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Found 59 results

  1. Don't be afraid to critique my portraits. It's well appreciated. Attention: Just a word of warning however. I do not want this thread to become a Debate Pit thread (because that is overall not its main purpose), so please be considerate and respectful with your critiquing. And please be sure to look through the entire thread (including the pages) before you post your comments, because this thread is also a gallery of my work. Thank you. Click here for the most recent update for this thread: This one here is just the 1st of many others I have in mind. I hope you like them! And yes, the guy that is beside Sweetie Belle is me IRL. (Click on them to enlarge the photos to see the detail if you want) Me & Sweetie Belle in colour: Me & Sweetie Belle in B+W:
  2. So ... what's your human self's theme song? That's about it I guess xP May the posting commence!
  3. Forgot to post this sooner! This update video was released on Friday, August 21, 2020 at midnight EDT.
  4. Saying lol in real life is a habit I've someone found myself slip into over the last year. When It was mentioned someone's 9 year old daughter also said lol there was some face-palming. So do you say lol in real life?
  5. Had an idea. Most everypony's had a job where the customers were...unpleasant, in some way. And everypony's been a customer- and probably an unpleasant one at some time, even surely without meaning to be. So, what's your job and how can the rest of us be less terrible to you? Try to keep this advice general (Not just pertaining to youu) so it can be readily applied; and not obvious- e.g. "Don't let your kids kick the employees"/"Don't swear like a sailor at the employees" etc. Preamble: Presently working in a call center. Despite daily, hourly, complaints from coworkers about callers, have found that if we call receivers speak very pleasantly, so do the callers. In nine months, have never once been cussed out, and this in an occupation where it happens fairly frequently to others. So that's on my people (Mostly? There's surely other call receiving jobs in which the customers are just reliably awful. As there's pretty much everything.) Actual start: When calling questions/support, what you lovely callers can do so is... I've one request...just one... please...don't hang up on us, it's heart breaking. so mean!! If others don't get sad about it like I do, it still ticks them off and that'll effect how they speak to the next caller. If you call someone for help, how can you just disconnect without warning? and often when the call receiver is mid-sentence... Even if someone's trying to upsell you hard (And that sucks.), just say goodbye, okay, maybe that person will be less annoying to the next caller. And when the receiver isn't trying to sell you anything...trying to tell you things to save you money and always beginning with "Do you have time..." or "Have you heard..." or "Would you like to hear about..."... jerks jerks unforgivable jerks who just leave so mean my heart no tl;dr Don't hang up on call receivers, it makes us sad, say you're finished with the call and goodbye and THEN leave! your turn.
  6. So yeah, would you hug everyone like on the forum? *hugs everyone* I personally would love this to be a thing, hugging is great. :3 But I don't want to share hugs with people I don't know, that would be awkward and scary... ;-;
  7. So a while back, I did this art trade with a real awesome girl on Youtube called Winter's Art and we became pretty good friends I'd like to think. All of the sudden though after a month or two of having her channel, she disapeared. I tried to email her, but her email no longer exsists. I'm pretty worried about her honestly. I just really want to know if she's alright, ya know? *Sighs* So besides that whole thing, my high school's prom was on Saturday and I honest-to-Celestia can't even look through my Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat without seeing pictures of all my friends having such a great time. All my girls looked so beautiful and my boys.... Oh my boys looked so handsome. Especially my best friend. I don't know how to express how I felt when I saw the pictures of him and the rest of my old friends. The only way I can kinda express it it that it hurt. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I miss Beaker (best friend) and the others so much.... That shouldv'e been me in the pictures with them. I shouldv'e been there for his Junior prom, my Senior prom. Instead I spent my Saturday sleeping in and hoping that they have a good time. Why couldn't I have gone, you ask? Well, technically I wouldv'e been a Senior this year if I hadn't been forced by my parents to take the GED (General Equivilency Degree) test. I never even got to go to my own Junior prom because Mom forgot to help me get tickets. A lot of people say that prom is overrated, but I don't really care. It's a chance to see my friends outside of school, a chance to dress up and look pretty, a chance to get out of the house. It meant so much to me and I couldn't go. Okay, okay, take a deep breath Blue. *Breaths deeply* Alright, I'm fine. Don't worry, it takes more than this to seriously.... *Bursts into tears* DARNIT! Sorry guys, I know this is a lot like a rant, but I can't help it. I didn't just want to be there, needed to be there. I need them more than they will ever understand. I need them so much, but I can't even see them.... *Sighs* At least Beaker is going to try and invite me to his Senior prom since I would still be able to go legally. He knows how much that meant to me. Sorry about the rant guys and for those of you who actually read this all the way through, I applaud you. Thanks for deeling with my feelings. BlueBook out~
  8. So this is probably the weirdest radio program I'v ever heard, and this is coming from someone who listens to the radio a lot and has heard many weird programs in the past. I never did catch the beginning of this program, but when I turned into the local MPR station, they were like reading a book or something on the air with people acting it out and I listened for a while and it turns out it was about this girl that slowly turns into a pony over a period of several months. At first I thought, "Wait, are they reading this off a FIMfiction or something?" because to be honest at first I thought that they were literally just reading pony TF stories off of FIMfiction and broadcasting it to thousands of listeners all across the state. I thought that they were reading a FIMfiction TF story because of how dark it actually was at some points, (and some of the stories on that website are really dark) like the girl beats up this guy who was staring at her half pony half human limbs. At the end of the broadcast I find out that it wasn't a FIMfiction TF story, but it was still a human-pony TF story from this book called "The wrong heaven", I guess in that universe you could turn into anything that you wanted too. So anyways that's by far the strangest and possibly darkest radio program I'v ever heard.
