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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. I'm trying to figure out what language and writing system is used by the ponies in Equestria, because I plan to use some of these informations in a fanfic I'm preparing to make. From this snapshot from S01E01 "Mare in the Moon" we can get some informations about the language and writing: I recreated it below as a vector graphics without any perspective to improve the clarity: Below the book there is a transcript of what is supposedly written there in English. I mean, we hear Twilight speaking English in the series, but I consider it just an English dubbing replacing the original Equine language This text couldn't be written in English, because there's lot more letters in it than is visible in the above book page. So the original language must be different, and written more compactly than just plain English when written in Latin alphabet. Besides, why should ponies speak English in the first place instead of some other language of their own? And this is exactly what I'm trying to figure out: what language they use, how does it work, and how is it written. We can see some interesting observations here: Words are separated by spaces. Text is aligned in horizontal lines. The writing system seems to be syllabic (that is, an abjad, like Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese or Ancient Egyptian), because words are quite short: 3 glyphs on average, usually 1...4 glyphs, longer words are rare. In syllabic writing systems words tend to be short, because only consonants are written down, and vowels are default, or known from context, or marked up with additional diacritics. In writing system where vowels are written explicitly, words are usually longer. The alphabet consists probably of only 10 glyphs (see the table below). There may be more, but only these 10 are visible in this particular book page. If you know about any more, please tell me in which episode you've seen them, with time stamp. The writing system seems to be hieroglyphic, similar to Ancient Egyptian or Paleo Hebrew. I suspect these glyphs could have started as ideograms (that is, each one represented only one idea, as a whole). But later on ancient ponies figured out that they can join those ideograms together to make composite words, joining the meanings of the particular ideograms together. And for these words to be possible to pronounce, they read the first syllables of the subsequent glyphs of a word. (I'll explain it further in a minute...) One of the glyphs seems to be some kind of a prefix (or suffix): the Pony Tail glyph. It is often attached to the rump of a Horse glyph, but both these glyphs can also be used alone. In one place it's also attached to a Star glyph, making a "comet". If it's really some kind of a prefix/suffix, it should correspond to a sound which is easily joined to any other sound, like "H", for example. But, maybe it's just a coincidence... I don't know which direction it should be read: left-to-right, or right-to-left, or interleaved. But if it resembles Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in any way, then maybe the direction can be figured out from the glyphs themselves: In Ancient Egyptian one reads a line of glyphs in a way to "meet" subsequent glyphs "from their fronts". For example, if some figure looks to the right, you need to approach it from right to left to "meet it face-to-face". So one could read Egyptian hieroglyphs in both directions, according to the direction of "looking" of these glyphs. In pony alphabet, horse figures are looking to the right, so it is probably read right-to-left, as in Hebrew. But maybe other directions are also possible (when the figures are mirror-imaged and look to the left). There's some evidence for it. For example, when Spike writes his notes in Episode 1, the bump in the papyrus under his feather seem to move right-to-left and left-to-right interchangeably. So it's possible that the direction is switched on line-by-line basis. Also, when Twilight looks through her books in Episode 1, you can clearly see that she always flips pages from right to left (that is, starting from the last page and going "back" to the first page of the book). This may suggest that books are written from the last page to the first, from right to left line/page. I don't know what sounds should be pronounced for those glyphs, but I tried to figure out the sound from the ideograms themselves. For example, I thought the best sound for the Horseshoe glyph would be the clopping "K" sound made by horse hooves clopping on the ground. For the glyph depicting Snake (at least I see a snake there, but it might also be a rope) could correspond to the hissing sound, like "S" or "Sh". The Thunder Bolt glyph could be related to some violent, "bursting" sounds, like "B", "D", or maybe electrical buzzing sound, like "Z". But I really have no clue what sounds these should be. Any ideas? In the following table, I show the whole alphabet: Beside the original hieroglyphs, I also added my own ideas of their corresponding hieratic versions, that is, for quick hand writing purposes. They're simpler and easier to scribble by pen. For each glyph, I also tried to match some sounds (in the Transliteration column). If you have any ideas how these glyphs should be pronounced and you can justify it in some way, feel free to tell me in this post. I hope for some interesting discussion here. Maybe together we can crack this code I also wrote in the table what (in my opinion) any of these glyphs depict (I have some troubles with the 0'th one, so if anypony has some idea, please tell me). Below, I wrote some possible meanings encoded in that particular glyph. Composite