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Found 8 results

  1. Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion - it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ. - Billy Graham Reverend Billy Graham has died at the age of 99. Graham will be remembered as a faithful evangelist who dedicated his life to spreading the gospel. Graham spent seven decades preaching the Good News. He travelled to 185 countries, and reached over 200 million people worldwide. A North Carolina native, Graham was introduced to Christianity by his mother, who made sure the family attended church, and asked her children to memorize Scripture verses. However, church seemed boring to young Billy until he attended a revival meeting at the age of 16 and made the decision to follow Christ. From that point forward, Graham dedicated his life to ministry. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1939, and named the President of Northwestern Bible College in 1947. In 1949, he was launched into national prominence by preaching at a Christ for Greater Los Angeles revival. Graham formed the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1950. He later served as an advisor to presidents and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a civilian can receive. Graham’s greatest accomplishment was the millions that received Christ because they heard his message. His impact on the world cannot be measured. Executive director of the Billy Graham Center Ed Stetzer wrote, “Billy Graham was an amazing model for the Christian faith—a person whose mind and heart was fixated upon Jesus. There shall never be another person like him. And yet I know that if he were here, he would continue to remind us that we are all to proclaim God’s love in a world that is lost and drowning in sin.” “The world has lost an amazing man. And yet the Spirit of Christ lives on in all of us. My prayer for me and you is that we too would let the words of life fall off our lips at all places, at all times, and in all sorts of new and creative ways. It’s time for all of us to continue on where Rev. Graham’s passing has left a void.” As the remembrances pour in today, let us remember the very words of Graham: “My home is in heaven. I’m just travelling through this world.”
  2. To take a go at Facebook, I have designed this photo in a matter of seconds and will now share it with you. Give me all the likes, btw.
  3. I came up with the idea for this song recently and I just had to make it! Hopefully the message will break through to somepony's heart.
  4. The time has come for an update. I have been dormant on here for a while now. Why? I'm feeling under appreciated here, and am starting to find more and more will to follow things in real life. What has been happening lately? 1. I'm performing at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne now. I am a certified actor, and am creating musicals and music. 2. I have received the Presidential Award Of Education For Advanced Learning, meaning I'm one of the highest learners in the entire country of The United States Of America. 3. I am perusing careers in acting, music, and ministry. 4. I am working on a book that debunks the theory of evolution. Not just the monkey to man theory, but evolution as a whole. 5. I am publicly debating against evolution, and am winning. My best win: beating a teacher of evolution who teaches seniors. I am pursuing this further. 6. I have grown more religious. 7. I am slowly drifting from the brony fanbase. So, there's a short update on me. For those of you who know me and actually talk to me, this shouldn't be a surprise. I figured I should let you all know. Thanks for reading, and God bless you all.
  5. What would their reaction be to seeing Him perform His miracles? Would they accept and love Him? Would Twilight want to spend time studying His Word? Would the Elements of Harmony be replaced by one stronger element...Love? This is a topic that I think should be discussed among us.
  6. Finally the moment has arrived! It's the 1st of December here in the UK and I can finally start listening to christmas songs and dec the halls! It is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about Christmas! Snow, tree, decorations, presents, spending time with family, celebrating Jesus birth, the meal, christmas morning, mulled wine, carroll singing, its just all awesome! It is also 2 years (not to the day but ish) that I first found MLP as well, what a great 2 years it has been and I love you all to bits at how kind, friendly you all are and just how fun it has been on the forums over the past year and a 1/2! I put together some of my favourite traditional carrols (most with lyrics) so you can join in the build up ! Thanks for reading, hope you have a great build up to christmas, I'm sure I will post a LOT about it !
