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Found 15 results

  1. How much of qt is the user above you? Example:
  2. I created this track based on Twiggy and Boulder. I don't know how to describe the genre but I hope you still like it:
  3. Hey! SOOOO Yass, it's been awhile! So hello! For those who don't know me I am Ninii or Niniibear~ Known artist and full time artist! I am here to show you some recent art! What do you think? :DDD This bab is a Northling which belongs to my species! She is also my OC and the Queen of the Northlings and Southlings This girl also belongs to The Northlings, but she belongs to another generation! Southlings~ Next was a commission of Moon Butt! This girl was a commission as well! Dragons anyone?? :DD Fun with another of my OCs! Also a cute YCH I made~ This girl is a cute adopt I also made!!
  4. Another cute commission for someone on Equestria Amino!
  5. Experimented with camera angles. Used the same methods I used previously to get anatomy just right. Saw some other people post drawings of bikini-clad characters, so I though it'd be ok. Here you go.
  6. Haiiii it has been awhile (I bet I say this in every post x'D ) Well I am here to show some coote artz and adopts I have C: I have made anthros for the first time and they will be down below! ^^ I hope you guys enjoy my recent artz~ Any questions ,ask away!!
  7. Herro! Gosh it's been awhile! So hi again~ As many know I'm Nini/Niniibear. I don't post very often do I? c': Just coming by to share a bit of my recent work! This was a cotton candy inspired anthro. She has a pony version of her self. This was actually one of my first coote anthros! ^u^ Tiny info: Cotton candy,the end. But really MAJESTIC CHEST FLOOF Very detailed 'u' Rare! Most recent! This was a coote custom for a girl that won a contest. Had aroun 20-30 that participated. other 20-30 that wanted and tried to do it. Tiny info: Rare Detailed Glow bulbs are like ,coooooote And look at those Majestic butt flaps! 8) Halloween special!! Tiny info! "Boy and girls from every age,wouldn't you like to see something strange...." Okay I'll stop... She is very Rare! Has many eyes around her body. Spiders live in her wings. (As you can see wings are a little different from normal wings) SPOOPY! This was a commission!
  8. Guest

    Moonstone's Art Dump

    This thread is where I will post my drawings that are pony related, if you like my art then consider following this topic. I take commissions which you can find here. Feel free to discuss, debate and critiques in this thread. If you have any art related questions or would like some advise then go here. Rarity needs her beauty sleep! by me (TinyTeaDrinker)
  9. Yo its your home boy albino (/^▽^)/ This club is about the of kawaii faces (≧∇≦)/ they are just the greatest thing ever made. Here every pony must have the swag McOriginalGangsta to use these great faces. With great kawaii comes great responsibility (*´・v・) We must spread the word... You can faces at
  10. This morning people are so stupid anymore that they called Arvil Lavinge song of Hello Kitty racist that's complete B.S. I watch her performance on youtube and it was fucking badass she's older and should sing that song plus she was having fun with it let me know if everypony thinks it's wrong ?
  11. i hope you like my artwork
  12. kageyuki


    so mm i love g3 please don't be mad about that anyways my favorite was always Minty i just love her so here a drawing i did of her hope you like it
  13. They can be cute, funny, touching, etc. This is one of my favorites from Oreimo. I get that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I watch it. I love the music, the setting, the dialogue. It's all so cute. :3
  14. Come together, my friends! Today, shall be the mark of a REVOLUTION!!! Overthrow the bronies! Overthrow the chickens! Let desu ring! LET IT RING!
  15. Hey guise!!!!111 I googled my little pony forum, and I found this place, and it looked so kawaii!!! I'm a tsundere boy named Djenty, but called me Djenty-kun. Desu!