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Found 39 results

  1. Some of the stuff that people get away with is crazy. I have a history of being suicidal and attempting and today I was watching one of the newer episodes of Spongebob. In this episode Squidward was getting really depressed because he had no happiest memory. At one point he gets on top of a stool with a rope and says "since I'm so depressed I only have one thing left to do." Then he proceeds to tie the rope on top of the ceiling and instead of hanging himself he was putting up a bird cage. This really rustled my jimmies. I mean REALLY rustled my jimmies. Then again I'm just being a little over reactive. What do you guys think about the content allowed in modern kids shows?
  2. Do you have an inside joke with your friends or a story that "you just had to be there"to get it? Can you tell us what it is? Or maybe just a hint? COME ON! Tell us.
  3. Hey everyone, in this thread I want anypony who can to post all their jokes related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It can be any length and about any character, format, be it lame, or just silly, good fun... Whatever works! Okay, I'll tell mine: Twilight has just gotten done with a cram-school like session in her library and decides to take a walk around Ponyville to find a friend to hang out with. She stops by Rarity's boutique, Fluttershy's creature-packed home, Pinkie Pie's candy-centric workplace/apartment, and the rest of the gang's usual hanging spots. However, her search goes in-vain until she ventures onto Apple family premises. She looks around, hoping to spot Applejack this time around, but then sees a sadistic Apple Bloom throwing a rock repeatedly against Applejack's favorite tree. On the ground, Twilight sees not to far from her Apple Bloom's Cutie mark crusaders cape and emblem on the drifty dirt beneath their hooves. Troubled, Twilight goes in closer to Apple Bloom, delivering her disgruntled "Hello," to an angry AppleBloom. Apple Bloom replies, "Oh, Hey Twilight--" BONK, the rock hits her on the head and she is disoriented for a brief moment. Twilight consoles her head for a bit, and then inevitably asks, "What's all this Apple Bloom? This is your cutie mark crusaders cape and badge, dirtied up on the ground. What happened?" Apple Bloom resentfully turns around and begins throwing her rock again, taking her rageout on the tree. With moderate success, she knocks another object onto her head to choke away the rest of her luck. "What's zit' to you, Twi--" she grunts, stomping the remnants of the torn drapery and then throwing them again. "Did something happen between you, SweetieBelle, and Scootaloo?" Twilight pressed on, squaring her jaw while once again sampling the cloth. "Yeah, maybe... Let's just kindly say that I am no longer "a-filly-ated" with the girls and their crusadin' jive." Twilight: *Blink*
  4. Skeptic YouTuber and prolific shitposter Count Dankula has been found guilty of being “Grossly Offensive” by a court in the UK. For those that don't know, he trained his Pug to become attentive at the phrase "Gas the Jews." The joke was to turn the pupper "Into a Nazi" in order to fuck with his girlfriend. Here's the video. The sentencing for the horrible crime of joke telling has been deferred to April 23rd, and until then he may be forced to wear a GPS tracking device and be placed under house arrest. The Marxist cries out Fascism as he takes your basic human rights. Thoughts?
  5. Hi everypony. I have a terrible cold, and was wondering if any of you could help keep me entertained but chatting, telling me a joke, telling me something interesting, or just in general keep me company. I haven't been on MLP forums in awhile, so helpfully it doesn't seem selfish that I come back only when it's convenient for me I'll start with a chat topic I suppose. What's your favorite movie to watch when you're sick? Mine is Star Wars.
  6. If there is one thing I want to do in my life, it's to become a comedian. The only problem is that I don't know where to start. I have many ideas for material and all that, but I just don't know where to start. Is there a place I can go to do a couple acts and test the waters? Should I try standing out on the street with a money bucket and tell jokes with an amp and a microphone? This is my problem. I know what I want to do for a career, but I don't know where to start. Making a LOT of money won't come overnight, I understand that, but where can I start on that path? I've done miniature comedy acts for some friends, but I'm looking for bigger audiences. I have the jokes and the routines, but not a place to do them at. How do I sign up for this stuff? I mean, don't think I'm in the comedian thing just for the money. I mean yes, thats one part of it, but its more than just that. I want to be able to make a living off of something I really enjoy doing.