words can be formed by joining these glyphs and their meanings together. I've tried some examples below: Some of them are actually there in the fragment of the book shown in the screenshot, so this may be the right track. Now how to read those words? Suppose that the Horn and Crescent glyphs represent sounds for "N" and "M" respectively (I don't know this for sure, this is just a guess, for the sake of the example). So their combination might sound like MaNa, which is really the name for magical energy in many other fantasy worlds! I wonder if the similar trick could be done with the glyphs representing Bright Magic to get the word PraNa, which is also a name for bright life-giving energy in Eastern cultures. Then we'd have "mana" and "prana" for Dark Magic and Bright Magic But this could be possible only if the Star glyph were pronounced as "Pr" sound (which is not so strange for a language of horses you know, this snorting sound horses make sometimes). What other sounds do you think of for the Star glyph to make some interesting word for Bright Magic? Maybe you have some better ideas of how those glyphs should be mapped to sounds? In the table, there are also numerical values assigned to the glyphs. For now, they're just for ordering and reference purposes (let's call them PEGASCII codes though probably UniCode would be a better name for Unicorn's code ), because I don't know anything about what number systems are used by ponies (but I have some guesses; I'll get back to this). But I tried to correlate them on some logical basis. For example, glyph number 4 is the Horse glyph, because the horse has 4 legs. I used the Horn glyph to represent 1, because it's simple, just one straight slash. It's good for tally marks & stuff like that. I used the Star glyph for number 5, because it is a 5-pointed star. The number 3 is Thunder, because it has 3 lines (but this is not necessary). I took the Crescent glyph for number 6, because I wanted it to be just after the Star glyph, but it will probably be better for number 2 (two horns of the crescent). Other glyphs are assigned quite arbitrarily. But there is some interesting pattern, that all glyphs related to Unicorns are distributed in powers of two. More on this later. Also, I wondered if it wouldn't be better to use the Tail glyph as last, and Head glyph as first, but this breaks the pattern a little bit, and the Head is less useful for number 1, because its shape is too much complicated. As to the number system used by ponies, I suspect some place value system or additive system at least, because just plain unary is too limited. And it would be obvious to notice by lots of repeating glyphs for number one. I haven't seen anything like that in any of pony books. If it's place-value system (that is, a small number of digits, reused in different positions representing greater and greater powers of the base), then it could be in base 4 instead of base 10, because ponies don't have fingers to count (with the only exception of Pinkie Pie, as usual ), but they only count their whole legs (4 of them). This is related to that "powers of two" pattern above: 1, 2, 4, 8 (one leg/horn, two legs each front or back or side, foul legs in a pony, eight legs in two ponies etc.). Also, if they were to use base 10 place value system, it could be easily spotted from the first screenshot: we should have some glyph repeated thrice in a row, representing those three zeros in "1000th year". But there isn't any. So either ponies don't use base 10, but some other base (in base 4, 1000 is 33220, but we also don't see any two subsequent pairs of glyphs there), or they use just additive system, which adds values of some glyphs together. But then, we either need many glyphs to depict a number, or we need some bigger values for the glyphs (for example, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000) to write down the number 1000 used in the Transcript. And we need some way to find out which glyphs represent numbers instead of words. But such a system, on the other hand, is more for encoding meanings, like Gematria in the Jewish Kaballah system: you can then count up a value of any word to express some interesting patterns, like similar words having similar numerical values, etc. This is still an open subject, so any ideas are welcome. If you know about any other evidence of pony alphabets, please tell me about where you've found it (what episode, what timestamp). The more cryptograms the better. But for now, my only Rosetta Stone is this single book page from the first screenshot. I hope that this will start an interesting discussion about linguistics of the Ponydom
  2. This is an example of the thought process one can use to reach a conclusion with knowledge we already have, but did not think to consider. It just takes some time and patience. If the brain can store massive quantities of data, why do most people not consciously recall it all? Its because people do not try. All you need is spare time, and recognition of an almost order of operations of logic. In this example I start by asking a question that most would think has no definite objective answer. Then I keep going through a self-critical process of proposals based on reflections and the knowledge it brings to the foreground that I already had but did not know I had. So to simplify. 1. 'unknowable' question 2. reflection 2.a knowledge from reflection 2.b applying the knowledge into the equation 2.c rule it out if it doesn't objectively answer anything 3. repeat 2 til it does objectively answer something 4. add this into the equation permanently 5 repeat 2-5 as needed til the first question is answerable. 6. The answer and its objectively true within the assumptions that 'the world is real'.
