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Found 49 results

  1. Personally I don't think the term matters. It's just a random buzzword just to patronize works made by younger audiences, despite the fact that it a work shouldn't be judged by who the intended demographic is, as a work is good, then it's fine by me.
  2. Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while now. What's your favorite MMO? If you feel like wanting to play with others on this forum you might want to give us a link to it! My favorite MMO is probably maplestory. It's been getting easier since about 2010 but it's still very fun in my opinion coming out with new classes every once in a while. There are so many job advancements and skills and it's been out since 2003. Even if the characters look a little off and small they still kick-ass! Maplestory is pretty old but it's awesome! You should try it! Link to the official GMS (GlobalMaplestory) website:
  3. Hellow, fellow pones. We are living in interesting time of second informational revolution. One of fruit of modern technologies is an machine learning. In other words AI can be learned how to act on samples instead of being programmed. It easily allows to reach amazing result in image recognition, natural speech understanding (hello, Siri ^-^) and other stuff which is really hard to program. But in other hand we can't just open and research code inside their memory - it has no human understandable algorithm. To explore their behavior we need to supervise their actions and analyse (Hello, Freud XD). Here's discussion topic for you, fellow pones. How far AI can go? Can machine become equal part of our society? And how smart machines can make our life better or worse?
  4. Many of you probably know that they are making a remake of Stephen King's IT, which originally was a mini-series movie on TV and it is based on the book of the same name. The original film, while not perfect, has some really good moments that are genuinely creepy and Tim Curry was basically the perfect actor for Pennywise the Dancing Clown, he made the film his. The new film is supposedly going to be far more accurate to the book and therefore, more brutal. Well, the trailer for the remake is officially out. How does it look? Now, I am not sure what you all think, but I feel this trailer is the epitome of GARBAGE. This trailer is simply what every other horror movie trailer in the past 15 years has been. Loud noises, jumpscares, flashing images, and a 'OOHH SO INTENSE' musical score to accompany it. No subtlety or creativity, just the same old Hollywood schlock. Also there is a moment that is hilarious in the trailer that seems so out of place that it makes no sense. It really is a shame because IT could make for such a great psychological horror film, but we apparently are getting some generic jumpscare BOOfest instead. What do you all think? I seriously hope this movie kicks the trailer in the face and turns out to be good, but trailers are suppose to give us a glimmer of the movie itself and this particular preview was bad, in my opinion.
  5. @Sugar Cube, I told you I would come up with something as a Birthday Gift c: Aaaanyways, what is the point of this, you may ask? To appreciate Sugar Cube for her XXth Birthday! :DD What can I say about her? She was one of the first people that greeted me to MLPForums. Back on the day where I was a Muffin, she was shipping on the shipping thread along with Wingnut, and well, she gave me something to do in the meantime while I got used to this place. Time made me appreciate her as a good friend, and I can only thank her for what she did to me, which was appeciate this place. c: So yeah, if you have something to say to her in this day, just say it! c:
  6. (Excuse me if this is in the wrong forum) So, a while ago I listened to a song on youtube. It was the Friendship is Witchcraft song "It`ll be OK" but instead of Twilight and Shining armour it was about Shining and Cadance. I have been trying to find it for quite a while now but I`ve got no luck. Does anybody know what song I am talking about, can you post the link?
