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Found 10 results

  1. I have been recently working on a picture of Lady Rainicorn and trying to color with the computer. I would appreciate it if I got some feedback on what it has so far, that way I can make alterations to it. PS, please disregard the black specks! O_O PSS, You have to click on the image to get a WAY better look at it. I noticed it doesn't look to good when it's all small like that.
  2. Hello ponies~ I'm the candy mare, Flicker Sweet and I'm here to answer your questions~ Nothing is off limits so go ahead and ask away~!
  3. lets be real for a moment So I had the show "world's worst Tennant" in the background, and this lady is leaving her husband, and he arrived to collect half of the stuff that is his. She literally cut EVERYTHING in half and is srz biznis about the entire thing. Then the husband arrives, and is just mind-bucked. He see's the bed cut in half, the tables and chairs cut in half, the T.V, even the stove and microwave is cut in half. How she did this with the stove I have no idea. and my only reaction was this... What are your thoughts on this ~desu?
  4. I am searching for someone adept in the arts to draw my newest OC, Alora. Everything necessary can be found below and, if I like your work enough, I may gift you with one of my more complex art requests. I may particularly like for someone to draw me a vector, seeing as I have all the hex codes listed and I DESPERATELY need one. She a complex character, do you have the raw talent necessary to properly re-create her?
  5. Writers: Now then, I've begun writing a series about my OC, Lady Moriko. It obviousely starts with the very begining, simply a series of important events in her lifetime. I need somepony who is willing to team up with me to aid me in my quest to make a truly perfect (Rated R) fanfic. This editor would recieve FULL credit for the wrok they do and I'd be SO gratefull. Opportunists: I am also looking for other characters to appear in my series. Hence, I am giving you the chance to apply for your OC to appear in my fanfics. You would recieve complete credit for the design and personality of your OC. This is how you apply - Pony Name: Pony Refrence: Pony Personality: Pony Backstory: Artists: On a more important note, I'm looking for able concept artists to aid me. If the series is a success, a video series will be released. I need people who can commit to the project. I need as many artists as possible because some characters may be too complicated in this instance. This is how you apply - Example of your art: Where I can find more of your art: Opportunistic Artists: I am also looking for someone to help me design the lastest two characters of my development. In one bit of the story Moriko is raped (yes, raped) by a sort of Snake-pony in her dreams. I need a design for him aswell as a design for the resulting pony (I do not want Moriko's child to have a snake tail, but it would be nice if she had some reptile qualities). The serphent king himself reprosents nightmares. The resulting child, who I have yet to name, will reprosent darkness (luna and nightmare moon reprosent night, NOT DARKNESS). I wish to design the child myself, but ideas and DEFINATELY welcome. The artists who designs the design I choose will recieve free art for an entire year and possibly a second reward. Basically, everypony who applies gets something, even if they don't win or aren't selected. Something is always given in return
  6. I've recently drawn an image of my OC, Lady Saphira. I'm currently looking for someone who can and may be willing to help me vectorize and enhance the colors of the picture. If you may be interested, please message me as soon as possible. Person of which does this for me will recieve a befitting award (SURPRISE!). As for the image quality, I must apologise for some of it because it was taken by phone and some of the colors aren't protrayed correctly (though most aren't too wrong). For example, the eyeshadow should be a lighter color, the iris of her eye should be blue near the pupil and green around the edges, and there are supposed to be two tones of green in her hair (despite the mear one you see here). ^ Art by me, drawn with fine point sharpie and watercolor pencils I am also taking requests. Please read the terms. Terms: - I reserve the right to deny your request application - I keep the copyright to all of my drawings - If I find your OC too complicated (rare), I do not have to draw him/her - If you do not apply correctly, you will not be accepted - I do not have to draw your OC as you want him/her drawn if I do not wish to - I have the right to deny to color your drawing wih a specific material if my supplies are limited (particularly applies to acylic paints) - If you do not like the outcome, I will be glad to redraw it for you - Non-pony requests are allowed Request Application: Username: Pony Refrence (picture, link, or description): Pony Cutie Mark (picture, link, or description): Ideas (this is where you give any extra information in order to achieve the full effect of your pony): Color (refer to all options, you may only pick one): Color options: - None - Watercolor Pencils - Acrylics - Professional (takes much more time than other methods and includes all details of an OC or cannon pony, wish sufficient shading and a professional appearance, nobody has yet to request this) Examples of my art (more added almost daily): REQUESTS: - - - - - NOTE TO READERS: I check this as often as possible, so if I have yet to reply to your request or comment, please be patient. Art © ME Origional drawing refrences © rightfull owners The reason this is not under commissions is because all art requests are FREE and there is no limit. Simply....first come.....first serve.
  7. Good evening mares and gentlecolts, I am here to answer any and all questions marking my return. I shall begin my describing a small amout about myself. Name: Saphira (very close companions may call me Phira) Age: Ageless Species: Alicorn (Goddess of all shadow and lust) Family: Eldest sister to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Companion: A large, magestic, and exotic green snake by the name of Esme Brief History: Abandoned at birth, Saphira has been forced to fend for herself for millions of years, secretly plotting against her royal family for their betrayal (far too complicated to go into depth at this particular moment....find out the rest for yourself) Cutie Mark: A blue rose symbolizing her virgin innocense at spirit aswell as her unnatural and unnatainable beauty. Saphira recieved her cutie mark upon being murdered by that of which she had been a fool to love. Personality: Saphira is a complex being that cannot be described through mear words alone. However, I can clearly and without hesitation state that she is increadably evil and intelligance, often using her appearance as a weapon against her foes. However, this doesn't mean she is without ability to fend for herself. The shadows are mighty allies. Abilities: Saphira has the ability to transform into a gracefull and magestic dragon (NO REFRENCE TO ERAGON) or wolf, by wrapping herself in shadows that seep into her person and transform her. This same method can be used to create fake ponies of which she uses to infultrate the domain of her enemies, but she cannot use this ability to turn herself into the forms of creatures who have ever actually existed. Any and all differences must be spoted it one wishes to defeat her. She can also call forth the help of the shadows which cannot be easily explained. As far as her abilities go for lust, Saphira's vampiric charm can be a deadly tool and she can even turn herself into a male of the species if she so desires. NOTE TO READER: If it takes me a while to respond to a question, that is because I draw pictures of Saphira to correspond with the question and her answer. (Saphira's companion and her dragon and wolf form will be designed very soon!)
  8. ANOTHER DRAWING?! ALREADY?! XD yep I made a new drawing, this time of Rarity. I put anthro in the title so that I can have a legit reason to put the ears and horn on her and not have people bug me about it XD. but let me know what you think! Based off Yaya Han's beautiful costume seen here: Up next in the series: Applejack :3
  9. Ok, so some of you may have noticed that LRP has kidnapped Feld0. We cannot let this happen. I have a plan, but it will only work if I recruit enough ponies. Reply if you're willing to join. I guarantee you a either a medal, a bodybag, or both.
  10. Yay, another picture of my 'sona thing! I forgot to mention; it also doubles as a fake Pokémon. It's a... antennae dog mole thing. Long story. This is its final form. Has two previous forms. Here it is wearing an outfit I invented.