  7. I'm so sorry i couldn't help myself I'll start (Staff, this is just a joke, if you don't like it by all means take it down.) Until yesterday i did not know Narwhals existed. I thought they were extinct.
  8. So I thought I would make this thread where you can post your one-liners and quips, you could have heard it from another source or it can be your own. I will pick the best ones and add them to the original post along with the original posters account name. I will go first I have been up for about 36 hours messing with my computer and playing around Sister walks in "Shouldn't you be in bed by now?" I respond "I don't want to sleep, I want to post ponies" She gives me a scoff and walks out. I then make this thread.
  9. So what are your favorite moments in this show? Scenes or gags that hit you just right? Here's some of mine: Ponyville Confidential: The part where Diamond Tiara says, "No more Namby Pamby stories," and somepony says, "But Namby Pamby was a great editor!" That joke always gets me. It's About Time: When they were scouring Equestria for problems and Rainbow Dash said, "My weather ponies gave the clear from here to Las Pegasus!" That one always gets me too. I guess I like name puns. Super Speedy Cider Squeezey 6000: The part where AJ and friends lost, and AJ swallowed her pride and congratulated Flim and Flam, and then said to the townponies with tears in her eyes, "Go on y'all, it's OK." Return of Harmony Part 1: Discord's entire entry scene in the Canterlot Castle. Just excellent all around. Oh, the intro of this episode was great too.
  10. These days the media and news is filled with sadness and anger. In times like these we need to be spreading joy and laughter! Thus... this thread! Tell any joke or show any clip or video or picture you want, a classic, one you made up, or one you know you always get a laugh with! All jokes and visuals are welcome! (please keep them clean though, at least as much as possible, no NSFW content) This needs to be a safe place where any and all ages can come and have a good laugh! I'll start with the few that I have already posted around. _____________________________________________ What do you call a fake noodle? Why can't you give Elsa a balloon? What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops? Where do bees go to the bathroom? What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost? _________________________________________________ So, let's hear it! Give us your best jokes! Let's get some honest to goodness laughter and joy spreading around the interwebs!
  11. Im sorta a connoisseur of memes and i would just like to know what does the mlp forums got doesn't matter what kind of meme just your best ones have fun
  12. Its simple, all you got to do is make a pun or joke about the person above you based on their avatar or name. Play nice and have fun. (*u*)/
  13. What inside jokes do you have and what's the story behind them? Who do you have them with? How long have you had it? My family has one that's this: If someone says or does something stupid or annoying, you say, "Geez Mary!" We got this because of one time we went to Greenfield Village next to the Henry Ford Museum and as we were walking to our car this oldish guy rolled up with his window down and shouted at his wife (who was standing next to us), "Why are you waiting down here?! Geez Mary!" He said it like it was crazy that she was there. His voice was also sort of red necky which made it much more funny. It was one of the more hilarious things that's happened to us while we were out.
  14. Don't be too Debate Pit-y. I'll start: How many Donald Trumps does it take to screw a lightbulb? 11. One to screw it in, the others to build a wall around it. GO!
  15. Okay so this was actually created by everyone's favorite sentient question mark- Lord Bradley in the answer a question Topic. Make up a Joke on the spot....... -No looking one up or reusing one -Good, Bad or Horrible Good Luck....... Q:How many Clowns does it take to screw in a light Bulb? A:None. Because I threw them all into a Black Hole.......8D
  16. Not sure if there's a topic like this, but... Alright, has anypony ever looked at a character from a random show and thought 'I can totally make that name into a pony pun.' or something? I know I have! For example... Toph Neigh Fong! (Yeah, it's like they set it up for that! ) If you've thought of a character who could have their name (or other aspect of themselves, if you can think of a way to make it work) turned into a pony pun, go ahead and post it here! (With a pic of what you think they'd look like as a pony, if you want.) If you have more than one, all the better!
  17. (Post jokes that can make ponies have a good laugh! ) *Puns can be included. Rules:KEEP IT NON-OFFENSIVE. Why did the stop light turn red? You would too, if you had to change in front of all those people.