  9. I recently released a new Pony In Real Life video featuring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash has fallen asleep and Fluttershy alone decides to take care of the house while I'm away, good for her! <3
  10. Hello~ I've recently released a new MLP In Real Life video featuring Wubcake as Twily! Check it out and let me know what you think~ If you did enjoy it, please show some support by commenting, sharing, subscribing me and anything else that would help~ ^w^
  11. Well in my last blog entry, I talked about helping my grandparents and mom clean out my great grandmas attic for her. That's still happening, expect the workload has been doubled or maybe even tripled, to instead of just cleaning out her attic we have to clean out her whole house............ because she passed away this morning. Which means that now that shes gone, we have to get her house and the rest of her property up for sale. It should only take a few hours, because we already have some rooms emptied out from when my great grandfather passed away a few years ago, she had decided to downsize on the amount of things she owned. The hard part is gonna be deciding who in the family is gonna get what, because my grandpa has seven other siblings, all of whom are somewhat greedy (a few have even served jail time for dealing drugs and tax fraud). If it were up to them, they would quite literally ransack the house of anything valuable or worth any money (I know this because they already tried it once after great grandpa passed away, and this was all while great grandma was still alive and living in the house) luckily my grandparents were there to get things back under control and tell them that it wasn't their stuff to take because great grandma was sitting on the couch right in front of them. Though now that shes gone, there's not gonna be much stopping my crooked aunts and uncles swooping down upon the property to help themselves to what ever they want. I guess this also means I'll be attending a funeral next week too, I might even be an altar server during the mass like I was for my great grandpas funeral. So anyways, yeah........ crazy times in my family right now.
  12. I'm actually stunned by the amount of views I got for my latest PIRL because I never really thought it would get that much, especially when I only have 400+ subscribers. Thank you so much, whoever watched it from here, and anywhere else. I really appreciate the support <3 The video is available down here~
  13. It has been a week since the upload of the MLP IRL video, unfortunately, it got taken down on the first 2 days on Youtube due to some irresponsible individuals who deliberately tried to ruin my YT channel. Though, I do want to thank you Youtube for reinstating back after some ridiculous complications. Here it is, back on track and receiving a decent amount of support which I am thankful for~ Again, thank you! For those who haven't seen the video, feel free to check it out ^w^
  14. That moment when........ your told your going to help your grandparents and mom clean out your great grandma's attic for her..... and it's going to take all weekend. Not that I'm not happy to help, I just don't want to lift those big heavy wardrobes and have to try to somehow get them down the super narrow staircase, and I'm not all that great at lifting heavy things. Last time I was in that old attic of hers, I think there were about four of five wardrobes and several dressers and old chests, more than likely full of a bunch of old junk clothes that no one wears anymore. Not to mention all the other random stuff up there that's gonna have to get hauled to the dumpster, maybe we can just throw the smaller stuff out the window and down into the dumpster. Anyways it's not the best way to spend your whole weekend, but at least once the attic is all cleaned up, it should stay that way, meaning the next "Big project" will be to clean out all the truck tires from her shed and tear the shed itself down because it's leaning at pretty precarious angle and is an eyesore to look at.
  15. I made a new MLP IRL video recently, and it turned out pretty silly but I enjoyed doing it. Please check it out, I'd appreciate any support! Thank you very much! <3
  16. Approach the looking glass and ask what you will, any question is Ok! Whether related to my OC, or my Real self, ask away, and a response from the other side of the pane will appear!
  17. I have a birthmark shaped like a white "Z" lightning bolt below my nose and above my mouth. It's fitty, since I ended up studying electrical engineering. I know in that in real-life, it is not a cutie mark. I've searched online, and read that many jews have marks on their philtrum. My grandpa, which may or may not have had jewish ancestry, also had a lighting strike mark on his philtrum. It's fun to think of it as a cutie mark. Does anyone else have cutie-mark like birthmarks?
