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Found 11 results

  1. I know I'm in the minority here but I didn't like it. Without trying to give too much away for a movie called "Joker" there was barely any Joker proper in it. It felt like a remake of "King of Comedy" with DC characters shoehorned in just to get more people to see it Spoilers Below:
  2. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  3. As you are aware, Mark Hamill appeared in "The Flash" TV series, playing the role of the Trickster(Ironically a role reprisal). But rumor has it that, for the first time ever, Mark Hamill will be playing a Live-Action version of the Joker on "The Flash." The images are at this site: Your thoughts on Mark Hamill playing a Live-Action version of the very character he became famous for voicing?
  4. Warner Bros has released three new scenes from their upcoming animated series: Justice League Action. And judging by these, this looks like a ton of fun compared to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Video 1: Obviously, you know that Mark Hamill is back as the Joker, especially after coming off of the Arkham series and the Killing Joke. Video 2: I saw the complete episode at Comic-Con. YOu all are going to enjoy it. Especially to the fact that we have a Teen Titans classic Cyborg(Complete with Khary Payton reprising his role) Video 3: Not as interesting as the first two clips, but we do have information of Blue Beetle and Time-traveling Chronos. Overall, this new Justice League series looks like a mix between the classic Justice League series and Teen Titans(The 2000s original). Do yourself a favor and catch this when it debuts later this month on Cartoon Network. And yes, I met the legendary Kevin Conroy.
  5. Let's state this off first and foremost: I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE THIS FILM! Like what you like, dislike what you dislike, it doesn't matter to me as everyone has their own tastes. That's not to say that things aren't objectively good or bad, but you're not a worse person even if you like something like some of Adam Sandler's worst fare. I might think you have poor taste, but it won't judge what I think of you as a person. So yeah, this is a no-flame war zone. So that out of the way, here's my review of Suicide Squad. I liked it a whole lot! I really did, I really really did. I came in wanting a fun time with a story that I figured wouldn't leave a huge impact on the DCEU, and that's what I got. Was it perfect? No, heck no, but I got what I wanted. A great cast having fun in some crazy roles which I would like to see more of in the future, along with some cool action, cool worldbuilding here and there, and a rocking soundtrack. Will Smith and Margot Robbie (as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, respectively) deserve the lions share of praise, though major props to Jai Courtney, I would really love to see more of his Captain Boomerang in the future. Viola Davis was PERFECT as Amanda Waller, she just WAS that character through and through and definitely did her homework. Killer Croc didn't talk much but he had a few good one-liners here and there and his character shouldn't talk much anyways, Killer Croc isn't smart and doesn't have many thought-provoking things to say. Katana could use more development for sure, but I think there's a good chance she could show up in something like a Birds of Prey movie. El Diablo was a cool character all in all and I really enjoyed his character arc, and Joel Kinnaman was solid as Rick Flagg, as was Cara Delevigne as Enchantress. I can't really judge Jared Leto's Joker at this point, I think people are gonna be split on the performance, but for me it felt like I was watching his audition for the role. I did leave wanting to see more of him, and I think if he has a better writer for his role (it felt like Ayer was afraid of giving him too much to do at risk that the Joker might steal attention from the other characters) in a far expanded role, say in a Batman-solo flick, that he'll really get to shine and polish his performance. The villain I would say was average, but I didn't need a great villain in this film, not when the film focuses on a team of villains already. I'd say she was on par with Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, he's not a very good villain either, but he works for that film's needs. The plot doesn't really matter, and there aren't really too many character arcs going on, but I didn't expect these villains to really redeem themselves or anything. And yeah, the editing was shoddy in many places but I was having so much fun that I didn't care. The action was very cool, particularly one of Deadshot's set-pieces and getting to see all these characters with these different powers and styles of fighting fighting alongside each other. After the film, I was chatting on Twitter with a good pal of mine who's a huge DC fan herself. The thing we both loved most is that this was definitely the first DCEU movie that felt like it was happening in a comic book world. There's this whole bevy of crazy characters who exist alongside each other, but the world just accepts that they exist, and I loved that. Magic is now canon in this universe, and not the Marvel tech-magic that they've developed in the MCU, actual, honest-to-gosh magic, which means things like JL Dark can happen! We finally have hope that the DCEU will start embracing the inherently fun-loving nature of comic books, and I think they're on their way to righting the DCEU ship. The mid-credits sequence was very good, and I can't wait for Wonder Woman and Justice League. 