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Found 30 results

  1. You know, how many of you think that sometimes in life you're doing something wrong. Like me, for example. I can't seem to make any more friends at school anymore. I've only got one friend at school, but I can't seem to be friends with any of the other girls in my school. Then I start getting the feeling that maybe I'm not trying hard enough, or I shouldn't say what I say or do what I do...or anything like that. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  2. You ever had those personal issues on the forums that might not seem like a big deal to other people, but you are personally bothered with it? Well, here's the thread to share those forum pet peeves. When people start conversations in my status When a thread gets locked right when I'm about to post in it. When someone replies to me at a time when I don't feel like doing anything So post away!
  3. Every now and then I find a select few topics in Debate Pit that piqued my curiosity and willing to chime in to discuss that which would be relevant to the topic at hand. I discuss it by explaining that which hasn't been brought up in the discussion. So far my experiences with Debate Pit has been pretty modest. However, I have come across such Debaters whom I believe don't do a good job debating with me at hand and what I personally believe violates the rules and etiquette that are mandatory when being a Debater in Debate Pit. One of the most basic rules and etiquettes I believe some of my Debaters violate are the following according to the Debate Symposium Rules & Handbook, Now the reason why I highlighted out these specific three points is because some of the Debaters who wish to Debate with me come across as such whenever they're debating with me. I could be asking a simple question that would be relevant within Debate Pit and apparently these Debaters who I have a problem with wish to take offense with everything I've said to support the relevancy of my question that would be meaningful. Such Debaters I have a problem with intend to cherry pick and misconstrue my posts to fit under their narrative. I will provide examples and proofs of how I debate with my opposers and how my opposers debate with me through a basic Logical Ground where Debater A is Myself while Debater B is My Opposer. This is Quote 1, I witness some Debaters from my experience that "quote mine" to the extreme in order to misconstrue my post entirely (AKA Straw Manning) which is honestly unacceptable not just for myself to understand their points, but for themselves, and for the Debate Pit entirely. The way how I usually Debate as Debater A with my Debaters as Debater B is the following under Quote 2 below, I want to answer a poignant question. Which Debate as I put them all in quotes seems acceptable at face value to be a more meaningful and thought-provoking discussion? Quote 1 or Quote 2? I understand the way how I quote my Debaters at face value might not seem all that different since if I'm willing to bold/underline certain statements while at the same time quoting the whole post of my opposer's post then it is no different from my opposer quote mining specific points within my post. However, there's a huge distinction that separates between me and my opposer with the way how I quote and the way how my opposer quotes. At least with my method, I'm willing to explain either their points are fair. If not, then I explain how their un-highlighted points are irrelevant explicitly and conclude that the un-highlighted points does not add up to the discussion in relation to their highlighted statements that I deem worthy. Which is why I quote the whole post entirely in order to understand the big picture (highlighted statements) and the little details (un-highlighted statements) on top of that throughout their post in order to come to a more reasonable conclusion of their post. Whereas my Opposer's method "quote-mining" comes across as if they don't care what I've said throughout my post entirely and they're simply misconstruing my post entirely (AKA Straw Manning) to fit under their narrative in order to highlight out how irrelevant my post is while ignoring the little details to explain their points in an explicit manner for why my post is irrelevant to begin with. What they're doing is not Debating anymore IMHO, but simply finding out flaws within that person's argument, and only focus on the flaws of that person's argument to undermine the whole point of his post entirely which is unacceptable. This is a shallow, narrow-minded and biased perspective of how anyone in their right mind should ever debate with another person. I will leave behind these forms of Logical Fallacies that my opposers have committed against me so they can look back at most of their posts and think twice about making their future posts in the future. It's not only helpful for them, but for myself and for others as well, I know that I'm not a perfect individual as well, but I do my best to understand what I don't understand. I may have committed a violation of at least one rule within the Debate Pit Rules & Handbook which is obsessively making the same points over and over again. However, in my defense I don't understand my opposers's points and I re-iterate my points again to highlight out why my opposers are ignoring them to help me understand. My violation is nothing compared to the numerable violations that my opposers have committed against me.
