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Found 9 results

  1. What would be good names for kingdoms in a fantasy setting?
  2. What do you do now? I would make chocolate rain and chocolate fountains and make the castle cooler.
  3. In the rare case that this gets noticed by the worldbuilders of the changelings in Equestrian Empire i am willing to help, modify, and see what i can do in this. Changeling Diet Changelings are omnivorous but they require an increased source of minerals in order to fulfill their diet. Seeing as their scales grow and expand from birth they often crush rocks and pebbles with their muscular jaws and their pointy fangs. Seeing as they require such even during early stages of development (birth-gestation-egg) their homes are almost always located in such places and they are often seen sneaking near Rock Farms. They often pose as high bidders/investors taking part of the production with them and masking awfully well their identity and financial activities. Love-"Special Diet" Love is an allegory for life and how life is meaningless without love. Changelings feed upon the life-force of other creatures. This occurs because of a magical malady known as Lov-e-lipsis (Love+Elipsis aka Lack of Love, i will get to how they contracted it a bit later). A changeling running low on life-force starts losing sanity and is dangerously close to devolving into the Devourer state (More about that later). When a changeling is adequately fed the holes upon them and their growth will remain on low levels. A changeling fed on adequate life-force will experience a similar effect to that of a boost of adrenaline or drugs. Side effects of overfeeding upon love may include power-haze, clouded judgement, increased ambition and arrogance. Changeling stages of Life Birth A Changeling spends on an average 9 months until it is born and its' coming to the world of Equestria is a mix of gestation and egg-hatching. Changelings like every other living creature require a mother and a father in order to come to life. The changeling couple are overly protective of their young. The baby spends 3 months inside the mother's belly until it is born. Following quote of my fanfic... To a common pony these would look like alien abomination, semi-transparent eggs filled with slime, inside which there is a creature attached to a tube flowed willing to kill or drain you as soon as it came out. The truth is that in this state the changelings are at their weakest. That is why past the guards and their caretakers, there is usually at least one parent overlooking each egg. ... Alianna knows the justified pain she had experienced, and what she had been through before delivering her child. The baby cannot transform inside the womb. Attempting to transform to creatures of different size, weight or shape would, in most cases, kill her and the baby. The mother had to spend almost three months deprived of her most powerful weapon and escape tool: her transformations and she had to spend double to triple the time taking shifts with her husband into taking care of it. Because although all eggs would eventually grow a stronger exterior, their starting state is very fragile. ... There is a fleshy core at the bottom of the egg. It is round shaped with a darker core, and the changeling is connected with the umbilical cord to it. Among many of other changeling "eggs" he finds a suitable spot and starts digging, using his strong hooves. Gently and slowly he places the egg on the ground and pushes the dirt around it so it can stabilize. Some time after it touches the ground the core of the egg comes alive and "roots" start going into the soil. The "roots" will take water, micro minerals, trace elements and anything else the babies needed to build their scales and help them grow. From time to time the caretakers or the parents will inspect the integrity of the pod, and refresh the "love" energy to make sure the young do not die before birth. No changeling is born with holes, but it becomes less possible to keep it that way by each passing day. Changeling growth/genetics Alianna follows them as they keep talking about it. She knows that all changelings' lives are greatly effected by their unique "evolutions" . Being the caretaker of the newborn she is one of many changelings that were studying their species' genetics. There is one gene in particular that was rather "tricky", and still baffled many of generations who studied it. It was called "The Protean Gene" and it had three possible forms it could take. During a changeling's life it would adapt, change, depending on the situation a changeling was put in. Each position it took on the genetic code allowed the changeling to excel at different sectors: Strength, Dexterity, Magic. Added to that an unique characteristic was given to the changeling by it. Jonaleth's muscular structure was one, the reinforced scales of Mortain were another, her affinity with healing and there were countless others possibilities she could not even fathom. They had more in common with the ponies than they thought. They might not have been looking for "Cutie Marks" their whole lives, but they too had a part of their lives when they looked for their own path, their place in society, their special ability. Immersion and time spent with the ponies In order to gather love the young are separated until a point from their mothers and sent to replace young ponies. The changeling while living with the ponies gathers love while the changelings absorb back home the love of the pony. This way the young gather honest-hearted