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Found 6 results

  1. As your all are aware, the show’s pretty leaky, and over the weekend it experienced the biggest one, where just about every major asset had just been leaked, including the unreleased pilot, early song builds, animatics, scripts, emails, episode concepts and premises for existing and cancelled episodes, as well as how an episode might differ from existing ones and what was planned. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in here, but there lies the biggest question, to what degree are we allowed to discuss. I know download links are off limits, that’s a given, but what about pictures, videos, or even just a regular discussion? Especially now that the show is over there’s really no worries for spoilers, What lengths are we allowed to take them? What is allowed?
  2. Hello i know this was revealed in February but I’m only finding out about this now, and with the source of the leaks down, I need some help, did anybody here, either download, or save some or all of the photos from the leaks. If so, PM me ASAP
  3. I haven’t seen anything, I don’t really know anything that hasn’t been said in the EQD article.
  4. Well, this again, 4chan has a list of season 6 episodes, but the same guy who made a list of season 5 eposides previously, with most of them being true. Who knows if said results will repeat this upcoming season Update: it's probably fake, not like we didn't see that coming
  5. FILLIES, AND GENTLECOLTS, PRESENTING, THE LAST SHORT OUT OF THE LEAKED SPANISH ONES, FEATURING FLASHY AND FRIENDS Note: If what they said about there will be shorts until the movie release, and this is the last short out of the four leaked in Spanish, we're getting to unknown lands with the upcoming shorts