  4. Well, once again I find myself copying somebody else's idea for a blog post. Seriously what is wrong with me? Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with me, from the top. I was born out of a high risk pregnancy. My mother had a congenital defect in one of her heart valves, and it nearly caused both of us to die, from what I heard. That's why I was born in a Seattle hospital. Both of my siblings were born in Renton, Washington, because they were far more normal. I hear that I was also born a couple of weeks premature. I was apparently initially a relatively normal child. I hear that I was very interested with helping my dad out with stuff. Now I have a hard time believing this, considering the cynical, useless piece of human waste I have become. Seriously, what do I even do for anyone anymore? Sure I occasionally help other people, but most of the time my anxiety and my lack of empathy get in the way. Or of course my pre-occupation with video games and the like. I was initially considered to be mentally retarded, because I literally never spoke. I initially thought I didn't get into kindergarten because I couldn't tie my own shoes, but this reason makes more sense. I'll admit, they were initially not too far from wrong. My intelligence didn't really blossom until around 4th grade or so. All I had to say for myself until that point was being the first kid done with their multiplication charts... But also I was the only kid to wet myself in the middle of class because I was scared of my uncomfortable surroundings. Also, I was in special education classes, and my reading level was WAY below average. To the point where I was in a kindergarten class for part of the day. Dang I used to be an idiot. In a way I still kind of am... I finally learned how to learn how to tie my own shoes at the age of 10 and I finally somehow stopped wetting myself around the age of 14... I also finally learned to double-knot around the age of 14 also, but even then I was bullied for single-knotting more than enough by that time to realize I was years behind the curve... My handwriting was abysmal to the point of people being unable to read it... I worked on it for years and it's still yet to get past the neatness of your average fifth grader... Then I gave up on that, because I asked myself this question: What's the use in trying? I can't write like a normal person, so why should I make the attempt to? Seriously, it's a complete waste of time. Now as an adult, I deal with nearly constant emotional problems. I have silent anxiety attacks (yes, they do exist) at least once every other day, I spend most of my days hiding my depression from myself and everyone else, and I try to tame my, what I consider, manic outbursts. My dad and my grandma used to say I bounced off the wall as a kid sometimes it was so bad. I also had issues with anger that I tried to hide (but failed to a degree), and my anxiety about relationships of the sexual and romantic varieties. Seriously, it's bad. I'm not going into depth HOW bad, but let's just say that it's made me think I'm a disgusting creep for reasons that I can't really discuss in depth because it may break forum rules. I also deal with the constant issue of being disappointed with what I see in the mirror everyday. Between the eyebrows marred by my anxiety, my uncomfortable and emasculating facial hair that I frequently forget to shave for days on end, all of my body hair, this bulging thing coming through my neck... Now I realized that my legs aren't even. Gosh dang it I'm an ugly mess. Now that I've worried about my anxiety and depression, I've become aware that my problems may be attributed to Asperger's Syndrome and potentially Cyclothymia and even possibly ADD. Combine that with Gender Dysphoria and you get a freak with no life and little purpose other than to maybe develop a tabletop game, that may not even ever come out if things go wrong. I feel like there's more to add here, but I'm just not able to think of it right now... I got too wound up seeing a guy play K Rool like a boss in a YouTube video about how stupid he is in Smash Ultimate, and too occupied thinking about how worthless I've been. Luckily I'm not thinking about suicide anymore, but I'm still tormented by thoughts about me being a waste. Also I can't count, because I thought this was the fifth "Cry for Help" when it was only the fourth. Seriously, why?
  5. So, there's always been one thing that's bothered me about the world of MLP:FIM, and that's with some of the items in the world. Things like, teacups and other things with handles that just weren't meant for a pony to hold. I mean, have you SEEN a pony hold a teacup by the handle? (Pinkie Pie's hair doesn't count ) So, it honestly makes me wonder, why would the pony's create such items that they can't even use? You COULD say it's a visual element but I mean, the show has adjusted items to fit for a Pony, like cameras. So why are teacups with handles still a thing? So I was thinking of this and maybe the answer lies beyond Equistria's borders. I mean, inside we got primarily hooved ponies, Dragons(who don't really use teacups, aside for Spike ), and Gryphins, who CAN use teacups but they don't tend too, and they're not as many of them compared to the pony population. Yet outside, we got all kinds of various types of creatures, and a good chunk of them have actual hands or claws. So it makes me wonder, does Equistria import things like teacups from other places outside Equistria? Or do they just make it like that because teacups were always made with handles before Equistria was even founded? Anyways, just some of my thoughts on it, what do you guys think of the subject?