love. Then at the moment they are ready ((usually when they gain a cutie mark)) they are called back to the Changeling Kingdom where all the love is collected whilst the original goes back with all the memories of the changeling that was posing as itself. Some however don't return or have difficulty to do so. Some changelings get so absorbed in the experience that they become victims of a psychological phenomenon called immersion. Immersion is a real phenomenon that occurs when someone gets so captivated in an experience that they find it hard to detach themselves from it. As a result many changelings stay with the ponies continuing to believe that they are who they pretend to be. Ever heard of "Fake it till you make it?" or "When you wear a mask long enough, you become the mask?" That's pretty much what happens to them. Names Those that do succeed on returning get to pick their own name. For example... My changeling OC/Ponysona who was posing as Tidal Rider chose the name Ao. He chose it because of the many beginnings (A-Alpha) and endings (O-Omega) that his life had. General Changeling Abilities 1)Magic Sensitivity/Enhanced Vision Emotions are Magic... remember that for in our research it is going to be imperative. Emotions flow in the sky like energy. They are invisible in the naked eye and harvesting emotions is something that can bolster someone's magic immensely... if they know how to use it of course. Normally emotions can't be seen with the naked eye but changelings posses a special kind of skill that allows them to track magic found in ley lines. Great lines of power, known as ley lines, crisscross the lands. Ley lines exist all over Equestria, and are sources of deep and natural magic. Across the face of the world there flow lines of power - patterns of magical energy that carry vitality of the lands through them, like blood vessels in a creature. These lines of power are recognized subtly by skilled sorcerers yet changelings have a natural affinity in recognizing them. Most however, only really focus on those places where the lines converge and meet, seeking to tap the most power from them. Those who seek to understand and master runic power understand that the convergences are not the only important part of this power - the patterns formed by the lines themselves are important as well. There are lines of power that run across the land in a select few areas, but these are not the only lines - simply the most obvious. Inside of these thick and corded ropes of power, there are also tiny, web-thin lines that run between these great ley lines, connecting them in a vast net of pulsing, subtle power. Those with great magical power and ley walkers seek out these sites. A convergence of two or more lines of magical energy is called a "ley line nexus". I used and modified it a bit. Positive Emotions These emotions are bright and when a person is filled with them they shine like suns sharing the energy among them and the receiver of said emotions. Those emotions transfer themselves and amplify themselves when they are shared between more people. They have bright colors and give energy to others like the sun does. Negative emotions Negative emotions are like black holes. They are grey emotions and often colorless or dark in color and act like black holes dimmening the aura of those around you and drawing emotions from everyone surrounding you. Unlike positive emotions negative emotions draw energy from others to the one feeling those emotions but like positive emotions they inspire similar emotions to those around you. Lov-e-lipsis and changeling emotions Due to their race-specific hereditary malady the changelings image when viewing their emotions is like a mix of the above two... though their emotions may shine bright and positive there is always a small hole that sucks some of the emotions like a bottomless pit. The feeling itself of having your emotions drained from the inside can range to a mild inner butterfly to a tapeworm or appendicitis. The description of Hasbro about the changelings says they are grotesque ponies... but still PONIES. Certainly it's not mentioned they are evil... therefore confirming my belief that they do not willingly feed upon love... or by choice... though it does give them strength. Now i believe that sometime during their history the changelings came in contact with Anti-Life entities such as demonic entities or dark magic and devolved into what they are now. They became parasites of emotions... and developed an isolationist society to avoid destroying the world due to their "curse". Thus the reason we haven't seen them much... Another reason we haven't seen them a lot or their corpses in Canterlot is because i believe dead changelings continue to be afflicted by their disease... thus if dying in battle they would "rot" much quicker dissolving into pixie dust in the wind... When a changeling is about to die due to lack of feeding there are two results:Multiple organic failure and death dissolving into pixie dust... or... Devolving and the Devourer Some just could not take it... their primal instincts rose up, as they do to every creature in hunger, and logic was slowly torn from their minds. Inside this... "madness" there was nothing of the former changeling to save, and it was even worse when this occurred near their own people. Because the change was not only mental... Their bodies changed too, they became unstable, much bigger but with extremely thick muscular structure and scales as hard as iron. In this state the remaining life-span of the changeling was short, and while absorbing "love" kept them alive longer their hunger could never be sated. "Devourers"... that is what they called them, from the way they ate their victims whole absorbing every bit of their essence. He and his friends had been forced to kill many changelings that ended this way, but those close to them sometimes could not. How can one strike one his own race, much more one of his own family? Devourers know no exception in their victims and are often kept a secret from the changelings themselves through their Queen and the highest ranking officials for they don't wish the changeling race to hate themselves. 