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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys. I was planning on making a music video for a song im working on. I was wondering, if I'm using my own art style, the only thing connecting it to mlp is the fact that the characters are ponies, they are all my ocs, and I'm not selling it or anything, would it still be copyright infringement, and am I at risk of getting struck down by Hasbro? Also, what if I copyright my song, but not the video? Does that increase the chance of getting struck?
  2. What do you think about snuff? Do you take it? Do you have friends who take it? Maybe you think people should not snuff? Is it legal in your country, and do you think it should/shouldn't be? Do you think it's dangerous? I snuff, although really rarely - maybe once a month, or less. Also, please keep in mind that snuff is legal in many countries and is not a drug - I've met people who thought so.
  3. I'm only posting this as a new topic because Jan of Jan Animations posted a new video that's basically a send off for Button Mash. I'm not too keen on the song itself but I am a big fan of the original Button's Adventures. I know the legal aspects have been debated ad infinitude but the new video got me feeling nostalgic and wishing that Jan would have been able to finish the actual Button's Adventures sequel. To a certain extent I understand that Hasbro didn't want people confusing fan animations for actual show footage or fans showing up the animation team but considering there are plenty of fan channels that blatantly feature the Mane Six, it just seems a travesty. I hope Jan is successful with whatever new stuff he has planned and also Button's Mom will always hold a special place in my heart. But that's a story for another time.
  4. Remember when Coco Pommel got her name changed because of a legal issue? Well I think her name could still be "Coco" and "Pommel", but separately. Just not together. I don't think the legal issue would apply if her name is pronounced separately. So in the show might be just called either "Miss Pommel", or just "Coco". Then I think Hasbro would be safe, right? The "Miss Pommel" thing obviously worked, but I mean, if she was also called just "Coco".
  5. What are the policies for using airsoft guns as cosplay props?
  6. What are the local laws on airsoft guns, and are they allowed to be used for cosplay at the convention?
  7. hasbro is getting sued by font bros for using one of their fonts without paying, this is the font in question it is possible that hasbro could have to pay millions of dollars in restitution for EVERYTHING they have used that font on in the last 5 years, pretty much everything they have used the G4 logo on! this might even force them to change the logo! do you think hasbro will licence the font or totally redesign the logo and theme?
  8. So I don't know any thing about trade mark laws and such, i'm would think this game is fine other then the style is almost identical to hasbro, they should really change it. Is there other issues with it?
  9. So, today was an overall successful day. I don't really do blogs much, but then again, I don't really do forums much, yet here I am, addicted to this site. So anyways, I guess I'll give this a shot and see how it goes! Well, for starters, I organised my CCG cards, for the MLP CCG (just in case you couldn't guess lol) My little sister however, stole 1 and 1/3 of my 3 now i only have 1 and 2/3s of a deck :okiedokielokie: But anyways, moving on from that, I started creating a case for it. Seeing as I'm completely broke with a job that hasnt worked me in 3 weeks, I had to get a little creative. I took a shoebox, and painted it white. I then took some black cardboard and made little compartments in said shoebox to make places for the cards, game mats, tokens and such. I'm currently in the process of painting the mane 6 on the sides of the box, and my OC on the lid. Following that, I got on the computer with my little sister to look at bands and discovered.... NIGHTWISH IS COMING WITHIN AN HOUR OF ME!!! This is a HUUUUUGEEEE deal, as Nightwish is my all time all time all time favorite band, I own 3 albums (...and pirate the rest) I have over 80 songs by them on my phone, and I know all the lyrics to every one of them. I live in North Carolina, and Charlotte is only an hour away from me, so this made my day. However the concert is not until May of next year, so that's a bummer. But Nightwish if from Finland, so the fact that they are coming all the way over here from FINLAND just blows my mind. You have no idea how excited I am In other news, GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN NC!!! Like I said earlier, I live in NC. Also, I'm bisexual, so this is a huge deal. I also have friends that are either gay or lesbian, so they are super excited as well. In celebration, me and my best friend (who lives an hour away..) are going on our first date together. I'm super duper excited for our date, and the fact that some of my friends and I (depending on which side I choose XD) can now get married in our home state. For Halloween, I was gonna be RD, but the tutu was the wrong color, and I didn't have a top that fit...soooo, I gave the rainbow dash costume to my little sister and I am gonna be Pinkie Pie, as I already have the leg warmers, shirt, tutu, arm warmers, and tights. (of course, these are the raver versions of them) I'm making kandi bracelets and masks for both of them, and let me tell you, it takes forever. I have been working about 20 minutes, and I only have 4 rows....At least I have until the end of October to finish it. I still have to make at least 1 more mask, 2 cuff bracelets and a bunch of tiny this might take a while..
  10. We know certain unicorns are capable of age spells, so it naturally follows that there are methods out there which can restore a pony's body back to youth. Maybe even Sombra used something similar to survive for a thousand years. Since there are ponies getting old (and presumably dying of old age?), why do we not see any more immortal ponies? Is it possible that Celestia have them banned or something?
  11. I think this is the right place to ask this? I edit an arts and literary magazine (mostly emagazine but we do occasionally have a print on demand issue too) and am keen to include MLP fan fiction, but I do not know the legal status of such works? Is it allowed to create a publication using MLP stories? I saw a post somewhere about one being in the works here, so I assume it is LEGAL. But is it legal WITHIN a general interest publication? Does one need clearance from Hasbro? Have Hasbro issued a waiver, or is there precedent where they have announced they will not sue etc? Do they even have the right to sue? I also want to publish Dr Who fan fiction so the question works just as well in that world too. Regards
  12. With not many raw episodes to watch on Youtube (episodes with commentary narrated over them aren't "raw", so to speak), Dailymotion is the website I know that has just about every episode of the show online, free to watch, with the only fee being the internet plans. Then again, maybe it's only because the episodes on Youtube are only available for certain regions and I'm not in one of them. I'm not that familiar with the monetization that Dailymotion uses, but I have to ask a question: Are you sure it's legal to watch the episodes on Dailymotion? Or even on Youtube? Sure, the episodes being up on Youtube and Dailymotion may have helped the growth of the pony phenomenon, but I believe that the end doesn't justify the means. Not everyone has the show on TV so they resort to the internet, but is it legal? Will Hasbro even approve of it (at least regarding the episodes on Dailymotion)?
  13. I am new here (yes, I did post in the welcome forum), but I have discovered to my dismay that most episodes are not available. I have seen several episodes while deciding whether to become a brony (FIM both parts, Ticket Master, Boast Busters, Dragonshy, Sonic Rainboom, Party of One, and Lesson Zero). However, probably due to legal matters, I cannot find any more for free on YouTube, except for the occasional heavily-modified ones. I know there are several ways to access episodes (primarily Netflix), all of them are not possible for me at the time. Although it appears that the newest episodes are available for free, I don't want to watch them since they are so far ahead. Can anyone (anypony) help out here, since otherwise I will probably be forced to leave (before I really even began).
  14. Hayo! This is me. I need stupid ideas to keep myself entertained in a hotel room with three other males in Florida for one week straight. Post below. Make sure they're safe. I'm already wearing a Nic Cage mask and dragging a potato around.
  15. I'd love to do my pony metal album, but, there's one problem. Couldn't I get sued for selling an album that uses characters, locations, and stories that are created, copyrighted, and trademarked by Hasbro? I'd have to get some kind of written document saying I have permission to use those characters, correct?