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Found 15 results

  1. (This is just a way for me to let my creativity out.) Updates From Equestria By Sparklefan1234 3-10-20 Dear Princess Twilight, Today Spike thought he saw a ghost but it turned out to just be his shadow. "Write that I wasn't scared!" He wasn't scared. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no idea what I was thinking when I suggested this, but as long as Sparklefan is enjoying it then that's all that matters. Thank You, Rarity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Purple" ain't a fruit! ...It's what we call, Twilight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apparently, all of the blue Trixie has been seeing today was meant for that blue pegasus with the high opinion of herself. The "Great and Powerful" Trixie is annoyed.
  2. I was just wondering if there was any others out there that had a saltwater tank or reef tank?if so list your specs Size? Fish? Coral? Center piece? Equipment?
  3. A villain has captured Princess Twilight Sparkle to use her magic. He has taken her to his mighty fortress full of traps, spells, enchantments, and a loyal army of monsters. Princess Celestia has chosen you to lead the team that will rescue Twilight. Which characters will you choose to be on your team?
  4. So I have been playing a lot of Civilization VI lately. (Like an unhealthy amount of "a lot" if you know how those games work.) On the opposite side of the gaming spectrum from top down grand strategy and politicking to pure one v one fisticuffs for deeply personal offences, I love the Street Fighter games as well. They both appeal to me in different ways but on one account in which they appeal to me in the same way is there emphasis on world cultures. In one it's a semi-historical overview of great nations and their leaders, in the other it's a more caricatured but light-hearted romp around the world with fighters that represent broad vertical slices of their culture. I like them both for such similar reasons despite their disparate game play that I actually got an idea kicking around in my head. What if there was a game in which you played normally in a top down strategy board as one of several factions, and when combat broke out, you'd switch to a selection of fighters from your nation and fight one of the opponent's champions? The mechanic could be used as an alternative to total war or a semi-peaceful way for two parties to settle a dispute. It could even change the fighting game's normal stances on killing. Instead of knockouts or fatalities, the fight could either be to knockout or to the death depending on the cultures involved and the context of the fight. For instance, a trade disagreement would probably be settled non-fatally but whether an entire city comes under new ownership or not is probably better settled when the champion of one side or the other is slain. Here's the kicker then, if your character is killed in combat, they're eliminated from your playable roster for the game. So all sides have to be careful how many times they throw down the gauntlet or else they risk running out of ammo and being defenseless. If such a game did exist, would you play it? What are your thoughts on what kind of factions would there be? Would it be real world countries like in the examples above or some other theme? If so, what kinds of factions would you put in? What about the fighters? Should each side have an exclusive roster only they can use or should fighters be able to be recruited to whichever side wants them? How would they range on the plausibility scale? We talking Tekken, Skullgirls, or something in between? What are your guy's thoughts?
  5. So after having looked at a WHOLE bunch of pony stuff from alternate universe ideals like *Fallout Equestria *Pony Star Wars *Pony Star Trek. *The Trotting dead. - It struck me that there was one thing that I had not seen anyone do... Dune... I mean it seams like such a no braine.. Because you know... a huge portion of star wars is actually a dune rip off. (But I still love both so much) ... Well and a lot of Captain harlcok too.. Damn it now i'm thinking about Pony Lijiverse. ____________ So anyways. Anyone have ideals thoughs so on about Pony Dune? ____________ I mean some of it wrights itself... Twilight is Paul... Celestia Jessica. (Maybe Shadom.. no no.. that could be Cadence) Queen Cheese legs gets to be the Baron Vladamir... Work in Spice being some kind of firendship drug. So on so on... ________________________ As a side note about Pony star wars.
