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Found 5 results

  1. ​I HATE PEOPLE ON LEAGUE! (Gaming people in general ALSO fall into this category.) You know what pisses me off? When I'm going online just to unwind after a stressful day of filling out applications and calling companies for a potential job just so have some (excuse the language) punk ass bitch of a human tell me how I need to kill myself because I'm not playing how he wants me to play. This applies to any gamer, nothing is worse than when you're playing a game minding your own GOD DAMN business having a grand old time and then that ONE person that ONE INSIGNIFICANT person comes waltzing along just to ruin what little fun you may be having! I understand if you're having a bad match or a bad game, that's fine. What's INEXCUSABLE is them telling you things like "You should kill yourself, you're so bad. Uninstall then re-install just to uninstall again that's how bad you are." Now I know what you're thinking, "Just forget about it. He's a nobody, probably a loser who hates his own life." That's true and probably accurate but tonight really made me upset. I'm just so sick and tired of people thinking "Oh just because I'm on the internet I can call you whatever I want!" Psh, if you were face to face with that person I'm sure you'd think twice. Please understand that I don't usually let things people say online get to me but last night was just too much for me and I had to vent. So tell me what you guys think, do you have personal experiences that you remember that just drove you crazy? Have you yourself been the troll? Have you done anything to stop the bullying? What can we do as a society to stop these jerks? Do you think anything needs to be changed? Have you ever been threatened over a game or in person? When do you think the bully takes it too far?
  2. There has been one thing bugging me in MLP:FIM. The background ponies act unlikable. We see this in some episodes like Magic Duel, Bridle Gossip, Putting Your Hoof Down, and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toil. Not only that, but they scrap logic. For example in Magic Duel, they kept harassing Trixie, but didn't consider any motivations Trixie had. Like mabye oh say, Trixie could have been a show pony who simply moved from the stage to the streets, but didn't exactly know what to do. Gee, reminds me of a certain writer who wrote a certain episode that got all of the Bronies riled up. I've seen the residents of Gravity Falls apply better common sense!
  3. Name a celebrity or notable person who you think is a jerk, tool, witch, whatever negative name you want to give them. I'll go with Russell Brand. He just has that tool vibe where he'll be rude to you then make fun of how you look or what you do for a living because he has a high opinion of himself and his work. Also, he took Katy Perry off the market and then totally blew it. For that, he's the recipient of my slam.
  4. Through my 20 years of life, people have said thousands of things to me, maybe even millions. But ten things stand out among all the rest. The 10 things that people have said to me, that pissed me off the most. Get ready, and prepare yourself for the anger show lolz. 10: "Women are Objects" ----- Very old memory, of my best friends fathers favorite drunken slur. 9: "When it comes down to it, your worthless trash" --- In a fight. I ended up kicking his ass after me said this. 8: "Only gay guys watch MLP" --- Intolerant punk from another forum 7: "Gays shouldn't marry, because the bible says they are wrong."----- A priest in my old church. When he said that, i left the christian faith. 6: "Animals don't have feelings." ------ I dont remember who said this, but it made me MAD!!! 5: "If something cant protect itself, then it deserves to die." --- Abortion argument none-the-less 4: "I'm superior." ----- Same guy from # 9. 3: "I'm right because i'm more intelligent than you." ------ My teacher made a glaring mathematical mistake, and refused to see it. I later showed it to another teacher who proceeded to explain to him. 2: "The only reason women exist is to make babies, and serve men." ------- A player from my old school used to say this all the time. No wonder he never could get a dedicated GF. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 1: " Only the rich deserve to live. Poor people are stupid, lazy, and incompetent." ----- A republican Senator said this to me. I had won a lunch with him, and i was sharing my ideas for the homeless problems with him. When he said this i took my tea, tossed it on him and left the restaurant. I just cant stand ignorant people.......
  5. This has been one of the most heated arguements I have seen on the internet since the MLP: FiM fandom began to rise. Not to long ago, I was just derping and browsing through our beloved Youtube when I happen to start watching some pony videos. Being the curious pegasister I am, I decided to scan the comments below on a viral pony video. I came to a halt when I saw, and I quote: "is it true that all bronys are permavirgins? seriously there must be at least like one of u fags who at least raped some poor chick? rofl" I will not lie, my reaction to this wasn't quite nice. But then I remembered.... "I will love and tolerate the hell outta you." Want to know why half of us think that way? Because, we are all smart enough to know that trolls are people who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives other than so. Trolls feed off our reactions, which is the only way they can keep up their pointless arguements. If they hate Bronies so much as the show itself, than why the hell would they click on suggested video? Why would they take their time to click on a video that is obviously for fans, watch the video, scroll down, and give it their all? I believe that trolls are a bunch of try hards who will say anything to get likes. Bunch of like whores if you ask me. But you want to know what I said instead without the use of my caps? "Ahem.... As a proud pegasister of this community, I shall now inform you the following... Fellow bronies and pegasisters, pay no attention to the trolls, they are only feeding off your reactions because they have nothing better to do. Trolls...we respect your opinions, but we would also appreciate it if you not share them on a video made for bronies and pegasisters. It's looking for an argument. My work here is done." Guess who made top comment? The point I am trying to get across is, no, we shouldn't care what these brony haters think, so the next time you see a comment that really pisses you off, don't blindly lash out at them. Use common sense. So forum, what is your opinion?