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Found 1 result

  1. Here is my Random Character Design's. tethered to my written Novel series. For now I keeping the stories Low Key.... Since I plan to publish them with a publisher. Yes I plan to publish a coloring book as well. Easy since I have over 100 characters. Plan to trademark in future too.. My copyright has already been achieved. Each image display my registration number proof of copyright with the government of Canada. Yes I'm open to critiques. So criticize away to your hearts content. On to the characters done so far... The North King Of the Polarons Species. and South pole Prince of the Oracale Species Their Mystic Ice Crystal Relics Displayed in Fine Detail... The Guardian's of all four core Elements... Last of the Atlanticorn Species, Guardian of Water and Sea '' Atlantiqua '' The Windargo Species, Guardian of Air and Sky '' Stormageddon '' The Rameon Species, Guardian of the Earth and Life '' Tierra '' The Lavaron Species, Guardian of Lava and Fire, " Vocanio '' The Camaro Species. Keeper of the Sun. "' Prince Apollo Sand Stone .'' The Moonaloon Species, Keeper of the Moon '' Queen Sea Mist Swirl.'' Species Unidale. Born during The Lunar Eclipse, Yin / Yang .... '' Sun and Moon Eclipse Swirl '' Species Clyony.... Species Unidale... Species Clyasus... Species C'yuniasus The Mer-Tail Species... More Surprises on the Way... Laurie Ann Garland