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Found 27 results

  1. So, what are they? When I went to public school, I loathed Gym with every fiber of my being, but adored Science. But, now in online schooling, I don't hate any class (despite being awful at Algebra ) and I love Physical Science and Creative Writing the most. How about you all?
  2. We all have that one character/pony (or more than one) that we dislike. Discuss why you don’t like them here (but please do not argue with other users! This is just a place where we can discuss our opinions of characters we aren’t fond of in a civilized manner). For me, it is Spitfire, Celestia and Luna, and Tempest Shadow. They are all extremely overrated in my personal opinion. Also, I just find Spitfire’s bossy bi**h attitude annoying lol.
  3. With Star Trek: Discovery getting to the halfway mark of its first season and me being about half a season of Voyager away from ending my recent binge of the whole series (upon creating this thread), I decided it was time to poll the community on the subject of Starfleet captains. Who is your favorite Starfleet Caprain? Who is your least favorite Starfleet Captain? I know who's probably going to be answered the most in both questions, but I just felt like asking. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Answers: My favorite is Jean-Luc Picard. A very philosophical captain that rarely did anything that really offended or really could offend, he's exactly what I'd want in a captain. One that listens to the concerns of his crew and addresses them, even always giving the respect of saying "your objection is noted" when his actions are questioned by senior officers even under the most trying of circumstances. Plus, he was portrayed as a captain who had his own way of commanding his ship, and his own personality that is as deep as it is well-defined. My least favorite is Kathryn Janeway. She is easily the worst captain for reasons I've [posted about multiple times before. She's an egotistical hypocrite with a contorted sense of morality that always sems to fit her actions, no matter how unjustified. She treats her crew in a way I find downright disrespectful (she's especially bad about it towards Chakotay and Seven of Nine), and she's a downright moron. It doesn't really help her case that SHE is the ONLY REASON Voyager got stranded in the Delta Quadrant in the FIRST PLACE... Also, the way I'd probably rank them: 1. Jean Luc Picard --------------------- 2. James T. Kirk 3. Johnathan Archer --------------------- 4. Benjamin Sisko 5. Kathryn Janeway
  4. You might remember in an earlier blog I made that I listed my top 10 favorite Pokemon. Well, now it's time to flip the switch with my top 10 least favorite Pokemon. Before we start, keep in mind that this isn't a list of the top 10 weakest Pokemon. You can find lists like that on bulbapedia or maybe Smogon. These are just my top 10 personal least favorite. 10. Purugly I had a bit a trouble making up this list since there aren't that many Pokemon I don't like. Some Pokemon like this one that are lower on the list I don't hate them, I am just not to fond of them. Purugly always weirded me out. I would get sick of seeing these things since Team Galactic always carried them in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I also found it strange that one of the things known about it is the fact that it's ugly, especially after evolving from Glameow, who is a rather beautiful Pokemon. Sorry Purugly. 9. Lickylicky I was never really a fan of Licktung in general. It always felt like one of the filler Pokemon since it was always just there and never evolved. Plus, tongues? Really? And people say they newer designs of Pokemon aren't as creative. This thing however is worse due to the fact it managed to get an evolution. This Pokemon just looks all derpy looking. It's design looks odd to me. So this is what happens when you give a tongue Pokemon an evolution. Honestly, if this thing didn't exist then Licktung would be taking this spot. 8. Luvdisc Why does this thing exist? What is its purpose in the series? I mean it doesn't evolve, has terrible stats, and is a water type that looks like a heart for some reason. Don't ask me how those two are related. Yeah this isn't the only Pokemon who's design isn't related to its type on this list. 7. Eggecute/Eggegutor Yeah here it is. Let me get the question out of the way first. How are eggs psychic? I find it slightly worse than Luvdisc since this thing has something else that doesn't make since. How do eggs evolve into a palm tree? I've heard some Pokedex entries say they are actually seeds which would make more since, but they keep that very inconsistent. 6. All those freaking Pikachu clones (Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pacharisu, Emolga, Dedene) We get it Game Freak, Pikachu is basically the most well known Pokemon so much that you don't even have to know anything about Pokemon and still know who Pikachu is, but really? Do we need a new Pikachu clone every generation? Pichu kind of got away with it in gen 2 since it evolves into Pikachu. But the others? I find Pacharisu adorable but still a Pikachu clone. Plusle and Minun feel like they were only implemented in the games to show off double battles. Emolga and Dedene? Well same issue as Pacharisu. I kind of wish they'd stop introducing a new electric rodent every generation just to ride off of Pikachu's popularity. 