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Found 41 results

  1. As simple as the title!
  2. Man. I love big Mac. He is such a great character.
  3. Music is an important part of life. It has the ability to change the way we feel and perceive life as we know it; it's an art. For centuries, artists have tried to come up with ways to spread messages through their music, informing others of disasters through the kindness of their musical soul while others choose to show the hardships of their life and tell others that it's okay to be who they are. It's hard to imagine what life would be like without music. In fact, without music, many of the things we know and love today would've never existed. Poets have sung their song for decades, showing their true feelings about one another and demonstrating their kind, caring spirit. It's people like this that really show the true colors of the human race. It shows that perhaps with the power of thoughtful, innocent music, we as a community can show everyone that we can be saved. Nothing speaks this more true than the songs I've selected. The way everything fits together and flows with such fluidity is a form of pure beauty. It really shows how we've progressed over the years and it truly touches the cold heart of mine. Please, close your eyes and have a listen at the song of hope and feel the bright future that awaits us in the near future.
  4. I think you know how this works. I'll start: I was gonna make this topic, but then I took an arrow to the knee
  5. I found this while browsing the web. EDIT: I accidentally spelled movie wrong.
  6. (Disclaimer: This video isn't mine, it's by Fatalmephisto. I just wanted to share it) Warning: This video contains course language. I would like to know what your guy's thoughts are about this issue. I happen to agree with him on this.
  7. What inside jokes do you have and what's the story behind them? Who do you have them with? How long have you had it? My family has one that's this: If someone says or does something stupid or annoying, you say, "Geez Mary!" We got this because of one time we went to Greenfield Village next to the Henry Ford Museum and as we were walking to our car this oldish guy rolled up with his window down and shouted at his wife (who was standing next to us), "Why are you waiting down here?! Geez Mary!" He said it like it was crazy that she was there. His voice was also sort of red necky which made it much more funny. It was one of the more hilarious things that's happened to us while we were out.
  8. jokes are considered a form of art right? Anyone else hate valentines day, i mean, it requires you to be social, and obligatory compliments, i mean what if i don't have a valentine, that doesn't make me weird, im not social, i have social media. I don't like you but imma be nice to you cause it's valentines day and as a kid it was thought this is a day of kindness and sharing, and giving chocalates to each other. not the good kind either, the weird ones flavored with "love", i like my chocalate as just pure chocalate, not a poorly balanced bitterized vanilla or strawberry, it mocks me because i'm a diabetic and i don't like wasting food, on Halloween i get the good candy so that when i eat it i won't be suprised with a bad one and still have to get a shot. my birthday is usually on the same week as it or just a few days away so most of the time my birthday will be overshadowed by it!
  9. I'll start. What happens when a Earth Pony and a Dragon become friends?
  10. Happy Canada Day. Have a bald superhero.
  11. Not sure if there's a topic like this, but... Alright, has anypony ever looked at a character from a random show and thought 'I can totally make that name into a pony pun.' or something? I know I have! For example... Toph Neigh Fong! (Yeah, it's like they set it up for that! ) If you've thought of a character who could have their name (or other aspect of themselves, if you can think of a way to make it work) turned into a pony pun, go ahead and post it here! (With a pic of what you think they'd look like as a pony, if you want.) If you have more than one, all the better!
  12. Dat plot though. She's on a diet from moon pies. To keep stallions away.
  13. - Sleepless in Ponyville In Sleepless in Ponyville, when Luna appears in the second dream, many things are similar to a scene in Sharkboy and Lavagirl (that, of course, i can't remember.), such as the music. I have watched that movie about 8 million times when i was little, so i was instantly like "Hey... This is familiar..." Also i have no idea how to post videos, if one of you could help me out and tell me, i would appreciate it.
  14. Yes, the future of Cloud storing will be much more advanced then simply storing files. Equestria's Rainbow Dash was able to store her whole house on the Cloud! What a huge improvement to the capabilities of the Cloud. So next time, you think Equestria is low tech, think again. They are surpassing our abilities in technology. (Meant as a joke. Just wanted to share This topic will be open to gags you want to make, but are nervous to do so on another topic, now you can here! )
  15. This reference is so minor I'm not sure the spoiler tag is necessary. But I am polite. When I heard her make that joke I knew I had to do something with it. Thats one thing I can cross off my list.
