the shoes. Diamond Dash: Do they actually work? Shadow Star: Of course they do! At least they should. Blue Jazz is off the couch and begins to make her way to the shoes. Diamond Dash: You haven’t tested them yet have you? Shadow Star: Um… no… Diamond Dash: I’m guessing you want me to test them, right? Shadow Star: I was hoping that... Blue gets to the table. Blue Jazz: Wait! I want to test them. Shadow Star: You want to put effort into something? Are you feeling okay, Blue? Blue turns to Shadow and squints at her then grabs them off the table and puts them on. Blue Jazz: So how do I get them to work? Shadow lifts her hoof and in it was a remote control with a big red button. Shadow Star: Just got to press this button. Blue Jazz: Okay then! Hit it! Diamond Dash: Wait! Blue Jazz are you… Shadow hits the button and Blue blasts off, going through the side of the wall, with a loud scream from her. Diamond Dash: Was it supposed to do that? Shadow Star: Uh, well, at least it did what I said it would, make you faster… Diamond Dash: Can you make her stop? Shadow hits the button, but it falls apart. Blue goes across the screen from outside the hole screaming. Shadow Star: Um, it broke… Diamond Dash: Terrific… …let’s go try to stop her. Diamond rushes out the hole in the wall, with Shadow following behind. So thats the start of the comicNOTE: This was going to be a animated series but due to financial problems I won't be able to buy the flash program I need.