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Found 12 results

  1. Show us all the wacky sentences your keyboard suggestions can make. I will begin... Oh yeah I don't know what time yet but you just remind me of him like THAT back then like to update y'all on the future of this channel.
  2. GIMP is a wonderful program. I actually kinda like this animation. Charming.
  3. This is a place to discuss various mechanical keyboard related topics. Like switches and different keyboards and even the ones you are using right now!~ I'm personally using a Razer Blackwidow tournament editon. (It was on sale so no razer hate) Which uses Kahil Green switches (cherry blue knock offs) and I am loving it as it is my first mechanical keyboard. (I probably have 0 taste) But it was only 60$ bucks so it was a steal. Worth every penny in my opinion.
  4. Slap the keyboard and the next poster has to make an acronym for the letters you have cx vbgSDF
  5. Just curious, I just love love love how Clicky and more precise they are as opposed to the standard rubber domes. and users? opinions?
  6. -Attempted to fix a 1280x1024 monitor by replacing some capacitors on the monitor's PSU. it failed though. -unlocked all 6-cores in slackstation, overclocked it to 4Ghz, and installed slackware on it (hence the name Slackstation). -Drove around town in a car. -Installed Arch w/ i3 WM in my thinkpad. -used my mechanical keyboard during the whole time. and that about concludes it... btw... Mechanical keyboards or BUST!
  7. here's the deal: i want a new keyboard. problem tough, i want my keyboard to be backlit, and i want it to have flat buttons (like a laptop's keyboard) and well, that's pretty much it. does anypony know of a keyboard like this and where to buy one?
  8. Hai. Lastly I've tried to connect my piano keyboard to my computer and record myself playing live some MLP musics. There could be some rhythm floats in the first three songs because of too much latency on my sound card disturbing me during playthrough, but... as they say, the first pancake is always spoiled ;-J It has to suffice until I'll get some better recording equipment. So without further ado, here are my piano covers: Tell me what you think ;-J They're probably bad, but well, I hope they're not as much bad ;-J Now I'm working at learning to play some more complex accompaniment with my left hand, since playing both hands together is still somewhat problematic for me.
  9. Hey y'all, for a while now I've been thinking about buying a keyboard if you don't know. I want to learn a little piano maybe and a keyboard works the same more or less, so I figured i'd try and get one. However I'm a bit cheap on what I spend, and don't have a whole lot to spend anyways, so I'd like to know if y'all have any info on what I should get? All I plan on using is it as a piano really, so I don't need all kinds of other instruments for it. That being said any things I should look for? Is there a certain amount of keys I should atleast try for? Or some type of feature over the other? I don't really know anything about this, but i'd like to be educated before I buy one whenever I do. so I guess any tips you have about buying them work, thanks in advance! Later y'all .
  10. So, my current set is kind of on the road to breaking completely. And honestly, the keyboard, I've had for a year.and came standard with my computer. My mouse is equally a year old and it has seen things. So I need replacements. For the mouse I want to have a new one similar to my current one (the Razer DeathAdder). I will probably buy this one myself, but I wonder what others think for this option. I mostly need a new keyboard. I have no sodding clue here. And honestly I need something relatively affordable and preferably Europe friendly in terms of buying. Currently I am losing functionality, a and o keys getting stuck. HALP
  11. I was fooling around on the piano and came up with the main sweep up and down, added guitar, drums, and bass, and here it is. Just untitled as I can't come up with a name.
  12. well, we have one for yourself, and one for desktop, so I thought why not? Post your keyboard, lets see how many keys your all missing.