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Found 8 results

  1. What is your favorite intro theme from the James Bond movies? Mine will always be Diamonds Are Forever, lovely theme.
  2. Holy s***! It was insanely awesome to watch! I never experienced such intense action, suspense and British humour in a clever way before. For those who have seen it (including myself), what were your thoughts of the movie? Did you think it was awesome, funny, bada**, etc.? Or do you think otherwise? Those who have not seen it before, do you plan to watch it? If not, then say why. Go ahead, post away! Attention: You may only post Spoilers when typed within the Spoilers box of your post. Any post with spoilers that are not typed in a Spoilers box will be reported and removed.
  3. I was looking at the best James Bond movies thread so I decided to make this thread for the actors. Out of the 6 actors, which one is your favorite? Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig. Vote Above and put opinions below. My opinions on each actor: Sean Connery- Sean Connery will always be my favorite. He wasn't too goofy and he had a nice serious attitude. But he still had his witty one liners from time to time and some of the best movies. Also, he is just an awesome James Bond and was the original, which counts for some points. George Lazenby- I don't hate him, but I don't really like him either. He wasn't the best actor ever and was bad at conveying emotion in the character of James Bond. My fifth favorite James Bond. Roger Moore: Ok, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE Roger Moore! He is my least favorite for these reasons. 1. He was too goofy and I couldn't take him seriously. 2. He had no emotion whatsoever. 3. He had way too many one liners that failed miserably. 4. His movies are boring and the worst in the series in my opinion. That is all I have to say. Timothy Dalton- I know many people don't like him, but I enjoyed his movies. He is my third favorite out of the James Bonds. I liked his no-nonsense serious attitude and enjoyed his darker movies. His seriousness was a serious relief from the stupidity of Roger Moore's movies. Pierce Brosnan- I don't have a problem with him. He did his job well, even if sometimes he did go a little overboard on the jokes, but it's forgivable. Fourth Favorite James Bond Daniel Craig- Daniel Craig is awesome, just not as awesome as Sean Connery. But he did an amazing job with the role of James Bond and I loved Casino Royale. He is like a combination of Timothy Dalton's seriousness and grittiness and Sean Connery's few one liners and class. He is my second favorite James Bond and actually was one of the few James Bonds who displayed appropriate emotions. And I find this line hilarious: "Now the whole world is gonna know you died scratching my balls."
  4. Simple, who's your fave? For me it'd have to be Sean Connery. Partially influenced from 'From Russia With Love': the movie and game. Now let's watch, as I screw up my first attempted poll. Edit: Ah! It's a miracle! It worked! Also needs a 'Who Gives One' option.
  5. Okay, so Doctor Who fans one and all should know that the Doctor has had twelve different incarnations by way of "Regeneration" I'm pretty sure someone's thought of this before, but it occurred to me a few days ago. Could the fact that Bruce Wayne/Batman and James Bond being played by a multitude of different actors indicate them being Timelords? Seriously, I mean check this out: Lazenby is the worst one out of the bunch just so you know.
  6. Source: What did you get for christmas Three days late because excuse to update this blog. c: Just an FYI, this guy will be on break until Wednesday, the third. Till then, bye. :3 ~NASCARFAN160
  7. So I just watched the new James Bond installment, Skyfall. I found it to be very well done and it kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. At moment I even expected the movie to end, but then something even more awesome happens and got to experience that much more of extraordinary Bond. I really liked the theme song as well. Adele has such a beautiful voice.
  8. So I know we have a thread about which the best actor is but which James Bond movie do you ponies think is the best? Personally I like almost all Bond movies. But I have my favorites. I don't really like Quantum of Solace that much. By the way, what are you expecting from the new Skyfall (2012) ?