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Found 12 results

  1. In the My Little Pony series, which are there any “friendship lessons” or topics in the show that you can relate to and stick with you in your life? It doesn’t have to be life changing and doesn’t even have to equate to all that much or be specific; just anything that comes to mind. For me personally the first that comes to mind is “Read It And Weep,” because when I was younger I loved to read but often got mocked for it, and because of this swore off reading altogether. Rainbow Dash’s constant sneaking around and denying of the fact that she loved the Daring Do book reminded me a lot of those years I was afraid to admit my love for reading, afraid that the people around me would judge me for it. (Luckily though when I was about 9 I stopped caring and read as much as Twilight, very openly, too!)
  2. We all know that MLP started out as a show to learn about friendship and other things but has it succeeded? Has anyone in the fanbase learned anything? It doesn't have to be one of the lessons. It could have been something about the characters or about yourself! I personally have learned some things from the show. I learned that characters like the mane 6 can still be written well. I learned that being yourself is more important then what others think of you. I learned that not everyone has given up on children's media. I learned that sitting down and feeling miserable without trying to get better is not good for anyone. I learned about how my depression worked and how I should beat it! I'm sure I learned a bit more but I can edit that in later. So, what about you all?
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to know which lessons of Season 7 are your favorites (and your least favorites if you want to vent). Maybe you give more credit to the importance of the lesson, or how you could relate to it, or the way it was delivered through FiM's characters and storytelling, or a mix of them. I would also like to know your criteria for choosing your favorite lessons. My personal favorites, because of their importance in the healthcare of mind and body are (in no particular order): Discordant Harmony: Being friends doesn't mean acting or liking the same things as one another, and differences between friends can help each other appreciate new things. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: One doesn't shine from the outside in, one shines from the inside out. We all have routines or features that boost our confidence, but they're not essential for us to be confident. A Health of Information: If you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to take care of anybody else, or to do whichever critical activity you would need to do.
  4. So I was going over the episode and thinking about the solution/lesson/resolution of S05E06 'Appleoosa's Most Wanted'. I thought it was an average okay episode, but I think one of the biggest problems that most people (including myself) had with this episode was the resolution over Trouble Shoes' personal conflict. So I spent some time thinking to myself about this episodes' lesson and I think I've come to some sort of conclusion. Feel free to call me crackpot or overthinking but I went on some train of thought that made claim that this was a sort of brutal honesty type of episode without the brutal honest bit (or at least a much softer touch). Actually what I mean by brutally honest doesn't sound what it means, but sort of the reaction and situation that is addressed by one character to the other in the situation of telling them to let go of their former idealistic dream/aspiration. Probably better put, I think I should just refer to Mick Jagger for this lesson as the “you can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need” (and the House MD bit is also coming up too). Let me explain what I mean. If you've ever watched House MD, you've seen this type of situation before (variations of it at least). House's team saves their patient's life at the end of the episode, but at a great cost. The end result is that the patient has to let go of their former dream/desire/occupation/aspiration because in their current medical state, it is no longer realistically possible to pursue that dream anymore, and then must learn to let go and move on with their life. I can't remember a particular House MD episode, but its a reoccurring trope that plays itself often into House MD and in a number of different variations as well. A more smaller scale example from House MD would be like in House MD episode S04E02: The Right Stuff – in the situation of Henry Dobson (aka number 26, aka 'the old guy'). In this episode, House is looking to hire new doctors to re-create his team. Henry Dobson is 64 years old and is nicknamed the old guy, (in his case, it's surprising to see a senior medical doctor looking to apply at a hospital at his age, and not be assigned at one already.) Near the end of the episode House confronts Henry and its revealed as to what Henry (aka 26) has been secretly withholding from the rest applicants: (transcript below) 26: Buddy Ebsen actually was allergic to... HOUSE: Yeah, I know. How old are you? 26: 21. HOUSE: You don't think it's relevant? 26: I'll likely have less time to use the skills you teach us, but I don't think that's significant to you. HOUSE: How about the fact that you never went to medical school? Which is why you let the unlucky number do the trans echo. At least you're ethically unethical. 26: Thirty years I worked in the Columbia med school admissions office. Audited all the classes. Most of them more than once. I just never got a diploma. HOUSE: You had to know I'd find out sooner or later. 26: I know you break rules. I thought maybe you'd break one for me. HOUSE: I can't hire you as a doctor. But you can still tell me what you think. You can also fetch me coffee, pick up my dry-cleaning, until I can decide whether or not to keep you. 26: So I'm playing this whole game to be like... Your secretary? HOUSE: Assistant sounds marginally less demeaning. 