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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone in the area feel free to come peruse my table, or just generally bother me. I promise I don't bite!
  2. Since I have Las Vegas on the brain after playing some online slot machines (free, not for real money, I'm not that much of a gambling addict. In fact, wanna bet I've never gambled online?) I'm going to match ponies to the many Las Vegas casino/hotels on The Strip. Going north to south on the east side of the strip we have... Wynn Las Vegas/Encore = Hoity Toity Wynn is classy, but modern classy. It also has many designer clothing stores inside it so that fits Hoity Toity. The Palazzo/The Venetian = Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (Princess Cadence) Her full name is Italian and these hotels are based off Italian stuff Harrah's = Pinkie Pie This Mardi Gras themed casino has a festive atmosphere including the Carnival Court where live music is played into late hours in the night, often annoying older patrons like my parents The Quad (the former Imperial Palace) = Derpy Hooves Only because they're currently undergoing big renovations and Derpy is known to break stuff. Flamingo = Fluttershy One of the first casinos ever and an ageless classic. It was once owned by mobsters. Yeah. His name was Bugsy. It has its own animal preserve thingy with tons of flamingos. Go figure. Bill's Gamblin' Hall = Braeburn It has a Western saloon name and feel to it. Bally's = Applejack It's just there. Nothin' special. Sorry Applejack fans. Paris = Fleur-de-Lis Fancy Pants' lady friend is French and Paris is a city in France and this hotel has an Eiffel Tower replica. It's only 1:4 scale when they originally wanted it to be 1:2 but the nearby McCarran Airport said NO. Planet Hollywood = Sapphire Shores/Photo Finish Originally the Aladdin, Planet Hollywood has a younger, movie studio feel to it. MGM Grand = Twilight Sparkle Possibly the most widely recognized casino/hotel in Las Vegas and Twilight is the main character so yeah. It's big and green and hosts a lot of boxing and UFC events. Wait that doesn't describe Twilight much at all. Tropicana = Trixie Nah no connection at all. Move along. West side of The Strip going south to north Mandalay Bay = Octavia I got nothing. It's kinda fancy. Luxor = the two Saddle Arabia delegates Celestia hosted Meh Egypt is close to Saudi Arabia. Excalibur = Shining Armor This one writes itself. He's a knight, Excalibur is a sword and the hotel is a giant castle. New York-New York = Babs Seed She comes from Manehattan and New York-New York is based off of Manhattan. Monte Carlo = Jet Set & Upper Crust Those snooty Canterlot ponies probably would enjoy Monte Carlo which is based off of the real Monte Carlo Aria = Princess Luna/King Sombra This is a newer hotel/casino that is part of CityCenter which looks like a giant futuristic skyscraper thing. I included Sombra because there's a mall in there called Crystals. CRYSTALSSSSS The Cosmopolitan = Rarity Cosmo is the newest hotel and is very cosmopolitan which Rarity would probably enjoy. Bellagio = Fancy Pants Classy hotel is for classy people and Fancy Pants personifies class. This was the casino used to film Ocean's 11. Caesars Palace = Princess Celestia All hail Caesar, I mean Celestia. This may also be the most widely recognized hotel next to MGM Grand The Mirage = Spitfire There's a giant volcano outside it that spits hot fire (ehh? ehh?). And all its windows are covered in some golden film so it looks like its on fire. Treasure Island = Pipsqueak Pirate themed place. Too bad Pipsqueak would be too young anyways. Circus Circus = Spike It's more of a kid-themed casino which makes no god damn sense since this is Vegas. It has an amusement park inside and a museum dedicated to Chuck Jones the cartoonist. Stratosphere = Soarin Meh, all it has is a big needle tower with a roller coaster wrapped around the top. Off-Strip Palms = Vinyl Scratch The Palms is home to a younger crowd and it is the home of DJ Pauly D. He's the in-house DJ. There used to be a Playboy Club there too. Also has the Pearl Theatre which holds concerts from the mainstream artists. Rio = Rainbow Dash Rio is very colorful and so is Dash. They just installed a zip-line that goes from the top of their new tower to the top of their older, lower tower.
  3. Since I'm going to be bored this week and because I'm really super duper hyped for my vacation to Las Vegas in 5 days, I've started designing the symbols for a MLP-themed slot machine that one would typically find at a casino. When I get this done, maybe someone will take my designs and create a functioning slot machine game for the internet to enjoy. Anyways, here's the first symbols: the low-paying basic 9-A playing card symbols There will also be 3 different high-paying symbols MLP:FiM logo symbol Scatter Wild Special feature reel 1 Special feature reel 5 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 And when you play it, I'm imagining the MLP:FiM theme song (instrumental) playing as the reels spin, where the song stops when the reels stop then picks back up when you re-spin.