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Found 10 results

  1. Name: Crimson HussarSex: MaleSpecies: PegasusPlace of Residence: UnknownBased on the Polish Winged Hussars, Crimson is a fair and noble knight who fights for the weak and defenseless, where ever it may be. But before this, he served Princess Celestia as a Sergeant of the Royal Guard for 10 years. Dispite being offered the Position of captain of the royal guard, Crimson turned down the offer and instead struck out on his own as knight who defends the weak and defenseless against the many malicious vices that lurk within the shadows. He is also a tribute to my Polish Ancestry.
  2. This is something original I did with my Wacom Cintiq and a copy of Artrage Studio Pro(With a bit of Photoshopping). Basically, my character Wanda dressed up as a Knight as she goes through some mud to confront an unknown enemy Wanda is my original character. Do not use without permission.
  3. just thought i´d share this with you guys. messed up a lot of things here, but all in all i learned a lot from painting it. it still needs a name, anyone can think of something fancy?^^
  4. I normally don't make reviews about movies. The reason I decide not to do movies, is because I find that I don't have the experience judging them. Mainly because I just don't know when people act good or bad in movies. But this movie made me drop everything I did, and set me to make this review, so that nobody ever tries to make something like this again The premise: Knights end up in a valley overrun with zombies, while trying to escord a priest who also carries the holy grail. Now, I hear you think: how can a movie that has this premise be bad? It sounds awesome. Lets begin with the thing that can make or break a movie: the acting. Remember how I told that I normally don't know if the actors are good or bad in it? Well, if even I can see that these actors suck, then you did something wrong. The actors in the movie never show any emotion, ever. Its like they just don't care for their performances at all But I could have forgiven them that, if it was not for the most stupidest faults the director made in the story. At the begin of the story, the knights have to go in a cave (that leads to the valley with zombies) because otherwise the raiders they encountered would kill them. But tell me: why didn't the knights wait for a while, and get out of the cave. I mean, they have all the opportunities. Even after they find out the valley is overrun by zombies, they still choose to cross the valley. WHY?! It would kinda make sense if their was no other route to come at the destination, but the only reason they went inside the cave was because they had no choice. So that means that there has to be another way to get where they want to go. I mean, just let rocks fall, to block the way the knights came in the valley. This is something that this movie does wrong SO much. And with the cave isn't even the only time this happens. For some reason, nothing gets explained in the movie. Also later on: when the knights have to stand guard for the zombies. But instead of standing guard, they run into the field to kill zombies, who are like hundred metres away, and didn't even see the hero's. Everybody, even knights from the medieval times, would not do that. And its never explained WHY they ran to the zombies in the first place Add fight scenes were the cameraman seems to get an epileptic attack, story that often doesn't make sense, the ''go without me'' cliche matic scenes (and more cliche scenes) cheap budget, horrible acting, and you understand why this movie has only a 3 out of 10 at IMDB. And its a shame that this movie is so bad, cause it has one of the best premise I heard for a long time. One of the worst movies ever
  5. So, listen. I came to this forum for multiple reasons. One big reason is to help support my game (which is on Steam Greenlight RIGHT NOW, go support it!) and it's essentially the first actual "video game" for bronies in a sense. To avoid copyright, everything in the game is original, but there are several references and a similar world. I have been having some trouble gaining votes, especially from a community that isn't...well, brony entirely... Take a look if you would so kindly. I have more planned and more to say, but I'll post that another time.
  6. Hello there everypony! I've been meaning to make a pony OC for quite a while. I've created a character I'd very much like to become a pony, but I'm doubting on what sort of pony I'll make her. Here's a quick drawing of her so you get an idea of what she looks like as a human: Alright! Now that you know how she looks like, here's my main question: what pony race do I make this OC? Should I make her an Earth pony, because that seem to be the strongest race? Or do I make her a Crystal Pony, since she's a knight/medieval OC? Or a unicorn, or a pegasus? I really don't know, so I'd like to hear some opinions on the topic, and even if you have no clear reasoning as to why you think she'd look best as a _____, I'd still be very grateful. Also, what sort of Cutie Mark do you think would fit a rather stubborn knight? I could, of course, go for a shield, but that seems a little cliché for me. I don't want to end up having a female Shining Armour. Lastly, I know her fur will be grey. So what colour do I make her mane? Purple or blond? I'm a bit afraid blond would make her look like our dear Derpy Hooves, and even though I adore Derpy's colours, I wouldn't want to rip off anything. I'd appreciate some help here, guys! I'll be very grateful if you'd give me some tips, even if it would only be one suggestion. Brohoof! /)
  7. You are a noble Paladin Knight of the Order of the Radiant Heart and you fight evil Ponies and evil Humans that worship the dark lord Sauron. Which Pony would you want as your mighty steed? To ride into battle and strike fear into evil's heart? ?I would choose the terrifying Princess Celestia, hot and powerful. Once we defeat the evil, we go back to camp and do sweet xenophilia stuff. Yeah!
  8. So the trailer for the new Batman game was released a little while ago and I wanted to know what every pony thought of it and what they think of it coming out right after Arkham Origins. Also about it coming out for Xbox One. "The last will and testimony of the deceased, Thomas Wayne. In the event of my death, I hereby declare that all of my worldly possessions pass to my son, Bruce Wayne. Bruce, I ask that you honor the Wayne family legacy and commit yourself to the improvement of Gotham City, it's institutions and it's citizens. Please be strong. You are young, but destined for great things. Make the most of your opportunities. Use them to give back to a city that has given us so much. To change the lives of millions of people. Do not be frivolous with this wealth, please do not spend it on fast cars and outrageous clothes in pursuit of a destructive life style. Invest in Gotham, treat it's people like family and watch over them and use this money to safeguard them from forces beyond their control. My deepest regret is that I will not see you turn into the good man I know you will become. And finally my son, I ask that you never abandon this city to fate. We have lived through dark days, and no doubt there are more to come, but it is the good and great men who stand up for Gotham when others turn and run. In death I will love you forever, your father Thomas." Above is dialogue from Batman Arkham Knight trailer. I copied every word of the testimony from the trailer. 0_o Post below!
  9. There we go, now have have my own jousting armor.
  10. So, season 3 kicked off with some interesting new things to draw, i figured i should start off with Rainbow Dash in her jousting Armour. I based my drawing off this image: This is my drawing sketchy thing: I say "based off" as the scale is slightly different (i didn't realize until halfway through that the scale was off as i freehand everything) and the more detailed design couldn't be added due to the picture size and my general lack of skill.