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Found 10 results

  1. DQ stands for "Daily Question". It is a theme I started recently. The biggest mistake I ever made was probably when I blurted out in daily shares a random dream I had the night before. I mistook the dream for a spiritual sending and then presented it as such. It was the most awkward situation I've ever been in. What I learned from it was actually negative, that you must blend into society or else pay the consequences. Out of this came the "Dark Ages" of my life, a period of time where I had to endure some increasingly hard depression. This eventually led to one of the more positive lessons I learned, how to use logic to separate true from false. Questioning life itself tends to put forth a lot of opportunities for growth and observation. As a result I am now very opposed to simply fitting into society. If I let society change me how will I be able to change society then? Keeping your wills and opinions untainted by the world around you marks you as a distinct figure. Someone I continue to strive towards being.
  2. Okay, first thing first, I DON'T HATE MLP!!!!!!!!(Canterlock powered) Second,... Did anyone actually learned anything from MLP:FiM?After almost of every episode, Twillight(or her friends) will write a letter to Princess Celestia, saying what have they learned today. So, the big question is, did you? Please reply what have you learned(or haven't) below. Personally, I have learned much.At first, I won't think I can learn anything, because, I'm a grow up now and I know what is wrong and what is right.But after I watched MLP, Ironicly, I actually learned something...About friendship
  3. Here we can talk about languages, learning them, and the wealth of information that's soon to come in this post. All your excuses for not learning: PAID - (Assimil: Russian with Ease) Teaches you basic-intermediate Russian via Reading and Audio, you can easily acquire an ear for the language (distinguish words even if you haven't heard them) and end up with a vocabulary far big enough to get speaking. PAID - (Russian Learner's Dictionary with words by frequency) Really good for when you want a word at your fingertips in an accurate way, instead of resorting to Google Translate (which does not understand colloquialisms and slight translation differences. - (Memrise Russian) Lots of courses in Russian to help you build vocabulary, practice reading and speaking, pronounciation, and so on. Plus you are rewarded for it and it makes it much more fun to learn. If you keep up with it every day while practicing with natives, you will most likely not forget too much of what you learn, whereas if you think that knowing "10000 Russian words" will make you suddenly fluent, you've got another thing coming at you PAID - (Michael Thomas Learn Russian) Uses the Michel Thomas method to teach you Russian. - (Master Russian) Explains the ins and outs of the Russian language on a basic-intermediate level so that you can better understand why things are the way they are. But remember, it never beats a native speaker. - (Babbel) A community where you can learn Russian in various ways. Other: (links soon) Colloquial Russian Teach yourself Russian Survival Russian a course in conversational Russian How to pronounce Russian correctly Linguaphone Russian course Russian a self-teaching guide Russian in exercises (English and Spanish editions) The new Penguin Russian course Ultimate Russian beginner-intermediate Russian grammar workbook Teach yourself Russian grammar uchebnik russkogo yazyka dlya studentov inostrancev French resources: German resources: Spanish resources: Portuguese Resources: Italian resources: Swedish resources: Norwegian resources: Danish resources: Icelandic resources: Finnish resources: Estonian resources: Latvian resources: Lithuanian resources: Chinese resources: Japanese resources: Hebrew resources: Arabic resources: Q&A: Speak other languages? Help translate this post! Help me to translate this post into its relevant form in other languages which I will put into spoilers as a subcategory of this post Future Updates Will Include: Portuguese, grammar sorting and links in subsections, Hindi, more Esperanto links, more inspirational videos and blog posts, custom-made Esperanto and International English keyboards.
  4. hey, anyone know where I can learn to improve my drawing skills, and/or want to teach me. It would be appreciated, I need to be able to concept my game as my concept artist just quit. I am not very good but I'm a fast learner, I promise.
  5. Very simple. What is something you suck at, but want to master? You know, something like learning the best strategies at a board game, how to be skilled at a videogame, or anything you can think of. I really suck at solving a rubix cube, but I want to learn how to solve it. So, I look up techniques and advice online so that I can figure it out. I then keep practicing and eventually master the techniques and can solve the cube in no time at all every time.
  6. Exactly what the title says. In MLP: FiM, characters learn all sorts of lessons. Is there any particular lesson you think your favorite character needs to learn, or something you'd like to see them take to heart? I'd like for Rainbow Dash to learn that she doesn't have to be cool/the best. While she's known for being pretty blunt at times, she actually can struggle with being herself. In Sonic Rainboom, she was compelled to put on a cocky and confident face while inside she just wanted to get away from everything. Her fear of not living up to everyone's expectations and messing up in public crippled her. In Mare Do Well, she hid just how bothered she was with how quickly a new hero replaced her in the eyes of the town and how quickly she became yesterday's news, showing only brashness and jealousy, and not how troubled she was. In Read it and Weep, she was afraid to let people know that she liked a freaking book. Seems to me that she'd be better off and happier being who she is and not trying to be who everyone (and she) thinks Rainbow Dash is/should be. How about you?