  7. Take a look at this: To this I say, BRING IT!!
  8. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  9. Hey guys. I originally didn't wanted to write this blog,and just made a status update and a few changes on my About Me(what a twist),but,recently,a lot of changes have been affecting my life,and I thought that it would be a good chance to make a few things clear,and to update my current state. Without more hesitation,here it comes: Don't go sending me random friend requests: I like to talk to new people,that's something that I want to make clear. There're very few exceptions about which people I won't talk to,but I think that I don't need to explain them all here. Just..don't go sending me friend requests without even trying to talk to me. Sometimes I may delay a bit on answering PMs,but that's because I tend to use the mobile version of MLPForums. After all,it's not really hard to press that button who says Send Message,right...? About Skype: Until now,I had my Skype shown to the public. I still use it,and it's my main method of contacting people,but,from now on,I'll have it hidden,and I'll only give it to people that I really I'm friends with. I don't want more spam,trolls,or people that just says one-liners. Sorry if I offended anyone with this change,but this is the truth. Don't go thinking that I'm stupid Really,I'm not pointing at anybody on this forum,and nobody here did nothing that made me go 'angry',but this is a thing that I would like to make clear just for the future: I'm not stupid My most common place for posting is the Cloudsdale Colliseum,specially on the Forum Games and Forum Lounge,where I make a topic about something each few days. I like being a bit silly,and I like to have fun with other members,and give other members reasons to have fun(which is the point of my topics,because people has fun while they last),but I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO JUDGE ME JUST FOR THOSE POSTS. Even if 90% of my forum time is spent there,I like talking,and I enjoy culture and reading. I can write lenghty posts when the situation calls for it,and I can also defend myself efficiently on a debate,so don't go thinking and telling everyone that i'm just "A stupid person that only knows how to post stupid things" My gender and my sexuality: This was the point about me making this blog,and the reason of why I want you people to read it,please. Lately,i've been having a few gender issues that made me rethink about my own gender,and caused me to look inside me and realize what I am really,so,without hesitation,let me explain myself. -I'm biologically male,but I'm Gender Fluid. The gender that I feel related the most is Female,and I would prefer to be treated like that unless new adverstiment. -My sexual orientation is Demisexual, which means that I'll only develop feelings for people with which I have a deep emotional bond. This is a heads up for both people that knows me and people that I start to talk from now on,and I would like you all to respect my decision,thanks. Wait,does that change something about you? Of course not! I'm still the same person as before,and I still do like the same things as before(people that really knows me will get the reference),but now I'm just part of the opossite gender,and this change may be for better or for worse for some,but,for me,it's what I really want to be. <3 And that's all that I wanted to make clear for now. There's not much else that I want to say now,except that I wish you a good day to you all,and I hope that you respect my thoughts and opinions that I just stated on this Blog. <3
  10. Now, I have the tendency to browse around the Media Discussion Section almost everyday, due to some threads that involve technology. However, in doing so, I've noticed the number of "tech support questions" that had me thinking. As much as its great to have technology categorized in the Media Discussion, I think there should be a sub-form for Technology itself. Basically: Beyond Equestria --------Everfree ----------------- General ----------------- Media ----------------------- Tech Info & Support Personally, it will be easier, b/c if you think about it, many members may ask "My Computer is broken, b/c of this or that, etc.".
  11. Guest

    Chrysalis Anti-Spiral

    I don't even need to explain why. I'm not one to request much... They need a crossover, it fits perfectly with both universes! Just... ... Please?
  12. I've decided to do a series of blogs in which I discuss episodes of MLP that are generally criticized by the Brony community. The first is on Spike at Your Service. I would type everything out, but this image says it perfectly.
  13. Bronies don't hate, we strongly dislike. XD Name something that you dislike so much that you would do anything to get away from it. You don't have to go into too much detail if you don't want to. But if you want to tell us, step up and post. My Dislike The number one thing I dislike is negativity/conflict. I can't stand conflict, if I had to I would fight, but if it's random, I would walk away in an instant. Like one time there was a huge school fight. At first it was just two guys going at it and I was very far away, but then about 4 more people came out of nowhere and they were just going at it. .-. A whole bunch of people just started running up to go see it like it was an MMA fight. o-o And me being shy I just kind of scurried away farther from it, hoping not to get involved. I've always disliked fights and conflict and I'm sure another sack of people dislike it too. So...that's why I strongly dislike fights. Boom, end of story. Now get to postin' or get out. :3
  14. Simply put, where do you think the next bronycon should be held? Personally, I think Fillydelphia would be great place for it. What do you think?
