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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everypony, I don't know if any of you heard about this yet, but a brony musician, called MelodicPony, has passed away. This is his channel: And to help keep his memory alive, there's a fundraiser to help get this piece he made: played by a real orchestra, no donation is too small, and if you can't donate, please spread the word! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. This looks pretty cool. I hope it can become a full length feature film as "Kung Fury" deserved to be. :o
  3. Remember the Steamboy? Now it's on Kickstarter as Smach Z. How do you think this will turn out?
  4. After more than 14 years they'll get a new Shenmue game, with crowdfunding. They almost surpassed $3 milion.
  5. OK, so there was this game I downloaded. The pre-alpha demo to Drift Stage, which had a successful Kickstarter. And raised nearly $60,000 dollars. It's designed to feel like an old Sega racing game or Namco racing game. It has the art style of Outrun and Auto Modellista, the drifting of Battle Gear, a bit of a Ridge Racer Vibe, and a Sega Rally and Ace Combat 2 inspired soundtrack. Now there are a few questions, it said Career would be ''Character Based'', but in the game(it's a demo so it's a locked option) it said ''Lead your team to victory''. What could that mean? You can start your own gang like in the crew? I can't wait and it comes out on the PS4 in early 2016. And one of the reasons I will buy one. Here is the Kickstarter Trailer. and here is the link to the Pre-Alpha Demo. It's great, but it needs some refinement, specifically the car returning to it's normal position after drifting, it doesn't look too fluid, and needs to be a bit more Fluid, but good job anyways. here is the link to the original Kickstarter(It's too late to add money now). I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I do.
  6. Before anyone says I'm advertising my kickstarter, In a way I am but I need some help before it can go live. Before I list my help requests I'll say this loud and clear, Credit will be given My Photoshop skills are terrible and I can only come up with this If someone is nice enough to make a better image then this then I would be delighted. ------ The "story" needs a better writer and I'm pretty bad with describing something so this is the documentary in general. *cough* *cough* It's a documentary going to be about 30 to 60 minutes long. It's about how the media makes us look bad and how we prove them that we aren't what the media says we are. (I would also love people to add more ideas) ------ I guess someone could write a more "entertaining" pledge description ------ If you want to be part of the documentary then go ahead and ask me what you would like to do. Anyway I'm going to bed so goodnight and please help me out with this one guys
  7. I've been developing a game for a while and after recently talking to someone, they thought it would be a good idea if I did a kickstarter for it. I had considered it long ago, but my thoughts at the time were that I had everything I needed to make the game, so why bother asking people money for it? But thinking harder on it and how developed the game is, with a kickstarter, if I got a decent amount of money I could do many more things with it. I could get some good quality voice acting, animated cut scenes, better looking animations and so forth. And thinking more into it, it seems people are more likely to pay attention to a game if it has a kickstarter due to the incentives and a growing community over it. Of course there are negatives such as it could fail and I get nothing out of it, ultimately meaning the game is far from getting a release (depending on the goal of course). And at the time I had been developing the game, there were some media reports on kickstarter (referring to YogsCast and the creator of Fez), which made me wonder if the whole kickstarter thing was starting to fall. But I'm not the most knowledgeable person about kickstarter even if I read what it's about. I have a few questions from anyone who reads this Topic: Have you ever backed a kickstarter or were part of one? What is your stance on game developers using kickstarter? Should I try a kickstarter for my game?