5. Patrat Not much to say. You take a Bidoof with Ratatta clone stats and give it creepy eyes that looking totally jarring. 4. Farfetch'd This is another one that falls into the "Why does this exist?" category. I mean we already had much better normal/flying types in gen 1, did this thing really need to exist? The anime made these things out to be really rare and powerful Pokemon. Well, they're only right about one of those things. They're rare cause the only place to get them is an in-game trade for a Spearow. You know, a normal/flying type that is far superior to this thing. Also, I never really liked the look on its face. It always looked like a troll who was constantly teasing me. 3. Delibird Remember when I said that Farfetch'd has a troll look to it? Well, this thing has a derpy look to it. Not to mention, that it's completely useless with its only move having a 20% chance of healing the opponent. We get it you Santa bird, you give out presents, but not to the enemy. Not to mention that there was one that at one point followed Team Rocket in the anime and it was extra annoying. 2. Unown This is the Pokemon I've always had a problem with. It's gimicky in a way where they make you wanna catch all 28 forms of this thing. It's misleading in a way that the 3rd movie made them out to be these powerful beings, when in the games they're freaking useless. And they for some reason take up their entire own ruins for some odd reason. Yeah, turn them to alphabet soup. 1. Spinda There's so many things I don't like about this thing. They have possibly an even dumber gimmick than Unown by having millions of different combinations that the spots could be on their body. Why should I care? They have quite possible the derpiest design ever. In fact, they always looked so miserable to me with the fact that they're eyes are dizzy eyes. And they're totally useless with no evolution and crummy stats. But seriously give this these things a barf bag? Thanks for reading. If I put a Pokemon you like on this list, try not to be offended.
  5. DLC or 'downloadable content' is something that can either be done incredibly well and add to a video game in many ways or it can be a corporate tool to get more money from gamers. With this in mind, do you all have a particular favorite DLC's for a game? Or how about your least favorite? There are plenty to find for both categories I am sure. You can also just say what type of DLC is your favorite/least favorite. One of my favorite pieces of DLC has to be The Stone Prisoner from Dragon Age Origins. It gave you many new quests if I remember, a whole new awesome character to have in your party and other additional content, that is how it should be done. The DLC for the Elder Scrolls games are way up there for me as well. Huh, two western RPG's doing DLC right, weird. Both of these games have DLC that actually enhance the experience and lengthen it too. A least favorite of mine has to be the map packs for Call of Duty. Take the newest entry Advanced Warfare as an example. In it's map packs, you get: One zombies map, 4 multiplayer maps, and one new gun. All for $15. Given that the multiplayer maps split the community and that one gun is just that, one gun, these packs are not worth it. This highlights two types of DLC that I cannot stand; Content that is obviously ripped from the base game and sold to us later and DLC that costs a chunk of what the original game costs and does not have the content to justify the price point. That is happening a lot lately. Also, season passes are a pet peeve of mine.
  6. Here on MLP forums, we are given a variety of pony emoticons to use, that allow us to express ourselves in a variety of ways. Most of us here to use them to help show our emotions in the words we type. Being based on the ponies' expressions from the show, they're also just adorable and fun to use. xD So which of the pony emoticons on here do you like the most? Which one do you least favor? I personally would have to go with either or . Twilight's adorable expression just adds a fun and playful touch to the conversations, as well as many of the posts I make on here. The face is also really great to use, because it's a Fluttershy wink! It's so adorable, I probably use it a bit too much in conversations, but I can't help it. It's too cute! <-- Honestly, this is my least favorite. No offense Big Mac. It's just so boring, and I hardly see where it could be useful in a conversation on here, other than to simply show the other user just how 'bored' you are. lol
  7. All right. So I see there is an Overrated/Underrated Pokemon thread. So now the question is, what are some of your least favorite Pokemon? Unown: This Pokemon is not only pointless, but useless. The anime and games consider this thing practically legendary. No they're not, all they do is play up a gimmick in their own ruins. They're terrible in the games with only knowing hidden power which isn't even that good of a move. Delibird: This thing not only has a stupid design, but is also laughably bad. It's exclusive attack has a chance of healing the opponent. There was one in the anime that kept appearing that was really annoying. Exeggcute: How are eggs considered grass and psychic exactly? This think looks stupid. It's got its brain showing for pete sake.