2)Empathy and Mental Link Changelings as i said can see emotions and magic. They posses magical empathy and are affected by those emotions/energies. Changelings posses a natural mental connection with their loved ones and families... the more skilled a changeling is in making such bonds and friendships the higher the rank it can achieve. I believe the crown is imperative to ruling the changelings... the crown is imbued with the magic of an old Queen. The changelings were living underground but ended up having to move due to earthquakes, volcanoes and such. The Queen who had the talent to speak to more changelings than anyone focused her magic and managed to contact all the changelings guiding them... the first Queen to achieve that. She died however not being able to handle the lot of it for such a long time... but her crown got imbued with her magic. Thus the next Queens or Kings had to actually prove by the standards of the crown that they could handle such a bond without losing their minds thus making sure that only the most capable of changelings rose the hierarchy. Making sure that only those who could guarantee the future of the changelings rose up to the challenge... no matter who they were... good or evil. This is mimicked in helmets of the generals and other items. 3)Singing and Music As strange as it might seem all changelings can sing... be it rhythmically or melodically. Music is a great part of their culture and as a consequence every changeling knows how to sing somehow or knows at least one instrument. This is not only because it helps bonding between the changelings but also because it is a form of feeding upon the emotions generated though not so effective. The reason it is not used exclusively is because it would require infinite amounts of inspiration and infinite amounts of singing and resources fact that would be ineffective. Changeling expressions-and their explanation Quoted from my facebook page. "While changelings are not religious instead of praising Celestia like the ponies do they praise the maker. They also use expressions like "What in Tartaurus?" or "Sweet mother of Mercy". There are also expressions like "You're as sweet as royal jelly." in matters of love, and more often than not calling someone "honey" indicates family ties or intimacy. A very popular expression is also "Blood is thicker than water". It means that though we value friendship we put our families above everything. Couples that achieve high levels of bonding will often perform a ritual at which they will cut their hooves and clench them together letting the blood mix. This way they prove their loyalty to each other and develop between them the connection that the Queen shares with all. Indeed. You see... Tartaurus is the home of all evil... thus when something seems so despicable, so evil... we say "What in Tartaurus is THAT?". As i said... parenthood is something we value greatly so it's logical we use the second expression right? Besides family is the first group of people a changeling bonds with and talks through it's mind. Changelings also seem to have a great relation with bees. It seems bees see or "sense" for a better word a connection with us due to our common empathetic bond. After studies we have observed that this is one of the reasons so many of them make their homes near ours. It's not rare to see some of our homes also being used by bees as houses. We have developed over the years an understanding of sorts... we don't hurt each other and in exchange they grant us some of their honey keeping our people fed. It is said that the Queens of each species contacts each other and talks, the Queen is also given certain amounts of "Royal Jelly" which is an empowering delicacy making the changelings feeding upon it stronger in every way. Because of it's sweetness in comparison to normal honey, and it's rarity it is the most appreciated commodity ever. they have become in times of need even defenders to our homes against monsters, other locusts, and sometimes even ponies or others. Thus we have come to value their lives greatly, this has gradually entered our lives as expressions like these." Crowning a King/Queen A Queen or King is judged capable of leading the entire nation by three ancient changeling rulers. King Proteus the Overfather, Queen Metis the cunningly wise, King Nousios the blindly fair. King Proteus-Unifier of Body Name Meaning:Protean means versatile, mutable, adaptable, capable of assuming many forms. It is also the name of a Greek shapeshifter god that could transform into any material imaginable like fire, water, air, e.t.c. Little known fact changelings couldn't always transform. The first of the changelings to transform was Proteus. However his transformations were more related to primal materials. He could shift to stone, metals, water, air, fire. In ancient times he is said to have protected the changelings against the rampage of various forces like windigos, sirens, and