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Found 47 results

  1. Yeah. Well, I've wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. Since I was at least five years old. I don't know if I'm good. But I write practically everyday. I always practice. i have so many story ideas. But I obviously have a long way to go with my writing. But I want to follow in his footsteps. He wrote (I think he said nine) nine books. I feel as if I want to publish a next year. Is that even possible? I'm 14 this year if it matters. -shrug- I might at least become a writer when I'm older. But I'd need a job either then that. I thought of being a teacher. For a while, thats what I wanted to become. But now I feel as if thats boring. Maybe a nurse for animals xD ? Uhm...anyway. What do you think? Is any of this possible?
  2. I usually hear from non-watchers that they believe Bronies are non-working cellar dwelling loners. I'm keen to bust this myth as I know Bronies who have quite successful careers. I'm quite curious to hear what the community does for a living. I for one am a graphic design in a small firm. It's pretty awesome, I even sneak in some cheeky pony fan art on the quite hours.
  3. The hardest job I ever worked was at a distribution center. It involved going up and down numerous sets of stairs, walking over 5 miles a day, lifting 5-75 pound boxes, working in extreme heat (it got as hot as 110 degrees Fahrenheit), and working in a very dusty warehouse. I worked it during the summertime. It was very hard for me, I got severe nose bleeds often, I was very tired all the time, and I had severe headaches often. It was tearing down my health, so I had to quite after somewhere around my second month of working there. It was a temporary job anyways.
  4. I haven't been injured to the point where I had I had to go home and take a few days off, but I have had minor injuries at work before, specifically nose bleeds and scrapes.
  5. So, I'm gonna be starting my first job soon as a cashier at a grocery store called Meijer (most of you prob haven't heard of it, it's not in every state just in a few) and I've been wondering...... What was your first job, what did it pay (if you don't mind me asking, feel free not to answer), did you love it, like it, hate it? Was it fun? Was it a good company? Did it suck? How long were you there? Are you still there (some people have the same job for years)? What was your start and end positions? Like I said, I'll be a cashier, not sure how it'll be but I'm thinking it'll be enjoyable (it'll help that I'm an extrovert!) I'm pretty excited about it, the company seems great, I love the store, the employees who I've spoken to have talked highly about it, pay raise is good and it's actually more of a higher end grocery store. (I'm guessing you ponies are picturing it to be a small town, family owned grocery store which it's def not). Also, I start a little higher than minimum wage which is great!
  6. So would you take the job that pays well even if you don't enjoy doing it rather than the job you enjoy doing, but you wont get that much money?
  7. CoolConfucius

    Job Forum

    Hey all, I, and I imagine a lot of others, would like to see a forum on the topic of discussing jobs or the lack of: coping with a job, switching career paths, or hunting for a job. For Bronies looking for a job or looking to expand their network, this forum can be helpful. Resume feedback or LinkedIn exchanges would also take place here. The forums under Octavia's Hall may be great for those who make a living from artistic pursuits, but what about those in the "non artistic" fields? In a way, this can be similar to Life Advice, but from what I've seen, Life Advice has been about school, relationships, and mental health. I imagine this would belong in Beyond Equestria. Thanks!
