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Found 39 results

  1. One of my large phobias I had until just a few months ago were spiders and arachnids. I used to be so terrified of them that even the smallest ones made me run and hide in another room. Let's not even talk about the larger ones. Not too long ago, I decided to learn more about them. I eventually decided to pick up some harmless arachnids that I was freaked out by, harvestmen/daddy longlegs: These things scared me the most where I live, and are pretty big, but harmless. I managed to pick one up, and I learned that they weren't that scary at all; they were cute. Pretty much I got over my arachnophobia, and love spiders, often looking at them or holding them. How has anyone else gotten over a phobia?
  2. Are there any subjects you always struggled with in school? Things that you always had trouble understanding? I'm curious to hear from you about it, because I'm planning to make some educational videos in a near future and it makes me wonder what are the things people always wanted to learn but encountered problems when trying to study them. Therefore I'd like you to be more specific than just "I always hated math" or "my chemistry teacher was mad and ugly" because that wouldn't really tell me anything new – I already know that schools suck I'd rather like to know the details – what exactly was difficult for you to understand and why. E.g. "I struggled with history because I couldn't memorize all those dates", or "I had trouble with physics problems because I never knew which formula should I use" – stuff like that. Stuff that could help me figure out what exactly causes problems when people try to learn different things, so that I could try finding some better ways of explaining it. You can also just write about some stuff that you always wanted to learn / understand, but couldn't find any good sources of knowledge about that subject. That would be helpful as well Another good idea would be to show some example problems that you couldn't solve or didn't get.
  3. What are somethings you've always wanted to learn and become a master in? This could include any subjects or skills that have deeply interested you. You never seem to have the time to learn them at the moment (you have more time than you think; procrastination is really what gets in the way) but you would like to learn them at some point in the future. I would like to learn as much astronomy, geology, biology, environmental science, paleontology, meteorology, and botany as I can so I can have a better understanding of the natural world and the heavens above. I also wish to achieve fluency in seven languages: Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian. I've also been interested in gaining experience in some sort of craftsmanship, whether it be automotive mechanics, welding, or carpentry. Sadly, there's no resources close to where I live that can help me in that area
  4. Idea: Let's make a place where we can exchange languages I teach you mine, you teach me yours To make it even more simple and fun, I already made some effort to prepare a bunch of pictures for you that you can use as an educational device Just take one of the pictures below and replace my texts with ones in your language, then post them here so that other people could learn your language. (I intentionally used solid colour backgrounds under those texts so that you could simply use a colour picker and paint the same colour over my texts, then replace it with your texts easily.) My hope is that after a while this thread will become a great learning place for people (and ponies) who want to learn languages :> Let's start with something simple, yet useful: colours. Why colours? Because they can be later connected with nouns to describe them, and that way you will be able to learn how to make the simplest grammatical construct in every language: noun phrases. (This will probably be in the next part.) Colours are one of the most primitive mechanism that allows us to distinguish objects from each other (e.g. apples from an apple tree), and their set is usually limited (unless you're a girl and you know millions of colours :J but let's save that level of complexity for later ). I can't provide you the audio, so under each image I also posted the texts as plain text that you can copy into your favourite text-to-speech software for that particular language (e.g. you can use Google Translate – they have audio samples for some languages; or you can use an online dictionary – those have audio samples sometimes as well; or Wiktionary). OK, that being said, let's now learn some colours with Rainbow Dash – the most colourful pony in Equestria Colours in Spanish: (rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, morado, blanco, gris, negro, marrón, rosa, los colores) Colours in Mandarin Chinese: (红色,橙色,黄色,绿色,蓝色,紫色,白色,灰色,黑色,咖啡色,粉红色,色) Colours in Polish: (czerwony, pomarańczowy, żółty, zielony, niebieski, fioletowy, biały, szary, czarny, brązowy, różowy, kolory) Also, if anyone is interested in becoming "language pen pals" with me, feel free to hit my mailbox (Although I prefer talking in this thread, because that way other people could benefit from that as well.) I also sometimes appear in Pony.Town as TeachMeUrLanguage and talk with ponies there. Or you can go to my Discord room specially made for language exchanges You can also share your ideas about what would you like to see next in this thread, what stuff you would like to learn, what languages you are interested in, etc. I'll add them to the poll above.
  5. What languages do you know or learn except English and why are you learning them? I know French and I'm learning Russian and German. I'm learning Russian because a lot of people speak it and I also like the culture, food, language, music, etc. of Russia. As for German I just like the language and it's also a popular language. I also like learning new languages it's very interesting and fun to me.