26: It's not my dream job. HOUSE: Actually it is. It's just not your dream title Henry (aka 26), never graduated with a medical degree and so it would be completely illegal for House to hire him as a doctor (not that he hasn't done anything outrageously illegal in the show before). But anyways, House can't hire him as a doctor. So Henry must accept that his dream job to work as a 'legally certified' doctor on House's team is not possible. But House explains that continuing on in this “game” is actually as close as Henry gets to working as a real doctor (alongside one of the most brilliant asshole doctor), since he's allowed to stay on House's temporary diagnostic team to solve real patient cases and obtain a lot more knowledge, theory and practice. Which still fulfils some of Henry's desires, if only for a short while. Sorry, long example side, this is the situation that I'm referring to with Trouble Shoe's resolution over his own personal conflict, although, his was resolved with more happiness and less bitter-sweet. IMO, Trouble Shoes seems like he was really written to be a simple character, which will be important later on with what I have to say about many who criticized his end resolution. We know about mid-way through the episode, that when Trouble Shoes was a young colt, he had always watched and enjoyed the rodeo shows and dreamed to one day becomes a rodeo star, even given his poor balance coordination. But he practised long and hard to try and work his nerve up and skills to try out for the test for entry into rodeo school (yes he says its 'rodeo school' in the episode, ~12:42). Of course we know his cutie-mark appears and that Trouble Shoes ends up messing up by mistake infront of the judges who end up laughing from his performance. Trouble Shoes becomes so depressed at his performance that he ends up not finishing and leaves early. However, Trouble Shoes still had a love and passion for rodeo shows so he still continues to go to Appleloosa to visit the shows, it's just his unfortunate clumsiness usually causes a mess. Anyways, later on the CMC want to help Trouble Shoes by trying to get him to dress up as a rodeo clown and perform in the rodeo show as a clown (now this is the real bit I'm sure everyone, including me, criticized as being poorly executed and I would say, was really under-emphasized). While Trouble Shoes messes up the rodeo clowns' routine (seriously, they were more like acrobatic performers rather than clowns), he entertains the audience who react with great laughter (yes I know many of you pointed out, this crowd is not 'laughing with him' – 'they're laughing at him' for being a foolish clown – let me get to that). Remember how I said that Trouble Shoes seemed like he was written to be a 'simple character'? This is where I believe it was made on purpose where 'Trouble Shoes' doesn't necessarily consider his situation fully, but also, learns to accept it, but also importantly, is encouraged by the CMC to try and continue with the clown act. He knows that he's been laughed at before for his clumsiness, but he looks towards the CMC for encouragement in trying to gain legitimacy and belief that his clown performance is still very good as entertainment. Again, consider that for Trouble Shoes that it was his dream to perform in rodeo shows (initially as a rodeo star). But over the years, due to his clumsiness, he's become depressed and believes that is forever doomed to be a walking disaster that will never be able to entertain and be a part of the rodeo show. He had to let go of that dream, but he never let go of his passion for the rodeo show. Its here, where Trouble Shoes finally gains something he never thought he'd get back, being a performer in the rodeo show. It's not his dream job, but it's also something he was still passionate about and cared for, its sort of like therapy for him at this point to deal with his depressing state. Again, the 'laughing at him' part, I think that Trouble Shoes is a simple character and is one of two things. Either he knows that the audience is 'laughing at him' and he just learns to accept it, but also understands that its part the aspect of being a clown performer or that he doesn't think critically enough about his situation because resurrecting his desire to being an entertainer in the rodeo show overrrides this thought. And yes, I think the episode, extremely under-emphasized this, and was somewhat executed haphazardly. It probably would have been great if it tried to make point more obvious in the episode, and helped it along. TL/DR: - the resolution of this episode seemed like (to me at least) it was about, “you can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need” type of aseop. But I do feel it was extremely under-emphasized in this episode and that's something to be critical about. Also, this was a much more sweeter, less bitter-sweet way of sort invoking this trope (I'm sure there's a trope that this is called on tvtropes, I just can't find it. Somepony else feel free to look and say). There are other problems about this episode as well, but that's enough for this thread. So, your thoughts, views and other things you thought about this episode's resolution? What else did you think? Am I reading too much into it? Responses please? Other thoughts about the lesson/resolution about this episode? Other criticisms about the resolution? Or did you like the resolution?
  5. This is a topic I thought I would pick because life is full of lessons for we are always learning as we travel this road. I have learned lots mostly from my children of all places it seems that children can teach us all, if we only listen. I used to think I knew it all, but I was wrong I was a mysogynistic typical male, now I am a feminist, and fight for womens rights. I have also learned not to judge others, and to give everypony a chance. So I can say I've done a full 360.
