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Found 20 results

  1. "Rainbow Falls" is frequently ragged on for its characterization and plot. It was easily the worst of the key episodes. So much so that even McCarthy threw a little exchange into "Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1" that suggests that even the writers don't want to acknowledge that this episode exists. On the contrary, "Wonderbolts Academy" was given a better look for its better characterization and the way it portrayed the conflict involving Rainbow Dash's element. The moment when Rainbow Dash resolves her moral conflict by giving up her lifelong dream in favor of the safety of others would have been a great spot for the epiphany, and the lead pony badge she gets at the end would have made the perfect key object. One point of contention with "Rainbow Falls" is actually referencing "Wonderbolts Academy" while restating a similar moral. Now, the question is, would "Wonderbolts Academy" have been better had it been pushed to Season 4 and scrubbed "Rainbow Falls" to be Rainbow Dash's key episode? How would it compare to "Rainbow Falls" as a key episode, or any of the other key episodes? Discuss below.
  2. Why I think this is A FIGHT Tirek absorbed the magic/flight/strength of everypony in Equestria and DISCORD, who can cause choas on a level of a whole country. The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses because Lord Tirek said "It appears we are at an impasse" after the battle between Twilight and big ugly red guy. Im just going to assume what I said before The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses When Tirek absorbed the alicorn magic, this accounts for Celestia and Luna who can move the sun and moon with their magic. His power (may have a little more than) doubled upon obtaining the alicorn magic. Tirek would have been able to move the sun and moon if he wanted to, he was no joke. You may be thinking that celestia and luna are able to move the sun and moon because thats what theyre born for. However, in the first episdode, very beggning, Celestia was seen moving the SUN AND MOON taking the duties of day and night. Celestia could move planets out of orbit if she wanted to. Tireks no joke, his power was beyond that of the four alicorns combined. ** Could the Hulk beat him? Is this a one sided fight? If so how long would tirek last?** This is world war hulk by the way
  3. Hello guys, i hope im in the right section, if not just say something!. so, i have 12 dota2 beta keys for now and i want to give them away for free of course. just ask if someone want one. i hope i dont get any troubles because of dealing with games or something, i mean, i will give them away for free
  4. Sephiroth goes up against everypony we know in love and hate The Mane 6 have are powered by the Keys of Harmony (The power used to defeat Lord Tirek) Shining Armor is with Princess Cadence Princess Celestia and Luna have the Elements of Harmony Lord Tirek is at full power (equivalent to after he had the powers of everypony in equestria) Chrysalis is at full power (equivalent to after she ate Shining Armors "love") King Sombra is King Sombra Discord is Discord Spike is an adult everypony (and other species) in equestria has thier usual Sephiroth is in his usual and can not go into god form
  5. OK. I Have just realized that their were 6 Ponies, 6 keys and 6 Locks. I Think Tirek was actually chosen because he is close to Satan. So fancy him being beaten by his own number!!! Really. It is very scary that they used 666 to destroy Tirek. Has anyone realized this?
  6. After seeing Rarity takes Manehattan; I have formulated a theory about how and when the keys to the box we've seen in the premiere will appear, Since there are six locks on the box, each character is going to have to relearn or revise their element of harmony in order for the key to not exactly appear, but be able to be accessed. And they'll each get a rainbow item that represents this. As we all know Rarity obtained a rainbow like thread by the end of her episode. It flashes just as Rarity did in her vision and based on Meghan's Tweets it's no doubt that it'st her key unless Meghan's trolling us. That moment when Rarity looked at the empty seats and the ribbon in front of that shimmered rainbow, as did her eyes, that's that moment of when she relearns her element or whatever. I believe this will eventually happen to each of the mane 6, So what do you guys think?
