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Found 4 results

  1. Do you like to put ketchup on hot dogs? Apparently some people think it ruins the taste. I like it on my hot dogs, as long as there's not too much on it. But sometimes I like going without ketchup for a dog or two.
  2. This is just a random drawing I did. As you all know, Splatoon 2 held its first Splatfest: Mayo vs Ketchup. Even though Mayo won, I still decided to do this drawing of Trixie enjoying a bottle of Ketchup as...The Queen of Ketchup
  3. So many people always argue about this. Especially in a hotdog place. Most of the discussions run along like this: Person 1: Why do you like ketchup? Person 2: It makes it sweeter. Why do you like mustard? Person 1: It gives it a taste that's somewhat sour but tasteful. I personally prefer Mustard. Ketchup is gross to me. (And so on...) So give me your opinions
  4. http-~~-// (Skip to 0:53) http-~~-// Looks like we have a bit of a contradiction here. [sarcasm] Could it be that these are two different Pinkie Pies? *dramatic music* [/sarcasm] Discuss. (and yes, hot-dogs have meat inside them are meat) Update (thanks Pony Joe for pointing this out!): It appears AJ eats meat too... Something is definitely happening in Equestria!