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Found 2 results

  1. I've been wondering this for some time now. What exactly is the purpose of the editing note you get when/if you have to edit a post anyways? I mean, it seems rather superfluous to me. Plus, with me being generally kinda OCD when it comes to small details, the little note at the bottom tends to bug me sometimes. Not all the time, but eh, sometimes it gives me the whole "your writing's not good compared to most other people's posts on here so therefore, you will be labeled :comeatus: " kind of vibe. I don't necessarily think exactly that, but for when and if I want to correct the simplest and littlest error in a post that I make, simply because I like making my writing look nice, I find it annoying that for one little error that I wanted to fix up, I get tagged with this seeming pointless note that just seems to be of little to no value to me or anyone else. I think that for editing it would be easier and a harmless nice change, especially for those of us who can't help but get all riled up over little details, if we would simply not get that editor's note whenever we want to edit a post and fix up a few errors. So I'm just wondering, what you do guys think? EDIT: See what I mean? lol
  2. I was just wondering, but what determines the size of an avatar? Is it the picture? The amount of KB? The pixel ratio? I'm also wondering about what determines how the quality of an image used for an avatar comes out? These are just some little concerns of mine that have been bugging me for quite some time now. In my experience with using the avatars, whatever image I use, regardless of how big and high-def in quality it appears, once I make it into my avatar, it becomes really small and kinda low quality. And I've seen plenty of other user's avatars come out nice, big, and good in quality And most of the following user's aren't even donors or mods. So this makes me kind of confused. If you guys can check my profile, my avatar does appear relatively smaller than average, at least from what I've seen. I would like it to appear big and better in quality somehow. I've been editing it constantly, but it always seems to come out the same way. TL;DR What determines the size and quality of an avatar? What can I do, to make my avie appear larger and in better quality? Again, I'm pretty sure not being a Donor, Subscriber, or Mod is not relevant to the problem here, as I've seen other regular members here with really good size and quality avatars. Thanks in advance.