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Found 2 results

  1. Hellooooo Again my fellow Bronies!! We're trying this again because it didn't really work out the first time. Hello. My name is May. I'm that average American teenager trying to survive high school, avoid the bullies, avoid getting noticed at all really. That's never really been hard for me. Lay low. Stay invisible. That's me. I'm a ghost. I'm totally and completely average. I love to read, I'm obsessed with romance novels. I get average grades, I look average, I have an extremely average life. Every skill I have is just average. I wish I could be funny. Maybe then this would work out better. Sometimes I feel like I'm completely alone. Like nobody out there will understand how I'm feeling inside. Not even I can understand my own brain sometimes. Now listening to King for a Day by Pierce the Veil I wish I was so many things that I'm not.. and honestly, that's okay. That's kind of why I'm writing this blog write now. I'm feeling a bit alone and I forgot how much this helped me. (Yes this is basically where I come to rant and share my problems). I don't want people to feel sorry for me. You shouldn't. Other people are going through worse. But don't do what I did. I'm trying to be happy, spend more time outside, just generally be healthier. I'M NOT GOING TO LIE- its hard. But we're getting there. Anyways, I should be writing my 50 essays for school. Have a good night y'all.
  2. How to Play I will start off this thread by posting lyrics/verse of a song, and then some other pony will have to add lyrics/verse of a different song, and then cut some lyrics out for other ponies to add another verse to fill in the blank and keep the song going. Believe me, I did this before, it's funny and fun as Hell once it delves deeper! Rules You cannot use lyrics/verses from a song the person before you has already used. (Ex. I say a verse from "Superbass" by Nicki Minaj, you cannot contribute to the verse by adding another verse from the same song.) What is okay is adding the verse from said song if it were already used 2+ comments away. All genre and variety of music is allowed-- from MLP:FiM original songs, fanmade songs, Hip-Hop, Pop, 70s/80s/90s/early 2000s, Rock (even Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal), to New Age music (please do New Age it's hilarious!). This is going to be diverse with culture and musical taste-- everypony's allowed! Don't derail this thread. Seriously, I hate it when ponies do this. -_- Add emphasis to the verses you use. For example, if there's screaming/yelling in the song, make it in all caps. This gets hilarious as you read along, especially if the song verse after is like, from Enya or something lol. Be careful with language! Do not use racist terminology especially. (Ex. the n word, or any verses of songs which dehumanize people.) Have fun! (If you don't have fun you're kicked out! Bwahaha) Time to Start Listen to the little pitter-patter of my feet, as I'm howling like a dog and I'm runnin' down the street Hiding in the trees, hiding in the bushes-- I'm sitting under your couch....