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Found 35 results

  1. I have heard a lot of things about Japanese Culture and how amazing it is and better then the rest of the world but i never really took any attention to it till now. Their Culture is just so amazing to me and how much more respectful there is in Japan compared to the rest of the world. An example is something a youtuber called Blunty said about the reason Japan has so many vending machines everywhere is because everyone has respect for other peoples property so things are not instantly stolen from or broken in less then 24 hours. Not to mention that a lot of people in Japan have much more common sense and are kinder then other people in different country's. I mean Japan are even more advanced then any other country's in technology. (I did think i would have a lot to say about this but I've forgotten it all XD) Well what do you think of Japanese Culture?
  2. It is one of the most iconic repeated phrases in the show, (there are other similar words like somppony obviously) being a pun for "anyone"/"anybody etc." is clever, but how would it translate in other languages? In English, it is easy to replace "-body" with "-pony," however in other languages it would be morr difficult to have am equivalent it seems to me. I have heard the Japanese version some, and they say "ponitachi"/ "ponytachi" in it, which works very well. Poni is the Japanese loan word based on how it sounds, so it means pony. Tachi is a polite added word to make it plural or rather collective. So pretty much the same, and works just as well for it. Of course not just anypony, but other pony puns would be nice to know. What do you think?
  3. Hey guys, for those of you not in the know (anyone who isn't forum staff), I'm off to Japan for a few weeks and am leaving on the 1st. I thought it would be kind of neat to do some game shopping while I'm there. I'm looking for something physical, which should work with any of the PlayStations I own (which is virtually all of them), and my 3DS should be region free for DS titles, in spite of Nintendo's best efforts to sabotage import gaming. I've heard that physical Vita and PSP titles should work without having to switch accounts though I know a trick with my PS3 that makes switching accounts on my PSP easy if need be. The language barrier shouldn't be too problematic. I have two translation apps, two dictionaries, a kanji book and a verb book and subscribed to Puni Puni on YouTube (and even bought their Kanji Blaster game). I'll figure it out even though it won't be ideal... I'm not interested in otome games, but I'm cool with all types of bishoujo games, whether they're visual novels or full dating sims. I'm leaning towards handheld titles because they're probably more cost effective and I can bring the appropriate handheld to play them before I get back, though I could wait to play PS3/4 titles. I'm not interested in hentai, though I don't think that's allowed on consoles and dedicated handhelds anyways. Ideally I'd like something that's not super pervy though I'm not a prude so I'm not picky about the Cero rating. I'd like something that's affordable or has good value, so cheap recommendations or a decent collection or just something with a lot of replay value would be appreciated though I'll take any recommendations. Oh and nothing that's available here or coming here. I can just play the English version. I was looking at a collection for the Vita called LovelyxCation 1&2, but I don't actually know much of anything about what's good or not in this mostly Japan exclusive genre.
  4. As many people may know already, there's a whole new Godzilla film coming this year! A trailer has been released reccently Truth is, the movie's been in production for quite some time, and was created by Toho thanks to the success of the 2014 Godzilla film. So, whatdya think about the trailer? Gotta say, it looks quite good! Just hope Godzilla has a roar more similar to his 84-91 or Millenium versions in the film proper, 'cause the 62-75/92-95 roar doesn't fit this incarnation of him very much.