  7. I've been looking at the episodes list of Season 4, i.e. the season finale 2-parter "Twilight's Kingdom", and something struck me: Remember when I said in my Symbolism thread that there seems to be some correspondence between the Elements of Harmony & the stained glass in Celestia's palace and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?Let me refresh your memory if you don't: After seeing the Season 4's opening 2-parter, "Princess Twilight Sparkle", I think this correspondence doesn't seem to be a mere coincidence anymore (as some objected in the Symbolism thread), because we've learned from that episode that the Elements of Harmony actually grows on trees Notice how they surround the "concealed" Sefirot of Magic (Da'at), where you can find Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark symbol. Below there are Sun and Moon symbols of Celestia and Luna. And guess what: they're there at the same exact places on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life! Does anyone still think that this is a coincidence? But that's not what I wanted to write about, so let's get on topic: The bottom-most Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called "Malkhut", which in Hebrew means "Kingdom"! And we've all seen at the end of Season 4's opening that the Tree of Harmony gave birth to that intriguing little blue box with six keyholes. It has grown from its roots, appearing inside a blue flower. We've been waiting the whole Season to see what's inside this box. Now, when almost all the keys has been completed, and there's no doubt that Twilight's key would appear in the Season 4's finale, which is titled "Twilight's Kingdom", we can safely assume, that these things will be related somehow. For me, it is now clear that the Tree of Harmony is a metaphor of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and I speculate that the title of the episode, "Twilight's Kingdom" is also not coincidental: it seems to correspond to the bottom-most Sefirot of the Tree of Life, which is also called "Kingdom"! The Kingdom is actually the first step from 10 in the path to God (called Ayn Sof in Kabbalah), which is above the top-most Sefirot of the tree, called the Crown. As you can see on the pictures above, the Kingdom Sefirot is related to the four Greek Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and the physical world. As we seen in "Magic Duel" episode, Twilight Sparkle has already mastered all four Elements of the physical world, when she has been shown in a symbolic context of The Magician card from Tarot's Major Arcana set: (more on that here and here), which makes the correspondence even stronger. What do you think about all this stuff?
  8. I have noticed this in the past episodes, where the ponies gets what seems to be their keys. Fluttershy teaches that breezie to be kind. Applejack teaches that grey pony to be honest. Rarity teaches that assistant pony to be "generous". Pinkie teached Cheese Sandwhich to have fun. Do you think they are giving away their elements for good? Or they just received a key for teaching their qualities? /random thought
  9. So after watching "Trade Ya" I realized that even though this wasn't specifically a Twilight episode, and actually was mostly Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, the book that she had the day she came into Ponyville given to her by Princess Celestia, would have been the perfect candidate for her key. The book represents not only her friendship with the rest of the Mane 6, but also shows her element of magic as it was a book given to her by her mentor in the arts of magic. Just a thought, let me know what you think.
  10. With the prospect of Rainbow Power, and Twilight possibly getting a new home in her very own Rainbow Kingdom (speculation). How will this affect future episodes? Will there be other ponies in the Rainbow Kingdom? Will Rainbow Power be a new permanent power each pony will have? Will this effect the rest of the mane 6's involvement? Will this be a permanent home for Twilight? (The castle looks a lot like her ponyville library) Finally will this be another doomsday for bronies? (Equestria Girls, Magical Mystery Cure) I personally think that anything can be good if it is done right, and DHX has a history of doing things right. Any thoughts on how this will play out? Cause I am clueless. :/
  11. As of yesterday Applejack got her key for the strange box, a coin. So that means all that's left is Twilight, who probably wont get it till the season finale. So my question is, what will her key be? I don't know what it will be, I could easily say a book but that realistically wont be it. What do you guys think?
  12. Spoilers in the link: So, whatcha guys think about this? Not particularly fond of the castle design myself. Looks like something REALLY insultingly girly cooked up by Hasbro to increase toy sales of the castle pony playsets.
  13. It's just my simple theory about the episodes with keys. I think that episodes, in which they will find them have Main 6 names in the titles. Just think about it! We had 'Rarity takes Manehatten' in which Rarity had a conflict with her element and it looks like she found her key. Soon we will get the episode called 'Rainbow Falls' and if what synopsis says is true, then it's gonna be about loyalty. And 'Pinkie Pride' where Pinkie Pie has to defend her status as a party pony.
  14. I predict that 'Filli Vanilli' isn't Flutters' key episode, I think 'It Ain't Easy Being Breezies' will though. If an upcoming episode features part of Fluttershy's name in it I think that that episode will be it instead because all episodes that involve keys have part of the Mane 6's name in them. I also think Twi might get her key in 'Twilight Time'. Do you agree? Do you think Twi will get hers last? Feel free to discuss my prediction (that is really just me spitballin') below!
  15. Move this to Season 4 discussion if necessary. Is that Rainbow coloured spool in ''Rarity Takes Manehattan'' One of the keys to that secret chest that requires six keys to be opened? It seems to me that it is. What is in that box? Giygas? The Dagger of Xian?
  16. Right. So me and my friend were having a discussion the other day about that box in Season 4. We think that if you lockpick it nothing would appear. But opening it the other way does get something to appear. I was watching this funny video on youtube the other day where Twilight was trying to lockpick it with a bobby-pin and celestia gave her an evil stare. So what do you think would happen if it was lockpicked. Skyrim style!