  8. So today at work, before we all left, one of our older co-workers, our departments fork lift driver, had something to say to us at the end of our Toolbox Talk (AKA Here's some new saftey guide lines to listen to and paperwork to sign). On a serious note, he said that he'd worked with a lot and he meant a lot of crews on our factory floor. And he could honestly say, that we were among the finest he worked with. and I'm like "Holy shiznit. We really made that much of a difference?" He said that he were among the best and that he was proud of all of us. (Except for Paul. Or as he was described: "This part-timing pile of s--t sitting over here!"). Every day after I left work, I always thought I put in a good day and did a lot, doing my damnedest to get the company caught up so I could experience what a normal 40 hour work week was like one day. It pays well. I don't hate or dread what I do. And the company treats us well. Each day, I'm sort of content with what I'm doing and what I got done. And I look back and think, while I would've ended up working for the same company doing the same job in the end; the path, the experience, my outlook, perhaps even my reputation, could've been very different. Lets' rewind a bit. It started about 5 months ago, with my dead end grocery job. I didn't like it since the day I was let go from my job at a historical society. And I grew to hate it even worse as the years went by. I'm not a people person. I prefer doing my own thing. And that thing is not dressing like a corporate intern (we later switched to ugly polo shirts) bagging groceries at the whim of rural towns folk. What did I get for my troubles? An employee discount, a weekly changing schedule, and minimum wage. I was probably gonna quit one day for one reason or another. And I found my excuse when my hours began to decline. My pay was piss poor already, but now my disposable income was forecast to dwindle even further. So I had more than enough motive to leave, but not anywhere to go once I did. Luckily, opportunity was on the horizon, and all I had to do was look half a mile from my house to the town assembly plant. And what luck, they were hiring. And offering better pay. W/ a full time position. Not easy to find those in this economy. So I would have to drive about 45 minutes, weaving and winding through forests, fields and all sorts of hills out in the countryside, to a middle of nowhere town that looked like the type of thing you'd see in a natural disaster movie before it was wiped out by a tornado. Into the headquarters of the staffing agency who would be handling my application. And by headquarters, I mean something that looked like a rustic mom and pop store front. It was even right next to a TV repair shop. But I'm getting distracted. I did my Q&A tests to see if I was competent and knew the common sense of workplace saftey. I was briefly interviewed. I was told the department I was to be assigned. Then I was asked about which shift I wanted. The 1st shift, which was from 7am-3pm. Or the 2nd, from 3pm-11am. I had had my eyes on 2nd, but the hours weren't quite what I expected for either shift. I anticipated that like most jobs I'd start in the late morning or around noon. Then I'd get off between 5-8pm and have the evening to myself. But at that rate, I'd work the evening and sleep away the day, leaving my free time in the dead of night. First shift wasn't quite what I wanted either. The closer to an afternoon position I could get, the better. So, very quickly taking into consideration the things I liked to do, and whatever time I could spend with my family, as well as my reservations for the hours of second shift, I made a snap decision, and asked if I could apply for 1st. Luckily for me, there were openings. Cause if there weren't, my experience could've turned out differently. In the weeks and months after I started, I noticed that I was in the company of a rather experienced bunch. Some who had been with the company at least 6 months before me, and some who had been working together for years. Guys who either had been working this job for a while, or had been working a long time in general. Dudes with discipline and professionalism. Pretty much the closest thing I had to training & coaching, as I was pretty much thrown into the thick of things on day one. But everyday, we would receive a red painted rolling rack, labeled 'non-conforming parts', which were parts that had defects, got scratched or bent in transit, didn't have enough paint or just packaged and shipped wrong. Parts that needed to be re-done. And more often than not, these came from the 2nd shift. And oh boy, did they ever come from 2nd shift. In the stacking, arranging, piling, organization & movement of parts, there's a bit of common sense. Don't put parts atop each other unless there's something to buffer them in between. Stack smaller parts atop of bigger or wider ones. Don't put steel parts atop of aluminium ones. Don't let edges or corners come into contact with surfaces. Keep loads balanced. And if parts can interlock, do so, so that they're packed tighter together in transit. Don't hang too many parts up to be done. Just a little common sense. 