  5. I am a big fan of Shonen Jump's hit anime, Naruto. So I decided to create a thread dedicated to discussing it!
  6. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 自撮り、(じどり)、Jidori いみ(meaning):Selfie れいぶん(example sentence):自撮りはとてもうるさいよ! ほんやく(translation):Selfies are so annoying! Here's another fun word for you all, haha. 自撮り is a colloquial expression; in other words, it should be used in only casual situations. ^-^ So, I wouldn't advise telling your Japanese boss that you like to take selfies -- well, unless you are friendly with each other and all that wonderful jazz. Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! Heads up: there will likely not be JWOTD tomorrow (Saturday). じゃあ、またね!^-^
  7. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 最先端、(さいせんたん)、saisentan いみ(meaning):Cutting edge, leading edge, forefront れいぶん(example sentence):アップルの電話は最先端のテクノロジーですよ。 appuru no denwa wa saisentan no tekunorojii desu yo. ほんやく(translation): Apple phones are the cutting edge of technology, you know. Japan is one of the world leaders of technology in our day and age. Many of the inventions that came out of the country are ingeniously innovative and sometimes just plain bizarre, haha. Needless to say, I thought this was a cool word -- so I wanted to share it with you! Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! じゃあ、また明日ね!^-^
  8. こんにちは、皆さん!^-^ The Japanese word for the day is...*drum roll* 笑いのツボ、(わらいのツボ)、warai no tsubo いみ(meaning):Sense of humor れいぶん(example sentence):私は彼女の笑いのツボが好きです。watashi wa kanojo no warai no tsubo ga suki desu. ほんやく(translation):I like her sense of humor. I thought this word was really neat. You can describe people's sense of humor with a plethora of adjectives; odd, dark, sarcastic, hilarious, kooky etc. Any and all questions about the language are welcomed in the comments section or through PM! Heads up: there may or may not be a Japanese word of the day tomorrow (Saturday). じゃあ、またね!^-^
  9. Hello everyone! ^-^ As some of you may know, I have been studying Japanese for several years now. I haven't, however, been studying much this year; which has resulted in loss of vocabulary. For this reason, I created this blog to learn and keep track of new (and relevant) words on a daily basis; as well as to share them with you all! It's a win win! If you're studying Japanese as well -- or have a remote interest in the language -- I hope this helps in your language journey or ignites your interest in it! So without further ado...                      If you have any questions about the language -- be it, grammar, studying tips, Kanji etc. -- feel free to ask down in the comments section or through PM. I'll be glad to help however I can! じゃあ、またね!^-^
  10. Has anyone seen the new anime Attack on Titan? If so, what are your thoughts? Also, there is a free game that a person has developed. So, if you like the show as much as me and want to see if you have what it takes to kill a Titan, put "For Humanity" in your comment and I will PM you the link to the game. PS. You can play the game online with other people.
  11. So here's a question I'd like to ask for those wiser than me in such matters. Why is it that in a lot of anime, the protagonist controls or somehow commands an external unit or a separate character to do their fighting? Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Zatch Bell, Medabots, Gigantor, Hell if one is charitable about the idea of controlling any number of Mecha shows like Voltron, Gundam, and the Big O also qualify. Yes, I know it's not a universal, as we also have shows and magna like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakasho, etc. It just seems remarkable because such sentiments don't exist in as much western media that wasn't influenced by anime and even if you do have a character that fights through another like a beastmaster who commands animals or a mastermind with a legion of robots, they're often either A ) villains using their proxies as minions or B ) the exception rather than the rule with the rest of the cast fighting more conventionally. So why is this? Is there a particular Japanese cultural concept that gives rise to this idea or is it just the nature of divergent creativity?
  12. As many of you are aware, MLP has a japanese dub. However, it is only played once a week, early morning before school. So its not a good time slot and Bushiroad hasn't advertised MLP on TV at all as far as I can tell. Sure they did stuff like this... But there has hardly been anything pony on TV, it makes me worried that MLP may just be so under exposed in japan that it wont take off and there wont be any more dubed episodes after the 52 episodes already planned. However, there is good news, the official MLP manga will debut this august. So maybe this will give MLP a little more exposer in Japan. The show has the most exposer in Japan on Niconico (a video site). Japanese bronies exist, they were watching fansubbed episodes before the official dub. Theres not a huge number of them though.
  13. For japanese games, which company do you think does the best translation work? I'd honestly have to say Nintendo's Treehouse. They did an excellent job with Mario & Luigi and Kid Icarus: Uprising. I'd also like to give 8-4 ltd. a shout ot as well, their work on Fire Emblem: Awakening alone makes them one of the best in the buisness.
  14. Japanese games use either Hollywood voice Actors, Western Cartoon VA's in California, Los Angeles based Anime Dub actors, or to a lesser extent, Texas and New York voice actors when being localized and dubbed for western audiences. One thing I think would be cool is if a company dubs a Japanese game using Voice actors from Vancouver, British Columbia.... In Canada. It would give recording facilities like Ocean and Voicebox more work outside animation. Imagine a JRPG with Tabitha St. Germain, Ashleigh Ball, Lee Tockar, Andrew Francis, and even Andrea Libman.