  18. So it's the basic "You might be a redneck ( or whatever ) if..." formula but for Bronies; so post whatever would be after the "if", I'll say the entire thing since I starting the thread but it's unnecessary for ya'll. Let's begin: You might be Brony if.... you leave muffins out on Christmas hoping Derpy Hooves will visit and leave a hole in your roof.
  19. Just a quick preface: I got admin (SCS, to be exact) permission to post this, so normal site rules still apply. No explicit sex/gore, no excessive swearing, etc. Remember to have fun and no matter who/what you make fun of, everyone still loves everyone. Alright, offend away, guys.
  20. Has there ever been a joke in any cartoon that would fly over a kid's head but an older audience would laugh at it. Here are some examples Spongebob Squarepants- "Look Gary Doubloons *pulls out soap* Don't drop em *wink* Billy and Mandy- "He's an exchange student from the Underworld." "Where's that." "Why don't you go there and find out." Rugrats- "After that everyone started giving presents, even the Easter bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit." Rocko's Modern Life- "Wait a minute heck isn't that supposed to be.." "Uh censors." The Powerpuff girls- "I created the girls by accident." "It's okay I was an accident too." So discuss away
  21. I got this fic called Rainbow Burger. It's worth checking out. Time keeps slipping by and it's getting harder to find time to work on it. When I do have time to work on it, I'm starting to come against a wall with jokes for the fic. So this is an open invitation to help me brainstorm some ideas. You might want to read the fic, to get an idea of what's going on, if you want to help with jokes and gags. I'm really better at situational comdey than anything else, but when it comes to more subtle things, I think I'm lacking. Right now I'm in the middle of rewriting parts of chapter 2. I'm at this one part where Pinkamena is taking an order to the table of two humans that are in the middle of a discussion... Not sure what the discussion should be about though. I want to use it as a chance to do some more world building, and as a device to tick Pinkamena off. I'm drawing a blank though. Your help is appreciated.
  22. I love to laugh. Having a sense of humor is key to making the most out of life, and it's good to be able to laugh at yourself. However, I feel there's a clear line in the sand between clever, thought-out comedy and unfunny, witless bullying. When I see people making crass jokes about racial minorities, women, LGBT people, or the disabled, I make a point to call them out on it. They may have the freedom of speech to joke about whoever they please, and I defend their legal right to say what they want, but I also have the same freedom of speech to call out their words for the bigoted bile that it is. And I always do. The response, often, is something along the lines of, "C'mon, lighten up! Get a sense of humor!" And to them, I say that I do have a sense of humor, and in my view a far better one than they have. You see, I feel good comedy and satire punches upward. It pokes fun at the powerful, the entitled, the institutions. A good irreverent and offensive comedian still stirs the pot, but he or she does it at the expense of institutions and repositories of power, not the disadvantaged. Anyone can make fun of the disadvantaged, and no real comedic skill or cleverness is required to do it. Bullies, conversely, punch downward. You don't have to be particularly edgy or clever to spot a marginalized group in society and simply reinforce society's stereotypes about them by regurgitating tired old jokes about that group. Jokes that trivialize slavery and segregation are not clever. Jokes that belittle rape victims are not clever. Jokes that make light of bullying and hate crimes committed against LGBT youth are not clever. It doesn't take much thought to look at an oppressed person and simply go, "HA, SUCKS TO BE THEM." That isn't wit, that's an unclever attempt at shock humor at the expense of the underprivileged. When I see fellow MLP fans engage in this unfunny tripe, I cringe. It's awfully hypocritical of certain subsets of this fandom to complain about not being accepted or tolerated for their individual differences (such as liking a show outside of their demographic), yet perpetually spout bigotry and intolerance, often under the guise of "humor." MLP fans, you're better than this, I know you are. It's time we stop condoning prejudice (whether it's supposedly "humorous" or otherwise), and start being the loving, tolerant, inclusive fandom we claim to be. I'm all for irreverent - perhaps even potentially offensive - comedy, but let's make sure we punch up rather than down with it.
  23. Hey guys, I have a strange family and were currently at a fun prank war with each other. So far I've brought a fake lottery ticket and pranked them good, but I need new ideas. I need some funny pranks. Nothing TOO mean though, Something lighthearted and fun.