2nd shift doesn't have this. Pictures would be taken of loads stacked too high. Parts on rolling racks would be inserted facing the wrong ways, sometimes with their edges digging into other parts. So many parts would be hung that you couldn't even get to the work bench. Just a solid winding wall of parts to be sanitized, primed and painted. Which the guys next door absolutely hate. We'd even get orders sent back to us from other plants because the parts were so stupidly packaged that they inevitably got damaged in transit (why the guys in packaging and shipping didn't say anything is beyond me). So many parts to be fixed. So much more to be added to our already stuffed work loads. And this was the legacy of excellence I could've been a part of. Instead of working with a team of veterans to show me the ropes, I'd probably be tagging with a bunch of high schoolers. Heck, their shift manager is probably a high schooler, with how he doesn't exactly check for quality, or attempt to set the crew straight, as this keeps happening over and over. I heard that 2nd shift has less work to do. So why do they suck at it still!? Maybe they do 'work' 'harder'. According to said shift manager, talking to my shift manager, he said that some nights, his guys work harder than us. Heck, even my shift manager admitted he had to bite his tongue on the nerve of that remark. And maybe that's what they lack. Veteran workers to show them how things are done and what quality is. My plant is short staffed. The older work force has moved on. Best you can hope for is that they learn from their mistakes someday (soon). But there's being incompetent in your job. And than there's being total scumbags. These last few days, the plant had been prepping for the holidays. Each department would have it's own little 'office' party of sorts. And each department would bring their own food. But the company was also gonna provide everyone with a roast beef sandwich dinner. And they had 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts all prepared for. But you know what they didn't prepare for? 2nd shift. Eating all of the ham and roast beef that was reserved for the 3rd shift crews on the next night. When the managers of 3rd shift leave a message on a paper plate 'thanking' 2nd shift for eating all of their holiday meal to be, and when Human Resources puts up signs on the rest of the food telling 2nd shift not to eat any of those either, you know you done bucked up. Wow. Just. Wow. I wanna buy 3rd shift a pizza for their troubles now. Actually screw that, I wanna hold all of 2nd shift at gun point and make them order fresh meals for all those on the graveyard shift. That. That would've been the glorious grand legacy I would've been a part of. Instead of learning on the way, I'd keep making the same mistakes, probably getting frustrated and loosing my confidence (even more than usual). Instead of thinking I did a good days work, I'd get told that a bunch of our parts now have to be fixed. Instead of being praised, we'd be called lazy behind our backs. And now I would've had to go home with the guilt that I put a damper on the next shifts holiday festivities. And it was all thanks to that one off the cuff decision to switch my hours, that I ended up in the right place at the right time with the right people. I don't know where I'd be or how'd I'd be feeling right now if I didn't make that gamble. And for now, my future is pretty steady. I don't know if I want to do this forever. But where I am in life, my current situation, this is workign out pretty well. For once, I don't really have to wonder 'what if' on this one. For those that care, thanks for reading! Happy heartwarming everypony! And may second shift get coal in their stockings.
  9. (I don't know if this has been done yet) If you were a pony on MLP, what would your dream job be and why? I would be an alicorn healer and nutritionist. I would use science and alicorn magic to make medicine and herbal remedies to help pony kind. I would also try and help the farming ponies to grow more healthy veggies and all.
  10. Out of the main 6, we know that: Pinkie pie helps the cake family as a baker Rainbow Dash is a weather pony and has aspirations of joining the wonderbolts AJ works on the farm and sells apple related things Rarity has her boutiques and Twilight used to be a librarian, but now probably gets royal funds as a princess The only thing I could think for Fluttershy is that she takes cares of others animals, but most of the ones we've seen are either her own or wild animals, and I feel like if she were to take care of somepony else's pets, she'd do it for free. I mean, it's not like she runs an animal shelter or anything. But she does pay for things, so she must get money from somewhere, right? She helped out in the tornado in hurricane Fluttershy, but that wasn't a job or a thing she'd usually do, the only other thing I could think of is in art of the dress when she shows her knowledge of stitching, maybe she works as a seamstress? Or did she get a ton of money from modelling that she's able to live off of for life? Am I missing something really obvious, I feel like I am. What do you guys think?