  8. This is all about your favorite or least favorite movies. If you don't have one, you could talk about shows. My favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph. I thought it was really sweet and funny. Now, i am a sap when it comes to movies, but it did make me cry at the end. My least favorite movie is It's a Bug's Life. I just think that it's really boring, and the characters can be really annoying at times.
  9. Okay, so we have a most favorite Pony topic, but what about the ones you like the least? Im not saying you have to hate them, but just ones you feel that don't appeal to or just plain hate. Or if you like them all, say what one you least like. If you choose other, tell who it is.Personally, mine is Pinkie Pie. Her personality isnt just suitable for me.EDIT: Updates may be made to the board. But you can alway delete yuor vote and vote again, right?
  10. Now this is not who your least favorite Youtubers are, ie people that you just don't like for not finding them funny or interesting or something. I'm talking about Youtubers who have gone above and beyond to the point where you were so angry at their content, you vowed to never click on it again. For me, only two Youtubers succeeded in that. Gligar13vids: At first, I was just gonna take this guy as your typical bad game reviewer who may or may not be trolling. Then I thought about the implications of what he does if he was trolling. He makes money off his videos and most of his reviews consist of bashing fans of the games he's bashing. That made me realize he literally gets paid to be a douche bag. And whenever I clicked on his videos, it's unintentionally paying him. Because of this, I vowed to never watch his videos again. Clay Claymore: This guy is a lot smaller, but a thousand times more annoying than the previously mentioned guy. He basically goes around a bunch of cartoon reviewer's videos and just complains about how they suck and how they shouldn't be watching cartoons because they're kids products and blah blah blah. Not only that he does it in the most bitter and angry way. He says that they should stop being so obsessed with these shows well in term being obsessed with bashing these same people. Most of his videos from what I saw consist of what looks like the equivalent to YouTube poops, except most of the jokes feel less like jokes and more like mean-spirited jabs at people. Oh, and he made a Tumblr blog saying that people who watch cartoons is helping with the downfall of our society or something. I don't need to say more. I did just stop going to his channel but it's hard for me to read comments on some of these reviewers anyone when he is constantly there just to bash them which he calls "criticism." So, vent away!
  11. The title speaks for itself, just post your least favorite final boss in any video game. I'll start! Bowser as the final boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2 was expected, but I thought it would be more creative than what it was. It was the SAME kind of Bowser fight given to you through out the game; the only difference being, he comes back one more time when you are getting ready to get the last grand star, and then you have to ground pound a few more cosmic meteors into his face. I felt like that was really bland and repetitive...especially after the spectacular level leading up to the fight. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still one of my favorite games, though. c:
  12. I love almost every pony in the series. But here are my least favorite: -Prince BlueBlood (Obviously) -Diamond Tiara -Silver Spoon -Sometimes with Gilda Who are your least favorite characters throughout the whole series?
  13. Do any of you have an episode that just didn't click for you, but in multiple places around the site, you see people praising it? Or Vice Versa, when you really liked an episode and it seems the popular opinion is unfavorable? My example would be Pinkie Pride, i just thought this episode wasn't all that good, some cheesy western guy (pun intended) who throws parties, all of pinkies friends abandon her, then she leaves and comes back and all is happy. One of my least favorites definitely. Or flipping it around, it seems an unpopular episode is Look before you sleep, but i really liked the interactions between the two, and it felt like this is the episode they truly became friends So what do you guys think? Do you have any unpopular favorites or popular least favorites?