'Suicide Squad' is a blast, but reviews are a dumpster fire of hyperbole Do I think this movie deserves to be criticized? Sure, it's hardly perfect, and definitely has flaws. But a Forbes review which I've posted above best explains what's going on right now with this film, particularly with critics. I don't think there's a conspiracy or anything, but it's biggest sin to the critics who just seem dead set on destroying Suicide Squad is really that it's not a Marvel film. Not because it's not distributed by Disney, but because the Marvel formula exists already. Heaven help your superhero film if it doesn't follow that formula these days, and with DC, that's impossible, their characters and world are different in nature from Marvel's. There is something unfair going on here, and I think while the fanboy backlash has been too much, many critics are taking an elitist attitude about this movie. They think that people who like it have poor taste, or that their opinion matters more than others. One of the weakest defenses I've heard this week from critics is that "they just want to make sure people don't see movies they shouldn't and would go see if they didn't speak up." That's a terribly elitist thing to say! People are more than capable of determining for themselves what they like on their own. If someone listens to your opinion or shares it, you should be thankful they took the time to listen and follow your advice. You shouldn't simply assume that your opinion matters more than others and that audiences are obligated to share your opinion. Does that mean people always go to movies they should? Of course not, plenty of films that are bad are successful at the box office. But it's up to people to decide what they want to see, and there is no obligation for someone not to buy a movie because the critics didn't dig it, because critics are just as likely to be wrong as they are right. We've seen plenty of times where critics take very forgiving attitudes to films either because of who is pushing out the films (Disney in particular has gotten some softball reviews this year, I mean, The Jungle Book remake getting 100%, Pete's Dragon getting over 80%, come on!), or because of who directed them. This is not always the case of course, but critics are just as human as the rest of us, their word and opinions are not gospel truth, and neither is mine. Also, I should say that I have some problems with the Rotten Tomatoes formula in general; for one, it can't take into account when one movie gets far more reviews than another (like 5 or 30 vs 200+), but for another, it seems odd to try to mathematically measure the merit of a film in such a manner. Film is art, and art is to some extent subjective in the nature of how it is received. So while it may seem natural trying to quantify the merit of a film, I am starting to realize just what a weird system that is, especially how RT does it, and increasingly find myself not buying it given that there's many variables RT can't take into account. I can't guarantee you'll like this film, I can just tell you what I thought. As a DC fan, I had fun and left hopeful for the DCEU going forward. Not even the critics can damper the blast I had here. If you don't like it, I understand if the editing is too bad for you or if it's just not a superhero movie you like. Everyone's different, but for me, this spells good things going forward and if DC can just continue to do more worldbuilding like they did here, we might get increasingly special projects going forward. We need a foundation for the DCEU, and this was the first very comic-booky foundation it's gotten, that alone made it worthwhile for me, and if it's just as fun and worthwhile for you, I'm happy for ya! I think you should check it out as soon as you can, maybe bring some friends, and look forward to what will probably be a good time for ya. Have a nice one ya'll, and hope this review helps.
  6. OMG OMG OMG!!! What do you guys think of the Suicide Squad trailer? I personally think it looks pretty damn awesome and I can't wait to see this shit! They're really going for a dark tone here which is fitting for the team and comic origins, also they're villains, duh I love the way they all look and the Joker reveal at the end was awesome Though I'm hearing a slight hint of Heath Ledger in there....I'm willing to bet Jared can pull this off and give us a hopefully memorable performance, same with the rest of the team So what do you guys think, check out the trailer below and post people!
