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Found 8 results

  1. It might be weird to ask this. I wouldn't I think, or not yet, especially if I also discard accidentally discovering a polyarmory FB group without having been into that stuff at that time or considering a possibility. Turns out when you are met with kindness and acceptance, you don't have to hide anything, including from yourself when you don't get condemned for. And a show about acceptance resulting in accepting of one's self, who would have guessed that.
  2. So I saw we lacked one of these and I thought it would be a nice addition to the site. Let's here talk, share stories and bring up other nice things about us who like people of our own gender, both genders, identify as the opposite gender or any other traits of ourselves and/or our friends who fit under the LGBTQ banner.
  3. Steven Universe is a great cartoon. No one can deny that. One thing it really does well is address same-sex relationships and LGBT politics. One episode featured Rose Quartz and Pearl in a very romantic dance together. It's uncensored in America. But in Britain, Cartoon Network decided to censor the dance and any hint of lesbianism between them in a recent broadcast. You can find the video and Polygon article here. Here's the same video on YT (head to the 1:57 mark): What does CN UK have to say about it? CN UK's statement to Pink News: BULLSHIT! There's nothing lewd about same-sex romance in "kids' programming," especially this one. Thousands of homosexual couples are parents of kids. To bring same-sex romance into a family show like SU (especially because SU is good and family-friendly) tells kids and gay couples, "We know you exist, and we won't hide behind the idea that they don't." There's no such thing as "just" a cartoon. Cartoons and the decisions from the higher-ups influence certain aspects of society. By going all Hasbro-on-Derpy Hooves and whitewashing this powerful scene, Cartoon Network UK panders to conservatism and enforces homophobia and sexism. Why sexism? Because Rose kissed Greg, and CN UK wouldn't censor it if it was a male and female dancing. *sarcasm* Good going, CN UK. */sarcasm* Your thoughts?
  4. Thought the (2015) was a good indicator that Carol is a movie, for some reason. Anyhoo, yes, here there be discussions/one-liner statements/questions about the movie, Carol! Starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. for me, am still working on opinions, so someone else start with whatever they please. *u* have some general prompts, even.. - What did you think of the acting? - Do you think Carol portrayed well romance between two people? What about love? Followup: What about/How does that relate to romance/love between two women, either in the 1950s and/or today? - How do you feel about the costumes/sets/cinematography/sound/score? How do you feel about the OP lumping all of those together? - For the 2016 Oscars, Carol did not receive a Best Picture nomination. Some find this particularly bemusing as ten films may be nominated, and only eight were (And Carol has gotten a very positive critical response and many other award nominations). Your take on this, if any? - Carol is based on Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt; have you read it? How do you think the two works compare? - Favorite/Least favorite scenes from the film? And please, of course, share your opinions on more specific aspects of the film, how you feel about the characters actions here and choices there.. you know how it goes. I don't want to give out those specific prompts for some reason.. feelin like letting you bring them up yourself, those which occur to you. the rationale for this is a mystery to me. and hopefully some people respond to this at all. if you've only a sentence to say, g'wan and share, it'll get your post count up anyway, you know
  5. This comic is about the relationship between my ponysona, Lost Trees, and a young mare OC of mine named Storm Feather. Enjoy, every pony, and please share your thoughts. Page 2: "I couldn't take them seriously with those hats..." Page 3: "It looks like my first commission is an important one..." Page 4: "I had never seen the sky like this." Page 5: "Spitfire was even sexier than her photos..."
  6. I know we have quite a bit around here, show yourselves This is to also discuss, and share anything related to LGBT! I also have a Skype group, small right now. If you want in, add me on Skype. It's clean chat.
  7. So, today was an overall successful day. I don't really do blogs much, but then again, I don't really do forums much, yet here I am, addicted to this site. So anyways, I guess I'll give this a shot and see how it goes! Well, for starters, I organised my CCG cards, for the MLP CCG (just in case you couldn't guess lol) My little sister however, stole 1 and 1/3 of my 3 now i only have 1 and 2/3s of a deck :okiedokielokie: But anyways, moving on from that, I started creating a case for it. Seeing as I'm completely broke with a job that hasnt worked me in 3 weeks, I had to get a little creative. I took a shoebox, and painted it white. I then took some black cardboard and made little compartments in said shoebox to make places for the cards, game mats, tokens and such. I'm currently in the process of painting the mane 6 on the sides of the box, and my OC on the lid. Following that, I got on the computer with my little sister to look at bands and discovered.... NIGHTWISH IS COMING WITHIN AN HOUR OF ME!!! This is a HUUUUUGEEEE deal, as Nightwish is my all time all time all time favorite band, I own 3 albums (...and pirate the rest) I have over 80 songs by them on my phone, and I know all the lyrics to every one of them. I live in North Carolina, and Charlotte is only an hour away from me, so this made my day. However the concert is not until May of next year, so that's a bummer. But Nightwish if from Finland, so the fact that they are coming all the way over here from FINLAND just blows my mind. You have no idea how excited I am In other news, GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN NC!!! Like I said earlier, I live in NC. Also, I'm bisexual, so this is a huge deal. I also have friends that are either gay or lesbian, so they are super excited as well. In celebration, me and my best friend (who lives an hour away..) are going on our first date together. I'm super duper excited for our date, and the fact that some of my friends and I (depending on which side I choose XD) can now get married in our home state. For Halloween, I was gonna be RD, but the tutu was the wrong color, and I didn't have a top that fit...soooo, I gave the rainbow dash costume to my little sister and I am gonna be Pinkie Pie, as I already have the leg warmers, shirt, tutu, arm warmers, and tights. (of course, these are the raver versions of them) I'm making kandi bracelets and masks for both of them, and let me tell you, it takes forever. I have been working about 20 minutes, and I only have 4 rows....At least I have until the end of October to finish it. I still have to make at least 1 more mask, 2 cuff bracelets and a bunch of tiny this might take a while..
  8. I was recently wondering after a quick search on both Google and this forum as to whether or not there was a forum (or place) for the LGBT brony community. I only wondered as many other forums tend to have one and I am surprised there is not one here. If there is one and I have been ignorant enough to miss it than I do apologize for you waste of time and I am also sorry If wasting forum space.