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Found 30 results

  1. @Jeric @PathfinderCS @DDR @Lavo This seems to me like something you might have to throw at IPS but I dunno. Yesterday I was wasting some time in front of my computer and uploaded a pic for some reason or another, and I had a look at the editing options when a tooltip let me know that I could "double-click/tap" the image to access them. Lovely that they incorporated that with v4. A few minutes ago I was wasting a bit of company time by uploading a picture to this thread from my phone and found that I couldn't access the editing options. Given the use of the word "tap" in the tooltip I figured that I should be able to do so. Tried uploading/editing another one to a status update as a test, but got the same results. The image becomes selected but no editing options will appear. I'm on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1 and I'm using Safari, for whatever that's worth.
  2. It's 1000 dollars in the United States... answer wisely
  3. So, I have an extra phones and came across a VR headset on eBay. These are the ones where you put your phone in and use it. I've gotten all the way to the point where I'm in a place I can see in VR, the only problem is I can't look around. My guess is iPhones use a different camera module altogether, but if y'all can can come up with a possible solution, I'm up for ideas. (Not doing hardware changes, phones aren't my specialty) Also, I'll tell you that directly installing an iPhone OS won't work, their hardware is vastly different.
  4. This year I plan to switch from Android to the iOS platform, namely via the supposed "iPhone Edition". IE because iOS is the superior platform for mobile gaming. So any recommendations please? Paid or free doesn't matter. And please keep Android vs iOS arguments out of this thread please.
  5. Well I'm LONG overdue for a phone. I have an old Samsung sliding keyboard phone that isn't even Android. It's battery is pretty toasted and it doesn't pick up a signal as good as it used to. Anyway, I'm wondering if I should get an iPhone or Android phone next. I've used both and don't have a preference one way or the other at this point. I'm going to use it for calls, texting, and some internet use- although not too much because the small size aggravates the crap out of me being used to my multi-monitor computer setup. I will also be using apps for various devices such as a smart thermostat in my house. I'm good with technology but in general am not super interested in phones or researching them. So, what type should I get? My carrier will be Verizon. Please be useful and specific with your answers and reasons.
  6. Hi all! To those of you who don't know, Battle Camp is a Monster Battling MMO for the iPhone. It's really fun, everypony, and you guys should try it. It's got me hooked on for like...almost a month now. This game is made by a 10-person team, and they work very hard. I admire all their hard work because, oh god, this looks like freaking professional. Anyway, when you register, you'll be prompted to input a "Referral Code". When you register using a Referral Code, you get a FREE ULTIMATE GRAB: a feature wherein you have a high chance of getting a powerful monster. Imagine the advantages of getting a super powerful monster at the start of the game! With that being said, it'll be unwise to register without a Referral Code. To those of you who are already playing, you can put your Referral Code as a reply! But don't forget to put your Username and/or Troop name as well! I'll start with the list! Referral Code: abi220 Username: glumauig21 Troop Name: D:<
  7. So for the half-person who waited for my livestream, it was cancelled (whoops ). Reason? Technical errors with the sound. (Not to mention two copyright strikes for a video that wasn't up for a minute) Beside that, I've got another computer-related blog (it's the last one, probably) on the way cause . . . I GOT A NEW LAPTOP! Finally after a good 8 or so months, I finally have a computer to call my own and respect (I'm looking at you, chromebook). I'll get into the specs later. What do I do with that computer? Counter-Strike, that's it. Skin Insanity Stage 4, gotta get more skins. On the contrary, I grew sick of the Steam Guard thing so I decided to download BlueStacks, a Windows Application enabling Android Emulation. I downloaded Steam and finally finished that silly security setup (it's really dumb; who needs it?). On my way out, however, I remembered an Equestria Daily entry about a My Little Pony Gameloft game. So, instinctively, I checked it out and downloaded it. First thing you'll probably see (if you ever decide to check out Bluestacks) is that everything lags pretty bad. Even on a brand new laptop, it still lags (no surprise there). So