  7. So I decided to draw a picture of the Joker... Here is the picture of the Joker:
  8. Has anyone actually looked at the similarities between the Joker and Discord. They are both chaotic, they are both good comedians, neither have a sense of remorse, neither have a real plan of action just in it for the fun of it, and both are attempting to corrupt the masses. Just want to know what you think.
  9. On this day in 1989, Tim Burton's cinematic dance with Batman in the pale moonlight was released, and things got weird. To say the movie had a colossal impact on Hollywood and pop culture, for better or worse, would be an understatement: the incredibly successful and inescapable marketing changed how movies were sold, its success set new exceptions for all future blockbusters, it put Batman back into the spotlight, , its perceived darkness and edginess (despite the fact that the movie is actually quite kooky and campy and only really dark in the literal sense) had Hollywood trying to replicate that for the longest time, while the comic industry took that to heart and gave us a decade of "dark edginess" that nearly killed the medium under the weight of sheer awfulness, the superhero movie was proven to be a profitable endevour a decade before Marvel kicked it into high gear, and the movie's popularity spawned one of the greatest TV shows of all time and a film series that would end up sucking so hard that it may very well have given birth to the angrier form of nerdom as we know it. But that latter point is a whole other story. It can be a bit hard to separate the film's legacy from its quality, though, and make no mistake, it's not perfect. As is the norm for many Tim Burton productions, the story isn't that well paced, comes off as sloppy in areas, and feels like it's placing its focus on the wrong things, making The Joker the one who killed Bruce Wayne's parents is a terrible revision, and it hasn't aged particularly well, what with Kate Basinger's 80s hair and the utterly insane original music by Prince. But there's a lot to like, and I think it outweighs the movie's flaws, numerous as they are. The production design is incredible, Danny Elfman's score is legendary, Michael Keaton's as Bruce Wayne is refreshingly nuanced and underplayed, while his Batman oozes cool and set the standard for all future Batmen, the supporting cast is enjoyable all around, and Jack Nicholson is Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson. Life's been good to him. So yeah, not a masterpiece or anything, but certainly a good time, and its a milestone either way. And so in light of the movies silver anniversary, I've dragged my factoids blog out from the dungeon, complete with lack of proofreading, to mark the occasion. You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, so let's get cracking. - Tim Burton had never had any exposure to Batman before making this film. He was given the first year of Batman comics from 1939 to read, which explains the 30s-tinged vision of Gotham city and Batman occasionally killing henchmen; Batman's code against killing wasn't a part of the character until much later. - Long before Ben Affleck was rather harshly judged by the collective forces of the internet, Michael Keaton's casting as the Caped Crusader drew ire from fans, with his role in Mr. Mom being the vocal point of the argument that he was unfit for the part. Because if it's one thing Batman fans are good at, it's absolutely knowing when an actor isn't gonna be good as a Batman character. - Meanwhile, Adam West felt a bit dissed when he wasn't asked to reprise the role. - Robin Williams was cast as The Jocker when Jack Nicholson declined, but was released from the role when Nicholson changed his mind on the matter. Williams has sense refused to take part in a Warner Bros. production until they've apologized for the affair. - A big part of Nicholson's decision to play The Joker was the percentage of the film's profits that he would receive. The movie was a mondo success, so he made $60 million. - Before Kate Basinger was cast as Viki Vale, *breath* Rosanna Arquette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen Barkin, Robin Duke, Kate Capshaw, Glenn Close, Joan Cusack, Madonna, Geena Davis, Judy Davis, Denny Dillon, Christine Ebersole, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Bridget Fonda, Jodie Foster, Teri Garr, Melanie Griffith, Linda Hamilton, Daryl Hannah, Goldie Hawn, Mariel Hemingway Barbara Hershey, Holly Hunter, Anjelica Huston, Amy Irving, Diane Keaton, Diane Lane, Kay Lenz, Jessica Lange, Lori Loughlin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Virginia Madsen, Kelly McGillis, Bette Midler, Catherine O'Hara, Tatum O'Neal, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Molly