  15. Hi I run which is a site that reports on anime, manga, and videogames. I have several reporters on the site already who deal with reviews. So I'm looking for people who can report on anime, and manga news. I'm also looking for people who can report on the Japanese videogame company news A couple of 300 word+ articles or more per week would be ideal. If you're interested you can contact me at: it's the same email you'll find on the contact page of my site. You can also ask any questions in this thread. Anyone who is on reddit if you could give me a thumbs up for these threads I've created to help look for recruits for my site it would be appreciated. manga reddit JRPG reddit
  16. I was thinking of my pink-haired character's folk plays when I thought of this. Seeing that most people don't like high school dramas (and their clichés), why not turn "Equestria Girls" into a Japanese Kabuki setting? Here are some questions: * What events will happen, based on usual Kabuki plays? Swordfights and pitch-ridden monologues, after Twily crosses the gate to the Human-Land? * What will the characters be? E.g. Twily might be a warrior, Sunset her rival, and Celestia can be am empress/noblewoman.
  17. So I think it's very obvious what you're doing here. You are here because you are the fan of the King of the Monsters. Godzilla, the one and only first daikaiju than ever existed. His message still ives up to this day, and the story around him is tragic as hell. But since this is a respectful thread to the Gojira mythos, we will accept the fact that the 1998 movie exists, and especially that the amazing show based on it also happened. The 2014 movie is also included. But to accept you here you must answer the next questions: 1.Any Godzilla movies you've seen? 2.Are you fan of the genre? 3.Which is your favourite Godzilla monster(after the King, of course)? 4.Do you think the dark moral of the story in the original 1954 movie still holds up 'til this day? 5.What's your favourite design of Godzilla? 6.Which other monster(or a character from another franchise) you wish Godzilla fought? 7.Which of the atomic breaths do you think looked the coolest? 8.Do you prefer the nice friendly Godzilla or the Godzilla that destroys everything on its path? 9.Do you know what Godzilla means? 10. Are you hyped for the next Godzilla movie that will come out in 2018 with monsters from the original franchise? 11.Favourite Godzilla movie? 12.Favourite Godzilla show? 13.What was your reaction at the "Kiss of Death" scene? 14.Should Zilla (98s Godzilla) be appreciated in the franchise or hated? 15.From 1 to 10, how awesome is Godzilla's roar?
  18. What anime are you watching, what did you last watch? Would you recommend it, what was it about etc. Take this as a general anime thread. Currently I'm about to watch Candy Star. I'll let you know my thoughts on it later.
  19. HAPPY TANABATA, EVERYONE!!! This is my favorite Japanese festival!
  20. Does anyone watch Girls und Panzer? If so, Talk about it here! I think i may have became a bit to addicted to Pravada high school... This is from a Halo clan site if anyone's wondering.
  21. For all you anime fans out there who want to discuss your favorite anime/and or favorite anime characters, or maybe even look for a new anime to watch, this is the place for you!!! Im a fellow anime fan/Otaku myself who really loves anime, and would like to discuss anime with fellow anime fans! If you want to chat about certain animes that you've seen, or even create a new anime yourself and want help with ideas, this is where your hooves should stop,well if you have any questions,feel free to PM me if you wish, and have a swell day. Brohoof to all of ya'll /)(\ Oh and these are the animes ive seen Black Butler Soul Eater Pokemon Fairy Tail Angel Beats Attack On Titan Sword Art Online Naruto Bleach One Piece Soul Eater Not! Cowboy Bebop Big O DragonBall Z Fullmetal Alchemist&Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ~AwesomeOtakuGirl16~
  22. Anime bloggers what do you think of them, the community and the medium?
  23. Hello everybody and "every-pony". I haven't posted anything in a while; so I thought I'd share this with all of you: Does anybody like Studio Ghibli's movies? How many of you have seen "Kiki's Delivery Service"? Well, for quite a while, Applejack frequently reminds me of one of the characters of "Kiki's Delivery Service", Ursula:'s_Delivery_Service.jpg From my observations, Applejack and Ursula from "Kiki's Delivery Service" are similar in certain ways; the sound of their voices is one thing. What do you think?
  24. I finally made my first batch of sukiyaki. Some of the ingredients were missing, but I did my best. I had to use rice noodles instead of konyaku noodles, I used teriyaki sauce for it (to make the original sauce would've cost too much), and I couldn't find any enoki mushrooms for it. Here's a photo of it:
  25. Well, our new neighbors from Mexico moved in next door to us a week ago. When they met me, my mom and my dad, they both couldn't pronounce my name (Yumiko Yla-Mella) so we spent a good hour teaching them... and we failed. And we have this ice cream truck driver who is from India. She likes to sing and dance while serving the kiddos ice cream. Also, 85% of my neighborhood is Nordic (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish) and they always dress up as the Smurfs every halloween and have fish cookouts. Know any funny moments with foreign people?