I got to enjoy the "alternate intro" to the game. (It's Episode 1's intro, but with Twilight in it for some reason. [Also: Celestia sounds weird]) It chopped every half second, so that was enjoyable. Loading takes forever on first boot. My first boot I was greeted to a lovely loading screen that took a good 4 minutes to complete. After that, I experienced that splendid Hasbro Logo accompanied by a second loading screen for updates that took another 12 minutes. Finally, when all was good and done, I got to experience the entirety of the game. Whatever that is. The tutorial is pretty simple, give Bon Bon a home and play with Twilight a bit. I kinda wish they had an Amie game to play with the ponies you buy . . . but there's not time for that; we need to get straight to business! (And I thought the Monopoly game was bad). My Little Pony: The Game is an in-game purchase hell. Everything you do is for more money. Play a game with balls? BOOM! Gimme your 200 bits. Want Rainbow Dash to bake cupcakes? BOOM! 2000 for Dash, another 800 for the bakery! Want that super special pony that's limited only to the weekend? BOOM! GOTTA BUY A 50 DOLLAR BONUS PACKAGE INCLUDING NOTHING BUT TREES!!! At least I get the experience of Hasbro's CEO. All I'm missing is a stamp titled, "DMCA". There's really not much to say about this game. Buy the souls of your favorite characters, then buy some other characters that've never been in the show and force them to work in your mediocre bathhouses. It's pretty much the game of "Life: Brony Edition". BUY OUR TOYS; YOU CANNOT RESIST -RealityPublishing Edit: The animations are still kinda cute, though. A little awkward at times (recycled animations for every single pony), but still very, very cute.
  8. I couldn't find anything online, so I thought maybe someone on the forums could help: Is there a way to watch the season 6 premier live on iOS? I am currently on a trip, and won't have access to my computer. I really watch to watch the premier. Any answer is appreciated. Anyways, I'm really excited
  9. (I'm surpised this hasn't yet been posted) Calling all Pokémon bronies! The newest "evolution" in the Pokémon franchise is coming in 2016! UPDATE: Japan, Sept. 17th 2015 N. America, Nov 20th 2015 Europe, early 2016 I'm about as psyched as you can get. This is it folks, this feels like what Pokémon has been leading up too, the natural progression if you will. Let's discuss! Have any thoughts, feelings, or guesses?
  10. So, I dropped my iphone on the floor. Doesn't seem different since I've done it many times. But now, it won't turn on. The vibrate still works, but the screen doesn't.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this if not, I apologise but I'm looking for pals! My gamecentre is << Sapphire >> There may be spaces, if not, try without the spaces. But the > < are included. Please add me so we can gift hearts to one another -_-
  12. Since this is the media chat, I thought I'd post one of my favorite games for the iPhone. Celtic Heroes! The game has excellent graphics is a ton of fun. The game actually looks like it's concept art! The game is basically a dungeoning and boss fighting/level grinding game with PVP modes and so much more. I would encourage you to join. Here's a link to the game's website. P.S. If you want to play with me, I'm a level 150 rogue on Rosmerta.
  13. Alright, I recently got an iPhone 5, and as many of you know, that means all of my previous accessories no longer fit it. I would like to seal the deal with a MLP case, but I am having trouble finding one. Naturally I've used google, but many of the products dont go into detail as to whcih model they are built for. I did find that Hot Topic sells a case, but it does not specify if it is for iPhone 5. So what I would like to know is: If you own the Hot Topic iPhone case, is it for 4/4s or for the 5? and/or Do y'all know of any good MLP cases for the 5? I'd appreciate any help or leads to find a new case. Hot Topic iPhone Case:
  14. So I didn't see nothing yet for this so I figured Id pitch this out. Anyone play the mobile game Brave Frontier? I am trying to find more people who do to add to my friends for daily rewards and dungeon partners (other player's main characters) to do the dailies with. Also, just a side note: This game is awesome!
  15. I thought I might pair these two for pictures: Two generations...5 years apart from each other.
  16. I'll make this review short, once you pick it up, you will want to throw your phone across the room but for some reason never want to stop playing forever
  17. So I just made an account on the Twitter app 'Vine'. I was wondering what your opinions are on it, and whether many people actually use it often. So far I haven't put any videos up, I've just been liking other people's vines. So, thoughts?