others. However the casualties were too high. The changelings being a young race had little defenses against other more capable predators. During the peak of his power he scattered pieces of his body to the entirety of the changelings. The power of the transformation of the great King transferred to all changelings despite the fact that its' overall effect had been lessened. Having granted a fighting chance the spirit of the changeling King now oversees his descendants, his brethren from the planes above. He was granted the title "Unifier of body" by the changelings as his soul resides within everyone. It is said that at times the fragments act as emergency guidance, kind of like the instincts one has, protecting and preserving the race. Queen Metis - Unifier of Hearts Name Meaning:The name Metis means Resourcefulness, "wisdom," "skill," or "craft" and connoted "magical cunning". Metis was the first spouse of Zeus, a shapeshifter Titaness that Zeus swallowed after tricking her into transforming into a fly. The Greek word metis meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning. This quality was considered to be highly admirable and was regarded by Athenians as one of the notable characteristics of the Athenian character. Queen Metis wore the crown of King Proteus. It was believed that when she wore it the Overfather himself came to contact her and measure her abilities. Regardless Metis became a Queen. At the time the changeling kingdom was underground. Like every changeling she displayed her skills at an early age bonding with friends and family like it was natural. This bond allowed the changelings to respond mentally to each others' needs no matter how far. She however possessed the skill on another level bearing in her mind the thoughts of even a whole town! It was not to last... natural disaster struck and the changeling kingdom was besieged by the eruption of a volcano which struck the foundations of the city. Between the toxic air, the lava, and all the chaos the changelings panicked and couldn't find a way out. Forcing herself to her limits Queen Metis surpassed herself and attained the ability to communicate with them all no matter how far. This bond of a selfless heart guided the changelings to safety. It cost her life however, but the gift she gave did not get squandered. The crown was etched with her own magic and this ability became hereditary for any worthy changeling King or Queen that would wear it for enough time. Those unable would be qualified "temporarily unworthy" until they could attain the necessary levels of empathy it required to bear it. She earned the title "Unifier of Hearts" for through the crown she will always reach out to her subjects. King Nousios - Unifier of Minds Name Meaning:It means "The one who has his mind straight/set in the right direction." Through the judgement of the ancient Kings there were times that the Changeling Kingdom remained without a ruler. Deception, backstabbing, and civil war plagued a kingdom struggling to be united. As a changeling Nousios was known for one thing... having his mind in the right place. Merely by watching a changeling he could tell a lot about them, just like a detective forms a potential profile about his opponent. It also granted him the chance to pierce through lies, illusions, and the such. With this ability he was able to shatter the opposition. When he was judged worthy he addressed the problem of anarchy reigning a Royal-less kingdom ((without a King or a Queen)). It was decided that as a backup to the monarch system there would be a chain of houses that would form each portion of the kingdom, twelve in total. With safety guaranteed even without succession Nousios proceeded to make a cultural renaissance. Laws, education, medicine. It all flourished in an age of peace. It was not guaranteed that the changelings wouldn't squabble but through this system it was ensured that hope would always shine through. Dying in old age King Nousios joined the rest of the rulers and together they formed the trinity that now judges all future changeling rulers. Continuing with the crowning. The power of the crown overflows the body of the King/Queen for one week during which the applicant is transferred to the Astral Plane where the three rulers' spirits judge the applicant based on one thing. Empathy empathy to be able to understand the body, mind, heart, of those around you whether you be friend or foe to them. To be able to understand the souls of those around you whether you are conqueror or peacekeeper. Military and Factions within the Changeling Kingdom Following the time after the failure in Canterlot Queen Chrysalis devoted herself in helping her race improve in every way. The army, the feeding upon love everything would be improved. In the process of doing that the military was revolutionized creating three clans: "The Disciples of Metis", "The Nightshroud Operatives", and "The Envoys of the Black Panther". The "Disciples of Metis" took their name out of the oldest of changeling Queens Metis one who's name connoted "Magical Cunning". They are changelings skilled in the arcane arts excelling in all sectors... their mission is to collect lore for every nation be it traditions, behavior, inventions, history, poetry... "The Disciples of Metis" gather also information about their own nation. Their motto is this "Knowledge is Power". "The Nigtshroud Operatives" took their name out of their ability to hide themselves to the point of invisibility during the night. They are changelings that act both as diplomats and assassins, they