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Found 5 results

  1. Today I've been wondering how could I draw something within a specified area like this: That bubble is sneaky! Be careful! And of course, there seem to be multiple ways to achieve that, yet I've picked a pretty much basic one. My favorite! So besides obvious x and y position of the image bubble, I had these variables available: - left offset (basically cutting the left part) - top offset (same, but vertically - it cuts the top) - width (the lower the value, the more cutoff from the right side the image bubble is) - height (same, but vertically - it cuts the bottom) After doing some visual representation, maths and silly mistakes, to help me imagine the situation better: I came up with this code: ///draw_self_rect(rect.x, rect.y, rect.w, rect.h, x, y) // 0 1 2 3 4 5 var spr_x = round(argument[4]); var spr_y = round(argument[5]); //--------------------------------------------- // Don't draw if the sprite is outside the rect //--------------------------------------------- // left border // x < rect.x - spr.w if (spr_x < argument[0] - sprite_width) { exit }; // right border // x > rect.x + rect.w if (spr_x > argument[0] + argument[2]) { exit }; // top border // y < rect.y - spr.h if (spr_y < argument[1] - sprite_height) { exit }; // bottom border // y > rect.y + rect.h if (spr_y > argument[1] + argument[3]) { exit }; //--------------------------------------------- // Cut-off the sprite to fit it in the rect //--------------------------------------------- // left = rect.x - x = horizontal-left cut (0 ~ spr.w) var left = clamp(argument[0] - spr_x, 0, sprite_width); // top = rect.y - y = vertical-top cut (0 - spr.h) var top = clamp(argument[1] - spr_y, 0, sprite_height); // width = rect.w + rect.x - x = horizontal-right cut (0 - spr.w) var width = clamp(argument[2] + argument[0] - spr_x, 0, sprite_width); // height = rect.h + rect.y - y = vertical-bottom cut (0 - spr.h) var height = clamp(argument[3] + argument[1] - spr_y, 0, sprite_height); //--------------------------------------------- // Draw! //--------------------------------------------- draw_sprite_part(sprite_index, image_index, left, top, width, height, spr_x+left, spr_y+top); Calling this script basically cuts the sprite if it goes beyond the specified borders, eventually doesn't draw at all if there's no point in making further calculations. And voila! There are some bubbles within a specified area! You're trapped, ya silly bubbles! I'm pretty sure, that soon it will turn out, that there was a much better way and I was just unnecessarily over-complicating all of this, just like always. So YAY! Some progress is finally being made! Oh it all would be done ages ago if not the job. It goes sooooo slowly.
  2. On the spirit of Blame Simon Day, I want to make an interview. I bet that today you had some problems, whenever it was a bad food, not having fuel, not knowing how to resolve that damned maths problem... All is caused by Simon, of course. But what did he made today to you, average user?
  3. Who or whom would you choose for the next MLPforums moderators? If something like the absence of several mods a few weeks ago happened again, and they need replacements, who do you think they will choose? Why? Will they be a good moderator? To mods: Not saying anything like kicking y'all out.
  4. I've seen pony death talked in discussions, shown in fanfics and fanart, etc. Now, I know it "won't happen in the show" and all. But what do you think about them shown in fanon? My opinion is...I like it. No, I don't like the thought of a pony dying and I do not wish death on anypony. I the sadness, the feeling that goes through a pony when a friend here. I just love emotion from it, which is why pony death is fine by me, but not in that know. If the death is comedic, I don't like it. What about you?
  5. What a fine day for blogging. And what an equally fine day for there to be the best blog of all; the blog of Discord. Welcome, welcome, ponies. Don't forget to wipe your feet on the carpet on your way out. I just blow-dried it, so be gentle. Let's see, today I was awoken to find that I had slept right through my volunteering job that I've been doing for a while now. Thing is, the community service hours and work recommendation I wanted out of the deal, I now have, so in a lot of ways, I'm finding it hard to care. I'd much rather finally land a job that's going to pay me money, so that Discord can have more pizzas. But until such a time comes, I probably won't quit this job, as I'd feel just awful quitting on those poor people. Oh my, I think I'd feel like such a jerk. I then went to the park with le family. I walked around listening to pony music for quite some time, then got addicted to Angry Birds on my mom's Kindle. Goddamn pigs. That's about all for now. Comment if you like. I need love attention.