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Found 2 results

  1. What do you think of my OC Designs so far old and now new ? 2 of them are new.. Do i have what it takes to be a digital artist. 3 of my main characters are in the processed of getting plushy. can you guess which ones which one do you like best which ones would you like to see get plush . What do you think of my character Design set up.. granted some are random.. . More on the way...
  2. She is all colour styled in Affinity Design, software by Serif. decided to use pattern design to make her stand out more, Challenging fun, every time I see her in the pose it makes me think Daddy little girl/Mommies little girl. I'm new to the software. However loving how simple and easy it is to use and it help my work pop out and stand out a little more. Granted I got a long way to go and a lot to learn. so far how do you like my art style... I'm thinking about ditching Adobe software all together and sticking with Serif software... For my needs Serif software is perfect, No disrespect to those who need or use Adobe software, for me I find it confusing and far to overwhelming at times, Due to my lack of knowledge and understanding it held me back a lot, I know the Adobe software can go over and beyond to help someone achieve their goal to make their art truly stand out, however when you lack understand on how to use the tools, to make it do what you are looking for, it can seriously set you back. Her background and Signature was done in Craft Artist 2 a great software for digital scrap bookers. Thank You for being so kind to read and view her, and Thank You all for the Likes and Replies... Hugs