  11. My dream job was a dj or in a bar an I work in the family hotel witch means working a bar and the music So what are all of you dream jobs
  12. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this, I am currently hiring for my indie company GameSmash Studios, remember this is an unpayed job but you will be credited! The following jobs are available in no particular order with there requirements bellow them --Artist-- •Must be able to draw in 2D and in pixels --Music-- •Must be able to make at least one type of music (ideally more) --Sound Effects-- •Must be able to make cartoony and realistic sound effects --Website Builder-- •Must have website domain •Must be able to code in html or have access to website builder --beta tester-- •Must be able to feed back bugs and other info --Advertiser-- •must be able to get more people to see our company
  13. Alright, imagine you're a pony and you live in whatever place of Equestria you like. Nice! But remember, ponies have to earn money for their food too. Some work as employees and others own their businesses. So, what kind of job or business would you have in Equestria if you were a pony? A mailpony, a baker, a waiter, a tour guide, a musician, a secretary, having a milkshake or snack store... the possibilities are endless
  14. (Did a quick search, didn't find a thread like this, if so, sowwy) Fun story happened to me today at work.... (I work at a sports bar/restaurant) So here I am just cleaning up a table with a bunch of plates and cups in my arms, and this lady asks me "Excuse me, can you get our waitress?" and I say "Sure, can you remember her name?" (They say "Hi my name is ____ I'll be taking care of you" and repeat it again at the end of greeting) and then she gives me this death look like I insulted her and her family and she said "*Huff* Uhh excuse me....? No, why the hell would I (heavily emphasized) need to know something like that, thats your job, now go find her, *whispered* I swear kids dont know any respect these days" I told her "My apologies, I'll go find her..." Turns out she asks everyone that walks past her table including my manager within like 30 seconds where I had to put all these dishes away. She complained to my manager about being rude and lazy too (which he knew she was over exaggerating) So do you have any odd/funny work related stories? I have a ton I could post, and I'll post a few here and there when I remember them/am not awake at 1:15AM.
  15. I would like to know your thoughts on working online. Is it worth it? Does it provide you with enough money? Are they all nothing more than scams? If you have an online job or have had experiences with one, feel free to share.
  16. I need digitilizers for my comic. What is a digitilizer, you say? It's pretty simple. It's someone who takes humble pages like this: Into something like this: I know that people don't usually do thing from the kindness of their hearts, so I WILL be paying people for their services. So you want to digitilize Dead Space: The Equestria Incident, do you? There's some guidelines first, friend. -Pages are here: -Try not to go into super-mega detail with the pages. Not only will you be spending alot of time on it (which I really, really appreciate, by the way), it will mesh all kinds of wrong. This is supposed to eventually be in a video taht will go hand in hand with my attempt to gather voice ators, where the panels flash on-screen right after each other and be fully voiced. It'll be a bit odd if a regular page gets followed-up by a super MLG, expertly shaded, little-details-filled-in, super-sexy page. Likewise, try to up your game a little when digitilizing. Basically, give it your sincere effort, but don't go overboard. -If interested, send me a digitilization of any page you want. I will note certain things of it and we will go from there. -Depending on how many people want to help, there might be schedules, like this person doing 5 pages, the other doing 5, etc. etc. -These are the color schemes of the main 5 characters (click-clicky): There are many things that aren't on that list. It will be up to you to guesstimate the exact colors of backgrounds, minor characters, etc. Use your common sense, your perception, your best guess, and a bit of luck. -If you want to livestream your digitilizations to have some company and better direction, we can work something out. -Yes, the rewards are still in play. -This is, roughly, how the process will go Any takers, questions, concerns, and comments?