  18. (More info will be added soon) So far, here is the link to the sneak peek of the sequel to Chase Scene (MLP IRL) made back in 2015:
  19. well then im back just rocky -so cwhip what was that last blog about? freaking out mostly things are calming down in terms of drama, while im not homeless thank god im just in a transiction between one place to another. Its what happens when something hit the fans and everybody in the house need their space while freaking out. hence why I had a freak out and needed to get away, while im glad to be more away from my brothers place (the irony of all that sentence is more then amazing but the point is) im slighty sitting on less world shaking stuff. my next blog posts will be less focused on IRL on more on my pony writtings and maybe even a deep rant or two. sorry for the freak out everypony now lets get to the real stuff ponys!
  20. So...this seems to be the month of blow ups for everypony, seems like all of my buddy's are having the worlds blow up on them in more ways then one and its also for me as well. Let me explain After roommate drama went down so much to the point it took me for several months to reach the idea I'm in over my head. I originally moved in with two buddy's of mine to help keep the place afloat, dungins and dragons, and to move out of my parents....the end result? 21 feeling like 41 as I forgot to take care of myself to the point where my work shoe is falling apart for the past month and I'm now going shopping to replace on top of being broke and my family begging me to leave that mess..... There is more to it but I'm not going into bigger details do to privacy and al that point is do to my insane IRL drama you all will be seeing me go away then pop on then go away for a while. my current residence is my older bro and his fieance, the place doesn't have wifi, at the time of writing this I'm at a buddy's place just waiting to give him a ride. my main goal is to focus on just finding my own place/a better place to move into that doesn't have as much crappy drama as ive been going through. Also I have no cell again so the posts are going to drop like a big mack laying down so fast that ponyville has an earth quake....ok bad joke anyways. I'm not by all means leaving the fandom as I love it too much just going to be off the radar till I get myself properly set up. I'm open to idea's/advice as my friends I trust and love you guys. all your support is helpful and ill keep writing no doubt and I will be back. just need to work on adulating love ya guys -cwhip9
  21. So as I've said in some of my posts the job hunting is not hard just more stressful then I thought but then again I've been in worse spots before, now enough drama to the ponys!. Any thoughts on the last few episodes, it was nice seeing a cmc episode and it seems like this season is the season of the answers. good spike episode: check not so cringe worthy dash episode: nailed hopefully the trend continues for the show :3 now to the OC I have change crescent's colors somewhat I'm working with a talented artist for his full redo but for now this could work well for him. Cresent: red and white mane? -something I'm thinking of doing to mine, red and white go well together Cresent: but your hair is more like pinky's afro...or is it pompadour? anyway its not straight -hey now I guy could dream Cresent: and can get a iron, hair spray, and writing lessons -why do you sound like you have a list? Cresent: what gave you that idea (hides paper behind him) by the way string shot is feeling left out of the blog you probably should post about him soon. -not a bad idea, that will be next post
  22. it happened a couple days ago when my roommate asked if I was ok with everything, I said all good he then gave me a look that said 'seriously?' that night I snaped at one of my bros during dnd one session out of character, I apologized the next day and everything was good between me and him but its an odd moment when you don't realize your off but those around you are looking at you saying "bro get your head back on" its one thing if its one person asking you this but having mutipule people you love asking this....ya...something is off. yes dash I know I know so thinking more I found the main stress's that ive been ignoring and realized I may have been overthinking them, and maybe just a meditating day could help. so in my writing if you've seen things off from my usual style or the like I don't mean to alarm all of you Cresent: you need some pasta, watch season 1 again, and SLEEP -but writing ideas! hey what do you think about Cresent: i'll bite you of you don't sleep soon (extands his fangs) -but just one little Cresent: cwhip your looking tasty right now -ok ok....(scribbels down on note) night guys
  23. I would just like to say that I am proud to be a part of this fandom right now! So for anypony who didn't know, TheLostnarrator went into the hospital 2 weeks ago complaining of pain, she was latter taken into surgery to remove a cyst that was threatening to burst, witch could have been fatal. Her marefriend magpiepony posted a video letting Lost's followers what was happening, also asking for any help the fandom could spare, well Lost just posted this vid talking about how much support she received. Long story short, the community raised well over 5,000 in a little over a week to help Lost pay for her medical expenses, we are the most giving and supportive group I have ever had the honor of being a part of, you all are awesome, each and every Brony!
  24. Please help me get the word out! The LostNarrator an awesome fanfic reader and wonderful pony is in dire need of our help, as in life threatening need of help. Even if you can not help out financially please at lest send this around so that others can know about it and help, please we need ever pony on this!
