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Found 7 results

  1. I don't really mind giving out info about my private life lol so yeah ask away
  2. So I went into 's vector request thread and since it was in the middle of the night, I had nothing better to do so, evil as I am, I stole a request. (He's ok with it though.. At least he said so... I hope so ) Anyways the OC is @GaleFenrir's "Curious" He provided a color palette but I hate those things cause I'm lazy and shit so I hope this will do. This is a vector of a drawing, btw. And here's the HQ version... usual
  3. @@Doctor XFizzle, @@Feld0, Once upon a time, in the magical land of Feldt0pia, there were two regal brothers who ruled together, and created uproar in all parts of the land. To do this, the eldest, but smallest (in both sizes) used his unicorn powers to raise the moon at night; the younger brought out the sun to begin the days. Thus, the two brothers maintained exacerbation for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger brother became resentful. The ponies slept and slept in the night his elder brother brought forth, but ate and shat through his beautiful day. One fateful night, the younger hattypony refused to lower the sun to make way for the night. The elder brother tried to reason with him, but the bitterness in the young one's hat had transformed him into a wicked hat of hat: XFrizzla-dehzzleh. He vowed that he would shroud the land in eternal sunlight. Reluctantly, the elder brother harnessed the most powerful hat known to ponydom: the Hat of Rodents. Using the power of the Hat of the Rodents, he tried to defeat his younger brother, but he failed miserably. The younger brother then used his Hat to call upon the mightiest of suns: Sun X! Thus, the SunHat was born! Using it's ultra-super powers, it took over the world and nohat could do anything about it. The End. And then some ficshit ...I don't like doing my homeworks, ok?
  4. So I stayed up all night again, and since I didn't come up with anything to do.. PISS ITS SUPPOSED TO SAY C. LIGHTNING* This stuff happened. Yeah it's just a bunch of sketches and I'm not the best artist in the world, but hey I put diglett there, now give me your hugs. Oh and some random text all over the place.. Oh and I drew @Motion Spark too. Well.. His head... Without mane... But whatever. (your oc is awesome, Im sorry I couldn't come up with something better to draw, ok? Too much hair too. ugh.) And.. yes I like hearts. ?? @, And just cause I didn't have anything better to do I made this vector for your drawing over here.. I made a few modifications and removed some stuff I was too lazy to make. The colors are of course wrong but I had no clue which colors it's supposed to be. Hit me up if you like this or something and want other colors. edit, color fix plus cutie mark
  5. Jokuc


    As most of you have seen, there's this new Apple Bloom emoticon. It's one of a couple of emoticons I have made. (Right now I can't find the ones I made before I reinstalled my pc, I think they're somewhere on my external hard drive) I'll put some words that describes them next to the emoticons cause I'm weird and stuff. carface [edit] catface* ..lmao yay B ) BD amazin gak All my emoticons will be posted here..
  6. Ask Cheese and cracker something! Cheese answer with orange! Cracker answer with pink!
  7. Some drawings and one painting I've made Let me know what you think I shouldn't post this drawing here but I think it turned out very well (my mom's sexy mat in the back lol) Random shit: Some painting And my best drawing: (Sorry the hair is fucked up, I did it in school and I didn't have enough time to make the hair since it was the last day I was allowed to work on it. So I just made some shit haha)