  6. We all have to learn a thing or two in this life but some of the most valuable yet often painful lessons come from learning them the hard way. Two recent lessons come to mind for me. I have been practicing driving for a while so I can get my license, I have been taking lessons but have also been practicing with my aunts boyfriend (we will call him Ray both because it is easier and that is his actual name) who knows a lot about cars. The car I have been practicing in is a 1994 Lexus LS400 which while it has been put through its paces is still in relatively good condition and will be my car once I get my license. Ray gets a back injury leaving the car out of use for 2 straight months, I try to start the car after all that time only to find out that the battery is dead. It gets jumped but is not left running long enough to keep a good charge so it has to be jumped again. After this second jump Ray was recovered enough from his back injury for me to practice with him again which we did. I also took his advice and had the car run for at least a half hour 2-3 times a week which I did but the battery died AGAIN. I skip one day, just one after I let the car run for 3 days in a row for at least a half hour and it still died. I bought a jumper box in case but it turned out to the wrong one, luckily Ray came with me and I returned the wrong one and got the right one. A few days later I used the box to successfully jump it and ever since then have started the car every single day for a half hour without skipped a day EVER no matter what. I learned the hard way to never ever EVER let an older car sit without being started for prolonged periods of time. I also recently learned at work a few days ago that you can't buy hot food with an EBT card (food stamps). A customer asked me if he could buy fried chicken on food stamps and since I witnessed customers buy as well as rung up several customers myself for every junk food you can think of with their efforts to pay with food stamps going through with no problems aside from the cards often getting de magnetized from frequent use/wear and tear. Since I had no reason to assume otherwise I said "yes" and he comes through my line a few minutes later with a Family Meal Deal, tries to run his EBT card to pay for it and it dosen't go through, it not going through scared the shit out of me because I thought something was wrong with the computer. It took my manager coming over and explaining it to me to make me realize that I was completely wrong meaning that with no other means to pay the food had to be taken back to the Service Deli.
  7. So, with school started up again for me, and mostlikely for many of you, I've just recently starting trying to get back into the learning mood and stuff. Get use to school and the routine and everything else. And I suppose that combined with other random explained things gave me the thought to make this topic. I've heard from many of my teachers about different learning styles, and from other people as well, and while I've done research online a little and discovered there are a bunch of different ways to interpret different learning styles, I'm probably just going to stick to the three I think are most basic, unless something makes me feel as though there should be other types included. The four main types from what i've gathered are as follows. Visual Learner: Visual learners tend to learn best well.. visually. They may recall words and such by simply seeing them, and may want a demonstration provided to help them learn. These people are also usually imaginative, and may learn well from descriptions of something too! They may also become distracted by movement while learning, but are less concerned about noises. Auditory Learner: Auditory Learners learn best by listening to the teachers verbal instructions. They may enjoy things like plays, dialogue, and the like over books and other things. They may recall things better when speaking it to themselves, or having it spoken to them by others. However they also may be distracted by sounds more so than visual learners. Tactile Learner: Tactile learners learn best by taking notes or reading something, as well as by drawing and doodling. They also learn well when doing hands on activities sort of like Kinesthetics, things like labs, projects, and such. Kinesthetic Learner: Kinesthetics like to be active and involved in what they learn, while similar to tactile in a way, kinesthetic learners tend to learn best while moving and being actively involved, and they lose much of what is said in lectures and the such. They much prefer to do, rather than to watch. These type of learners tend to also have high amounts of energy. I know some of that may seem redundant, especially if you know about all this stuff(Which many of you probably do.) but I felt like putting some kind of definition down anyways ;p. While all of us learn to some extent through one of these methods, apparently, we usually have one method we find the best method for us personally, the one we learn best with. So what would yours be do you think? I personally think I'm probably a Kinesthetic, since I tend to like doing things instead of just having someone show me or tell me how to do something. Although I suppose i could also be auditory, only thing is that I feel I don't recall auditory stuff the best always. (Except names, I think i'm pretty good with names.) Sorry if any of this information is kinda eh on the explanation, or if I'm lacking in knowledge on the subject, I haven't known about this all that long, and haven't learned a ton about it or anything. Plus i'm only a Junior in highschool so ;p. If anything is incorrect, i'll try and change it. Alright, have a great day everyone!(Or well, it's night over here right now ;p.) Edit: added in a 4th learning type, due to Miles informing me of it. I will edit the poll and the descriptions of the learning types to help adjust to this.