  25. About two and a half years ago now, I was not in a good place. I'd been hurt in a relationship, not for the first time. In fact, I was sure it was the last time. My broken heart and I ate ourself into a depression, and I felt like life had lost all meaning. I wasn't suicidal or anything, but I wasn't alive anymore. I was living dead. Going through the motions, and bracing, waiting for things to get worse. I hated my ex, I hated all the ex's before her who broke my heart... I hated the world, and spread all my dark feelings into it, wanting everyone to suffer the way I was suffering. Then, around March/April (I believe. I have a tricky memory problem...), I was in a very unhealthy relationship with someone, a relationship with no emotional attachment or support, because I felt none of these things in my zombified state. We never grew close, but there was something she wanted from me beyond what we had. She nagged, begged, pleaded... and eventually I agreed, to watch a show about ponies. I have a simply rule for shows. Three episodes, or ninety minutes. If it doesn't wow me, I wash my hands of it. For whatever reason, I absolutely fell in love with this ridiculous little show about ponies. At first, it was some sort of guilty pleasure. I thought for sure all MLPFiM fans were little girls, or the [creepers] that wanted them. That's when I happened upon a documentary on Netflix, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. By dumb luck or serendipity, only the fates know. It helped me get over my initial feelings about the fandom, and look into a community where I might be alright with talking about my adoration of the show. That led me here, to MLP forums, in late August, 2014. I spent two or three days, poking around the forums, and the reason I ended up signing up was a string deep, thought provoking posts. There were several members, but among the lights in the sky, ooBrony shone the brightest, and eventually swayed me, albeit unintentionally, into joining. I thoroughly enjoyed my time among the members, and quickly felt the desire to protect this place, so I submitted a moderation application, and it was total trash. Both Matron and Jeric wanted to defer it, and give me a second chance in the future. But fate said "Nah, screw you guys, this kid is cool," and I filed a support ticket, because my subscription to MLPF stopped charging, even though the subscription was active. I submitted a ticket, and had my first interactions with @Feld0, who offered me a free month for bringing up the issue, to which I basically said "Y U NO TAKE MY BITS?" Because of this turn of events, when they wanted to defer me, the Almighty Feldic0rn said "Neigh. This stallion has integrity like few before him." And with that, I'd earned a second look, and eventually, an interview. I received word of their intentions on November 28th, and an official interview was scheduled on November 30th. I still have those invitations to this day. During my interview, I believe only Jeric spoke to me, though there were about a dozen staffers in the chat to observe me. I was asked about a certain group mentality that rang a bell, but I couldn't quite pinpoint the exact definition with my partially-broken brain... So I told them "It sounds familiar, but no." Then, I impressed the mighty Feld0 once more, by Googling it, and telling the chat "Now I do." (Rumor has it that the mighty Feld0 actually said "Did he just Google that while you were responding? Impressive.") After that, some time passed, and I fought to protect this forum with all my heart, as I am still doing, and will continue to do well into the foreseeable future. I was convinced to go to BABS 2015 by @Simon, and , not knowing that Simon was actually working for BABS at the time. I decided to dive in head first, split a room with my abductors-- I mean, fellow staff members, and was off to meet them in person. All the while, this Love & Tolerance was slowly changing me, restoring my youthful hope and happiness that age, heartbreak, and a negative outlook on the real world had crushed in under 25 years. Meeting up with strangers I barely knew, staff members on a forum I was still like a child on... I was becoming outgoing, mildly extroverted. It was restoring my faith in the nickname my brother had given me in my school days. The Most Extroverted Introvert. Then I was given a difficult choice. Roam the world as a pink summer-child for the rest of my days, or take The Purple, and defend the wall from the trolls and web-walkers. I made the heroic choice, and took The Purple with pride. Throughout all this, I became close with Jeric. He is my confidant, my friend, and my brother, a title few have earned from me. He helped me become a stronger staff member, and had a helping hand in guiding me to where I am today. I simply must offer a special thanks to him, because he has had the most influence on me in my time here, and he will always be my kin. In addition to his influence and help, the rest of the staff, and a multitude of members, helped me become a more outgoing person. I'm going to BABS yet again, and even added my local ComiCon to the roster this year. I've taken the hope and happiness this glorious community has restored in me, and channeled it into meeting an amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman, as well as going out with friends, and getting wild at karaoke. I'm at a peak of happiness I've not stood upon for a long time. This community, these people, YOU people... You are ALL amazing. I want all of you to know, be you staff, subscriber, or member... You are all part of a wonderful home that can help heal the broken people of the world. Every interaction you have will leave an impact on the rest of the world. Every post you make has a chance to make someone else' say. Every interaction could snowball, helping someone else become a better, happier person. Be the best you you can be, to help others become the best them. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find some inspiration, or at least joy, in my story.