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Found 17 results

  1. So, which day of the week makes you feel in the laziest mood possible and why? Mine is Sunday, mostly cause a good deal of stuff is already done and time seems to be running somewhat slower for me in those days, but that's just my perspective. My other choice is Wednesday, pretty sure many of you can easily tell why.
  2. Disclaimer - Yo, modz i made a serch so dont h8 on me if dis is a dupe thred dawg I was wondering how everyone's work ethic is whenever it comes to, well, anything. Some people have trouble doing things that they don't like doing, while others can blast through anything as if it's nothing. This can be school-related for all you younger members out there, or can be work-related for all you old geezers like Zoop more-experienced-in-life members out there. Quite honestly, I think I'm lazier than... crap, who's someone even remotely as lazy as me... There's no one. I am the laziest person on Earth. I refuse to do any schoolwork, I avoid getting out of bed every day because I just don't feel like moving, and if I'm not given food to eat from my guardians, I'm most likely going to be too lazy to actually make anything for myself to eat. I don't eat breakfast or lunch because I'm too lazy to make it in the morning and then buy it in the afternoon. I am, by all means, lazy. 100 point paper due in a month? Wait until last minute to get it done? No. Just don't do it. It's possibly my worst feature, but I shan't go in this direction right now. Even if I'm in the mood to draw something, I just simply won't do it, because I'm too lazy. I refuse to do things that I enjoy because I am just THAT lazy. How bad/good are you guys/gals with this?
  3. So tomorrow i start my first day back to college and boy does it suck. I really hate my college since its mostly hardcore liberals who hate america. They constantly down talk America's military even if there is a soldier in the room. I have to go due to health insurance crap, otherwise i would join the military. I know once i get into the swing of things it won't be so bad, but still. The people at my college are either druggies, gang members, or snobs. The only people i can stand there are the outcasts. People like me who keep to themselves and only speak when spoken to. Now i would just go into the military but my parental units said if i do then i can find somewhere else to live. I really dread going back to my college. I dress unique and whenever i go down there people like to stare at my clothing. I feel i will also get criticized for wearing pony merchandise such as pins and shirts. i might just bail halfway through the semester.
  4. Some one can help me? also me need something that isn't paint to make the leters
  5. i have been wanting to post this for a long time but then i forgotten so stuff happens. Anyway,what is your opinion on group work/Projects. In mah opinion,i think it is this:
  6. Well? I've been trying to get in shape and here are the things I do: Ab: Basic Crunch Right Oblique Crunch Left Oblique Crunch Bicycle Crunch Reverse Crunch Long Arm Crunch Crossover Crunch Half Curl Vertical Leg Crunch Plank Arm: Overhead Press Bicep Curls Tricep Extension Right Tricep Extension Left Bent Over Row Front Raises Reverse Bridge Dips Half Push-Ups High Side Plank Right High Side Plank Left Butt (yes, that exists xD): Squat Front Lunges Side Lunges Deadlift Donkey Kick Right Donkey Kick Left Hip Bridge Leg Extensions Flutter Kicks (Fluttershy >.>) Froggy Glute Lifts Cardio: Jog In Place Jumping Jacks Knee Ups Butt Kickers Mountain Climber Pulls Step Ups Pile Squat Hops Ski Hops Shuffle Punches Jump Rope Leg: Side Leg Lift Right Side Leg Kick Right Inner Thigh Raise Left Side Leg Lift Left Side Leg Kick Left Inner Thigh Raise Right Hamstring Curls Quad Lifts Static Lunge Right Static Lunge Left I'm only a 15 year old girl, so keep that in mind. Do you all do exercises?
  7. Just testing if my new computer could actually handle my drawing tablet and since Im a lazy fuck, I recolored a image. I was lazy with the eye and didnt bother with shading. Enjoy my OC without her pet snake or cutie mark. Because her cutie mark is a bitch to draw.. I am also posting it in a blog because I dont know how picky the fan art section is about recolors.
  8. I'm not happy with the face but then again, this whole thing was kinda lazy. (The eyes didn't take long at all) I decided to then leave it as a dump- later into the drawing I was inspired to create a pony flower crown set! c: I'll be re-drawing her and the rest of the five here once I get to starting and finishing it.
