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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently found an optical module from an old DVD-R drive that I recently taken apart. Go check it out!
  2. Make way for true best pony. Come here and show your appreciation.
  3. So, over the last 10-15 years things have really changed in terms of computers and the like. The internet is pretty much everywhere now and flash drives are pretty much the norm in quick physical file storage. I also notice I print much less than I used to. In my college, a lot of assignments have to be submitted online. We have an old (2001) (yet somehow still very good quality) inkjet printer that has had dried-out ink cartridges for a couple years now. The ink costs like $70 and since it's seldom used about 75% of the ink would be lost through evaporation, so it just sits there, inkless. Back in like 2007 I got a laser printer on sale for like $70 AND IT STILL HAS TONER LEFT IN THE STARTER CARTRIDGE! I bought it at the time for E-bay and school and have used it quite a bit. REASONS: Good price fast doesn't smudge ink DOESN'T dry up I mostly print in B&W anyways. I also have a photo printer that prints awesome 4X6 photos. The way it prints is really cool. Instead of using ink it pretty much melts plastic film from a ribbon cartridge to print the pictures. It laminates them also. The nice thing is that you have exactly the amount of "ink" for the paper. It doesn't dry out and should last indefinitely since it's a plastic ribbon. . Most of the time I just print to a PDF file since my laptop came with Acrobat. I save payment confirmations and e-bay stuff in folders since I HATE PAPER PILING UP EVERYWHERE. So how often do you guys actually print these days, and what kind of printer(s) do you have?
  4. < this is my ask tumblr> <and this is the guy whom i made the fan art for, FOLLOW HIM!!!> this was actually some good practice for shading, took all day cause this is my first shot at shading/lighting How did i do? (plus new style eyes! inspired by soapiesolar :3)