  8. We all know that MLP started out as a show to learn about friendship and other things but has it succeeded? Has anyone in the fanbase learned anything? It doesn't have to be one of the lessons. It could have been something about the characters or about yourself! I personally have learned some things from the show. I learned that characters like the mane 6 can still be written well. I learned that being yourself is more important then what others think of you. I learned that not everyone has given up on children's media. I learned that sitting down and feeling miserable without trying to get better is not good for anyone. I learned about how my depression worked and how I should beat it! I'm sure I learned a bit more but I can edit that in later. So, what about you all?
  9. Well, I haven't made a post, or even been on the site for months now. I suppose that means it would be appropriate to start a new thread, as the old one is probably buried in the recesses of the art board by now.
  10. Hello, my name is Jack and I am a journalism student at Dalhousie University. I am doing an assignment that focuses on learning about the passions or obsessions of others and writing a short feature story about them. The story will only be seen by my professor and I would really appreciate if anyone could answer some of the following questions: How long have you been a brony? Why did you first start watching MLP? What drew you to the brony community? How do you participate and or contribute to the community? Who is your favourite pony? Thank you for your cooperation!!
  11. Being an assistant instructor in martial arts and working in a public environment I am afforded more opportunity than I would like to see different parenting styles, attempts, and outcomes. Beyond that, my experience in a teaching/leadership role as an assistant instructor has given me opportunity to even try different teaching styles and methods of gaining obedience without using corporal punishment (though I wholly support parents giving their kids a smack upside the head or a spanking if it is well earned). The end result is that I have more parenting experience than I would like, especially given the fact that I loathe the idea of having my own offspring. I had previously drafted a long-winded explanation on my views of raising children, but I found that through all of it, the greatest message was the importance of communication. When punishing or rewarding your child communicate the reason. I wholeheartedly support corporal punishment, but only where other methods of punishment either fail or where the severity of infraction is great. Rewards as well need be measured out such as to breed a sense of work ethic rather than entitlement. As a parent, your rules need be logical and reasonable, and the reason needs to be told to the child. They will learn more from it, be a little more likely to obey. "Because I said so" is not a good reason. Lead by example, and when your children are observing and learning from you, tell them why you make the decisions you do. Don't hide reality from your children because you think they are too young to understand or too fragile to handle it. As a parent your job is too help them understand and grow so as to not be too fragile. If a pet or relative dies, explain what it means. If your child makes a mistake or fails in some task or goal, don't gloss over it or deny it. Let them understand what it means to fail, but encourage them to always try to succeed. As a parent, know your child's strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Encourage them to pursue tirelessly what they love, and encourage them to give up on harmful or fruitless pursuits. If your child asks a question, answer truthfully and to the best of your ability. Encourage curiosity and use it as an opportunity to learn yourself and expand your horizons. Teach critical thinking above all. If you are religious, your children will be exposed to it, but don't try to force it upon them. Allow them to have fun. Childhood is about learning and exploring. They don't need to start down the path to becoming a doctor or lawyer at the age of 5. Let them explore their interest, expose them (along with yourself) to new things. Be a teacher and leader in their lives, don't push off the job and hope others do it for you. Be there with and for your child, and know when to give them space. I have seen parents ignore their kids far too often, especially during the early years. They learn language and how to interact with people first from their parents, so teach them well. Angry Birds can wait. That text message can wait. On that note, the type of language you use around them is the type they learn. There are enough mumbling idiots without an iota of linguistic proficiency, don't make more. Just as children need to be interacted with, they also need room to grow. Don't smother them. Allow them to grow their own circles, have their own adventures, and amass a few scrapes and bruises, so long you are there for them at the end of the day when they need you. Parenting isn't easy, I won't pretend for a second it is. As stated before, the take away from all this is communicating with your child. Just as they are growing, it is an opportunity for the parents to grow as well. I have a certain life philosophy that applies also to parenting, as difficult as it may be to adhere to: Relax; there is no gain from panic. If you feel too stressed or overwhelmed or tired, just pause a moment, catch your breath and focus on how to get things done one step at a time. Remember, your children may just be growing and learning, but they are still people.