Ringwald, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Jane Seymour, Cybill Shepherd, Brooke Shields, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep, Lea Thompson, Kathleen Turner, Sela Ward, Sigourney Weaver, Debra Winger and Sean Young (who very nearly got the part) were all considered. - Billy Dee Williams was to continue playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the sequels, but he was released from contract so Warner Bros could cast Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. I'm guessing more than a few people regret that decision. - The only live action Batman movie to feature only one supervillain. - The surgical tools used on The Joker's face were previously used by Orin the Dentist in the Little Shop of Horrors remake. - Keaton couldn't hear when he was using the Batsuit. He said the resultant claustrophobia helped him get in the proper Batman mood. - In the original script, Robin was to be introduced briefly in the third act, but he was cut when the writers realized that he wasn't essential to the plot. The Special Edition DVD features an animated version of the original storyboards. It's worth checking out, - You know what else the original script had? A gangster getting kicked into a giant pencil sharpener and killed. I'm not joking. - The Batmobile was built around a Chevy Impala. Fully constructed it was 20 ft long and weighed around 1 and 1/2 tons - As I mentioned earlier, the film is literally dark if dark at all. So dark that people complained that they couldn't make out what was going on. The initial video release made the picture lighter as a result. - Tracy Walter was cast as Bob the Goon based on his close friendship with Nicholson, which would explain their amazing chemistry on set. Truly Oscar-worthy, Bob was. - Like I mentioned in my Aliens factoid post, the Ace Chemicals plant set was used as the atmosphere generator in Aliens, but the filmmakers had to get rid of all the Xenomorph nest crap before filming could begin. - Actor Giancarlo Giannini voiced the Joker in the Italian dub. His son, Adriano, would go on to voice the Heath Ledger Joker for The Dark Knight dub. - Jack Nicholson: "The thing I like about The Joker is that his sense of humor is completely tasteless." No real reason for this gif being here, I just felt it needed to be here. Look how happy Bob looks. - The painting that The Joker saves from destruction is Francis Bacon's "Figure with Meat," which depicts, well, a figure surrounded by hanging meat. Maybe it's a coincidence, but didn't one of The Joker's key scenes in The Dark Knight feature a man bound up and surrounded by hanging meat? Just, sayin'. - Speaking of which, it's easy to see The Joker hitting on Bruce Wayne's lady friend and getting tossed off a building in The Dark Knight as further tips of the hat from Christopher Nolan. - The filmmakers ended up liking the character of Alex Knox so much that they let him survive. - It was Keaton who thought up the dinner scene at the impractically long table and Bruce Wayne hanging like a bat while he sleeps. - The cathedral-based climax was based on the climax in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also of note is that when The Joker calls for a helicopter to pick him up in ten minutes, it actually takes ten minutes in the film for the helicopter to show up. Nice. - The cartoon sketch given to Knox near the beginning of the movie was drawn by Batman creator Bob Kane, who would have made a cameo were it not for his health issues. - The first trailer so captured the hearts and minds of the fans that it was promptly bootlegged and shown about at conventions. People would even pay full price to see the trailer and then leave before even watching the movie it came attached with. - The scene where Batman and Viki are driving to the Batcave in silence has always been my favorite, if only because Danny Elfman's score really is amazing. Seriously, put in some headphones and crank it. And that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading, and remember: Youuuu...are mai numbah one...GUYYYYYY...
  10. Life is a drama, there is nothing "real" about society. We create social norms as a sort of script and fashion as a method of staying in line with the "same play". When we realize this, everything is a joke. Our perception about everything is a joke. Death is not final, nor are our problems nearly as large as we once thought. We always love to take seriously what the gods created in jest.
  11. So yeah, I've done this painting for my final art project of the year, I am currently in sec 5 so this was my last art evaluation and I wanted to make something cool! So I asked myself, what would be really cool to paint? Batman and the joker of course! Haha! Let me know wacha thinking about it! Thanks! D.R