  17. I had a thought regarding all of this recent discussion of the first key (we all know it's true). Each of the Mane 6 will have some conflict regarding their element. They will overcome it be learning why their element is so important and why they represent what they do, and then they receive their keys. If I'm right, this will be mad epic. And it will probably be the last season (WAAAAAA!). Let the headcanon begin. Based on Rarity Takes Manehatten, it's clear that the 6 keys will be awarded when the Mane 6 overcome a conflict which puts their element at risk. Rarity's element was generosity, and when something happened and generosity seemed detrimental rather than beneficial, Rarity went against her element. The key was awarded when she realised the true meaning and value of her element, and realised that generosity is always the best way. It's obvious based on the synopses we were given that Rainbow Falls will be Rainbow's test, and Pinkie Pride will be Pinkie's. In Rainbow Falls, Rainbow's loyalty to her friends will somehow hold her back when she is competing for a position in the games. She will need to overcome an internal conflict based on her dreams being held back by her nature. When she does, and realises how to be loyal and achieve her goals, her key will be rewarded. In Pinkie Pride, Pinkie's purpose in life of making people happy will be put at risk when somepony does it better than her. Only by overcoming her pride can she continue to carry out her task of bringing laughter to others. Then she will get her key. Honesty is something that can backfire easily enough. Kindness will be difficult without making Fluttershy's episode dangerously close to Rarity's (being too kind results in being walked on. The only negative I can think of.), but they'll find a way I'm sure. But now for the big-un. Twilight, Twilight. What will her conflict be? Twilight is Magic, and by proxy Friendship (friendship is magic). Magic backfires easily enough, but solving an issue related to magic doesn't really teach us anything, so we should assume Twilight's conflict will be one of Friendship itself. But I don't see what plot could completely destroy Twilight's faith in friendship's magic that hasn't already been done. It will have to be an external conflict which attacks Friendship, and destroys everypony elses faith in it, because I cannot see how Twilight would ever lose faith in Friendship. Some enemy is going to have to come- a spirit of hatred itself- that makes everypony in Equestria be hostile towards everypony else, or some thing to destroy Equestrian faith in friendship. Depending on how they do it, Twilight might even end up stuck solving it all by herself. But whether by herself or with help, Twilight will solve the conflict somehow and restore everypony's faith in friendship, and then The key is Friendship. Twilight and her friends then open the box (and become rainbowified *shudders*) and defeat hatred and animosity itself. After defeating the conflict and proving herself the true master of friendship and harmony, the plot will then carry on to fulfill Lauren Faust's original intent. That is, Twilight becomes ruler of Equestria with Celestia and Luna backing out to regulate more attentively the Harmony of the natural world, as was their original duty, leaving Twilight to govern ponykind. Holy frick, this could be the last season... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! But what do you guys think of this theory? Do you see merit in it? Let me know your thoughts.
  18. So, after Rarity Takes Manehatten and the synopsises of Pinkie Pride and Rainbow Falls, the rumour going around (probably the truth) is that each of the Mane Six will have an episode challenging their element, and receive their key to the mystery box at the end of said episodes. Since we know how half of these episodes will be executed, my question is- How do you think the others (Kindness, Honesty and Magic) will be done? Kindness- This one could be tricky, since it could easily become dangerously close to Generosity. I can't see any way they could get around doing another Flutter-Doormat episode here, but I'd love to hear some more opinions on this one. Honesty- I'm excited for this one, since Applejack's element doesn't get touched on often. I'm guessing her Honesty will hurt some pony's feelings, or maybe she'll have to keep a secret, but feels the need to let it out on her ethics? Magic- Probably about friendship, because no morals are coming from using magic. The Mane Six could have a full-on fight, but the group splitting isn't exactly new. I hope to see them take a new approach on the issue, or maybe even just make Twilight fight with one of the ponies, instead of the whole Mane cast. Anyway, what are your thoughts and hopes on it?
  19. Hey there, everypony! I'll cut to the chase immediately. The strange open endings endings shown in Season 4 thus far are a little strange, and a lot of people have a hard time dealing with it. I understand, I felt the same way. I started to think about it and came up with an idea. What if all these open endings are all build-ups to a challenge for every character to face themselves? The reason I thought of this was because of the keys in the end of the second episode. There were six keys, and there are six main characters. So... maybe there'll be six open endings? I'd love to see the characters all get their own key by facing a problem or a challenge on their own. (And if so, Hasbro, please don't try to fit that all in a grand finale!). It may be a strange idea, surely flawed, but could it be an explanation? Could it be like that? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!
  20. Hell everypony! I'm giving out 3 free Smite beta keys. Of course we will have some short of competition for this. So the competition will be the one who have the best reason to try out Beta keys. Please write you're reason NOW! As an honored member of MLPForums i SWEAR this is not fake! ------------------EDIT------------------- Winner 1: Ikaros Winner 2: Lonewolf Winner 3: Kalypso By the way you write you're reason to get the Smite beta key in this thread! The competition is over!