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Found 1 result

  1. WUB A DUB A HUB! Meet Silver Spoon. She, along with Diamond Tiara, likes to bully the Cutie Mark Crusaders, because, oh my gawd, they are so losers for being blank flanks. She decided to harass me into making THE biggest fan club that will ever happen. Ever. I mean, we will be even more popular than the Rarity fan club! Oh my gawd. So, if you think Silver Spoon secretly has a reason that is 100% TRAGIC about why she is bullying the Cutie Mark Crusaders and it's not because they're jerks, you can join us. I mean, maybe Silver Spoon has a crush on Apple Bloom and doesn't know how to express it! ...yeahhhhh. Probably not. But hey, this exists now. Yayyyy! Omigawsh though. She JUST got redeemed in Crusaders of the Lost Mark so i'm SURE there will be a spike in membership! Silver is now batting for the right team, guys. The Rules: 1. No spamming posts to become the biggest fan of the duo. 2. No NSFW, or Not Safe for Work content allowed in the SS Gang. 3. Why'd you post a CMC picture here? This club is for SS only, and so no lame blank flanks allowed. 4. Do not hate on another fan club / pony, especially Silver Spoon. But seriously, who would hate on her anyway? 5. I have the fabulous ability to decide if you are doing something inappropriate. If I ask you to stop, please, stahp. 6. All of MLP Forums rules still apply here. 7. Blank flanks GTFO. We highly advise you to show off fan art. Pony Post of The Week: N/A Biggest Fan: N/A NOTE: SINCE THERE IS ALREADY A DIAMOND TIARA FANCLUB, THIS IS NOW JUST A SILVER SPOON FANCLUB. DARN. Tomiix inspired Silver Spoon, who pretty much harassed me until I made this thread. So thanks. nobody is going to join this