  8. Hi Guys, TheGenglishBrony here! Just want to get some help for this Game here: Maybe some of you know this game It would be cool if some of you could help!^^ Thanks!^^ Have a nice day! °TheGenglishBrony°
  9. One of the best, legendary, but also forgotten/overlooked action-adventure games of all time, Outcast is at brink of resurrection. This fantastic game was originally released in 1999 for PC (available from and was praised by the critics (GameSpot even awarded it with Adventure Game of the Year), but for one reason or another (high system requirements at that time) the game didnt sell very well, thus the developer Appeal went bankrupt and the sequel Outcast 2 was cancelled. Now the original team who created the game got the rights to Outcast back from Atari and they are now going to bring the game back to modern-age, with entirely new graphics/physics engine, improved gameplay etc. However Outcast is a massive game and they need to rebuiled everything from scratch, thus they need funding from us, the gamer community. Like said, Outcast was overlooked by many and it isnt very well known, thus its most likely that the project is not going achieve its $600 000 funding from us old Outcasts fans alone. It has gotten great start with $126 000 in 3 days, but it needs to find younger generation of people who would be willing to support this project. For me, personally Outcast is one of the best games of all time, one of the few I would give 10/10. It had great storyline, great voiceacting/dialogue, amazing, movie-quality orchestral soundtrack and for its time back in 1999 also amazing visuals and large, open gameworlds. Thus is was extremely bitter to see it overlooked by gamers back then and For me the possible resurrection of Outcast after 15 years since it launch is like dream come true, but it requires the help from us, the gamers. I personally donated $200 for this project, but even the smallest donations could make the difference. For those not familiar with Kickstarter-program or the game Outcast, I'll be happy to answer any questions, but lets just say that if this project doesnt get it's $600 000 goal in 28 days, then you get your money back. Many games have been given life by Kickstarter, for example Torment: Tides of Numenera (spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment) that becamethe most funded video game Kickstarter with a total of $4,188,927 pledged by 74,405 backers. This if anything is proof that we gamers (and bronies alike ;D) can make this happen and I dearly hope that you would atleast take time to look at this game and give your support to it. So if you like great action-adventure games, do yourselves a favor and help this game see the light of day. Lets make it happen my fellow gamers and Bronies! Here is some gameplay from the original Outcast:
  10. Spike it's time for the kickstarter round up, take notes! It's Monday once more and that means it's time for some kickstarters! Today we have some dragon coins, giant eyeballs, digital cards, ramaging kaiju and a push your luck card game. Check them out after the break! Read more »
  11. Well I was browsing through the interwebs and made an incredible discovery! While Kenji Inafune left Capcom and he is unable to get the licensing of Megaman and his other creations he is making a new game with his own company that takes inspiration from Megaman and is it's own thing as well called Mighty Number 9. The project is being supported by kickstarter and the link is so if you want some megaman fixes or want to learn more about the project than you can go to the link and read about it and or donate towards it if you want to. The goal for the kickstarter is to obtain $900,000 and it already has reached over $630,000! The game is currently being produced for the PC but if the donations reach $1.5 million it will be for the Mac and Linux as well. Lastly if the kickstarter reaches $2.5 million Mighty Number 9 would make it to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U systems. (Also how do I move this to media discussion? I didn't realize this would happen sorry.)
  12. So the other day I was on Twitter and suddenly I noticed Tim Schafer say they had something exciting to announce soon... Now if you don't know me, I freakin' ADORE Tim Schafer and I LOVE Double Fine, so things like this get me REALLY hyped up! Needless to say a few hours pass and I see this... Yep, you heard right! Double Fine launched their second Kickstarter project and it is called MASSIVE CHALICE! --- Now there's something I really liked about this project that had me sold even before they explained what the game was about... and that's Brad Muir! Brad Muir is one of Double Fine's extremely talented programmers and designers whom I also adore quite a bit. Certainly he isn't as memorable as Tim Schafer, and some people might be bummed that Tim isn't even on the development team for MASSIVE CHALICE, but trust me... Brad's a great project lead! Need proof? Well Brad Muir lead 2 pretty successful Amnesia Fortnight projects already. The first one which was called Custodians of the Clockwork (I may have got that name wrong) which was a tactical tower defense game with a steampunk theme... don't recognize it... well it turned into a game called Trenched which turned into a game called Iron Brigade! He also lead another Amnesia Fortnight project called Brazen! Its basically Monster Hunter meets Ray Harryhausen. Unfortunately it seems Double Fine have been having difficulties getting it through to a publisher... shame. The prototype was made playable in last year's Amensia Fortnight, and was offered again during their Humble Bundle. He also pitched a concept called Kaiju Piledriver last year... it just barely missed its mark to get made into a prototype... but damn... just its name makes me want to play it! So basically Brad Muir is a cool guy who really deserves a chance to make MASSIVE CHALICE! He's also just a cool dude in general when I saw him on Amnesia Fortnight livestreams or in the Double Fine Action Forums. --- But hey, what about MASSIVE CHALICE? Well it seems to be this bizarre tactical RPG hybrid. There isn't much to go on with specific mechanics, but it seems to be a game geared towards people who love tactics games like X-COM, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and a feudal fantasy theme similar to that tv show that everyone wants me to watch Game of Thrones. The game so far seems to be centralized around commanding generations of heroes in long running bloodlines. A lot of the game will be spent just raising these Houses to create massive families of epic heroes. And also slaying demons... there's that too. This seems like a solid game concept and we've only scratched the surface. The MASSIVE CHALICE forums are alive with people coming