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Found 6 results

  1. Hello ponies!!!!!! I am in a Q and A mood right now!! Ask me any question whatsoever about anything. :okiedokielokie: Be it life advise, a new fanfic, anything pony, a humorous thing, or anything YOU WANNA SAY. Ask away!
  2. So you may entered here wondering: "what the hell the title said?", ill explain: 99.999% of the bronies want mlp fim to be real, wishing it with his/her whole heart (incluiding Me), but, what it one day just God descend and says: "OK, i will make your dream como true, but how do you want it to be like?" I mean, it could be human in equestria, pony in real word, humans warp to equestria, ponies warp to real word, etc, i just wanted to know your opinion As for me... i would prefer leaving everything in this word and warp to equestria myself, maybe as a pony (oh, a kickass designed pony) becuase i dont want to share this ponies
  3. Just read a post on the MLP Facebook page that to celebrate 1 million retail-sold MLP comics IDW is teaming up with Heritage Auctions and putting up for auction a one-of-a-kind MLP comic with all proceeds going to the Give Kids The World charity. The cover was designed by fan-favourite Sarah Richard. This is what it looks like. Pretty. Damn. Awesome. I thought it would be cool if we had a go at guessing how much it will sell for and see who gets the closest . I'm not in any way familiar with the comic book industry or how high these things can sell for but I do know that they can get pretty ridiculous expensive. So my guess is very uneducated (and probably very silly). $10,000 USD The winner gets the satisfaction of being the winner as well as a life-times supply of bragging rights. Obviously edited posts wont be counted and if two users guess the same amount, the person who posted first wins.
  4. I wanted to dedicate this thread to YOU. You people are awesome. When I registered at Equestria Forever, I knew it was a fairly big forum and I was working my reputation higher there, but lately I felt the magic was gone so I just left (not without goodbye's though!) and registered here. And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this site! It is so much more active I can hardly keep up with the action. On that forum it was basically possible to stay with the activity stream but here it is impossible. The people here are nice, too. Of course I'm not saying people were horrible on that site (I gotta give probs for the site for offering me so many nice friends for my loneliness), but at times there was a lot of drama. Even if it happened here, it could be pretty minor as the activity level is high, it would just sink in. I've been friendless for pretty much my whole life, and seeing as I'm unable to get friends easily in real life, internet is my comfort and particularly this forum (and EqF). I've made so many friends I'd gladly share time with... And when I shared my art there, people hardly noticed it, of course, with clearly less people and activity, but here, only here do I understand how much people appreciate my work! I've been here for only a bit longer than a week and I already have plenty of brohoofs! My art thread was also marked "popular" shortly after, which was unexpected for me. And now that I received feedback, some people said they would even PAY for my work, which was even more unexpected, leaving me speechless. How could I, the unknown hobbyist receive so much feedback so easily? All thanks go for this site. Sure, there are a lot better artists out there but this is just the change I needed. During my time in EqF I felt a bit depressed and annoyed at multiple times, to say the least, and now that I left the site, I feel much more lightier and happier, like as if a heavy load was removed from my shoulders. I don't know for sure, but it might be the site itself caused the pain, and now that I left, I'm much more happier. This also makes it easier to be here. Like I noted above, the people here are very kind. This is probably the first forum I actually enjoy my time on (although this site is obviously optimized for down to 13 year olds, forcing a good atmosphere). But still, I have absolutely NO idea what awaits me on this site. Being a casual art hobbyist and a lazy gamer I'm hardly noticed anywhere, or paid attention on. Here, on this very site, all kinds of opinions and feedback arise. I like that. I want to say it one more time, thank you. Thanks for this awesome site and keep it up! Let's make friends, not war!
  5. Ok so my favourite MLP character is Fluttershy and tbh i wish more people were like (as i do with all of the main six) her and i myself try to act like her more than the others. Does anyone else do this with their favourite pony? Try to act like them alot, I guess due to attachement how much better they are, compared to alot of people in this world.
  6. Well, I have noticed this a few times in past episodes, but non as apparent as the latest episode. She acts like a princess in reality would. She doesn't tend to help the common pony that much. Makes show appearances and has favorites. In most cartoons like this (don't get me wrong I admire it's difference) she would have helped the butler carrying Rarity's bags. But instead she just walks off and chuckles. She also does that at the Grand Galloping Galla, and again at the sweet shop. I don't think she is as kind to her subjects as other princesses from kids shows I have seen. Thoughts or input? Perhaps a counter argument?