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Found 22 results

  1. - Hug is for friends! - Kissing is for lovebirds or if you just want to randomly - Kill is for the pony above you that you hate or you are mad - Revive is if you want to revive a fallen person - Dead is what you must post if you have been killed until somepony revives you - Explode is if you want to quit playing for good - Fus Ro Dah is Glomp, Kiss, AND Kill!! Just do one of the 7 actions the title says you can do! Hug, Kiss, Kill, Revive, Dead, Explode or FUS RO DAH!!! Have fun yall!! P.S. I got the idea from Shankveld's Marry, kiss, or banish to the moon.
  2. Haven't been having the greatest day today, and felt like something light-hearted. I'm trying to make and maintain some actual friendships on here since I'm still fairly new to the mlp community!
  3. Greetings all! Funny words huh? KiLL KiSS Would you kiss or kill the member above you? Don't forget to brohoof if you like the game for more. So, let's start with me; would you kiss or kill me?
  4. Exactly what the title says, how would you respond or what would you do? Myself i would play it cool and when she turns around thinking im not interested id kiss her back saying your my some pony to. EDIT: regained internet and i found some confusion in the question so i wanted to clarify... this is assuming you are in fact in the equestrian world and a pony. however if you wish to respond as if you are a human as well if you want to.
  5. Have you been kissed before? I was kissed by a girlfriend I had in fifth grade. It was an experience I cherish to this day. She moved a year after and it really sucked for me. But hey, if any of you girls on the forums want to date me, pm me or something like that.
  6. How many of you guys have had your first kisses? Did you enjoy it or hate it or do you regret it now or wish it could be with someone else? I had mine quite young and I don't regret it but I do wish I'd kept myself completely pure until I got married.
  7. Well, this is a pretty random and silly topic, so let's get to the point. You know that kind of scenes in movies, games and TV. The protagonist and his/her lover have a nice, little moment for themselves, they say something a little sappy and prepare themselves for a big nice kiss. Just as their lips are about to make contact, something suddenly shows up and ruins the whole thing, whether it's a friend of the hero/heroine teasing him/her, an important call, a great danger, a family member, a pet, whatever... So, has anything similar to this situation ever happened to you in reality? And in what kind of situation? Your lips are about to press themselves against those of your lover or any other special somepony, and suddenly, a Moment Killer (labeled as such by TvTropes) puts an abrupt end to it. Sometimes, rather than the kiss getting intertupted, it can go all awkward instead.
  8. As with many other kinds of media, video games tell a story, and, like most stories, heroes usually have a love interest, and they both will usually show their love for each other with a big, deep, passionate kiss, usually near of after the climax. So, which kiss cutscenes from video games do you guys consider among the best?
  9. It is time . I'm finally uploading mah first pony art, and of course, it's some good 'ol me x her . Oh, how I love her so much <3. Anyways, I have two versions. Here's the one with all the erase marks and such, so this is like the "original draft" . And here's an edited one which is much lighter and more clean, but is also missing some small marks :/. As you can see, I tried to make our hooves hold each other, like romantically holding hands . I had a hard time trying to make the kiss look as good as possible, but I finally made it look good enough IMO . So, what do you guys think?
  10. Seriously these two are my favorite ship, they just look so damn cute together
  11. Hasbro, you need to bring Button Mash into the show, for real, this little fanon thing is to adorable to pass up.
  12. I was browsing random pictures when I came across this Uhh... I'll be right back, I need to scoop up my heart as it melted onto the floor with the cuteness xD haha (read full for image)
  13. So...I've noticed an interesting trend in new Disney movies. Particularly princess movies. The trend started innocently enough in Pixars Brave. At the end of the movie, it looked like Merida had lost as the second sunrise came and her mom was still a bear. Only after Merida cried over what her mother had become, did the sun raise fully and her mom turn back to normal. (The only reason I'm counting a Pixar movie here is because Merida officially became a 'Disney Princess') The trend continued into the new princess movie, Tangled. This time it was more apparent, as Rapunzel's magic tears brought her recently dead boyfriend Flynn back to life. We could give this a pass seeing that she still had the magic in her from the flower. Then in Frozen, we see Elsa cry over her sister. Her sobs too seemed to bring her sister back alive, this time it was passed by an 'act of true love'. But if you put this all together, the trend is too present not to notice: In the Disney universe, crying is magic! Not just any magic, but bordering on the line of necromancy. And it seems that only Disney princesses can do this magic. So what do you think? Is crying the new 'true loves kiss?' Will this trend continue into the new princess movies yet to come out? Or does it stop at Frozen? Post below! It's just some food for thought. What do all of you think?
  14. Picture this. You're a human who somehow got transported to Equestria for the past few weeks your only friends were the Flim Flam Brothers.Yep, if someone was bugging you they would fight them off, if you needed a shoulder to cry on chances are one of them or even both would always be there for you. Now picture this one of them comes towards you one day and starts confessing his love for you he then bows down on one leg and pulls out from his hat a black box he opens it with his magic to reveal a shiny diamond engagement ring he tells you how beautiful you are and kisses your hand. Now was the real question that would change your life forever would you say yes or no? And how do you react?
  15. Have you ever heard of that cliche saying "Kiss N' Tell?" Well this game takes that saying into an all new twist! You see, the game is pure and simple... You HAVE to kiss the user above you, BUT you have a wonderful option! After you have done this task, you get to choose how to destroy them! Try to be nice...or not.
  16. I couldn't resist, I had to draw this. The reason why I titled this "Sturnidae" is because it is the Scientific name for a Starling. Since the two ponies in the picture are named Star Scribe and Darling, it seemed to fit well.
  17. When Blue Moon was younger and took a trip to Canterlot, he got a surprise kiss from a certain somepony. Anyway, this was the first artwork I ever got and it came from my first post on this site as well. Also, it is a really good piece of art. It was made by the talented @@CamRad18. So I decided to make it digital (It was pencil before.) and color it. I colored it by mouse in Paint.NET. Thanks CamRad18.
  18. Hello! i'm new here, I just wanted to share this commission I got done from this awesome girl artist I met in Otakon 2011! Me and my favorite pony in the whole wide MLP universe! The honesty, love, strong-willed, determined, supportive pony in all of Apple Acres...APPLEJACK! (I've yet to find the artist's name, but if they're anywhere on here please let me know and thanks again for making this for me! )
  19. I honestly don't know anything about Hello Kitty. I know it's some cat thing, but I don't know what any of the other characters are nor have I ever seen any of the cartoons. Now then, Hasbro's releasing this Kiss and Hello Kitty cartoon and honestly I've never been as excited for Hello Kitty than this in my entire life. I don't know squat about Hello Kitty, but man oh man do I love me some Kiss and something as hilariously unfitting as this just sounds incredible. Here's a little paragraph from the USAtoday article: I would not be surprised at all if the whole Brony thing was a factor in releasing this. What are your thoughts?
  20. Anyways, since the first drawing of me and AJ has been a success, I'm gonna do another one for either next week or the week after that. I have mid-terms this week so I need to study tomorrow, plus I need to play some good 'ol BOII since I haven't a while. Anyways, I know exactly what I'm gonna draw, the hard part is knowing how to do it . Stay tuned .
  21. And this is all I could really think... Didn't know where to really post this as I am bad at Forum, so I said F*K IT BAYLYFE and posted to the general chat...
  22. The Game is Simple.The above Post will give you 3 Charecters which you can Kiss one marry one and kill one.The one you kill must be Replaced for thebottom one to answer which one would kiss marry and kill..Must be Mainly Pony Charecters.Okay First Kiss,Marry Kill Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, The great and Powerful Trixie