  6. It's no secret that Starlight is a novice to friendship. It's obvious that she wants to learn more about it, and try to get more experienced, but does she actually want to put effort into making friends? I feel like she made friends with Trixie purely on providence, and discovered they had enough in common that they clicked as friends. With Sunburst, she had a pre-existing friendship; all that needed to be done was to reconnect, and even that was like pulling teeth for awhile. With the mane six, I think Twilight really wants her to be friends with her friends, but that isn't want Starlight wants. I may be reaching, but that's what I've observed. I feel like she's the kind of pony who can't be pushed into a friendship by another pony. It needs to be more natural; I know there's still a lot of development ahead of Starlight and her connection with Twi's friends, but right now things are SO awkward between them. I love Starlight to death, but she is like a seventh wheel. I wouldn't mind if the show-writers gave her her own friends! Trixie and Sunburst mesh much better as her friends. Let's get her more like them! She doesn't have to be besties with the other five of the mane ponies, in my opinion. I love their characters, but not with Starlight. Any other thoughts?
  7. Hello everypony, So I've been collecting the volume packs for the comics for some time now (I'm actually up to volume 11, the one that collects issue #43-47), for the main comics. The volume packs collect roughly around 4 issues in a pack, which was convenient for me when I first started collecting, because I didn't want to constantly get every single individual issue (and instead) wanted things in a pack. But due to a few other things, I've been thinking about switching over from collecting the volume packs to the omnibus. Can anyone tell me what I might be missing out if I switched over from the volume packs to the omnibus? The reason I'm considering the change is due to an effort to try and save some funds here and there (albeit, this is a low penny pinch, but still, something I'm considering). Is there other things that I should consider? I do notice, the omnibus versions are really far behind because they collect roughly every 12 issues into one omnibus (they're only up to omnibus #3 as of writing this, which is up to issue 25-37).
  8. I hope this is the best place to put this. For almost a year (I forget when), my computer stopped connecting to the wifi at my house. Everything I have tried doesn't work though, but I can use Ethernet and found out that I can use wifi ,but only if I am close to the router, but the wifi still isn't reliable. Furthermore, I usually use it on a room on the other sode of the house, where it gets absolutely no connection. Other devices work in that room though, so it is the laptop itself. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, using the troubleshooter, deleting and entering the connection again, updating the driver, and many other things. I fear that the adapter itself is broken, and it would need to be replaced. I just hope that's not it. Edit: Problem solved.
  9. I love the concept of the cutie mark. It conveys a pony's special talent (or characteristic) very well. It allows them to stand out from everyone else and sees them as wonderfully unique. Take Octavia. Her cutie mark represents her ability to play music with such passion and finesse. I just have one slight problem though. What if the pony's got multiple talents? What if they can play music and be an inventor at the same time? Or what if the pony's a basketball player but can still perform accounting with such finesse?
  10. Recently, I've been acting sorta 'weird.' I am nearly everywhere, looking at most threads, posting lots of stuff. I've just been wanting to stay ahead of several newbies in post count and popularity, well, because I joined before them. And because of that I think I may or may not have pissed people off. I suck. I am a Twilight Sparkle and TLK fan, but I feel that theres so many fans already, and I'd never 'make it to the top.' I keep thinking about these things. Wonder if Twilight Sparkle the Pony Queen will become a thing. *glances at my own sig and profile* I became obsessed with counting every post and profile view and keeping track. Do these things make me a bad person?
  11. We've seen Flutters cover a lot of issues involving her timidity, shyness, and self confidence. But so many episodes (Putting your hoof down, Best Night Ever, Power Ponies, Keep valm and Flutter on) show that she DOES have anger issues that lie under her cute and shy personality, and they have yet to be addressed. She hasn't had any lessons on how to control her anger when it rises to the surface, and that, as in the past, has shown to be a serious problem because she lets it get the best of her. So should these issues be tackled like her shyness? Personally, I think Luna could be the best pony to help her with this, since she has fallen victim to her own anger a few times.