  7. Can anypony give me some tips or some sort of guide on how to make art? I'm okay, but can't get the hang of it. I somepony could point me towards a guide or good software, I would be very grateful.
  8. Hier ist ein platz für Deutsch lernen, weil viele Leute möchte Deutsch lernen! Mich und andere finden dass wunderbar! Also, wenn ihr fragen habt, bitte hier sie schreiben! Danke Schön! Wenn du kann Deutsch sprechen, bitte andere leute hier helfen. Dann können wir schneller die fragen antworten! Here is a place to learn German, because many people would like to learn German! Myself and others find that wonderful. So if you have questions, please write them here! Thank you! If you can speak german, please help other people here. Then we can answer the questions faster! First thing we will learn is up for decision!
  9. Hi. I'm known around these parts as Zweiterversuch (For Germans a common username in many forums. For people from other countries a real challenge when it comes to pronunciation.) I have been present in some sections of this forums: Octavia's hall, Sugarcube corner...etc. I've started silly topics like the one in which you create your own MLP related yu-gi-oh cards or the one in which I was looking for people to publish a comic among others. This time I've come here with something a little more serious in mind. I'm a native Spanish speaker but I can talk German, a little bit of Japanese and a little bit of English. To talk at least 6 or more different languages fluently has always been one of my goals in my life. Unfortunately and as anyone who has learned another language, it is way hard to learn a language when all you do is repeat something from a book and you don't really have anyone there to correct you in case you make a mistake. That's why I'm looking for someone who shares the same goal with me (or who for some reason must practice Spanish, German or Japanese) to do a language exchange. So that together we might improve our skills and be a step closer to our dreams. I'm looking for people who are, Italian, English, Japanese or German native speakers. (I'm also trying to learn French and Portuguese but right now I can't even talk trash in those languages.) For people who aren't familiar with Language exchanges, here a small description of how it goes: 1.)We agree to "meet" online once or twice a week using Skype (No video conversation, in case you want to keep your real identity unknown.) 1.1)In these "dates" we'd try to talk as much as possible or do an activity that requires us to talk with each other (What we talk about is not so important.) To give you an example I'll tell you what I've done so far in these language exchanges so that you might have an idea of what we could do: -Watch a movie online together. -Watch anime online together. -Draw something and give each other advice or talk about what happened in our lives. - Play an online game together. (Yu-gi-oh or something else. No mmorpg's though. I've a serious addiction to gaming and I'm currently trying to overcome it. I mean it. It can ruin your life if you are not careful. I'm not trying to say that gaming is bad, but everything in excess is bad.) - Check each other's homeworks (I kid you not. I've done this. I'm bad at math though. Not because I'm bad at it but because I don't know how to explain things in other languages.) We could also send each other letters ( be mail buddies) so that we can also practice the written word of the language we'd be trying to learn. (Only two letters per week tops. It has happened to me before that I was overwhelmed by twelve letters a week from a previous partner I had.) As a language exchange partner I could help you with your Spanish, be it its pronunciation or its grammar. I could talk with you in German or even Japanese so that you might practice. (I can't help you in the pronunciation and grammar of these languages since I'm not a native speaker.) Also I must be clear on some things: I'm a 23 years old male. My hobbies are drawing, cooking, watch anime and movies, video games (mostly of the play station 1, super nintendo, nintendo 64 and NES.), languages, mangas, animation and voice acting (my voice sucks though). Interested people don't have to tell me anything about themselves. I'm not looking for people of a certain gender either. I do prefer that the ones interested in the language exchange are older than 15. It isn't like I discriminate children or anything, but as I said before this is serious business. I really want to improve my skills. Well, thank you for reading through all of this. P.S: If you're really interested in knowing how good I am in each language, I guess I could put up some recording for you to hear. This is also 1 of my hobbies: No, it is not bobbing my head.
  10. All this time, I've been having lot's of problems with my so called ''friends'' none of them like me anymore, not because I watch mlp, but because they are assholes. I don't even want to be their friends, but sadly, everyone is like that my age. I want friends that can be there for me, and not call me a faggot and laugh at me. If more people watched mlp fim, maybe they could learn something, and be better people, and friends.