  6. Okay, first thing first, I DON'T HATE MLP!!!!!!!!(Canterlock powered) Second,... Did anyone actually learned anything from MLP:FiM?After almost of every episode, Twillight(or her friends) will write a letter to Princess Celestia, saying what have they learned today. So, the big question is, did you? Please reply what have you learned(or haven't) below. Personally, I have learned much.At first, I won't think I can learn anything, because, I'm a grow up now and I know what is wrong and what is right.But after I watched MLP, Ironicly, I actually learned something...About friendship
  7. Seeing the drastic power of Disney's pervasive growth (and fear of "ruined content" and kiddy-safe things), and of Hasbro's treatment of the Brony fanbase (from C&D's and "girly nonsense" a la Alicorn Twi's Palace and her "cliche-filled, high school adventures"; to even banning the staff from reading fanfics) -- contrasting with the "open-ness" of Valve Studios (e.g. TF2 sometimes opens itself to the influence of its fans, and permits their artwork) -- I sometimes wonder how open should I be to my fans' influences, if I publish my works and continue them, in the future. Should my stories be a bit more independent of my fans' influence (lest it become like "the popular shows"), or should I allow my fans to storm in and do almost anything they like with my stories (with the dominant fanons simply becoming canon). Perhaps they can improve my stories. Or wreck them.
  8. That's right, two lessons in one episode. Daring Don't was a really enjoyable episode. I was a little mad that Daring Do treated Rainbow not the best way when they first met through. I believe that there were two lessons in this episode. The first lesson deals with Dash's lionization of Daring Do. Just because you're a fan of someone, doesn't mean you put them on the highest pedestal there is. It might appear that they are cool, but as shown in the episode, Daring's attitude towards Dash was of self-centeredness and wanting to work alone. Dash's main flaw was that she was SO fixed on wanting to be alongside her favorite hero, that she forgot her OWN value. Rainbow Dash is awesome because of her loyalty towards others. Daring's awesome because of her bravery and antics. On Daring's side, she was too cloistered in her own shell. The fact that she was focused on completing the task at hand, blinded her from what Dash really wanted. This ended in her blaming Dash for being captured, which was not true. The other problem was, that Daring Do was sort of OVERestimating herself, which is why she didn't want to trust others. She was consumed by her records and past completed tasks, that she stood on her OWN high pedestal. Daring learned that even if you think you can get it done by yourself, you can't, and it's always best to accept help when you have the chance. This episode was a well written episode and had great development for Rainbow Dash Thoughts?
  9. Exactly what the title says. In MLP: FiM, characters learn all sorts of lessons. Is there any particular lesson you think your favorite character needs to learn, or something you'd like to see them take to heart? I'd like for Rainbow Dash to learn that she doesn't have to be cool/the best. While she's known for being pretty blunt at times, she actually can struggle with being herself. In Sonic Rainboom, she was compelled to put on a cocky and confident face while inside she just wanted to get away from everything. Her fear of not living up to everyone's expectations and messing up in public crippled her. In Mare Do Well, she hid just how bothered she was with how quickly a new hero replaced her in the eyes of the town and how quickly she became yesterday's news, showing only brashness and jealousy, and not how troubled she was. In Read it and Weep, she was afraid to let people know that she liked a freaking book. Seems to me that she'd be better off and happier being who she is and not trying to be who everyone (and she) thinks Rainbow Dash is/should be. How about you?
  10. hi there here s another pony/human pic^^ i was a bit bored so i just started drawing its not very special but i like drawing from time to time just a hobby ^^ i didnt draw a background i was a bit lazy also im not so good drawing backgrounds and i could have used a blank paper instead of a lined one XD anyway here it is
  11. Today during my Swedish lesson i was checking the forums when. My teacher see that i am watching the forums and yells out in the classroom. "Walter! My Little Pony is not a part of this lesson!". Well i can agree that it was a little stupid of me checking the forums during lessons. But i have been telling almost everyone in my grade that i'm a brony. But there are some people i haven't told, of obvious reasons. For example the people i knew where going to bully me for this. At that moment i felt i just wanted to beat my teacher up. Anypony out there in Equestria that ever felt the same? Then please tell me.
  12. Well after a long night of small fixes and additions followed up by shading, I finally finished my Twilight at around 5am. Some parts the shading could be better, but overall I think it looks pretty good. So I hope you all enjoy it as much or more than I do. I look forward to posting more of my drawings soon Also here is the original draft to compare the 2