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Found 15 results

  1. On this thread you just post the ponies most prominent in your memory on the forums, and what you know them for. I'll start: FinestHour: For being the top poster, responding to everything (following everything too), and living in the same state as me. ProjectRKA: For being an awesome DJ, and a cool dude Fluttershy​: For being probably the most helpful and generous member of the forum, making people sigs, and helping when asked. Twilight Sparkle: For being the most active, helpful, and understanding Admin in all the interwebz. +1000 Internets to you good sir. Pencils: For posting incredibly long, mind blowing, philosophical threads, that leave your brain wondering for days after reading them Lady Rarity: For beating me in most posts day after grinding day. Jonke: For always being on, and providing helpful insight during situations Flare03: For having an awesome sig. and avatar Hayze: for loving skyrim Linguz: For SO MUCH ROLEPLAYING and the rest of the forum, for always being there Sorry it was so long, or if I left you out. I just felt there were alot of ponies to thank (even though I joined less than a week ago) and I wanna give the forum a great big
  2. Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while now. What's your favorite MMO? If you feel like wanting to play with others on this forum you might want to give us a link to it! My favorite MMO is probably maplestory. It's been getting easier since about 2010 but it's still very fun in my opinion coming out with new classes every once in a while. There are so many job advancements and skills and it's been out since 2003. Even if the characters look a little off and small they still kick-ass! Maplestory is pretty old but it's awesome! You should try it! Link to the official GMS (GlobalMaplestory) website:
  3. I am looking for a series of... 18, maybe 15 people to help me out on this. My friend and I are doing a massive project in which we cover songs that he finds inspirational, and "Do They Know it's Christmas" is one of them. I will require a sample of your singing, so please record something and send me a link to where I can listen to it. Thank you. -Arcticfrost933
  4. Hello! Recently, I have been sending questionnaires to some of the members here to get to know them better. It has been pretty successful, and I've learned a lot of new things about some of the members here. Anyway, one of the members I gave a questionnaire to, Pink Mist, came up with the idea for me to post the results in a thread (thanks for the idea, by the way), so here it is. I'll put the actual questionnaire below first (feel free to fill out the questionnaire yourself, and post yours in this thread), and then I'll leave the results from the other users (don't worry, I asked each of them for their approval before posting.) Also, the members put "N/A" for questions they couldn't or didn't want to answer. Bye! Questionnaire: Favorite Color: Favorite Pony: Favorite TV Show: What country do you live in? Favorite Pokemon: Favorite Musical Artist: Favorite MLP Episode: Favorite Movie: Favorite Fanfiction: Favorite Song: Favorite Superhero: Favorite Animal: Favorite Board Game: Favorite Video Game: Favorite Video Game Console: Favorite Book: Favorite Fictional Character: Favorite Sport: Favorite Instrument: Member Responses: @Batbrony @Chigens and Kay @CITRUS KING46 @Colt @Dsanders @Eureka Rainbow Hash @Sterling Crimson
  5. Wut now? We've so many of them aboard. x) (The eeveelution force is strong... the transformation won't last long.) Members: (Jonke) ~ Vivian @Champion RD92 ~ Bowser (Cota) ~ Bombette (Twiliscael) ~ Koops @Kenny ~ Goombella ~ Hooktail @PoisonClaw ~ Sir Grodus @Mario(Pilot) ~ Mario (Flipturn ?) ~ Admiral Bobbery (Zoop) ~ Lady Bow (Feld0) ~ Yoshi kid (Blue) ~ Count Bleck
  6. "Now little butterfly girl," called the big butterfly lady. "Don't go so near the edge." The little butterfly girl was peering over the edge of the most peculiar hole she had ever seen. "You don't want to fall in now do you?" "No big butterfly lady," the little butterfly girl called back. "It's just this hole is the most peculiar hole I have ever seen." "What have I told you about calling me that," scoffed the big butterfly lady. "I am not the the big butterfly lady; I am indeed to be addressed as Madame in your case. Besides, that isn't a hole little butterfly girl, it's a sinkhole, there is a world of difference." "A shrink-hole?" she questioned. "Does it get smaller near the bottom? Oh! Perhaps if you go into it you become smaller! Wouldn't that be something big butterfl- Madame?" "No you silly child," sighed an exasperated big butterfly lady. "A sinkhole, not a shrink-hole. A sinkhole is a hole that just opens whenever it so pleases, eating anything in its way. But do not trifle with those things, no little butterfly girl should be pressed for such matters; instead, busy yourself with your little butterfly girl chores little butterfly girl." The little butterfly girl looked at the sinkhole still however, her little butterfly girl eyes wide with wonder. Eventually though, she deiced to do as the the big butterfly girl had instructed, and busied herself with her little butterfly girl chores. As she worked on and on, the little butterfly girl's little butterfly girl mind continually crept back to the sinkhole. "How