  12. I went to go to this page: It keeps refreshing every second, like the page is actually reloading every second so if you try to scroll it brings you back to the top - only page I've found do that so far - might just be an isolated glitch.
  13. I am unable to change my signature. Whenver I try to, I get a message saying: Unable to read signature dimensions This doesn't make sense because I made sure that the dimensions were 600x200 and I followed to proper steps uploading it to Note: I have tried 3 different images
  14. It bothers me how so many of the female characters in action movies and stuff are like the same. The character is a attractive young adult, usually white woman, but the appearance isn't what really bugs me. It's the personality. They are often insensitive, confident, bold, "bad", flirty, athletic, "cool", etc, and act uninterested but fall in love with lead male. It's tiring. Where are the awkward, nerdy girls? Where's the emotional, artsy, unconfident girl who works to gain confidence? Where's the strategic girl who hates battle and tries to find better, more clever ways? Anyone else feel similarly about it?
  15. How to make a thread poll? I clicked on "manage poll", made the questions and answers, and then clicked "finished" but the poll has not shown up on this thread.
  16. This might end up in the Debate Pit depending on the direction that it takes... but here goes. I like to imagine that I... for the lack of a better word, pride myself on having a healthy skepticism and distaste for a lot of the negative inflammatory uses of a lot of the words in the English language. Words that are designed to derail intelligent discussion and are just emotional tools. words that vary from all around the ideological spectrum: homophobia, gay agenda, sodomy anti-feminism, patriarchy, womanizer, socialist, socialized medicine, MRA, (an acronym for Men's Rights Advocacy) SJW (for Social Justice Warrior) and "feminazi" the lumping together and letter arrangement involved in the initialism "LGBT". Here's an explanation for what I don't like.. not about the concepts themselves, but the cheap emotional targeting when using some of these tired-out phrases and buzzwords. I consider myself to.. people would probably think of me as a bit of a right-wing person if they got to know my views well... But I don't like it how a lot of right-wing people constantly use the snide snarky phrase "Social Justice Warrior" or even SJW. SJW sounds like Social Jehovah's Witness, which makes an arbitrary cultural comparison, or it also sounds like Street Journal Wall, which makes them sounds like a jerky fourth estate superiority complex. using the phrase MRA in an antagonistic manner makes is sound like MRA is some type of Mirish terrorist group or some sort of virus that attacks people genetically. The word "homophobia" is so casually thrown around that it immediately turns my brain off when someone just casually uses it when no-one was even thinking of homosexuality. For example "My friends aren't very much into being physically affectionate" and then the person doesn't do anything to mention that their friends are all the same sex, or are the same sex as the person, or that the person is "homo". And then the person says "But it is not like they are homophobes". Yeah, I really doubt that people are going to gravitate toward that by default, that not being a very affectionate person physically has some deeper prejudice behind it, and that they will think that unless indicated otherwise. People should not gravitate toward that by default unless the person has suggested that. I also don't approve of the word "sodomy". Even a cursory knowledge of Biblical scripture should tell you that it is downright unfair to compare what people refer to when they refer to "sodomy", with what was actually being done in Sodom. Also, seriously, people in their twenties finding teens in the throes of puberty as attractive are not "pedophiles". That is not "pedophilia". It is "ephebephilia" for the cusp of adolescence and early adolescence, and "hebephilia" for the full swing of adolescence. Teens are not prepubescent kids. They are still in the process of maturing their bodies and brain development, yes, but any squicky age-difference has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. They are not helpless little kids who don't know what is going on, so I detest wording that suggests as such. Young people who haven't gotten a chance to fully get in the swing of physical development, and brain development... yes, generally older people who have been around for longer could stand to have more mature adult, reciprocal relationships with people a bit closer to their own age. But people should understand the difference between being a pedophile and being sexually attracted towards people who are no longer just kids, but that a person still has a great deal of seniority over that has implications on the type of situation you could realistically involve yourself with them. Also, for some words that don't have serious political implications: I don't like the word "twerking" or "tweet". when used to talk about Twitter. I detest that a lowercase word is being used to describe something that exclusively refers to the uppercase brand that is Twitter. That not everyone uses. unless maybe the word "tweet" ends up referring to any short public status update on any online place, not just Twitter. also, I don't like the word "bromance". It reeks of live-action sitcoms. Well, I hope that this discussion can distinguish between disliking a word or phrase and whether or not one also disliked the goal that is being attempted to be achieved with that wording. Sometimes I detest the agenda behind certain misguided language, but sometimes I can get behind what the core meaning is, but detest what certain connotations come with certain words.
