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Found 14 results

  1. Very similar to "Describe the avatar above you with one word" except in this game, you must describe the user above you with just one word! Try to keep it somewhat nice! And no double posting!
  2. Want to talk about dr who and mlp? You picked the right person!!!
  3. hey everypony just finished my assignments and wanted to get another vector out there today the image is roughly 4000 x 3500 pixels so here we are twilight sparkle " IT"S JUST A TEST?!" spike * puts on pillow armor and helmet * " uh yes" twilight sparkle " UGH !!!!!!!" if you want the .psd file please PM me ( if you use please credit me )
  4. Hey so I just drew a picture of the plush that I just ordered and I want to add color. Problem is, all I have at my disposal is small tip crayola markers, and out of habit I did the drawing with the detail needed to make said plush look somewhat three dimensional. How does one go about coloring in a drawing with shading with markers, when said plush is predominantly black?
  5. ...that the next source of drama for the fandom will be a rumor that goes around that humans are going to be referenced in Season 4. I'm just gonna call it now.
  6. Again, searching my computer, and found some stuffs that I drew in the past.. not sure when in the past, but in the past non-the-less. Enjoy
  7. POEM DEDICATED ENTIRELY TO ARYLETT AND HER BIG TUSH :3 I'M SORRY ARYL I STILL LOVE YOU AND YOUR BIG BUTT <3 --- Arylett's Big Tush --- Arylett's big tush Set full out to crush Anything and anyone That comments on her butt Arylett's big tush Stuck in doorways all the time Never on, but always off Should their length not be of 15 feet Arylett's big tush Perfect cushion all the time Always room for guests on too Resting on her hams Arylett's big tush Love it just as I love her This poem was just for her now I'll be resting on her hams :3
  8. Didn't see a thread for this, so thought I'd create one! Anyway I wanted to know if anypony else out there plays Just Cause 2. (Description of the game in a spoiler for those who don't know about it and are wondering). If you do play it, let's discuss! Total game completion? Stats? Favorite things to do/locations? I've personally had the game since launch, and haven't regretted the purchase at all. My main save file is on the xbox so I'll start with those stats: Chaos caused: 711,390. Money: $1,058,501 Game Time: 44hrs (Don't play it much anymore on there ) Difficulty: Normal (It's easier to goof off when dying is less of a threat ) Completion: 43% Not very impressive, but it works. I think my favorite area would have to be the desert, as it's very open and there are a lot of ramps and things. My favorite vehicles are the Hamaya Cougar 600 and the Civadier 999 Cabriolet, mostly because of how they look and their super fast speed. I also generally prefer helicopters over jets for blowing stuff up, as I can control them much better. I love trying to fly airplanes at top speed under small bridges, and seeing how far I can jump in a boat. Another reason (aside from wishing to discuss the game) I made this thread was because of the upcoming MP mod. It was announced around 2 years ago when the game launched, but then went dark. It resurfaced around last month, and is very much alive (I thought it had died). When I heard that, I grabbed the PC version of the game. The mod looks very promising so far, and they have frequent open beta weekends, one of which I partook in today. I ran into a guy in a boat, and we started using eachother as ramps. Here's a video of it (I don't think there's any audio, if there is for you ignore it as I was talking with DJ-JK at the time. Also I was testing playclaw, that's why that watermark is there): So ya I think that's about it. Discuss! Oh and feel free to post JC2 videos as well, I know there are some crazy and funny ones out there (like this one! Actually does something at 1:13):
  9. Hello! A little while back, I was thinking about arcade games and such, and I was thinking of the thought of creating a series(album thingy) to release all of my ideas for this concept. I named it 'BangHammer EP'. I found that LaserPon3 had released a download to the 8bit sounds from the Comic Con game, and I decided, "What the heck? Let's add those samples to BangHammer!" Thus, creating 8BITMLP, my fanmade track. I hope you enjoy, critique is appreciated! I plan to release this "series" later on in the year.^^ http-~~-// Edit: XraYZ has also created a remix for this series.^^ http-~~-//
  10. He also comments on locked status updates and doesn't afraid of anything.
  11. This is a compilation of my favorite background ponies (which is almost every single one). Just made a little thing 'cause I was bored. Questions, comments, ETC. apprieciated but not necessary. It DOES make a nice wallpaper if you tile it Here's the DA link, I really don't use mine at all really, I just made it so that no-one would take the username. It's MINE! http://adashofrainbo...onies-309832523
  12. WildCard

    Ask Wildcard

    I was born in Canterlot, then moved to Ponyville after graduating. I have a part-time job in Twilight's library and study to become a teacher someday. I am also in a flight-team called the "High Rollers" with a good friend of mine but we kinda suck. So ask me some good questions and I'll answer them OC-page:
  13. I was goofing around, and decided to make some very, very, very simple pictures that attempt to display seom sort of emotion. here they are ... betrayal is my least favorite -_-
  14. So today I met my first brony in real-life At school today we had a substitute teacher in one of my classes and he let us talk amongst ourselves. I talked with my friends for a while, before I decided to attempt to draw a muffin. I failed... Anyway, sometime after I finished drawing my fail muffin (sorry Derpy ) one of my friends (I say friends but it we were more of acquaintances) approached me asked, quite directly, if I was a brony. At first I was all like, "Whu?" but I realized what she had asked, I was all like "OH!" I quickly answered, "Yes!" and she seemed momentarily stunned. The shock was quickly replaced with sudden happiness as we began to talk about ponies. Long story short, I made a new brony friend today in my English class, and now I want to hear about your real-life encounters with your fellow bronies! Did you ever meet an unexpected brony? Have one of your long-time friends ever revealed their love for the show, without knowing that you were a fan yourself?