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Found 7 results

  1. What are those special things that make you happy or calm? When I'm frustrated sad or stressed I have those certain things I can do and feel almost immediately better. It doesn't have to be something you do either it can be a smell or a sound too, just anything that gives you tranquility. Those things for me would probably overall have to be Drawing or painting, I find it very meditative and I could never be anything but happy when doing it. Also Ice cream on a hot day, And cuddling my cats.
  2. I own a couple weird things such as a few inflatable dolphins, a donut toilet seat, brightly colored pants and a few silly looking hats that I sometimes wear to celebrations. What about any of you? Do you have any strange or silly items with you? I also may or may not buy this for myself.
  3. Thought this would be a interesting topic just state and talk about you're worst experience being ripped off, any where from something being over priced to just being fake or a complete lie.
  4. Have you fot an item that you have named/customisedponified? Post it here! I plan to rename my Ullapool Caber to "Pinkie Pie's Party Popper"
  5. After seeing Rarity takes Manehattan; I have formulated a theory about how and when the keys to the box we've seen in the premiere will appear, Since there are six locks on the box, each character is going to have to relearn or revise their element of harmony in order for the key to not exactly appear, but be able to be accessed. And they'll each get a rainbow item that represents this. As we all know Rarity obtained a rainbow like thread by the end of her episode. It flashes just as Rarity did in her vision and based on Meghan's Tweets it's no doubt that it'st her key unless Meghan's trolling us. That moment when Rarity looked at the empty seats and the ribbon in front of that shimmered rainbow, as did her eyes, that's that moment of when she relearns her element or whatever. I believe this will eventually happen to each of the mane 6, So what do you guys think?
  6. are mine...influenced by my status update and what said. Original Xbox and Xbox 360 are Microsoft Gamecube,DSi and Wii are Nintendo Laptop is Lenovo TV is LG Other Laptop is Compaq Blu-Ray Player is Panasonic Cable Box is Samsung MP3 Player is Sony e-reader - Kindle Fire HD (Amazon) If I did all of my stuff...we'd be here all day. xD (Mostly for Electronics)
  7. We all know there are 9 classes, but there are numerous subclasses that change how you play the game. The Scout The Soldier Pyro Heavy Demoman Engineer Medic Sniper Spy Fauna What other 'subclasses' have you seen around the place. What kind of weapons/tactics do they use? What are their strengths and what is the best way to go around killing them? Post your replies and I will update the list if others agree.