  16. I'm so tough that I eat cupcakes for breakfast........without any frosting
  17. I'm 19, still taking high school classes. I don't have enough credits to graduate Last Thursday, this new girl was introduced to the class: Stacy. She's beautiful. Now before you criticize me, hear me out. I'm NOT a popular guy. I'm tall, too skinny, dressing weird. Anywas, this was my chance. A new beginning before anyone told her about me. Now get this: the teacher sat her right next to me. I was determined to get her; I mustered every ounce of courage I have in my lanky being. So I talked to her. We had an amazing conversation, and got in trouble for talking during the lecture. She's also in my next class. We still get yelled at for laughing and talking during class. We got kicked out of Vet Science shortly after. I'm bummed because it's my favourite class. She's so energetic... We run off campus, and I'm having the time of my life here. The day ends, she says goodbye. I go home to a dysfunctional family, going straight to my computer. One. New. Friend. Request. It was Stacy. I was ecstatic. We hung out all weekend, and had a great time. It's tuesday. We hang out at school all the time. I'm in love with Stacy.. She says I'm different than all the other guys. She likes me, so we go out. Butterflies were in my stomach; but I was on cloud nine. This is the best feeling in the world. When I got home, my parents got into a huge fight. I told them to calm down; my parents yell at me, and tell me to get out of the house. So I call Stacy, and she invites me over. This is the part where it gets crappy. I get to her house; it's huge. There's even a pool in the backyard. Her dad is a hoarder. The house is full of junk. Stacy apologizes and invites me to her room. It was spotless! We spent the rest of the day together swimming and messing around. I didn't want to go home, so I sleep there for a night. When I awoke, I was still bummed about my parents fighting and kicking me out. There was a knock on the door; it was her mom. She's a big CEO of an insurance company that just got back from a business trip. Stacy bought us McDonalds breakfast. We get ready for school, and her mom drives us to school. That's when it hit me. I asked Stacy if I could come over after school. We hung around by the pool. Her mom came back from her business trip. She was around, she wasn't trying to give me the slip. She knows I'm not the little boy that I used to be. I'm all grown up. Now baby can't you see? Stacy's mom has got it going on; she's all I want, and I've waited for so long. Stacy can't you see? You're just not the girl for me. I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom. <3
  18. It is my original character. She is a russian detective and party thrower. Also her friends are Rainbow Skeleton, Dr. Rarity, and Dr. Rarity with a mustache. No I did not make this character by combining Captain Pronin and Pinkie Pie. She was featured in my movie that was made in 1993, which won ogre 3,000,000,000,000 awards. Also, did I mention that DOOM was based off of this movie? Also, every other movie is a rip off of "Pinkie Pronin: The Movie." Like "The Room," which is almost the same thing as my movie except bad because it copies off of mine.
  19. I'm surprised no one made a poll for this. So do you think Derpy's eyes are really an "animation error" or was one of the animators just messing around? Things to consider: She was in the first episode- which was long done BEFORE the show ever aired and before any bronies. Background/crowd ponies are pretty much just "copy, paste, and recolor" which makes me even more suspicious of the "animation error" excuse. The computer isn't going to randomly paste an eye inverted. (I've worked with flash before) I know that If I was an animator I would try to sneak goofy stuff in the background once and a while. So what do you guys think?
  20. Well in this topic we're gonna try and show my little pony friendship is magic for the Communist propaganda it is, so when you find evidence of commie influences in this show post it here. P.S note the tag "joke".
  21. This is clearily a joke, it follows the same plot as the original sonic game. and its Clearily the worst game ever. If you can even call it a game. It has too many glitches and not enough gameplay. I dont even want to talk anymore about it. SCORE Gameplay: 0/10 Bugs: 100/10 Auctual Fixes: 0/10 SCORE: 0.00/10
  22. This is a quick one I drew while I was cleaning my apartment. Awsome song in spoiler
  23. So for this thread, tell us of some stories/pranks/jokes that were played on you or someone else and how you GOT BACK AT THEM!
  24. The original idea: From this idea, I sometimes imagine Bronies/Pegasisters and the MLP Ponies themselves as Mongolian-influenced. I would occasionally play some Mongol music when I think of the Bronies and Ponies; imagine them in Mongolian attire; imagine them attacking, besieging, and plundering cities and towns; and even think of them conversing in Mongol (or a related accent). I even called Bronies, "The (Solar/Rainbow) Horde"! Just think of something like this: ... except that the warriors' faces look "European", and the "horse" looks "Pony-ish". or this: Secondly, what if 4chan became the next Roman Empire (with Moot as Caesar), and Bronies lurk about, waiting to plunder it to the core? (and) Finally, who will be the Bronies' Khan? Lauren Faust? What do?