count their words one by one and their precision in their tasks is great. Do not be fooled by their title however... "The Nightshroud Operatives" are perfectly capable of fighting during daylight, they are the most agile of changelings and if forced will fight without rules or boundaries of honor. They are inventive in their fighting ways and unpredictable. "The Envoys of the Black Panther" took their name out of honor to the great beast. It is said in old myths that the first black panther blessed some of the changelings for their perseverance through time. They are changeling protectors and guardians that train day by day with extreme discipline to maintain and increase their strength. They are extremely loyal to the Queen and some of them always accompany her on her every journey. They do not hesitate to use force if necessary to protect their Queen whatever the method. After all their ideals are all summarized by one phrase... "All for the Kingdom and the Kingdom for all". Out of all of them a few were chosen as an elite-force group. They are a team of resolute warriors who are determined to repel the invaders, chosen among the three clans of the military of the Changeling Kingdom. They work behind the scenes of Changeling Kingdom. Despite being frequently assigned to dangerous tasks, they do not gain honor, glory, or fame from their work, so there are few members in this team. They are the definition of the word "Protean" the very name of their species meaning they are versatile, mutable adaptable, they are the hoof of the Queen and every single of their actions is made in the name of her glory and the one of the Changeling Kingdom. Changeling National Anthem I made a changeling national anthem here goes... "We know ourselves by the voice... The Voice that unites all The Voice that fills the heart Our Ears listen to the plight The love for which we must fight We know ourselves from the flame... The flame that burns the fake skin To the emerald spark we are akin The flame that burns within we hold The one, united, ancient, bold. We know ourselves from the quest... The quest to purge our taint This journey we bravely take To tame the savage soul To release our form of old." And there you have it... something i made in approximately half an hour you could say... with some breaks to read some online comics. A changeling anthem... I wanted to mention three things in it... first the "hive mind" or "Soul Union" as i call it... Second the transformations, Third the Purpose or at least what i think their purpose is. Do you think i got that right?
  4. I mean, with a title like that you'd expect people to go apes***
  5. If the character is in a place of power, why is it the highest they can go is Princess? Celestia appears to be one of the most powerful ponies in Equestria, being revered almost like a god. There doesn't appear to be anyone above her. Why isn't she Queen Celestia? Is she trying not to outclass Luna? After all, Luna hated being under her sister's shadow so much that she turned evil. But then why not make her Queen Luna? They technically have equal power and rule the land together, why not give them both the crown? ....A bigger crown, I suppose, since they already have one. And what about Cadence or Shining Armor? They rule over the Crystal Empire. Isn't about time King Shining actually stepped up to hi s title? Or Queen Cadence, she holds all the real power. These ladies should be at the top of the nobility pyramid, not second best. Also, I'm sorry if there was already a thread for this. I couldn't find it if there was. Please move this if I was in the wrong.
  6. Now that Twilight is a princess, she needs a place to rule. What do you think will be twilight's kingdom? Will one be made up for here, will she take over a present area, or will she just not have a kingdom in general?
  7. This is possibly a treat for us UK bronies! Source If you're from another country, The British Board of Film Classification is a UK company that approves age ratings for films, TV programmes and games. Ponies have been given a U which means everypony can watch it. You know those brushables with a DVD of one episode on it that's either Ticket Master or Applebuck Season that are sold in the US? Well the source above may indicate that Hasbro are possibly going to make region 2 discs for the toys in a few months time! It may not sound like much but it's better than nothing for a country that doesn't have it on at all!!! That means the main audience in the UK will have easy reach of it! The source dates back to the 22nd January, but it's better late than never! Sorry if this has already been posted before.
  8. It´s been a long while since I last decided to sit and draw and it wasn´t ponies. So, during my psychopath state today (when I had feeling-like-a-shit moments and dull-euphory moments), listening to the soundtrack of my life, I sit and drew the Princess. It´s not an usual princess. It´s THE Princess! Yeah, it´s The Princess of the Sun. She realised her kingdom ran out of love, and since she donated all of her love to the Prince of the Moon, who suddenly left her (and she didn´t expect it), there are two events about to happen: Her heart´s going to get cold and freeze. The other thing is that her kingdom won´t survive, will be destroyed and will fall upon slowly. So, she´s going to die and her kingdom with her. Nothing to be happy about. And yeah, the giant dandelion... I use it kinda often. I don´t even know why. Maybe because czech word for dandelion contains my name (It´s like if my name was ELION-> DandELION).