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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not sure if this topic was ever brought up or not but this is just the most humorous thing. You know how the Mane 6 like to dress up for events every once in a while, like for example the Grand Galloping Gala? So if they can dress up for events, why not dress up everyday? Lol, so wouldn't that mean they are basically walking around in the nude?
  2. This is me. Oh crap! Everyone, sheild their eyes!! I'm really only using this blog thing as an alternative for things like imgur xD I might make something worthy of being called a blog post later. But right now I just don't feel like it :3
  3. Hello. Let me get this straight, NASCARFAN160 is a terrible name to use. it's all capitals, it has some numbers in it that make no sense. It's not a name, I wouldn't name my kid NASCARFAN160. They'd get bullied. So what we need to do is convince our NASCARFAN160 to change his name to something funny. Like Nassy. Nassy is a cool name. This isn't a sort of petition, or a plea to get replies so he changes his name. No, this is far more insidious. Far more grandiose. For more evil then you can ever imagine. I propose as a bunch of people/horses, we only refer to NASCARFAN160 as Nassy, never call him anything else any more. When you quote him, change his quote name to Nassy, if you talk to him say "hey Nassy". Change his local Skype display name to Nassy. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING He will have no choice but to concede, and get a better funnier username, not as funny as Zoop though.
  4. Tich plays some Dungeon Defenders with some people. Including BigSnackington and Electrobolt. I hope you enjoy the episode! Please comment on the horrible audio quality and how much I suck at games.