  17. A boredom thread to see if there is anyone else on here that works at Domino's Pizza
  18. The gates are now closed. As many of you might know, Poniverse has... or had, a newsletter that was published about once each month. However, for the last few months, no newsletter has been published. This is because a couple of reasons, one of them being a lack of news. However, it is mainly because I (as leader of the project) have been unable to continue working with it due to things I have had to deal with in my life. The staff working with Poniverse do not have any kind of blog or similar where we give information to all Poniverse users. Therefore, the Poniverse newsletter is the only way for us to communicate with our community as a whole. This makes the newsletter quite important and we need to continue to publish it. My team which I worked with to create the issues we have released so far is sadly no longer capable of doing the job because of various reasons. Because of this, I now need a passionate new crew to create the newsletter. Most of the staff are busy with tasks of their own, so I am now asking you the community for volunteers. Right now, exactly what the job will be is not yet determined, but it is more or less only a writing job and the team shall help each other with whatever we have on the table. Some of the different things to write about could be for example: Pony FM - Write about news/changes to our music archive website where Poniverse users can share their music with the rest of the community. Equestria TV - Write about news/changes to our media streaming website where Poniverse users can watch videos together or watch a livestream of the new MLP episodes. MLP Forums - Write about news/changes or events that has taken place on the forums. This can be everything from new rules, art and merch actions to interesting threads you would like to share. PoniArcade - Write about news/changes to our brony gaming network. The Last Stand of Harmony - Write about news/changes to the upcoming fanmade MLP feature film in collaboration with Poniverse. Interviews - The interview section which we have included in the newsletter was a great add-on and people loved it. Interview people of Poniverse or other known people within the fandom. Featured content - This is one of the sections I have been doing myself, here you can dig up some great art/music/fiction or other creations that you would like to shine some light upon and tell us your thoughts of. Some knowledge about the topic is an advantage. For example, don't review fanfiction if you have never read fanfiction before. Events - Write about events within the brony communiy that might have something to do with Poniverse such as Bronycon. Other - Write about other news that needs to be covered. Now, what we are looking for is someone who is engaged and motivated to do their job, as well as someone who is passionate about it. We do not want someone who can't spend the time required to do the job. You need to know how to write in an article-sort of style (well, at least kinda. Don't worry, I'm not super strict) and you need to know how to write a text where you clearly show your own opinions as well as how to write from a neutral standpoint, if required. Some knowledge about Poniverse and its sites is welcomed. It is preferred if you have somewhat good grammar, however eventual mistakes can be fixed before release by the rest of the team. Last but not least, we need to be able to contact you. If you know already that you are away a lot of the time, this is probably not your job (don't worry if you're away at work or similar, as long as we do not have to wait three days before you answer us it should work fine). It is important that the team stays in touch with each other so we can discuss things when needed. This has been the major problem in the past, me or another member of the crew has asked something in the Skype group chat and has not gotten an answer for many days. Therefore, you must check up on our joint conversation every now and then to catch up on eventual changes or questions. Right now it is unclear how many people we need, but too many is better than too few. If two people are away, the newsletter must be able to continue anyways. To apply: Send me (Jokuc) a message by going to my profile or press this button -> The title of the message should be properly titled "Newsletter job application" and you must include a reason why you want to contribute as well as why I should pick just you for the job. Please tell me if you have experience or knowledge that in some way could be positive for the work on the newsletter. If you wish to show us some of your work, you could write a little text about something in the brony fandom so we can tell whether you will do for the writing part or not, however this is not required. Each application will be read by me and I will pick out a couple that I think look promising. The administrators will then make the final picks. Note: You will NOT get paid for this job, neither will you get any fancy features here on MLP Forums. Those who apply should apply because they want to help and provide the community with something. The deadline is July 20th. If you wish to look at some examples of the previous issues of the newsletter, you can find some here: #1, #2, #3, #4 Our goal is to make the newsletter better than the previous issues, but after doing a few issues now, I know that is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, the writing part is not super hard, but the difficult part is to find something interesting to write about. This has been one of the major problems for us before. That being said, it's not a hard job if you just finish your part, I mean if you know what to write, then it'll be super easy. It is just one newsletter a month after all. If you have any questions or thoughts, please post them in this thread and I will respond as fast as possible. tl;dr:
  19. Hey I'm looking to join an animation group or start one with some people preferably the former but the latter works too.
  20. Sweden and possibly Australia are to experiment with this for a year. Source article here: Aside from this being much less straining for all of us as workers, there may be benefits to employers as well and even the economy at large as this could mean more job openings to get money circulating more. Here are some points for employers to consider. And those would be the basic points this source is trying to get across. More jobs for the economy in an increasingly automated economy, more productivity and efficiency from workers and less sick days resulting from greater employee health. Definitely something to keep an eye on because the success or failure of this experiment will have some profound implications that could change the lives of billions of people both in this generation and beyond.