  3. What languages do you know or learn except English and why are you learning them? I know French and I'm learning Russian and German. I'm learning Russian because a lot of people speak it and I also like the culture, food, language, music, etc. of Russia. As for German I just like the language and it's also a popular language. I also like learning new languages it's very interesting and fun to me.
  4. The subject of this topic is self-explanatory in the title. Would you want to possess absolute knowledge? Would you want to know all that there is to know in the universe? I'm wondering if any of you would see it as a curse or if you would see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Look at the bright side, despite the fact that your instinctive thirst for knowledge may come to an ultimate end, you will be able to quench everyone else's thirst. You would be the greatest teacher to ever exist and your intellect would never be underestimated or challenged. This grand ability would come with omnilingualism, the ability to decipher any spoken or unspoken language in existence, from body language, computer language, and extinct languages. Your understanding of history would be boundless, being able to understand the exact words and dialogue exchanged among every human being to ever have lived or still living. I personally feel that this would be an incredible ability that one could revel in for the rest of his or her life; the thirst for knowledge may end but you would then be able to appreciate having this illimitable knowledge which would undoubtedly be exciting in of itself. Your thoughts? Would you accept or decline the opportunity to possess such a capacity?
  5. If you guys haven't heard of Matthew Patrick, then I highly suggest you check him out. He has videos of a whole assortment of knowledge on many topics. He connects history, science, sociology, and psychology with video games. It makes these topics very interesting and should leave you with a greater sense of appreciation into how a human mind concocts the beauty known as video games. I particularly suggest this one, since it was the first one I've ever watched. Enjoy!
  6. I've seen recently several threads appeared with different kinds of questions, more or less serious/strange/etc., but I guess all simply coming out of curiosity. I asked some myself, too. (Guilty.) This has got me an idea: I bet anyone of you has some nagging questions, which you carry in your head since long time, and no one ever could answer you to them. Right? E.g. why is there that white crayon in the crayon box? Or why is the sky blue at day, red at sunset, and black at night? Or why are we being forced to remove irrationality from the denominator of our fractions in math classes? Or where do we know the digits of the number pi from? Or why is the heat flowing from hotter to colder objects and not the other way around? Or what is time anyway? Or how can a high-jumper jump higher than his own height? Or why are some thick objects transparent, when some other, thinner object are not? And lots & lots of other questions, I guess... But I also noticed that many of these questions I can answer (I'm a smart pony after all, if you didn't notice ). And I guess that many of you could know the answers for some other people's nagging questions, too. So why don't we just make a bargain? I like solving problems, and I'm unstoppable in my drive for knowing the answers. This way I found (or discovered) answers to many of the nagging questions from my childhood and adult life. And many people come to me and start asking more questions as soon as they notice I can answer them. That's why I'm curious of your nagging questions. What bothers you from your earliest childhood to this day? Do you have some questions which no teacher in your school could answer? Or something you always wanted to understood but no one could explain it to you in a comprehensible manner? (People tell me that I have a talent for simplifying things and explaining in a comprehensible manner, so you can count on me ). Please ask your questions here in this thread. And if you see a question of your peer you think you know the answer, feel free to help your friend I'll try to answer them too, if not here, then I'll try to write a whole article about that on my website if I find something interesting enough (There are some interesting articles already you can check out. E.g. about solving quadratic equations in your head, using simple geometry instead of the dreaded quadratic formula.) What do you think of this idea? And don't forget to post your nagging questions
  7. Hello! I am SparkleShy, and I have made a website called MLP Wiki is a my little pony wiki, hence the name! I need YOUR help to help make this happen! I need people experienced with the MediaWiki software to help me out with post formatting and I need some very deep anylizers that can update articles about the main charactars of the show. I currently require: Developer: I am such a noob with MWIKI, I need a developer that will be entrusted with the FTP server and SysOP privladges. (1 required) SysOP's: Help maintain posts, rollback vandilization, and protect articles with high levels of said vandilization. (5 required) Rollbacker: Rolls back vandalism. Basically a moderator. (10 required) Trusted: Can edit protected pages, (20 required, mainly maintains the mane 6 articles and other stuff.) Contributer: YOU! [hopefully] (∞ required) Ok. Fine. You can make articles about your OC's.