  6. So with the trailers for the next installment of one of the best fighting games of all time coming out, I've had Street Fighter on the brain. Anyone who does martial arts in real life knows that weapons feature heavily in many styles, some more than others. While there have been some characters in the franchise that either make use of or are sometimes depicted packing, Vega most notably with his claw but also Eagle (escrima sticks), Fei Long (nunchaku), Viper (taser gloves/jet shoes), Rolento (quarterstaff and grenades), and more; but for the most part the characters eschew weapons. For the most part I like this creative decision as the fighting styles are just as distinct and stylized, armed or empty handed. Or I can ignore someone going into combat against Vega is NOT going to look like a slasher movie victim because of the comic book-esque nature of the franchise. Just for fun though, what are some weapons you think your favorite Street Fighter characters would use if they decided to go into a fight with some teeth? Be it based in their actual martial art style or just something you think the character would choose to use. To start: T. Hawk: Tomohawks. (Hey "Tomohawk" T. Hawk? Wonder if that was intentional. Yes I know his first name is "Thunder." . . . Which only brings to mind another Native American fighting game character . . .) Dhalsim: Urumi and shield Makoto: Katana (not trying to stereotype just that A ) Street Fighter has always used national identity to inform character and B ) she's old school and the heir to an old school.) Zangief: Hammer and axe combo. (Again, not stereotyping, but Zangief IS a patriot after all.)
  7. Which Greek God is thou's parent? This is a quiz I kind of enjoyed, and it was lengthy. So it seemed like you couldn't easily manipulate it to get a god of your choosing. I kinda always thought, I might have been a son of Poseidon, not that I'm complaining because Hade's is awesome. This is the result of mine to show you an example. Anyway, I'm interested to see what other people get. Edit: I added in a poll, so we can see which god has the most babies. I don't what the other god is yet, so I'm waiting for someone to reply with it. I think it's Hera or Hestia.
  8. ???? is a limited colour palette Taking a break from requests, and I wanted to draw colours and yea manes and accessories and stuff. Honestly I don't know what's happening, I don't even have a name. Just... Colours man, colours. Possibly going to make him/her (apparently they look gender fluid? What gender do y'all think is best) an insomniac dream psychologist, who devotes their life to studying what eludes them the most. So.. Batpony cause night and sleeping (?). So... General thoughts? Colour opinions? Name suggestions? Occupation? Thanks in advance c: Watermark is cause it's from DA and I just can't be bothered to get rid of it .- . Also explains tiny size.
  9. Sing this to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. Verse 1: Doctors with Roses, And whiskers on kittens, Diamond Dog diggers And boastful magicians, A Bear brought to town by a pair of dumb boys, These are a few of Equestria’s joys. Verse 2: Derpy-eyed ponies delivering mail, Hostile takeovers, all doomed to fail, A whole town of ponies in love with a toy, These are a few of Equestria’s joys. Bridge: When the Queen schemes, When Tirek roars, When you’re feeling sad, Simply remember Equestria’s joys, And then you won’t feel so bad… Verse 3: The Magic of Friendship defeating the bad guys, An Alicorn Princess controlling the night sky, Great female role-models for all girls and boys, These are a few of Equestria’s joys!
  10. ***THIS IS A JUST FOR FUN THREAD, DO YOUR BEST TO NOT GET BUTT HURT*** Anime and/or video game movies get made and there's nothing much any of us can do about it. So, if our favorite animes and video games were made into live action movies; why don't we have a critique thread for our casting choices? I'll start off by giving an example: I personally think if there is going to be a new Super Mario Bros movie, they should make it all pixar type of animation with dynamic camera angles. For anime, if Trigun was made into a live action movie. Vash could be played by *sigh* get ready for it... Dane Cook. Think about it. Vash's wacky goofiness is just as elaborate as Dane Cook's stand up performance. I think he can pull it off. I know Dane isn't blonde or green eyed but the real truth is we want someone to act the part. IF anyone says Vash is way funnier than Dane; I don't find that kind of goofy anime (or the goofy Vash parts in Trigun) to be remotely funny. I don't even chuckle. I don't even find a lot of stand up comics to be funny either, but rather very insightful. They're like the modern day philosophers (with Dane Cook being the very bottom tier). Some stand up comedians make me laugh but not at every joke. Nothing is certain or confirmed. This is all just for fun speculation.