  21. So you got a job interview coming up. You researched your company, practiced your sales pitch and then....they throw an odd ball question at ya, in which you never heard before. To make matters worse you do not know how to answer or respond to said question correctly. Or perhaps you simply have difficulties with particular interview questions and feel that you want to understand WHY they are such a silly question in your job interview. I created this thread to help those who need help with a job interview questions, since a lot of people are out of work, I figured why not help each other out. I been on 60 plus interviews (I am not kidding, that is a lot of interviews), after I graduated with my MBA (Masters of business Administration, with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) So it can get frustrating. But at my current job, I am a Senior Foremen/Manager and I hired people and asked common and not so common job interview questions. So I have been of both sides of the fence for at least a bit. I may of went through so many interviews, but you learn from trial and error on how to better yourself. As for me I always come up second it seems....If I can make it to the second, third and in rare cases a FOURTH interview, then I must be doing something right. Also If you have NO experience and need advice on how to GAIN experience for that job you want, also feel free to ask. If I cannot answer your question, then I am sure someone will be able to help you along the way. so ASK AWAY!
  22. I hate my job, but I'm making decent money and really not working all that hard. Problem is my Boss treats me like a Slave and with total disrespect. I HATE her. I also get no time off and no sick days. Should I pursue another career even though I may have to work longer hours for less pay? Which is really more important, money or happiness??
  23. Well everypony, I'm a big girl now! I've officially become a part time wage slave at my local McDonald's. In honor of this TRIUMPHANT ACHIEVEMENT, why don't we all share some first job stories? Where we worked, what kind of crazy nonsense we had to put up with, etc.
  24. Hey guys! As you may know, I'm starting a channel with some friends soon. One of the things I will need help with is video editing. I'm not really the best at it and would appreciate some help. The type of videos I'll be making are fairly simple. Mostly analysis with some vectors of my oc for reactions and pictures(From MLP) of what I'm talking about. All you will need to do(If you choose to help) is use pictures of my oc(Which I will provide) along with pictures from the show that show what I'm talking about and edit them together over my analysis of the subject I'm analyzing(MP3 file provided). You just need to make it look like the oc is talking in the video with reactions and show visuals occasionally of what he's talking about. Basically, the style is similar to Digibrony, BronyCurious, and AnYPony. If you want to help out by becoming the editor for my videos, leave a comment. You will be credited for your help. Talk to you soon -ReelyRandom
  25. As I have said in my last blog post the opening dairy clerk at the grocery store I work at which is about 2 days out of my week has recently been changed from 7AM-4PM to 6AM-3PM which on most days is no biggie but bites me on the ass on Wednesdays because of how late loads tend to arrive on Wednesdays. I was originally going to put this in my last blog post but since it ran so long I decided to split this into another blog post and it is how I would write the schedule for the opening dairy clerk if it were up to me. The mid shift is obvious, a 11-5 or when things are busy an 11-8 works out quite well, but anyway without further ado. Monday 7AM-4PM: Monday's wall load (yogurt, cheese, juice ect) dosen't arrive super late but dosen't arrive super early either, and with Monday loads you also get in the add items for the week which means a very large load and lots of organization work. Tuesday 6AM-3PM: Tuesday is basically Monday part II in a way, you get in a milk load which tends to arrive between 6AM-8AM which should take no more than an hour or so to break down and work. The earlier schedule gives more time to work through back stock and change out the cold displays later on and write a decent order for Wednesday. Wednesday 8AM-5PM: This is what used to be the schedule for the opening dairy clerk at my store every day because before the load schedule for my store was changed nearly all loads came in around 12. Now it is just Wednesday for the most part where this is the case. Because the load arrives so late the later schedule is necessary to have enough time to at least go through most of it. Thursday 6AM-3PM: Thursday is a tough day with both wall and milk loads coming in and sometimes at the same time. Fortunately they both come very early so this is one of the best days to have this shift. Friday 6AM-3PM: Friday is the easiest day of the week to open, the only hard part is to write the wall load order for Saturday. Saturday 6AM-3PM: Saturday wall loads tend to be huge but come early. Sunday 5AM-2PM: Sunday milk loads are among the earliest of the week sometimes coming in as early as 5AM and Sunday has a lot of morning business so getting as much done as possible before the morning rush is essential