  18. So the new iPhones will be released on 20th of September and iOS 7 on 18th of September. The main info about them is: The iPhone 5S: has a brand new processing chip called the A7 which will make it two times faster than the iPhone 5 can survive 10 hours of constant Wi-Fi browsing and 250 hours on standby The iPhone 5C: Is considerably cheap for an iPhone for if I'm not mistaken a $100 2 year contract. Comes in five colours: white, green, yellow, blue and red. The mirror explains the features in a lot better detail. The iPhone 5S The iPhone 5C So what do you think of it? Personally, I love the 5C with all the different colours but I'm just easily pleased by Apple.
  19. There are so many types of phones out today, so I'm just curious: what phone do you have and what phone company are you with? I have a iPhone3GS, but when my contract with AT&T expires in May, I'm going to stick with them and see if I can get the iPhone 4, 4S, or maybe even 5. I was going to go to Sprint, but I've heard some not-so-good things about them.
  20. Anypony round here playing dead ahead? I am addicted to it right now,, that and le vamp. Why is running so much fun to do in hand held games.
  21. Symph


    I was wondering if you guys know what tapatalk is, I checked to see if the forum was enabled for it but it doesn't appear to be. Basically it's a way to very easily check posts and make posts from an Iphone or really just any smart phone but it works best on Iphones. I don't know how a forum goes about becoming tapatalk enabled, but it really is very convenient. Instead of having to search the site on your phone and click all the little buttons zooming in and out, you just get your alerts to your phone just like with facebook and skype and such, you're notified of responses immediately and it makes browsing and responding far easier. For someone like me who is constantly roaming around this would be quite useful. Ever considered it/would you consider it?
  22. Hey everyone, I'm Jon, nice to meet you. My indie game studio developed a free iOS game about adorable dragons called Dragon Up! The art was drawn by veteran artists from My Little Pony and Atomic Betty. It has a very cartoon network-esque vibe. I hope you guys like it! Here's the link: In the game, you send beautiful hand-animated dragons on trips to juggle gnomes, barf treasure, and poop gold. Hope you guys have fun with it! Let me know what you guys think I'm always happy to hear suggestions to make the game super special awesome!! We also got reviewed on Kotaku too if anyone here reads their blog:
  23. Alright so I have heard that unlocking your phone to use with a different carrier is illegal, but what if youre doing just a jailbreak? cause I want to jailbreak my phone just to use Cydia and stuff.
  24. Please Help! Im Stuck On Scootaloo And Ive been adding people but I dont think its working. I would really love to get past it. Im on level 38 and Id really like to have her. It would be awesome If you guys would add and gift me! i gift everyone everyday. My Gl Id Is tkcupcake. It would help alot and my husband would like it too... hes sick of hearing me complain about it lol Thank You! <3 Plus youll be my best friend!
  25. ...forgive me if there is already an instagram topic but i didn't see it... So I received an iPhone as a Christmas gift and (of course) immediately had to try out all of the new fancy apps that I couldn't use on my previous old non-fancy-smartphone. I LOVE that they have a tumblr app... anyone use that? The biggest reason I never post on my tumblr is I just dont think about it while im on my laptop. Well now there is an app for it, yay! I also tried the flickr app, the facebook app, and others, but my favorite so far is definitely without question instagram. It's totally addictive! I don't understand the hype about "oh well instagram sucks because you're not really taking quality photos. It's like cheating." I mean ok, I DO understand where that argument comes from, but I don't really care. The best part for me is following what my friends and family are deciding to take photos of. It's fascinating! For example, my brother takes 90% of his photos of his dog, and his wife is constantly posting photos of the things she makes for dinner, while my cousin is always taking pictures of her brothers, and my coworker post pictures from the bars he goes to. Its crazy! So, that is the best part for me. Seeing what people decide is or isn't photo worthy. The subject matter if their photos, not the photos themselves. I love it. Do you instagram? ...oh and I'll admit i love #instacats & #catsofinstagram... I love cat pics LOL