up with interesting ideas and the developers noting down what people seem to want and what good ideas they're consumers have for their game. Its another example of Double Fine's openness with their consumer base that I love. Already in the few days the Kickstarter has been up and people have been coming up with neat ideas about how skills and traits can be passed down through Family Genetics or Family Training. Even more controversial topics have been raised like Same Sex marriages possibly being in the game which seemed like an unlikely concept due to the initial concept's focus on genetics, but then with some consumer and developer input, people have brought up ways it might be able to be done. Or in a lot lesser words... this game is going to be hype! --- Also... One Month... $100... One Bloodline... Last time, I missed the Kickstarter for Double Fine Adventure... This time, I'm going all in... HOUSE YOCCA OR BUST! I'm making it my own goal to personally raise and back $100 to get the House Yocca Bloodline into MASSIVE CHALICE! I want my name to be immortalized among the powerful dynasties of MASSIVE CHALICE! The Shafers, The Muirs, and the other Houses of the kingdom will band together to fight the demons, and I want House Yocca to be there... --- But why Kickstarter... again? Now I've seen quite a lot of people get up in arms about Double Fine quickly returning to Kickstarter, claiming that the company's greed has caused them to abuse crowd funding... I disagree entirely. People see Kickstarter as this Indie Game generator. Certainly it was cool when Double Fine did it once, but people seem to think that having Double Fine dip in it again is asking for too much. Really? You mean the very people who made Kickstarter what it is today shouldn't be allowed to go back? That sounds kinda silly. Also Double Fine might just spark some more interest into Kickstarter again making more possible backers come back to the site. After Double Fine's initial Kickstarter I kept going back to check out other ones and made my donations. Who's to say others won't do the same? Also Kickstarter isn't made just for nobody Indie Games... actually it really wasn't specifically made for games in the first place, but what it is for video games is an alternative publishing method. Double Fine have stated that they have had trouble finding good publisher deals for their games. And they have people to put to work so why not crowdfund to publish another project. But Double Fine Adventure made SOO much money, why do they need more from us? Well that money was raised for Double Fine Adventure and Double Fine Adventure ONLY! Those millions go only into that project. If they went anywhere else, they'd be stealing from their backers. But Double Fine Adventure isn't finished. I need to see results from Double Fine Adventure before I invest in a new project. Actually... that's fine. I personally think what they've done and shown for us is more than enough for me to want to invest again without seeing a finished product yet, but its fine to have that mindset, its your money. But this thought that Double Fine should be required to finish a Kickstarter Project before starting a new one is ridiculous. That is not how games publishing works. A developer can get multiple games published simultaneously from one publisher as long as the developer has a team to work on the second project. Kickstarter is essentially a publisher so they can go back to the crowd as frequent as they damn well feel like it. --- So will MASSIVE CHALICE get backed? Will MASSIVE CHALICE be the new tactical RPG that has been prophecized to win the hearts of tactical RPG fans everwhere? Will House Yocca become the strongest dynasty of the land and smite all foes that stand before them? Only time will tell!
  13. Hello everypony! I just joined the forums yesterday and I was told that this would be a good place to introduce myself and the things I am working on. Currently my biggest project is a kickstarter to raise funds to make pony plushies and clothing using silk screen methods. It was featured on the bottom of a nightly round up on EQD, but they cut out the pictures and video so not many people noticed it. First the pmv trailer to my project: And the actual project here: I talked with someone from Hasboro (No not anyone from the show, but a legal person) and they said that it was considered a fanwork and I got the go ahead. So if you have any tips, suggestions, or comments I would love to hear them.
  14. Hello again, the Pillow Plushy Project is almost over but there is still time. Check out all of the work done so far, from the very first pillow plushy prototype to the large scale version. I am trying to make affordable, large plushies that any MLP fan can enjoy. With my focus for the brony community I will be able to make plushies at the cost of only $36 (including shipping to US buyers) of anypony. Eventually including many of the background ponies. The Pony Pillow Plushy Project: A project to make affordable plushies of all of our favorite ponies. Here is a special message from the Pony Pillow Project's youngest and probably most adorable fan all the way from New Zealand:
  15. It's only going to last a few days: Luna Project A lot of the costs have been heavly subsdized already (even when goal is met, company will still have a -2000$ balance on project). 25$ for one plush (including shipping for inside the US.) Prettymuch all of the information is on that site. A lot of questions have been asked and answered on another forum: Luna is Live Didn't want to leave anyone out of the loop. It's a quick project by bronies to let everyone get something that isn't sub-demonic. Note: After project is done, this isn't going to be put up for sale, so this is the only chance. Ends on Nov 30)
  16. As you all probably know, there is a very well funded Brony Documentary on Kickstarter that has had substantial success with its funding (Over $ 200,000 has been put into the project last time I checked). Despite all the success it has been having, we all know there will be critics toward projects that ask for donations from the public. [media=][/media] (The brony documentary part starts at around 3:35 in the video) I have listened to the points he tries to state, but for the most part I am uncertain about his description of Bronies in general. I mean sure, we don't need to have a documentary to express our appreciation toward the show, but why is people donating money to support this project seem like such a bad thing to him? It also doesn't help that he never really says anything positive about Bronies in the video even though he does believe we have the right to express our opinion. I dunno, he seems knowledgeable on certain points, but I still think he is missing something in his argument.