  14. ok so I was checking the forums and noticed that there is no thread for this so I made one I swear to god I checked this one useing google if they lied to me and this topic gets locked so what are some of your least favorite or disappointing games you have played recently? for me this title solely belongs to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs I know it was a year and a half ago but it still stands as one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever been though. I had issues from the first moments I started playing, long story short, they took away a lot of things that made the first game so great, I can't remember cause I abolished this game from my mind. it was also the first game I ever pre-ordered very very disappointing also I might as well add Pague Inc: Evolved to that list witch isn't nearly as bas as AAMfP but still failed to impress when I played it and is still underwhelming today
  15. My least favourite MLP song from the show would actually be the theme song itself. its by no means a bad song and is catchy but the song in the show to me are much better MLP song i cant stand are the dub-step remixes you know what I mean they song all the same to me what song you don't like or are your least favourite? you are welcomed to send remixes and song you like to this post and ill listen to them and i'll let you know what i think of them see ya
  16. So you might have noticed in my reviews that I'm not really too negative except for my review on some nicktoons. That's because I prefer to review stuff I like instead of dwell on stuff I hate. I've also never really stated my least favorite episode that much because I didn't think I really had one. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, yeah this episode is my least favorite. Wanna know what it is? Well, before that, I'll just list my top 10 least favorite episodes. Now, this list is a bit hard for me since there aren't many episodes I don't like. For example, I can't get myself to hate the Mysterious Mare do well. So yeah, don't expect that episode on this list. It would maybe be in the bottom 20 but certainly not bottom 10. All right, before we start, time for some dishonorable mentions. Dishonorable Mentions Boast Busters: What else to say, every main character except Twilight hating Trixie for just doing what magicians do. I may not like magicians but that's kind of disrespectful. Also, this episode introduced Snips and Snails, two characters that I don't like to talk about. I just don't hate it as much as other people do. And no, I don't hate Trixie. She's actually pretty interesting and I really warmed up to her after seeing Magic Duel. Look Before you Sleep: Not much to say here, Applejack and Rarity's arguing gets annoying and Twilight doesn't really do too much to stop it. A bit of an annoyance but not enough for this list. Owl's Well that Ends well: Not much to say here but the usual Spike abuse is not funny May the Best Pet Win: Seriously I saw the ending coming from a mile away Puting your Hoof Down: Mainly for Angel jerkhead and that moment with Fluttershy belittling Pinkie and Rarity. Ponyville Confidential: That third act just sours the episode way too much for me. Apple Family Reunion: Not really a bad episode, just boring. Trade Ya: Probably the worst dialogue in the show but it's got enough good stuff to save it from the list Now time for the list 10. A Bird in the Hoof Like Apple Family Reunion, the episode's main problem is how boring it is. Not too much of interest happened in this episode. It's just watching Fluttershy taking care of a phoenix she thinks is sick but it turns out that's what they do. So, how did you not know that Ms. Animal expert? The jokes in this episode are about as funny and entertaining as this plot. They pretty much all fell flat. The only thing I found remotely funny was the scene where Rainbow Dash was trying to make the guard laugh. This is low on the list because there are still some good stuff, like the entertaining chase sequence. So overall, not an episode I put to on high regard 9. Spike at your Service This episodes that could easily be fixed. See the main problem with it is Spike is way too clumsy in this. He can't do Applejack's chores at all even though he has shown to be good at helping Twilight. The way to fix this is just replace AJ with Rarity. It would be more justified since Spike has a crush on her, making the clumsiness understandable. And no, CG timber wolves won't get you a free pass. 8. Just for Sidekicks This one stems from my problems of characters being tortured. I know there's the argument of Spike's torture being justified. OK, but that doesn't make it any less hard for me to watch. Most of the jokes come off as more mean-spirited than funny. Also, why does Rarity give Spike the smallest gem? Element of generosity anybody? 7. Somepony to Watch over me Let's see here, we've got Applejack acting annoying over protective, scenes that just go on way to long, moments where Applejack holds the idiot ball, and a final scene with a chimera that looks impressive, until it opens it's mouth. 