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Found 12 results

  1. Here is Dream Land from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. Ok, Quick Question here: If you like Nintendo, what is your favorite Title/series from Nintendo? Remember, you can list ANY title or series below, as long as it was an ACTUAL Nintendo game, not a Capcom, Sega, or any other brand name's game that was licensed for one of Nintendo's console, e.g. Street Fighter IV and Sonic Heroes. Especially not Sega, since they were Rivals in the 90's
  3. Who do you think would fit Meta Knight's voice? Eric Stuart, his past-generation voice actor... or Shining Armor's voice actor, Andrew Francis?
  4. Here is my first digital art featuring Kirby and Yellow Kirby! They wearing Mario's and Luigi's hat, because why not? XD I hope you like it
  5. Imagine Kirby, the loveable little pink thing that can gain the powers of his enemies by sucking them up into his mouth, was a transdimensional being who can travel anywhere from Disney worlds to real life. Who would you like to see Kirby suck up and what powers would Kirby get from him/her/it?
  6. Made this in 2012 in Gimp of all things. This was probably the smoothest drawing I made using said program. Not a lot of people take a look at it and it never got on the Drawfriend, but I get a favorite on DA every once in a while. Let me know if you guys want a Galacta Knight vs MLP crossover type picture.
  7. Hello MLP Forums! I know how much some (or even most) of you like challenges, so I figured we could set up a leaderboard of a challenge I thought up while doing Kirby's Triple Deluxe's Arena mode. The Rules: - You pick an ability, and must use only THAT ability. - If you drop your ability, you must pick it up and swallow it again before doing any further damage - If your ability is lost forever (like falling off a cliff), then you lose, and must start the Arena mode again. - Due to the nature of this challenge, Crash and Mic kirby are off limits, but normal Kirby is not - Proof of picture would be handy. (both before the start of the challenge and the results screen) You can aquire pictures by uploading a snapshot to Miiverse then copying the image url from the Miiverse website. The Abilities: Wheel The Arena - True Arena - Fire The Arena - True Arena - Spike The Arena - True Arena - Ice The Arena - True Arena - Hammer The Arena - True Arena - Beam The Arena - True Arena - Rock The Arena - True Arena - Cutter The Arena - True Arena - Spark The Arena - True Arena - Sword The Arena - True Arena - Parasol The Arena - True Arena - Fighter The Arena - True Arena - Ninja The Arena - True Arena - Beetle The Arena - True Arena - Circus The Arena - True Arena - Bell The Arena - True Arena - Archer The Arena - True Arena - Whip The Arena - True Arena - Wing The Arena - True Arena - Spear The Arena - True Arena - Bomb The Arena - True Arena - Leaf The Arena - True Arena - Normal The Arena - True Arena -
  8. So I decided to try to draw some Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards fan art. The result isn't that great, but I don't think it's bad enough that I should just let it gather dust in the corner nether regions of my computer until the universe finally collapses in on itself in the end of space and time. So here it is, but first, I want to make a few points. You may ask why 02 is on a black background, it's because he looked horrible with just an outline, and even though the image has transparency, it shows up white on this site since the text has a white background. For this reason, I opted instead to encase him in a black box. Originally I had a few more characters but I failed at drawing them so hard that I erased them. Kirby 64 is amazing. Bearing that in mind, here we go, I appreciate feedback because I'm horrible at art, especially since I'm on a laptop, not a tablet. (I dislike tablets and am not going to buy one.) To be honest, I'm most proud of Ghost Knight (The green one with the lance and shield), the crab (His name escapes my memory), and the fire breathing thing (His name also escapes my memory)
  9. No, I'm not abondoning Super Star, but it's on hiatus until I return home from Florida. I'm leaving for Florida for a week on Saturday night, so I'm putting it on hiatus. Anyway, I decided to challenge myself to complete the first two Kirby's Dreamland games before I leave. The Playlist can be found here: Kirby's Dreamland 1 was started and completed today, I'm going to attempt to beat Dreamland 2 today too, but I have to beat it before I leave, or I'll lose the challenge. If a mod would be so kind as to change the subject to 'video' instead of 'game', I'd appreciate it.
  10. Crona is advertising his youtube series, so I guess I will, too. I get extremely hyper in this video. You have been warned.
  11. So, I'm sure a ton of you are looking at this thinking 'Great, when is Tom gonna get out of this phase? Its not Pony Related so I hate it.' And so let me answer all of your questions/concerns/whatever here. So there we go! Now, if you have a question for Gooey, feel free to drop in the Tumblr and submit it there! Please put questions in the tumblr, as opposed to here, simply for the fact that organizing questions like that would make my life a breeze. And I love breezes, especially Spring Breezes. However, feel free to use this topic to comment, offer advice, toss out an idea, or say how the latest update answered your question! I'll also post updates to the tumblr here as well as the Tumblr, so if you don't have nor want a Tumblr, you can still be notified when there's an update! So with that all out of the way, go out there and start asking Gooey questions! ~Link to Tumblr Here~ Well, finished the first update! I think it would be swell if I could try to do one-to-two a day. Also, since the forums don't support captions like Tumblr, I'll just type them below... "Parasols! You can float with them!" "Just make sure you grab the right one..."
  12. Hey guys! It's your bro VioletLinked. Many of you should already know I'm a programmer, and I need your opinion on something. I've always wanted to test out some different gameplay Ideas, but I'm wondering which to do first, but keep in mind the game that I would make would (hopefully) be relativity short since I have stuff to do. I'm actully not to busy with The Yogscast game at the moment, and Cupcakes: The game in in Pre-Dev, so I have some time to test out some stuff. So here is the big question: Which would you rather see? A MLP beat em' up like Scott Pilgrim, a Ponified Multiplayer Kirby adventure, or a Hellish and classic NES/SNES style MLPified Castlevania adventure with Rarity? I'm also doing a quick gamejam here: (This and the gamejam are separate, and they are both being done for fun.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Votes so far: (Many are from my steam friends) Beat em' up: 8 (Shock Slayer and Ben N. and Rainboom and parlazente and Dr XFizzle and SrFrog and Hazardus_Havard and Lobstaarr) Kirby: 8 (DJ Shadow and P. Fushia and ArcticMA and Tom TD, and RaccoonBL, and Kirby and Switazoid and Octavia's Cello.) Castlevania: 5 (Troggle and RageDemopan and Jecsa Much and Storm Nova and Tom)