  12. STUFF... I love STUFF Ok, so this is just a place that I would like to just chat about stuff with people well I'm trying to learn how to make my own video games. I will be on this topic anytime I am at my computer learning the program. so drop by anytime even if I'm not on. I am willing to talk about almost anything, so that is why I don't really have a topic title so here is a list of suggestions. Last video game you played- Favorite video game- New Games coming out- New song you like- Favorite song- New movies- Favorite movies- Art you like- Art you have done- Anime you are/have watched- Favorite Anime- And of course Anything Pony Related
  13. It's a concern to me that I cannot find any Bronies like myself out there who has a learning disorder like I do. For instance, I have High-Functioning Autism (HFA for short), a.k.a. Aspergers Syndrome. There has been some talk on the internet that apparently the entire show of MLP:FiM actually helps people (in general) who have autism with their social skills. And I am yet to see any studies and evidence of this being true.
  14. What game that you know has the hardest Learning Curve? For me, that would be Eve Online.
  15. So I have been getting frustrated about what 0/0 is, so I made a C++ program that will divide 0 by 0 and this pops up as an error this was the code ; so I decided to input the 0s in manually, and if I try to divide 0 by 0, the program fucking crashes here is the source code to try it for yourself ; ; ; and I found a physics forum and they didn't have a clear answer (or I'm just dumb) does anyone know the answer to this major black hole???
  16. Yay!!! I'm learning!!! so, I made this lip sync test and now I will never unhear it as vaccinate.
  17. As the title says I'm finally learning how to draw ponies. I'll be editing this thread with new art every now and then. Tips and critiques encouraged!
  18. OKAY guys now this is probably not your everyday thread but hear me out (sorry for my english skills, im german): did you ever have an MLP-lesson-like realization? like the ones Twilght has at the end of most episodes (the onese she sends letters about)? I CERTANLY did have one yesterday and i wonmdered if anny of you have come to some interresting and meaningfull conclusions since you joined the fandom. i would like to learn from your experiences and realizations and i am sure there will be some interresting poste below. so i will start off by posting my realization. so yesterday i was discussing religion and science with a freind of mine. and he had just finished his sentence qand i was eager to prove my point untill i suddenly stopped because i just realized that what i was about to say would hurt him emotionally. after that thought it came to me: If you need to hurt someone to prove your point, your point is not worth proving. so after realizing this i went a different way (and in that argument and the argument ended more civilized than most do on the internet ^^) im really looking forward to your "Dear princess celestia..." moments ^^ (also please don't just quote something you have read online i would really apprecieate actural, genuine and honest experiences =D )
  19. Hello everyone! ^-^ As some of you may know, I have been studying Japanese for several years now. I haven't, however, been studying much this year; which has resulted in loss of vocabulary. For this reason, I created this blog to learn and keep track of new (and relevant) words on a daily basis; as well as to share them with you all! It's a win win! If you're studying Japanese as well -- or have a remote interest in the language -- I hope this helps in your language journey or ignites your interest in it! So without further ado...                      If you have any questions about the language -- be it, grammar, studying tips, Kanji etc. -- feel free to ask down in the comments section or through PM. I'll be glad to help however I can! じゃあ、またね!^-^
  20. Does Sunny just seem to get the short end of the stick by the writers as well as her new friends? Frankly, I think she does. The writers seem to constantly put her in situations that the mane 6 would never have to deal with with their own friends/ actions and portray Sunny's human friends as pretty poop friends, with how they treat poor Sunset Shimmer. Examples I've spotted that support this: 1: “Equestria Girls the Movie”- At the end of the first movie, Sunset was expected to apologize and clean up the messes that she made as punishment (whereas in the series, the Mane 6 never seem to apologize for what trouble and chaos they cause, nor do they get punished for their actions) 2: “Equestria Girls- Rainbow Rocks”- Sunny is supposedly 'forgiven' of her past mistakes by her 'friends', the mane 5, but they keep making it a point to bring up her past errors, in conversation, whenever she's around, continuously reminding her of how awful she was- whether it's intentional or not. (And I hardly believe that it's unintentional, unless the mane 5 are completely unaware that Sunny's part of their group and follows them everywhere, and if she's in immediate line of vision and close proximity to them- and she is 99% of the time, then there's really no excuse for that). To say “no offense” when you continuously drag up someone's past bad behavior and throw it in their face, isn't an acceptable apology. 