  9. So, if you go and see in google suggestions, with safesearch on, that if you search up something like "celestia and luna" it will come up with r34 as a suggestion. I just found this out just now after I did a internet cache clean with ccleaner and I was logged off so its not my search history (I dont look at clop anyway). I know for a fact that there is more pokemon r34 than clop, and if you type something like "ash and misty" (two pokemon characters) or even if you type anything related to r34 other than ponies with safesearch on it will not show anything. I've had clop pushed into my face when I typed "cadence and shining armor" even in organized groups. Why does google allow this? Are they just being obvious trolls, allowing their algorithm to organize r34? Whats your take on it? Note: This is not a personal insult to anyone, I'm just asking a question.
  10. I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems to me that most bronies are very lazy. It seems like smart, successful, hard-working bronies are few and far in between. Most seem like living-in-mother's-basement or video gamer types of people. I would love to be proven wrong, but it seems like all bronies that I've seen IRL are losers. Is this true, or is it just that the better bronies hide the fact that they are bronies?
  11. I've been browsing through the forums a lot today while I was supposed to be doing work and I was wondering if anypony else was procrastinating or maybe if they have the same sort of attention span when working next to a computer. I know it's hard for me to avoid such a great website when working!
  12. Howdy everypony. After some naggin' from Pinkie Pie and the gals, I decided to take the day off. I don't really do this all that often . I don't have much to do right now, and this hammock is really comfortable, so I'd love to shoot the breeze with y'all for a while. If you're curious about anything, fire away!
  13. Hello peeps of sheeps. I mean ponies. I've just gotten me some kick ass posters from staples and various otro places. check 'em out!
  14. Around the time the whole "Lyra vs Heartstrings" thing was going on, there were several other pony toys facing the same debate amongst are fandom, one of which was a pony named "Lullamoon", who very closely resembled Trixie (not sure if the cutie mark was the same, but it probably was). After we complained (rather pointlessly to be honest) Hasbro compromised with what ponies they could, such as rereleasing "Heartstrings" as "Lyra Heartstrings" (a name I already used), and "Lullamoon" as "Trixie Lullamoon". However, did they really need to correct the latter? The thing about ponies like Lyra, and Colgate (released as Minnuette) is that they fannamed, Trixie was not fannamed, so if they release a pony with a different name, what makes us think it's her? It's not like any of the other ponies had been officially named in the show (Derpy has nothing to do with this subject) so the jury was still out on them (somebrony even suggested "Heartstrings" could be a different pony, as the original was darker than Lyra - I'm personally okay witht them being the same pony). Trixie has been named in the show, so I personally think that Lullamoon was a different pony, and that an actual Trixie toy may or may not have happened on it's own. Lullamoon may or may not have appeared in the show, as in almost every generation/version there have been ponies who are toys, but never at any point appear on the show (Tales had some show exclusive ponies who never became toys, G2 was only toys, G3.5 is the only one to have all ponies in the show, and in the toyline, because there were only seven of them). "Oh, but Trixie and Lullamoon look the same, though!" True, but as much as I love all generations, including this one, it has to be said; the Friendship is Magic toyline is pretty lazy. All the toys are just recolors of the mane six, regardless of what they look like in the show. It's not as bad as what G3.5 did, but it's still pretty lazy.
  15. Ever Since I Got Team Fortress 2, I Been Really Busy, By Playing... And The Cause Of That Made My Hobby Into A Rare Activity, Well To Be Honest I Haven't Thought Of Anything Good To Draw, The Last Thing I've Drawn Is A Crossover With MLP And TF2 Like This... (Honestly I Just Want To Post Something)
  16. WARNING POOR GRAMMAR READ AT OWN EXPENSE Ok a few days ago my aunt bought me borderlands 2 and i thought that they finished the game to early and even after i finished some side quests and some main quests i was bored with quests that seem, repetitive and i have noticed a lot of game companies losing there way with classic games like resident evil before it was suspenseful and as time went on it is more action packed then it is horror and same with saints row the first 2 games where very good but the third one was just strayed far away from the serious part of the first 2 and the game became more of a joke then a serious action game with a story that was shorter then a call of duty team death match i could go more into detail but i don't no what to say the game industry for me any ways looks like its losing touch with what they where many years ago with good games like the Gears of War series and Dead Rising and Fallout & Elder Scrolls series, Mass Effect series but then again mass effect 1 was a very good game and all EA did was dum down the 2nd and 3rd game when it comes to quality and features , yes they did add some new features that were a good edition but removed some off the good features that where in the first game
  17. I've always wanted to start writing fanfictions, but every time I try to write one, I either run out of ideas or lose patience with my writing. Either way, the end result is another word document whisked off to the recycle bin. I am doing fine with ideas, but my problem lies in the process of writing the story out. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creative writing, so alas, no stories I write are ever good enough to keep. Is there anybody out there who has advice on how to get a good story written?