  8. Another questionnaire thingy, another weird gif. Because that's how I roll. Except there's no weird gif because apparently it exceeds the max file size. Now, let's get this over with, shall we? 1. Any scars? - I have one on my head, like right above the area between my left ear and eye. My hair's kinda long-ish though, so it covers the scar. 2. Relationship status? - Single at the moment 3. Crush? - Haha, like I'm gonna tell that to some faceless questionnaire thing like you! Ha, nice try! 4. Kissed anyone? - Noop :/ 5. Coke or Pepsi? - Pepsi (don't hate me D: ) 6. Someone you hate? - My dear beloved sister. 7. Best Friends? - There's three people I'm closer to than anyone else. Their names are Dylan, Leslie, and ghostfacekiller39. On the forums, the people I talk most to are ghosty and Luna. 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? - HAHAHAno. 9. What's your dream job? - Why, to write, of course. 10. Ever been in love? - I like to think so... 11. Last time you cried? - That's kind of a personal question... But the last time I shed a tear was over the summer. Though I'd rather not remember any of that. 12. Favorite color? - Why, ultraviolet, of course. 13. Height? - idklol I think somewhere around 5'10-6ft, maybe? 14. Birthday? - Right before April Fools' 15. Eye color? - I think it's dark brown, but most of the time they look black. 16. Hair color? - Black, but I get some red hairs sometimes. What's up with that? 17. What do you love? - What do I love? I dunno. Lots of things, I guess. 18. Obsession? - Hah, you expect me to list all my obsessions. How naive of you. 19. If you had one wish, what would it be? - More wishes. 20. Do you love someone? - Well, there's someone I really like, but I'm not sure if it's love... So I'm gonna go with my family. I love them with to death, but that doesn't mean I like them 21. Kiss or hug? - Hugs plz. 22. Nicknames people call you? - Too many to list. 23. Favorite song? - Not really sure. Pick anything by Evanescence (as long as it's not from their last album...) 24. Favorite band? - Evanescence of course o: 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? - That's personal... 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? - The best thing? Not sure. I have many blessings, and I'm grateful, but it's kinda hard to pick the best one 27. Something you would change about yourself? - I'd definitely make myself better-looking 28. Ever dated someone? - Eeyup. 29. Worst mistake? - Not sure. I make a lot of mistakes. Can't really say which is the worst. 30. Watch the movie or read the book? - Both if I can, if not I'd prefer to read the book. 31. Ever had a heartbreak? - Yeah, but not in the way you probably think. 32. Favorite show? - Gee, I wonder? 33. Best day of your life? - Is yet to happen, I'm sure. 34. Any talents? - Well, I like to write and draw... 35. Do you wish you could ever start over? - Start what over? You mean like, life? Yeah, I guess I wish that sometimes. But really, the life that was handed to me is overall pretty good. Why would I throw that away? 36. Any bad habits? - If being too lazy to ever do anything counts, then that. 37. Ever had a near death experience? - No. 38. Someone I can tell anything to? - Anyone who knows me knows the answer to this question. Why, ghostfacekiller39, of course! 39. Ever lost a loved one? - Two of my grandparents and a few of my aunts/uncles have died, but I never really knew any of them, so... 40. Do you believe in love? - There's people who don't believe in love? What is wrong with them??? 41. Someone you hate/Dislike? - Didn't you already ask this question? Why, my dear beloved sister, of course. 42. Are you okay? - I'm not sure I understand the question. But yeah, I'm fine. So there you have it. Now you know me even better.