3: Even the principal/ vice principal still distrust her....having the cajones to accuse Sunny as “being eager to make someone else out to be a bad element, so that her actions at the Fall Formal will become old news.” after she willingly repaired their bloody school in the first movie (undoubtedly by herself). (isn't that against child labor laws, and- I dunno- even dangerous for someone who isn't a contractor?) They risked having Sunny make repairs to a building that could potentially collapse onto her, and then hit her with a low blow, accusing her out of the blue of trying to make the Dazzlings look bad, after she already turned over her new leaf. Harsh, man. Harsh. 4: Twilight, herself, distrusts Sunny. Even when its Sunny, not the mane 5, is the first to run to her and extends her hand, when she flies out the portal. (In spite of Twilight, herself being the first to offer her hand to Sunny in the first movie. Or been the one to suggest that Sunny open herself up to making friends in the first place) 5: Apple Jack (after earlier calling Sunny a “crazed lunatic”, and shrugging it off with a “no offense”, states- while Sunny's in her presence at the Cake's cafe- that the gang has nothing to worry about now that Twilight's back. COMPLETELY failing to credit Sunny for being the only one to realize that they were up against dark magic, in the first place, and failing to rely on her instead of Twilight. 6: Mane 5 invited Twilight to join their band, in spite of it being Sunset Shimmer who pitched the suggestion of fighting fire with fire (or music with music) against the Dazzlings, to defeat them (even when Twilight didn't have the answer on how to defeat them). 7: Sunny prevented Rainbow Dash from getting too carried away and showing her magic to the Dazzlings before the finale, and her “friends” got mad at her. 8: 2014 EQG holiday special in the IDW comics- which takes place after Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer's “friends” still treat her horribly, after Sunset proved herself changed to such a degree that she was able to transform with the elements of harmony and help the Mane 5 save the world from the sirens. The Mane 5 turn on Sunny; judging her at the drop of a hat, and leaving her sobbing on the floor (not to mention none of them notice Sunny being homeless and living in the library, or offered to take her into their home, as they did with Twilight) But even after all that, Sunny quickly (perhaps TOO quickly) forgives them, while none of them apologized to her. 9: “Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine” chapter book- Mane 5 (again) not giving Sunny credit where its due. After Flash Sentry aske shen Twilight will return, A.J brings up that if it weren't for her, they never would've defeated the Sirens. Sunset Shimmer has to remind the gang that she helped, too. (and it was, in actuality, with her help- not Twilight's- that they kicked Siren butt) 10: Not even Pinkie (the one who has everybody as a friend and knows what each individual likes/ dislikes) know what Sunset- her supposed friend likes. After Pinkie buys and decorates some pillows with matching decals for their friends (RD's having a soccer ball, AppleJack's having a lasso, Fluttershy's having a bunny, and Rarity's having a high-heeled shoe), Pinkie decorates Sunset Shimmer's pillow with......a setting sun. =_= And when Sunny sees it, in comparison with everyone else's pillow, she's saddened and dissatisfied, seeing that all her other friends had pillows with decals of something that made them special, and Pinkie didn't do that for hers, but just made a decal representing her name. 11: Trixie starts spreading lies about Sunset to the entire school and making them believe that she's trying to call the Sirens back, as well as not attending the fashion show that Sunny not only pitched the idea of, but the theme, as well as organizing everything in it within the short span of a week (and Sunset is quick to believe that it wasn't her doing (even though it was) and befriends Trixie, on top of that. ) Questions for discussion: 1: Would you remain friends with EQG's mane 5 (or anyone) if they treated you like they treated Sunny- continuously dragging up your past misdeeds, not thinking you'd take offense to it, making you feel bad about yourself, not giving you credit where its due, relying on someone else help rather than your own, blaming you for something you didn't do and failing to apologize afterwards, spreading lies to people about you? 2: Should Sunny remain friends with the 5, continuing to forgive them (with or without apologies on their part), in spite of all this? Are these the kind of friends Sunny really should be keeping around, as supposed "role-models" to help her better learn about friendship? 3: Were the Dazzlings actually the ones most helpful to Sunset Shimmer, by confirming that her 'friends' were excluding her in their activities, and possibly having Sunset re-evaluate if they're really her friends or not?
  21. Someone once said that you aren't living if you don't learn something new everyday. So I made this thread. If you learned something new today, post it here. All genre's of knowledge welcome here. History, Science, Math, General life lessons, Social stuff, Technical things you learn on the job, 'Street-knowledge', whatever... Feel free to cite the new thing you learned if it's cite-able, and keep discussion to a minimum so the thread doesn't become all about one thing. (you can always take discussions to pm or make a new thread for that) The primary purpose of this thread is to just post something new you learned today and to build a repository of facts n knowledge so others can come to this thread and do the same. Don't get cute and repost something new you learned from this thread Something new I learned today: A dime has 118 ridges around its edge, but a quarter has 119.