  17. Everytime I search or go to my content folder it says ''There is no information to show'' just like in the downtime. Yet no one else is affected, I appear to have a personal Downtime issue. How do I solve this?
  18. I wasn't sure how to label this topic, but I labelled it as "general questions" just to be safe :3 Now I just want some clarification... is the Christmas donor status supposed to provide you with the same privileges as the regular donor status? If it is, then I guess I'm dealing with a technical issue. Simply put, I can't make my avatar bigger than 150x150 without it looking disproportionate and I can only use 100x600 signatures :/
  19. Either something's wrong my PC or this site is having trouble remembering my username and password. I used to be able to log in by pressing the button "sign in" and that was that. For the past few days now however I would be taken to the Poniverse site to log in and when I would press remember me after I fill in my info whenever I log out and log back in I have to do it all over again. What's going on? Is it me?
  20. Hi, I recently discovered that MLP Forums has an issue with the status updates when using the Firefox browser. I attempted to delete a status and it said it had failed, and it still showed up on the profile although when I entered the comments, it was red. Creating a new status update also caused a pop up window to say the action failed. Now that I switched to Chrome it works just perfectly.
  21. This thread is an attempt to find a common set of problems within the show. It is not in anyway a means to bash the older or newer episodes of the show, but is rather an outlet to state any reoccuring problems you had/have within it. I'll start with a problem I've noticed spanning over the entirety of the series: Despite what Power Ponies would like to suggest Spike is indeed delegated to being the "Hum-drum" of the group. On top of being the butt of the joke a good chunk of the time, he is so inconsistently portrayed in his appearances it is hard to nail down a concrete personality roughly 90 episodes into the series. That in my opinion is a pretty big issue that will take at least several episodes to rectify. Feel free to list any problems you think the show is/was experiencing at one point below! (Except DryColt84 that guy's an asshole)
  22. Are there online stores that sell physical copies of MLP:FIM comics by issue instead of volume? The one store I found that did only sold digital copies.
  23. lately i've been buying mlp tshirts. On black friday i've bought a twilight sparkle tshirt 50% off now my mom thinks i'm crossdressing. it's a men's shirt not a womans shirt she's starts talking about a different subject oh mlp is only for little girls to watch and they can only wear them. she's afraid that people will make fun of me. my own step father called me that's queer. I've told them that i don't care what people say i'm not afraid of being my self. So then they told me to show them one episode that can prove that's for everyone can you guys help. i know i'm new her but it would be great i'll show you guys my shirt i have what do you guys think is this a girls shirt? or not wish me best of luck
  24. Firstly, I would like to point out this display name "doppelgänger" issue. I once had a friend said that there was an error to his MLP Forums display name. He said that he saw someone who have the same name as him. He said that he double-spaced his display name. Example: Rainbow Dash He said that it appear as "Rainbow Dash" after he was done with display name change. I discovered that It was a sneaky, cruel way for them to get past the system. Please fix, I wanted to ensure that justice and fairness is being served in this forum.
  25. So I remember seeing a topic on this section regarding the issues with images not showing under the asker's profile. I have the same problem, but it's not just the bronyland result. It seems like with all sorts of images I try to put now, it no longer shows up as an image but rather as a link.. I've seen some good advice around. To quote some: Ex.1 If you look at the options at the top of where you're posting, like with the things for bold, italic, underline, links, stuff like that, there's a little picture. It's next to the symbol that looks like this: <> If yo click that, put the link into the little bar, and the image should show up. Hope I helped:) Ex. 2 Easy, when your about to write, you have tools on top to add extras like bold lettering. One of them is a picture next to the code icon. Click the picture icon, and it will ask the link, right click the picture of choice and copy the URL. Then, just add it there, press ok, and done. ^Yeah none of that method is not working for me. I've been trying for hours. For days! To no avail. I don't understand. They were working fine for me just a month ago, which is why my older pictures are my profile are able to show but none of the new ones can't... Feld0 help meh! o: Lol, but seriously...what do?