  7. Maybe I should try to become a brone again. Yeah, that's a good ide- Goddammit nevermind.
  8. So this was always a topic I was going to talk about at some point, but seen as there was a topic about strong Christian parents stopping people playing games I decided I would write this post: So I will answer 2 questions: Are Video games demonic? Are videos games a waste of time? (mainly from a Christian perspective). Making stuff: So lets look at Genesis: Genesis 1&2 – The Creative God •V1 – God creates ex nihilo •V3-25 – Filling and Forming creation Ultimately, everything that God creates is said to be "Good" and we are "Very Good". This is important as the next paragraph will show. And then, God creates man ! and we are: •We are co-creators with God – Filling and forming •Eg naming the animals •Continuing the creation God started So overall, everything that humans create in essence is an imitation of what God created. I mean just look at computers! Some works of art are amazing, we also listen to and enjoy music, films, TV-shows (MLP woop woop) so why should video games be any different? Further evidence of us enjoying creation from the bible bellow. Then after this there are examples of us enjoying Gods creation: 1 Timothy 4:4-5 •Enjoying God’s good creation •Giving thanks and glorifying God in enjoying things Now then, here comes the ugly part. Christians believe that Sin entered the world through "The Fall" (link to Genesis 3: Without recanting it, Sin enters the "good" world that God created. Practices such as magic and demons came into the world along with sin (such as death, pain, anguish, shame, greed, and all the things that comes with that). So where do video games fit in with all of this? Are they full of things making us susceptible to demons and things hurtful to God? Playing games as a Christian - Engaging with Video Games Now I'm going to come at this from a very Christian centred way, but this will explain my beliefs well and hopefully challenge Christians who think its all bad, if it has not already. Video games send out an array of mixed messages to us, just in the same way as films and books which are a mix of truth and lies, beauty of the Gospel and ugliness of sin. The two worst things that Christians can do when it comes to movies, books or video games is: 1.Ignore it and blindly take it in. Passively take in the content and not really think about what you are watching or reading. 2.Dismiss all media and culture. Brand it as a waste of time or evil. Encourage Christians to stay away from all of that. So as a Christian I tend to ask myself these 8 questions (I don't do it formally most of the time, but I still think about it and have these questions in mind as I'm playing): 1.What’s the story? 2.Where am I? (what world you are in?) 3.What is good and true and beautiful about it? 4.What’s false and ugly and perverse about it? 5.When I play this game, do I notice any change of attitude of behaviour? 6.Is this a game I could easily walk away from or is it addictive? 7.How are men and women portrayed in the game? 8.How does the Gospel apply here? Now, using these questions I can asses the game thoughtfully and expose it for what it is trying to show. Most of these questions I feel everyone should ask themselves just to game in a healthy manner. From this I look to learn from the game, games often show aspects of real life and I believe that you should be able to learn something from anything. By looking at and Identifying what is Ugly/perverse IE killing/rape/demons/magic I am not just letting myself be influenced by them. I may choose not to play a game because it changes me as a person (long stints on WoW used to make me angry with the world and I also become addicted to it, thus I ended up not playing it for a while). Other thoughts games: •Anti-Christian content •Violence •Sex & Gender issues •Immoral actions •Alternative worldviews •Are these things a corrupting influence? For a Christian, living Godly is our aim. If a game (such as wow I mentioned above) stops me from doing that because it effects me in some way, then I won't play it. I'm not saying the game is wrong for a Christian to play, but for me it is not indicative of a Godly way of life because it effects me. Non - Christians Dealing with controlling Christian Parents: Now as a non Christian, very strong Christian parents can feel very controlling with these things. My advice would be: After reading this, try and understand why they are doing it (usually, they want to protect you from what they see is harmful to you). Discuss with them the game/s in question and get them to explain to you why? Games may be seen as demonic, and talk about demonic influences. I believe demons are very real and it is important to guard yourself from them. Your parents don't want them to influence your life at all. Yes there are demonic/sinful practices in games (that should be obvious) but once again it is important to perceive this and not let it effect you (talked about more in the next paragraph). If your parents are not letting you play games, then go through the risks with them, show them that you know what the risks are and that you won't let them effect you (I know this can be really hard for a non Christian, as often Christians see things very differently). If you show understanding, and explain why in ways games are good (point out things from points 3. and maybe point 8. lots of games have redemption stories and reflect the bible in this way, or may even contain Christian themes within them such as MLP). Ultimately, (and I urge you all to follow Jesus), for a non-Christian, your aims are not to be Godly in everything you do, and I'n the end that is your choice which is a choice everyone has. I would still say to you, think about the video games you are playing and how they might be effecting you (using the criteria) and don't let them adversely effect your life (particularly with addiction, everything in moderation ). (I also talk about how video games can be great for Christians/Christianity but this doesn't fit here). If you have any questions ask me, Ill try my best! If your a non-Christian I will thank you for reading ! Your welcome to read the rest but it is basically only aimed at Christians . Extra Advice for Christian - Playing games as a Christian Part 2 – Dealing with dangers Three Important things regarding this: Apply the Gospel. Know your own limits in these things. Treasure Jesus. Gaming is also an amazing way to build relationships! 1.Gaming can be part of a community whether an online community or having your mates around to play a game together. 2.Set up a gaming society at Uni or join one? Make friends, chat about games, play games together and build relationships that are authentic. 3.Gamechurch – gaming convention – give out free beer and tracts. Could you do that at your uni? Could you do that at a UK gaming convention? 4.Set up a CU event for those who enjoy video games. Play games together. Eat food. Share your testimony? Remember as a Christians we are called to be the "salt and the light" in everything we do . A quick thought from one/the most up to data Christian literature: “It’s high time for the church as a whole to realize that this is not a passing fad, something to be ignored until it fades… The church has seen fit to engage other media (books, TV and films) and there is no reason to ignore games. God’s people build communion and community in all kinds of situations. The fantastic worlds of video games certainly have room for us.” – Of Games and God, pg169 Overall, gaming is not bad for Christians, and if you apply the above you can't really go wrong! One thing I live by is: "Doing what you love, and taking Jesus with you!" Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions ! Ill do my best to answer!