  15. Well, it's finally here, my first two installments of my new mlp piano improvisation series: Take It For A Spin. First two vids Art of the Dress: Eurobeat Brony: Luna More to come soon!
  16. Happy New Year Everypony! For the first blog entry of 2014, I would like to annouce the coming of a new piano series. It's called "Take It For A Spin", in which I'm gonna improvise around selected mlp songs. Whether it be canon or fanmade, it'll be a doozy! I won't annouce what pieces I'll be doing, it'll all be random! So get ready for a epic series in an epic year!
  17. Now, I dunno where exactly to put this topic, but it's a question-ish topic, that I feel is probably something can be answered due to my near-godlike ability to overlook things Alright, so, dude, I always want to start a topic. Of something or other. It sounds fun to me And, as you very well may know, there's an extremely diverse range of topics already on this site. So, I try to use the search system when I want to start a topic, so I won't be the dude who get his topic locked down or moved when it already was there in the first place, right? So, after I try to use the search system, a similar pattern follows: 1. I give up on the search engine attached to the navigation bar beside the "sign out" button, and go over to advanced search to narrow down the list of topics it gives me. 2. I try to narrow down the list of topics it gives me in order to make it easier to find said possible pre-existing topic I want to create. 3. It goes from around 100 pages to like, 20 pages. 4. I promptly flip my desk over out of frustration, shoot the middle finger at the search engine, and then go back to whatever I was doing before hand Now, I've noticed a recurring pattern here: it just doesn't give me a list of topics. The keywords (Which is generally the topic title I planned on using) could have been posted in a reply to a totally irrelevant-to-what-I'm-searching-for topic, and it greatly extends said number of pages to something I simply don't have the time or desire to scour through in order to create a topic of my own. Furthermore, I've tried finding a search filter system, but the only one that seems relevant to trying to find a pre-existing topic is the "forums" filter, which is what I had it set on to begin with, which led to this mess. So, as much as I want to create a topic, I simply don't and give up my search due to the frustration the search has caused me. This is my 9th topic I've started, I believe, and 1 was my Introduction in the Welcoming Plaza, 1 was in the Forum Lounge, 1 was in Sugarcube Corner, and that was when I was still new, to an extent, so it got locked as to being better suited for a blog or status update, and the rest have all been here. Am I missing a key ingredient for my search, said key ingredient being what keeps a bazillion irrelevant topics from popping up in my search? Because I've tried everything I thought of, but it doesn't help too much. Oh, and one last thing: the Tag System doesn't work to well, either, due to the fact that tags are either absent from the topic itself or generally random words that are, at times, irrelevant to the topic matter, or, like what I've got on this one, relevant, but useless. Few topics seem to be tagged correctly to me, so, ergo, broken system. So, I missing something, dude?
  18. Today we are here to talk a little bit about a movie called A Clockwork Orange. It is based on a book by Anthony Burgess of the same name and as the title unceremoniously spoils it my ultimate goal here is to convince you to give this movie a chance! Reading that I know what question comes to your mind ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! Your question is: Why? Fear not my little droogies for all shall be reveled soon by your humble narrator. You see, A Clockwork Orange takes place in the close future. A future which will seem very retro to today’s viewer since the movie was made in 1971. The story is about a person called Alex DeLarge. Alex is ,in almost every possible way, a horrible person. One of his greatest joys in life is doing wrong. He is also fifteen years old. But hey, a little of the ol’ ultra-violence can get anybody’s blood pumping right? Despite that however Alex is a very relateable character. He is intelligent, well spoken, he enjoys classical music. He is very charismatic and his diabolical enjoyment of what he does is almost infectious. No matter how despicable the act he is committing may seem you still reluctantly cheer him on and when he falls on hard times you genuinely feel sorry for him. However, one day as most people, Alex will have to pay for his sins. This character is portrayed very well by Malcolm McDowell. His performance and director Stanley Kubrick’s direction, help you see a morally bankrupt world where the young go out to prey on others at night and where politics seems to be way to caught up in it’s own game of thrones to be able to handle to problems of