6. Show Stoppers This episode can literally ruin other cmc episodes. It starts with the cmc doing what is pretty much their talents and not realizing it. Why they dropped the ball in season 1 is beyond me. It also makes the cmc look like idiots. I know they're kids but even I wasn't this dumb as a kid to not see what's right in front of me. And don't even get me started on the mess of the song at the end that fails at cringe comedy. 5. One Bad Apple Not only does this episode combine my pet peeves of characters being tortured with many scenes of the cmc being bullied. It also screws up its moral. I'm pretty sure bully victims have tried telling adults, but they usually end up not believing them, getting bullied for telling on the bullies, or just ignored. The only thing salvageable is the catchy song. 4. Rainbow Falls Or as I like to call it, Rainbow Fails. This episode manages to screw up in both characterization and continuity. Most of the character are extremely flanderized. Also, every wonderbolt except Soarin is villainous because contrivance I guess? Oh, and Bulk Bicepts suddenly sucks at flying even though he was at the Wonderbolt Academy. Rainbow Dash pretty much repeats the same lesson from Wonderbolt Academy which by the way, is a much better episode. And Derpy randomly appears. You think think putting Derpy in our faces will make us forget about these episodes flaws? Even though this episode probably has the most flaws out of anything on this list, there is still one moment that keeps it from number 1. And that's mostly due to my biased SoarinDash shipping. That scene where Soarin and Rainbow Dash are in the hospital together. You know your episodes bad when the only thing I can say I liked about it, was hints at a ship I like. 3. Dragon Quest Yay, we get to see Spike belittled by the mane six in the beginning, only to get belittled by teenage dragons. Also, it acts like all dragons are jerks. There is one moment that always bothered me. The scene where Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Rarity look like they're gonna beat up the dragons, only to run. It's like they were gonna do something, but realized they didn't have enough time. 2. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Where do I start with this one? I'll just say the one good thing was the song. Even then it went on forever. We get an unfunny running gag about Rainbow Dash failing to get cider all well Pinkie rubs it in.Hey it's Pinkamena hypocritical Pie. You gotta share you gotta care huh? Also, if they always run out of cider, why do they let Pinkie buy so much? And why does she rub it in her friends face? This is probably her second worst portrayal next to Filli Vanilli. Why does Applejack write to Celestia just to tell her she didn't learn anything? Shouldn't the others write to her then if she already knew it? 1. Baby Cakes Surprise surprise, a Pinkie episode is my least favorite. It's actually my least favorite for all the things that happen to her in this episode. This is the closest we'll get to a Pinkie torture porn. We get to watch the babies torture her for 22 minutes to the point of crying. (which I find sad ). This might be a personal gripe, but I'm not a fan of the babysitting cliche. It usually results in the kids torturing the sitter. As shown in here. Of coarse there's that moment where somehow they know how to fly and use magic without any training. Seriously, how can Sweetie Belle barely use then? What's harder for me then torturing Spike or any character, is when they torture my favorite. And that's my list. If you disagree with any of these choices, that's fine. This list is made up of my own bias I'll admit that right now.
  17. Mane Six: Twilight Sparkle: Intelligent Has good songs Was funny in lesson zero All characters: Flim Flam Brothers Good at selling Can be funny Ambitious
  18. Okay, since the Luna micro was released recently, and it's the last book in the micro series, why don't we share our final rankings? 1. Luna. Every page had me cracking up. This is my new favorite out of all of the comics. 2. Rarity. The hippies were great new characters, and Rarity's reactions to their "spa" was fantastic. 3. Pinkie. This one has the best moral, and they were able to make Pinkie seem cute instead of obnoxious to me. I wish she were portrayed more like this more often. 4. CMC. This one was absolutely adorable, and Imp was a great new creature. This one also has my favorite art style of the comics. It's beautiful. 5. Spike. Another cute one with a nice, simple story. 6. Celestia. Another one with a good moral, and the few references that were put in were really well done. 7. Twilight. The story was good, and I loved Jade Singer, but the art was pretty terrible. 8. Applejack. The art was good here, but the story was boring. Like the show staff, they wasted an opportunity to give Applejack something to make her interesting. 9. Fluttershy. I liked the story concept, but the execution was poor. I also don't like how the rest of the mane six suddenly showed up at the end despite the fact that pretty much none of them would be interested in going to an art exhibit except Twilight. 10. Rainbow Dash. Sadly, this one was just flat out terrible with no redeeming qualities. The dialogue was painfully forced, the references tried to hard, and Rainbow's characterization was too much like MMDW. There was no point that I actually cared about the plot.