cliche," she murmured to herself. "It would be for me to fall down that and end up on some nonsensical adventure!" The little butterfly girl giggled at her own silliness, she knew that most of the readers would either be done reading at this point, driven to boredom by the repetition or by the incredibly dull happenstance her little butterfly girl story was taking place under. As such, the little butterfly girl felt that it would be incredibly appropriate to immediately exit her little butterfly girl house and set said little butterfly girl house alight with flames as she left. As the fire glistened in the randomly apparent night, the little butterfly girl decided to fill the sink hole as to prevent any cliches from bringing any interesting point into her little butterfly girl story. As she approached the hole, she was not in the slightest surprised to see it already partially filled with the deceased form of the big butterfly lady. In fact, had the body not been there the little butterfly girl would have felt the greatest of surprise, after all the little butterfly girl had been the one to place the big butterfly lady's dead bod into the sinkhole during the interlude that was her seemingly innocent little butterfly girl monologue and subsequent burning of her little butterfly girl house. As the little butterfly girl filled the remainder of the sinkhole, an interesting and new character approached from the distance. Unfortunately, as the little butterfly girl would soon learn, this was not actually a new character nor truly an interesting character, but in fact, it was just an old moth traveler. The old moth traveler introduced himself to the little butterfly girl, but she paid this no heed, because little butterfly girls have greater things to fret over. The little butterfly girl then proceeded to hug the old moth traveler, creating a slightly awkward scene, however, as said scene progressed, the old moth traveler found himself serving only the purpose of informing the little butterfly girl of some little butterfly girl moral lesson that she, or perhaps the readers were supposed to take to heart. The little butterfly girl quickly buried his body as well.
  7. The mayans knew of your comming, near the "end of the world" No, the end of hate, the start of PONIES love and tolerance! Yeah I was looking around the calender before "it all ends".
  8. Sky

    Ask Sky
  9. So you're friends, family, and possibly everybody else you know knows that you are a brony. They understand what this means and all that it entails. But do they know just how much of yoir time is devoted to this show? Do they know about all the pony related things you do on the internet and in your free time? Personally everybody I know knows I am a brony but I have never let them in on how MLP is one of the only things I do on the internet ever since I found this show as well as how much time i spend on it, whether it be watching or drawing or singing etc.
  10. Pretty sure I'm posting this in the right place. All right, just a question. What would you guys say are the true icons of fanon, fanfiction specifically. There are the big names like: -Fallout: Equestria -My Little Dashie -CUPCAKES (I said it, so it need not be repeated.) Are there any others that hold as much renown, or some stories you think SHOULD?
  11. So as the song goes "It's the End of the World as we Know it, and I feel fine." In your post try to outdo the last posters end of the world scenario, I'll start: Discord comes and drowns the world in chocolate rain.
  12. After a fun little discussion, I decided to try this experiment. Surely you have seen this glorious avatar. And you have seen it being used by several users. So heres a fun little experiment to see how many ponies out there are actually willing to change their avatar's to this. So hey, if you are willing to change it, make sure to post here and I'll update the list and try to see just how many users will change their avatar! Users who have Trixified their Avatar Fizzydoo-The-Daring Leoc Trixies #1 Assistant Pinkie Pie Midnight SuperTheAwesome Tom The Diamond Trixie Manebrush495 Trixie Helper Electrobolt So lets see how many users are actually willing to change their avatar! I bet 5 tops. Any other bets?
  13. Today I went up in front of my entire World History AP class and gave a speech about what SOPA and PIPA are, and what they should do to stop it. I didn't know what response I would give, but my respect went up byt 10. I compiled a google doc to everything I found informative in preparing my speech, and the request email I sent to my teacher myself. I feel proud. Next thing to give a speech about: Ponies.
  14. Mmkay, this thread is more of a practive thread. I'm going to try to make one (which will hopefully get pinned) including the entire history of bronies, and the community forming. this is going to be a massive post, incuding dates (such as when Hasbro released MLP for the first time, when Laura Faust resigned, etc), reactions (how Hasbro has reacted to the community, vice versa), guidelines to being a brony (love and tolerance, peaceful protests), and background characters, famous fanfics, and pretty much every big thing that makes up our community. It would be very helpful to get some dates, insight, and help on this project, but I'm going to bed now. I'll check back tomorrow and start on it.