the common people. A world where today’s society could very well be heading. The story of our dear Alex DeLarge however is not the only interesting thing about A Clockwork Orange. The events of the movie raise many interesting question. What is a man when his ability to make his own choices is taken away? What makes a person enjoy causing harm to others? Just how much can somebody like that ever realize the error of his ways and redeem himself? This story asks all these question and many more like them and it might just make you question yourselves ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! That is what elevates this piece of cinema above a lot of others.This story is not just about one man but an exploration of human nature in general. Asking questions about ourselves and the nature of things around us is what drives our lives forward after all ,my little droogies. And few things can make you ask questions better than good fiction. The last few things of note I’d like to mention about this movie are connected to it’s history. It was very controversial back in it’s own time. It won’t shock today’s viewer much of course, but back then this was one of the boldest and most violent movies in cinemas. Unfortunately, that led to some people trying to copy the ill chosen past times of our dear Alex in real life. That’s why Stanley Kubrick asked for this movie to not be distributed to the public in the United Kingdom and until his death it remained unavailable in that country. This is one of the events that lead to it’s relative obscurity today. You have seen Clockwork Orange parodied and/or referenced in other works of fiction (The Simpsons, South Park, Tenacious D just to name a few) countless times already ,have no doubt about that my dear reader. And you have surely felt it’s impact on our culture. A Clockwork Orange is a remarkable movie in the history of cinema which stood the test of time. I hope I managed to convince you to give it a chance my dear reader and if not I thank you for making it this far all the same. If you do decide to see „our hero’s” story through grab a glass of milk and get ready for a bit of the ol’ Ultra-Violence...
  19. "So you can hum a tune, that's nothing if you can't play an instrument." "So you can play guitar, that's nothing if you can't shred." "So you can shred, that's nothing if you don't have some bass support." "So you can play bass and guitar, that's nothing if you can't get some drums to keep it together." "So you can play bass, guitar and drums, that's nothing if you don't know music theory." "So you know music theory, that's nothing if you can't compose a song." "So you can compose a song, that's nothing if it isn't original." "So you made something original, that's nothing if you can't master it correctly." "So you can master, that's nothing if you can't promote it properly." "So you can promote your stuff, that's nothing if people don't like it." "So you can make something that people like, that's nothing if you aren't happy." "So you can be happy, that's nothing if you aren't helping others too." "So you can help some others, that's nothing if you can't help everybody." "So you can help everybody, that's nothing if you can't help yourself sometimes." GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do these people want from me?!
  20. Remi

    What Is This?

    So I made this. I can't even comprehend what I did. Feedback is appreciated.
  21. I found it alittle bit out of the ordinary for me. I didn't really like how Rainbow Dash was turned into cupcakes. It was a cool video with the music and such. I didn't eat cupcakes after the video for a couple of weeks. Did you guys like the video? Or did you not find it too appealing? I found it okay.
  22. A request for SasQ from these very forums: It's a PMV about Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dashing. Sometimes I'm just not feeling that original, I suppose.
  23. Canon: (n) In the context of story franchises, canon is the official accepted story on which third-party material is judged. If something is non-canon, for example, that means it goes against what is officially established or it won't be considered to be part of the actual story. Fanfics are non-canon by their very nature, for example. Cannon: (n) a combat weapon that is used to fire large ballistic projectiles. I.E., the cannons on a battleship, a classic colonial cannonball cannon, or a handcannon (which is slang for a remarkably large handgun). Please to be not mixing these terms up kthxbai
  24. I'm guessing this is just another bug with IPB but since I don't see a thread about it yet, I'll bring it to public attention. At the moment, I can't see anyone's "stats" tab on their profile, and apparently I'm not the first person this has happened to. Is this something that could potentially be resolved?
  25. Happy 420 day guys. Hope you smoked sum good w33d and gained more swag points because #yolo Have a nice little video.