  19. I was just thinking, is there that one brony reviewer you just don't like or can't stand? Well here's the thread for that. So , as the title states, which one is your least favorite? For me, it would have to be Byter. It's not the fact that most of his reviews after season 2 were negative (though it kind of makes his reviews slightly frustrating) it's the fact that when I read most of his reviews, I scratch my head and wonder why he's still in the fandom if he seems to hate the new episodes so much to the point where he only liked I think 2 episodes this season. So discuss away!
  20. I have to say Walking with Dinosaurs. I dont HATE it, but it wasn't what I expected really, but I guess it was still good, but not the best movie that came out How about you guys/gals?
  21. If you have not read the books yet, I reccomend reading them! The books may sound stupid, but there still very neat books! Anyways, I have two characters I dislike, and I will just post why. 1. Firestar. Firestar is just... meh. I felt he lived to long, he was like, the longest lasting cats in the whole books! Heck, Bluestar didn't get to live that long! Plus, he just felt like that know it all, goody character that always seemed perfect. I just don't like him. 2.Scourge. His character is just... I don't know, I just dislike him! "Oh, my brother and sister bullied me! I'm just going to go on a killing spree now!" Ya, not that good of a character. Also, apparently, he has dog bones on his collar. How the hell did he put them on the collar?! Sometimes people say he got string and tied them on, but seriously, cats can't tie strings!
  22. I have a few actually...and these words make me just want to flip a table or something. >.> I'll start off. Ratchet YOLO (I will not not hesitate to track you down if this word comes out of your mouth. You won't have one anymore after that.... -.-) SWAG Words to inappropriate for this thread. Fag, or "Faggot" Retarded, or when people use "mentally retarded" as an insult. Do they have no shame? [racism 1] (because it's a hate word, and I really dislike it when people misuse it to sound cool, or a complete SWAGFAG. Yes, I said it. I hate that word too, but there is no other way to describe them...)
  23. First topic started :DD Okay so I've wondered for awhile what peoples' least favorite high school year was because I'm going into 10th grade in a couple weeks and I heard that freshman year was the worst for some, best for others. It was good for me though. So what was your least favorite year of high school and why?
  24. I want to first state that I don't hate or dislike any mane 6 character, there are things I like about each of them but there are some I like more than others. I even made a thread asking everyone to say something nice about their least favorite mane 6 character which you can find here With that said many of us have a few things in common with our favorite mane 6 character, some of us quite a bit but what about the least favorite Mane 6 character? In my case that is Rarity, I am not really into fashion but like her I do have a strong creative side. Since I was in the fourth grade I have wanted to be a writer and have written quite a few stories, some of them good some of them not so good but I improved my skills along the way to where I think I am a fairly respectable writer. When I was 12 I discovered my talent for music when with no prior training or knowledge I simply sat down and starting playing this keyboard and composed my first song. Shortly afterwords I started taking lessons and my skills grew very quickly to where in a few years I was able to play advanced songs that took most people years to master. I joined the jazz band in high school as a piano player which caused my skills to grow even faster as I was made to play some particularly challenging yet extremely enjoyable songs and got to perform a few solos at concerts which nurtured my creativity. I also am a fairly hard worker, sure Rarity is not as well known for this as Applejack but as the son of a former restaurant owner I can say firsthand that running a business is a lot of work. And there is a great deal of evidence in the show to back this up, Rarity is often shown having to follow strict deadlines to meet the needs of her clients and in one case even had to pull an all nighter. Because I sometimes push myself a bit harder than I should I have gotten 3 knee injuries on the job in a years time, you folks ought to see how beat up my knee pads get. I even had the straps on my first pair of knee pads snap off when I was in the middle of breaking down a milk load one time.