  22. Hello! so recently I have been wanting to learn C++, I have some prior programming knowledge and I know the basis how things work in a program. I think that if I understand how it works I will be able to learn better. So I have a few questions. If anyone could do their best to answer that would be great! 1. what does this mean? int main(int nNumberofArgs, char*pszArgs[]) 2. What do these mean? cin.ignore(10, '\n'); cin.get(); return 0; Thanks for any help! I'll probably have further question in the future.
  23. Here we can talk about languages, learning them, and the wealth of information that's soon to come in this post. All your excuses for not learning: PAID - (Assimil: Russian with Ease) Teaches you basic-intermediate Russian via Reading and Audio, you can easily acquire an ear for the language (distinguish words even if you haven't heard them) and end up with a vocabulary far big enough to get speaking. PAID - (Russian Learner's Dictionary with words by frequency) Really good for when you want a word at your fingertips in an accurate way, instead of resorting to Google Translate (which does not understand colloquialisms and slight translation differences. - (Memrise Russian) Lots of courses in Russian to help you build vocabulary, practice reading and speaking, pronounciation, and so on. Plus you are rewarded for it and it makes it much more fun to learn. If you keep up with it every day while practicing with natives, you will most likely not forget too much of what you learn, whereas if you think that knowing "10000 Russian words" will make you suddenly fluent, you've got another thing coming at you PAID - (Michael Thomas Learn Russian) Uses the Michel Thomas method to teach you Russian. - (Master Russian) Explains the ins and outs of the Russian language on a basic-intermediate level so that you can better understand why things are the way they are. But remember, it never beats a native speaker. - (Babbel) A community where you can learn Russian in various ways. Other: (links soon) Colloquial Russian Teach yourself Russian Survival Russian a course in conversational Russian How to pronounce Russian correctly Linguaphone Russian course Russian a self-teaching guide Russian in exercises (English and Spanish editions) The new Penguin Russian course Ultimate Russian beginner-intermediate Russian grammar workbook Teach yourself Russian grammar uchebnik russkogo yazyka dlya studentov inostrancev French resources: German resources: Spanish resources: Portuguese Resources: Italian resources: Swedish resources: Norwegian resources: Danish resources: Icelandic resources: Finnish resources: Estonian resources: Latvian resources: Lithuanian resources: Chinese resources: Japanese resources: Hebrew resources: Arabic resources: Q&A: Speak other languages? Help translate this post! Help me to translate this post into its relevant form in other languages which I will put into spoilers as a subcategory of this post Future Updates Will Include: Portuguese, grammar sorting and links in subsections, Hindi, more Esperanto links, more inspirational videos and blog posts, custom-made Esperanto and International English keyboards.
  24. What kind of college do you want to go to? (If you are in High School or younger) What College are you in? (If you are currently in one) What College did you go to, if you did (If you already graduated) For me, I want to go to Yale in CT
  25. Hey, guys. Sorry I wasn't able to be on here that much this week. School just started, and from how this week went, it's gonna be an interesting year. And by interesting, I mean I'm going to improve myself. Last year, I had a horrible year due to social anxieties and nearly losing my life because of a diabetic shock attack, not to mention, the most I've ever thought of suicide in my entire life. This year, I'm going to at least improve myself by not going to the most extreme measure when I fail something that can be easily fixed. Not too long ago, I made a thread about my problems with my love life, and after reading the responses, I decided to take those words to heart, as I'm not going to let my feelings ruin me again. I know it's normal to feel and be emotional, but I don't want a repeat of last year, and maybe even actually commit suicide because I have a hard time coping with my problems. Honestly, I don't think I'll fully get over my problems and desires, but I don't want to spend all my time dwelling on them, and getting into a deeper hole than I've ever been in. I'm also going to find out what I want to do with my life, and learn a few things about myself. I did learn one thing, though: I am my worst enemy. While everybody treats me with respect, I treat myself like I'm a fucking sociopath. I beat myself up over the simplest of things, and think that I'm doomed to be a failure throughout my life. Reading those responses in my love thread made me realize that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. If you don't love yourself, there's no point in going after a relationship. Not to mention, because I'm autistic, I tend to misread girls, causing me to think of them as potential mates rather than friends. I need to stop doing that, and just be a good guy friend, and not worry about my love life. I'm also thinking of learning martial arts from one of my teachers, just so I can be more athletic, and gain some muscles. This will go injunction with me going to the gym to gain some muscles, mostly because I'm still a little underweight, and I don't like being underweight. That's all I really have to say, and I do plan on making things better for myself. This has been Blue Blood, and thank you for reading.