  11. Behold, the best shipping since sliced bread! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GrauWitz was casually walking down the street like he usually does every Tuesday morning. The sky was blue and no cloud was in view. Birds were chirping and ducks were singing. Morning dew made the grass glisten in the sunlight. But then something seemed to have disturbed the usually calm animals. They were scrambling and squarking and squeaking all over the place. They hid in trees. They hid in bushes. They hid in ponds. The people nearby noticed this, but paid no mind. GrauWitz, however, decided to investigate this strange happening, being the curious person he was. He walked in the direction of which the animals were running away from. CRASH BOOM PPPPPP SCREEEEEEE SCRAAAPE BOOM KAPPPOOOGH (cuz everyone knows that's how an explosive sounds like) FOOOOOOO KRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE CRAAASH CRACKLE [onomatopoeias intensifies] CRRAAAAAEEESSSHSHHSHEUAUHEUAHEUAUEUAEUASUSDHOAWDJN They people in the area covered their ears so they could stop hearing the horrifying screeching of the unknown phenomenon. They all fled like pussies. But GrauWitz was brave! So he went towards the source of the strange noises. What he saw there was not a pretty sight, that's for sure. There was fire and smoke. Destruction, doom, darkness, disaster, dilemma and danger took over the area. Debris of vehicles were falling out of the sky. Ambulance sirens could be heard from a mile away. There were injured people that were part of the catastrophic accident. GrauWitz just stood their, aghast. There was so much destruction that was caused by the vehicles. Ambulances had come to pick up people that were injured in the accident. Just when GrauWitz thought that everyone was gone, he heard a muffled noise coming from under pieces of broken metal and other miscellaneous materials. "help me" GrauWitz couldn't even tell if the sound was human, never mind knowing what it was trying to say. "help plz" This time it could be heard more clearly. GrauWitz went towards the sound and looked around. "over here" Said the voice. GrauWitz immediately went over to the voice and started picking up bits of rubble to try to find out who was stuck there. After a bit of searching, a person could be seen attempting to get out of the rubble. GrauWitz pulled the guy out from the dirt n stuff. "Are you alright?" GrauWitz asked. "No...but now that you're here I am perfectly alright. C: " replied the guy. "What's your name?" said GrauWitz "I am Doc Volt" said the guy. "Nice to meet you" said GrauWitz. "You saved mah life." said Doc. Volt "ikr i got swag" said GrauWitz "marry me" said doc ovlt "k" said grauwitz "i lvoe you" said doc volt "me too" said grauwitz then they made out and had gay babies and they all lived happily ever after the end good bye.
  12. I recon there are some strange habits that people may have out there. So I just wanna know some of your straaaange habits that you have or that you know someone has. So everypony can come here to see how strange we are in our strange little minds of mindyness and uncontrollableness. One is my habits is forgetting to that normal? Sometimes I just forget to breath, like, yeah. And one REALLY ANNOYING habit of mine is that I constantly tap on things ALL THE TIME!! I can't even stop myself from doing it, in fact I probably do it in my sleep. sooooooooooo TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS'S HABITS ARE ow my brain hurts. i need to get a life. -_-
  13. Limey

    Room 101

    As the title suggests, this thread is based off of Room 101 (From the book 1984 by George Orwell, and also the BBC show based off the room). Basically, you put something you strongly dislike (For example, people who can't tell the difference between bees and wasps) and argue why you have decided to put it in there. The sillier the better. This is supposed to be just a game remember, so try not to be serious or offend people intentionally (don't put things in there like an ethnicity or a religion, for example.) I'll start. The thing I'm going to put into room 101 is Top gear America. It's rubbish compared to good old British Top gear with Clarkson, Hammond and Captain Slow, and is just another example of the US stealing British TV shows (another example being Inbetweeners USA)
  14. Yo, I got this fancy little chiptune here, if yall are intrested. Tell me what you think, ya?
  15. Please only post one video at a time, and try not to post them in a row either. Also, I'm only typing the rules, no pony should type anything. Otherwise, the rules of this game go by the title. Ima go first, and we'll just keep going from there!